Akhal Teke Horse Price: How Much Akhal Teke for Sale?

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As one of many oldest domesticated horse breeds, the Akhal Teke was developed for endurance and pace. Some equestrians discover the breed too scrawny and slender, with conformation in contrast to the extra widespread muscular, deep-chested using horse breeds. Keep reading for wonderful stuff about akhal teke for price.

Others take into account it a murals, elegant in look and stride. No matter your opinion, the Akhal Teke is among the many rarest, most unique full-size horse breeds all over the world.

Akhal-Teke Horse Breed

We consider nature builds the very best athletes. Our horses are ready for the game world from beginning. Slightly than locking them up and feeding a grain-based eating regimen, we flip them out and permit them to graze as a lot as they need.

Akhal Teke Horse Price 2

Our horses dwell in essentially the most pure atmosphere we will present: they’re on pasture year-round, and dwell in herds with quite a lot of playmates of all ages.

Having around-the-clock entry to as a lot galloping room as they want signifies that our kids benefit from fixed motion which builds robust bones, robust lungs, and an athletic physique.

It doesn’t matter what you feed them…a stall-raised horse won’t ever develop in addition to a pastured one. Moreover, we comply with classical rules by permitting children their childhoods. We begin using horses at age 4, somewhat than age two.

By the point they’re prepared for a rider, they’ve already had 4 years of their very own pure conditioning, in addition to pure horsemanship groundwork, and are bodily successful to hold weight with out injury to their spines and joints.

We preserve their hooves with natural-balance barefoot trims, and we take pleasure in having horses with wholesome toes year-round, regardless of our moist local weather.

We even hold our eventing horses barefoot, and they’re fortunately sound and presently competing at Coaching Stage with out sneakers. To learn extra… go to backside of web page!

Akhal-Teke for Sale

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we love, breed, practice, and search to protect the uncommon and historic Akhal Teke, the unique athletic horse, residing remnant of the legendary Golden Horses of historic Greek and Persian historical past.

One of many rarest horse breeds, with solely round 300 registered purebreds in North America.

Breed Overview

  • WEIGHT: 900 to 1,000 kilos
  • HEIGHT: 14 arms (56 inches) to 16 arms (64 inches)
  • BODY TYPE: High-quality-boned, flat-muscled construct; lengthy, slender head and neck; hooded or almond-shaped eyes; distinctive metallic coat
  • BEST FOR: House owners and riders with equine expertise
  • LIFE EXPECTANCY: 20 years

Akhal Teke Horses – Sleek Metallic Coats


Akhal Teke Horses – Sleek Metallic Coats

A passionate, expressive, clever, and loving breed, naturally nice at many sports activities together with endurance racing, leaping, eventing, polo, and dressage.

One of many few ‘scorching blooded’ breeds, together with Thoroughbreds and Arabians. Maybe finest recognized for his or her distinctive metallic sheen, incomes the label of “world’s most stunning horse”.

The athletic basis for many trendy sport horse breeds, and specifically the inspiration of the fashionable Thoroughbred, created within the 1700s by breeding Akhal Teke stallions with native English mares. *

The Akhal-Teke is without doubt one of the most unusual and oldest horse breeds, wanted for his or her unbelievable endurance and gorgeous coat colours.

Nonetheless, earlier than deciding if the Akhal Teke is best for you, it would be best to understand how a lot they value.

Akhal-Teke Price

Akhal-Teke Horse Sales 4

Akhal-Teke horses on common value between $7,000 to $40,000 in America, however on the worldwide market, they will go for way more. Extremely educated present horses and stallions could value $50,000 to $100,000, and upwards.

Elements corresponding to coaching, bloodlines, present report, colour, conformation, and age can all play into the worth of an Akhal-Teke.

Akhal-Tekes are commonest in Turkmenistan, the place they’re initially from, and Russia. They’re a uncommon breed and plenty of take into account them to be probably the most stunning.

