10 Fun Gift Ideas for Pet Lovers

By Alberto Roy

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Pet lovers treat their furry friends as a member of their family. If you have a friend or family member who is a pet lover, you’re probably always on the lookout for fun and unique gift ideas. Whether it’s a toy, accessory, or nutritious treat, plenty of options are sure to bring a smile to any pet lover. Browse our ten fun gift ideas for inspiration.  

  • Dog Food Basket

Create a dog food hamper for your favorite pet lover that includes everything their dog needs for healthy growth and development. Ensure all food and treats are age-appropriate and choose hypoallergenic foods like fish dog food or venison dog food if their pet has allergies. 

Add healthy dog treats and food like premium beef dog food to the hamper, as well as items like a collapsible food or water bowl or a chew toy for a thoughtful gift friends and family are sure to appreciate. 

  • Memory Foam Dog Bed

A quality memory foam dog bed eases pain for older dogs with arthritis, hip dysplasia and other joint issues, making it the ideal gift for owners of senior pets. Special foam molding in the bed adapts to the contours of the dog’s body, providing extra comfort, support, and luxury. 

The Casper Dog Bed features a memory foam base that offers full orthopedic support for achy joints in senior dogs.

The bed is available for small, medium, and large dogs, so you can find a size to suit the dog’s breed, ensuring optimal comfort. It is also machine-washable for easy cleaning and has hidden zippers so the dog won’t chew on them. 

  • Dog Ball Launcher

Active dogs love nothing more than playing fetch with their owner. But repeatedly bending down to pick up a drool-covered ball can cause painful back and shoulder issues.

A ball launcher can help eliminate bending and reaching injuries so your pet-loving friends and family members can enjoy more one-on-one time with their pup. 

The Nerf Dog Large Tennis Ball Blaster for pet owners with kids makes playing fetch fun for the whole family.

This toy launches tennis balls up to 50 feet in the air, perfect for dog breeds like German Shepard, Belgian Malinois, or Kelpies that love to run and jump. Plus, it’s easy to reload and relaunch. 

Owners with larger, active dogs will love using Chuck It! Pro Launcher in 25M. The tool helps owners throw farther and pick up large balls tossed in the mud or puddles, making for a positive, slobber-free experience for owners and their dogs. 

  • Puzzle Treat Dispenser

Interactive puzzle treat dispensers let dogs explore and chew while keeping them busy as their owner works from home or completes household chores.

Petsafe Busy Buddy Twist ‘n Treat provides hours of fun for your dog by letting the owner twist the halves farther apart or closer together to make it a challenge for the dog to reach the treats. This dispenser promotes mental stimulation for bored dogs while dispensing treats as a reward for good behavior.

  • Snuffle Mat

Snuffle mats are the ideal gift for busy pet owners to help keep their pooch occupied and out of trouble. SNiFFiz SmellyMatty Snuffle Mat for Dogs contains several pockets designed for all dog mouth sizes and comes with five puzzle toys that you can interchange to keep your pooch stimulated. 

The extra time and effort required to find each treat in a snuffle mat can also stimulate older dogs with visual, mobility, or joint problems who can’t go for walks. Different design functions help set the difficulty level to encourage a dog’s problem-solving skills.

  • LED Dog Collar

For owners who take their dogs on walks at night, Illumiseen’s LED Dog Collar makes them visible to passing cars. The lightweight and durable design of the collar ensures comfort, while the convenient and easy-to-use clips make it easy to adjust and take off after your walk.

It features six colors and two sizes, making sure drivers see the dog and its owner whether walking on a sidewalk or needing to cross at a busy intersection. 

  • Dog Walk Bag

The Lucy and Co Dog Walk Bag is perfect for stylish owners on the go with their dogs, from daily walks to vacations, with a hidden, built-in poop bag dispenser for discreet cleanups.

A pocket for treats inside the bag keeps the interior clean when rewarding a pet for good behavior. The bag has a zipper closure on top with a crossbody strap to conveniently wrap around your body while on a dog walk. 

  • Dog Water Bottle

The silicone cap of the Dog Water Bottle by LESOTC makes hydrating a dog easy during vacations, walks, and other adventures in warm weather.

It holds a large amount of fresh, accessible water fitting for any sized dog. You simply squeeze the bottle with one hand, so the water flows into the silicone cap for the dog to drink. 

  • Pet Carrier

Pet carriers must comply with in-cabin sizing under FAA requirements for proper stowage underneath a seat while the airplane is in motion. Roverlund’s Out-of-Office Pet Carrier fits up to 30 pounds and includes three ventilation windows allowing airflow circulation, keeping a pet cool during travel.

The soft, fleece-lined bedding in the carrier provides a comfortable resting place, while the top handle and strap make it easy to carry around.

  • Pet-Friendly Train Ride

Send your favorite pet owner on an epic adventure with their beloved pup with a scenic train ride through some of the most magical places on Earth.

The Lehigh Gorge Scenic Railway takes you on a 1920s steam engine through the Pennsylvania wilderness. The 16-mile track has numerous stops where you can hop off and enjoy hiking the trails through Lehigh Gorge State Park.

West-coast pet owners can meander through a 46-mile stretch of track from the Tillamook airport to Enright on the Oregon Coast Scenic Railroad. Owners and their pets can ride on the open-air top section of the train cars, and pet’s ride for free!

Spoil Your Favorite Pet Owner

Spoiling pet owners is a great way to show them how much you care about both them and their furry friend.

Whether it’s a thoughtful gift or a fun experience, there are plenty of options to choose from to make their day a little brighter. Remember, it’s the little things that often mean the most, so show your appreciation for the special pet owners in your life.

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