Impressive Details About British Short-Hair Kitten

By Alberto Roy

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About the cat and its history

Nature has given us an insanely beautiful creature. It’s a cat. Man domesticated this animal many years ago. Many people want to buy british short hair kitten or other breed. Because a cat is a beautiful pet.

She is kept not only because she is able to be useful, for example, to catch mice, which create a lot of problems. The cat often acts as a friend or companion. She is a pleasure to be around and no less pleasant to be friends with.

However, a cat is an extraordinary creature. There were times when she was worshiped or, conversely, cursed for her superpowers, contrived by man. In ancient Egypt, she was considered a divine being capable of protecting the house.

In other times, for example, in the Middle Ages, this animal was considered a representative of the devil and a friend of witches. The cat has been and remains an object of art, which is understandable, because its beauty has long been recognized. She is surprisingly photogenic, which is probably why cats are often present at various photo shoots.

Cat worship

Human ancestors had a need to constantly choose a totem animal. The cat turned out to be just such an animal, because it had every chance of being chosen because of its beauty, fertility, luck in hunting.

Images of meowing creatures were used to decorate protective amulets. Cat grace, a fairly long lifespan, the ability to see and hear well – all this contributed to the fact that a person chose a cat as a totem animal.

The ancient Egyptians raised cats to the skies. They were their real saviors. As a result of deformation, the culture and beliefs of the people have undergone. The famous deity is Mafdet. It was a protector from snakes, scorpions.

The female body had the head of a cat or other feline creature. Mafdet was considered the protector of the house. She was chosen as the defender of the state.

Art objects of the ancient Egyptians have survived to this day. These are paintings depicting cats, as well as statues of these amazing creatures. Everyone worshiped the sacred animal. You couldn’t kill the cat.

This act was punishable by death. Why did people behave this way? Due to its development at that time, a person quite reasonably chose a cat as an object of worship. Watch your cat and you will see that these creatures have the habits of creatures that are sure to be worshipped.

The right decision is to find an offer, for example, from british shorthair breeders BC and purchase a pet. Everyone who has a cat knows that their friend and companion is an extraordinary creature.

It is not worth offending an animal, and not only because it is a living creature. If we turn to the history of the same Ancient Egypt and get acquainted with the beliefs in more detail, then a person who offended a cat is able to remove the protection from his house with his own hands. You can believe it or not, but the wisdom of the ancient Egyptians has reached modern mankind.

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