Since Akhal Tekes are comparatively uncommon exterior Turkmenistan and Russia, you’ll seemingly have a tough time discovering one on the market.

In actual fact, Akhal Tekes are thought of a uncommon horse breed with solely round 8,000 left worldwide. They’re probably the most costly horse breeds, resulting from their rarity and uniqueness.

Elements That Effects on the Price of an Akhal-Teke

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When discovering out how a lot an Akhal-Teke will value, these are among the essential elements that may decide the worth:

Akhal Tekes have a particular additional gait, referred to as the “Ahkal-Teke Glide,” which is a easy quick trot, with a slightly-shifted rhythm of footfalls giving decreased suspension.

Initially from Turkmenistan, the place they continue to be the nationwide pleasure. The closed stud guide has been held in Russia since 1932. First imported to United States within the Seventies.

The Akhal-Teke breed goes again round 4000 years. Recognized over time as Nisaean, Parthian, and Turkoman, the breed was mentioned by Herodotus and different Roman historians, sought by Chinese language emperors and Genghis Kahn.

The Akhal-Teke breed developed with the nomadic horse tribes of Central Asia to excel in desert situations, making them an unbelievable endurance horse.

Akhal-Teke History and Background

In 1935, to reveal their prowess, a gaggle of Turkmen riders rode 2500 miles in 84 days. The journey included a three-day, 235 mile crossing of the notorious Karakum Desert.

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Probably the most well-known trendy Akhal Teke is the fabulous black stallion Absent, who gained the Olympic gold medal in dressage on the 1960 Olympics in Rome, ridden for Russia by Sergei Filatov.

Absent went once more with Filatov to win the bronze particular person and staff medals within the 1964 Olympics in Tokyo, and gained the Soviet staff silver medal underneath Ivan Kalita on the 1968 Olympics in Mexico Metropolis.

One Akhal Teke horse, 4 Olympic medals, spanning three Olympic Video games and two riders, medalling every time.

Discover Akhal-Teke Horses Out there for Sale On-line Now

Elegant, unique animal exuding grace, energy, and athleticicism. The breed originated within the Karakum desert of Turkmenistan and was named for the Teke Turkmen tribe that lived by the Akhal coast.

They’ve a slim construct that is usually in comparison with the gray hound and plenty of have a metallic sheen to their coats. They’re used for dressage, present leaping, long-distance racing, and pleasure using.

Akhal Teke Horses For Sale

Akhal-Teke Horse Cost 7

We’ve got an excellent number of Akhal Tekes on the market, of all ages and in quite a lot of stunning colors for which the breed is legendary.

Medeus stud farm specialises in making ready Akhal Tekes for sporting success and we due to this fact at all times have young stock appropriate for coaching or prepared for competitors in show-jumping, dressage, endurance racing or eventing.

A few of our obtainable sale horses are proven above however if you’re eager about some other horse on this web site or in youthful horses which aren’t but listed, please get in contact together with your necessities and we’ll discover you your excellent horse.

Medeus is the biggest stud farm in Europe devoted solely to the Akhal Teke horse. Our breeding inventory is of absolutely the highest high quality so if you’re eager about shopping for an Akhal teke we’re assured that you’ll not discover a higher number of horses on the market.

We function a clear pricing coverage and supply reductions for purchases of multiple horse and for the comfort of our purchasers we will organise transport worldwide.

Seeing and attempting your horse is a vital a part of the choice process and we’re due to this fact joyful to welcome your go to to our stud farm at any time.

Akhal-Teke Measurement

The Akhal-Teke sometimes stands from 14 arms (56 inches) to 16 arms (64 inches) on common. It usually weighs between 900 and 1,000 kilos and has a slim construct that is usually in comparison with that of a greyhound.

Akhal-Teke Breeding and Makes use of

Akhal Teke Horse Price 8

The nomadic tribesmen of Turkmenistan primarily used Akhal-Tekes for transportation. They selectively bred their horses for enhanced pace, stamina, and agility, which have been prized qualities for raids.

These days, Akhal Tekes are used for dressage, showjumping, long-distance racing, and pleasure using. In Russia, an Akhal-Teke is even a standing image.

The breed’s constructive traits additionally echo all through the horse racing world. Greater than 200 purebred Akhal Tekes have been shipped to Nice Britain through the seventeenth and 18th centuries for breeding, and their genes have contributed to trendy racehorses.

Colours and Markings

Akhal-Tekes are thin-skinned, and their coats are very advantageous. All equine colours and markings are accepted within the breed registry.

Many carry a gene for the cream dilution, which may end up in palomino, cremello, and perlino coats. Some horses have pale blue eyes.

Furthermore, many Akhal Tekes have a metallic sheen to their coats. It is because their hair lacks the opaque heart of the standard horse’s hair shaft.

Thus, it refracts gentle and seems to glow. For a lot of the horses, particularly the cream-colored ones, the sheen is golden. For grey horses, it’s a silvery glow.

Distinctive Traits of the Akhal-Teke

Akhal Teke Horse Price 1

With its slender construct and metallic sheen, the Akhal-Teke’s look is sort of distinctive amongst horse breeds. However the horse can also be prized for its easy, flowing gait. As well as, the Akhal Teke’s temperament is notable.

Loyalty is a powerful trait, and many house owners characterize them as intensely devoted “one-person” horses. Additionally they are usually very clever and intuitive. Many are capable of perceive what their homeowners need them to do from only a easy gesture or delicate command.

Food regimen and Vitamin

As a desert horse with little grass obtainable, the Akhal-Teke advanced to subsist on a sparse eating regimen. However protein was traditionally the important thing to its stamina. At present, the horses could obtain a equally balanced eating regimen with high quality grass, hay, and a few grain.

Frequent Well being and Habits Issues

The Akhal Teke is considerably missing in genetic range. This makes the breed vulnerable to a number of genetic well being points, together with:

Cervical vertebral malformation (often known as wobbler syndrome): With this situation, neurological deficits trigger a horse to have a stiff, uncoordinated gait. Medical intervention might help to handle the signs.

Akhal Teke Horse Price 3

Cryptorchidism: That is the absence of 1 or each testes within the scrotum, making neutering tougher and generally inflicting different well being and behavioral issues. The horse nonetheless produces testosterone, which might make it temperamental.

Bare foal syndrome: This causes foals to be born hairless. Additionally they have tooth and jaw abnormalities, in addition to the tendency to develop different issues with digestion, ache, and extra.

Grooming of Akhal Teke

Commonplace equine grooming is often all that’s vital for the Akhal-Teke. Brush and comb your horse no less than a few times per week to take away filth, particles, and tangles.

Bathe it repeatedly, particularly to deliver out its metallic sheen. Additionally, examine and clear its hooves each day to search for accidents and stop infections.

Akhal Teke Horse Worth – How A lot Does It Price?

Akhal Teke Horse Price 2

The costs of horses are decided by quite a few elements such because the breed of the horse, the agility, the capabilities and extra. Akhal Tekes are stunning horses and their attractiveness play an necessary function in setting their worth. Some even go on to say that that is essentially the most stunning and the costliest horse breed on the planet.

What’s the worth of an Akhal Teke Horse?

The worth of an Akhal-Teke horse varies broadly. There are a lot of elements that make the worth of those horses excessive or low.

On common, the worth of an Akhal Teke can vary wherever from between $5,000 to $35,000. It may very well be even increased for a purebred. It actually depends upon the elements.

Akhal-Teke >> Now, let’s perceive these elements in a greater approach.

Akhal Teke Horse Price 4

Shades of Akhal Teke

As unfair as it’d sound, Akhal Teke horses are priced in a different way relying on their colour. Among the costliest horses on this breed have the colours gold, palomino or black.

Measurement of Akhal Teke

Horses which can be greater in measurement have increased costs than others. Most consumers favor horses that are above 15 arms. That is one thing that qualifies them for premium pricing.

Coaching of Akhal Teke

One other necessary issue that comes into play when figuring out the worth of a Akhal-Teke is the coaching that it has gone via.

As a matter of reality, the extra coaching a horse goes via, the upper its worth will get. Having stated that, consumers have to make sure that the horse has undergone coaching underneath an expert coach.

Health of Akhal Teke

One other necessary side of horse pricing is the general well being of the horse. If the horse is in a very good and wholesome situation, chances are high that it is going to be priced increased and consumers will probably be able to get it.

Age Expectancy of Akhal Teke

The prime time for a Akhal-Teke horse is the age of 4 – 5 years. Nonetheless, the height pricing for these horses is reached when they’re within the age vary of 10 to 14 years.

Akhal Teke horses are very uncommon to search out nowadays. There are round 8000 of them on the planet. The rarity of those horses mixed with the superb options makes them probably the most unique animals ever.

So, if you’re planning to purchase considered one of these horses for your self, do take into account these elements talked about above.

The place to search out them?

Akhal-Teke horses might be present in Turkmenistan which is their homeland. You can even discover them in different international locations like Germany, Russia, and different European international locations.

Is the Akhal-Teke Horse Proper for You?

This can be a remarkably powerful breed, having tailored to the tough situations of its homeland. It does nicely in practically any local weather.

The Akhal Teke is at all times vigilant, however it may be too spirited and stressed for some riders and homeowners, particularly freshmen.

Many Akhal-Tekes additionally don’t like being ridden by strangers and may solely kind a bond with one particular person. They usually want a delicate, skilled hand in coaching, as they will develop into defensive with harsh corrections.

However in the event you do bond with considered one of these horses, you’ll have a faithful pal for all times. Many house owners say their Akhal Tekes appear to have the ability to learn their minds, they usually solely want a small gesture or whisper to direct the horses.

Furthermore, some Akhal Tekes have been recognized to defend their homeowners like guard canines, even biting different individuals they view as threats.

Easy methods to Undertake or Purchase an Akhal Teke

Purebred Akhal-Tekes are uncommon and certain will probably be tough to search out, relying in your location.

There are fewer than 10,000 Akhal-Tekes all over the world, with the bulk in Turkmenistan and Russia. However they’re nonetheless attainable to search out elsewhere, together with North America.

These horses value round $10,000 on common, although that worth can rise significantly primarily based on age, well being, coaching, and pedigree.

Akhal Tekes with a powerful metallic sheen to their coats usually command the next worth, as nicely. When contemplating considered one of these horses, intention to spend time with it earlier than committing.

Ask the breeder or rescue in regards to the horse’s historical past, well being, and coaching. And ensure it has a temperament it is possible for you to to handle.

Frequently Asked Questions on Akhal-Teke

[sc_fs_multi_faq headline-0=”h3″ question-0=”How a lot does an Akhal Teke horse value?” answer-0=”The Akhal Teke horse is a breed of light-weight horse originating in Turkmenistan. They are recognized for his or her stunning white coat and stylish actions. The worth ranges from $5,000 to $35,000 relying on the standard of coaching they’ve acquired earlier than being put as much as the public sale.” image-0=”” headline-1=”h3″ question-1=”What is the Akhal Teke recognized for?” answer-1=”The Akhal Teke is understood for its deep purple coat, which makes it stand out from different horse breeds. The Akhal Teke has been bred to own the deepest reddest coats which can be distinctive for his or her colour and luster. It is additionally one of many largest native horses of Central Asia resulting from selective breeding efforts by Kazakhs over centuries previous, with many getting used as cavalry mounts since they have been first tamed in antiquity.” image-1=”” headline-2=”h3″ question-2=”How lengthy do Akhal Teke horses dwell?” answer-2=”Akhal Teke horses dwell for about 20 years. They arrive from an extended line of clever and delightful breeds, however they aren’t referred to as the very best breed when it comes to pace or stamina in comparison with different equine animals like Arabians. The common life expectancy is round 21-24 years although there have been experiences that some Akhal Tekes might be anticipated to succeed in up into their 30s with correct care given by people.” image-2=”” headline-3=”h3″ question-3=”Is Akhal Teke a warmblood?” answer-3=”Sure, the Akhal Teke is a warmblood horse. The Akhal Teke breed of horses is without doubt one of the hottest breeds in at this time’s world resulting from their endurance and agility and being recognized for having an uncommon gait that’s excessive power and easy with little or no stress on its legs. These traits make them excellent for racing” image-3=”” headline-4=”h3″ question-4=”Why is Akhal Tekes so shiny?” answer-4=”The Akhal Tekes are bred for his or her signature sheen, particularly the weird and advantageous hair construction. Their glow is brought on by a scarcity of an opaque core within the heart that normally makes up most of our hair shafts.” image-4=”” headline-5=”h3″ question-5=”Are Akhal Tekes good dressage horses?” answer-5=”The mighty and majestic Akhal Teke horse breed is without doubt one of the breeds which regularly finds itself on Olympic rosters. Its distinctive skill to leap excessive partially contributes to its recognition as a show-jumper, however it additionally has a sublime trot that might make any rider proud once they take their first trip with this marvelous animal.” image-5=”” headline-6=”h3″ question-6=”Can Akhal Tekes do dressage?” answer-6=”Akhal Teke horses have the temperament and conformation for the sort of occasion. They are attentive to their riders instructions, they need nothing greater than to please them, making it straightforward for a coach or decide to provide directions on what wants work for an animal to achieve success at dressage. An Olympic gold medal winner is proof that these stunning animals can’t solely take part but in addition excel.” image-6=”” headline-7=”h3″ question-7=”Is the Akhal Teke actual?” answer-7=”The Akhal Teke horse breed is a Turkmen horse breed that is recognized for its dazzling coat of gold. These horses are very adaptable to any local weather, they usually are rumored to be one of many oldest breeds in existence.” image-7=”” headline-8=”h3″ question-8=”Do Akhal Tekes have manes?” answer-8=”Akhal Teke is understood for its lengthy legs and modern look, and its manes can are available in numerous colours. One factor price mentioning is the standard colour for an Akhal Tekes coat, it ranges from gentle gold browns with lighter shades blended all through so that you do not discover any sharp strains or totally different hair lengths once they are moist.” image-8=”” headline-9=”h3″ question-9=”Are Akhal-Teke horses gaited?” answer-9=”Akhal-Teke horses are the very best at what they do. Their pure gaits and talent to thrive in an arid atmosphere like this make them prized animals for hundreds of years” image-9=”” headline-10=”h3″ question-10=”How briskly can an Akhal-Teke run?” answer-10=”Akhal-Teke horses are recognized for his or her unbelievable stamina and talent to cowl far distances with out meals or water. The Akhal-Teke is a breed of horse from Turkmenistan, and it may attain speeds as much as 30 miles per hour.” image-10=”” headline-11=”h3″ question-11=”Why do Akhal Tekes put on collars?” answer-11=”The Turkmen consider that evil spirits can connect themselves to man and animal alike. So to guard their horses, they put an Alaja, which suggests collar, across the horses neck.” image-11=”” headline-12=”h3″ question-12=”Why are Akhal Tekes so skinny?” answer-12=”The thinness of the horse is a results of residing in an space the place meals and water have been scarce. The earliest horses had bulkier frames however ultimately tailored to their environment by growing thinner, sleeker our bodies corresponding to these we see at this time.” image-12=”” headline-13=”h3″ question-13=”Can you purchase an Akhal Teke?” answer-13=”Sure, you should purchase an Akhal Teke, for extra data relating to Akhal Teke, click on right here.” image-13=”” count=”14″ html=”true” css_class=””]


From what we’ve understood, the worth of a Akhal-Teke horse is pretty modest in comparison with different breeds. Once you take all these above elements into consideration when shopping for the horse, you’ll be a horse proprietor ahead of you may consider.

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