Top 10 Best Cat Trees for Small & Large Cats

Cats are playful animals and if you are a cat lover then at some point in life you must have thought about buying a cat tree.

A cat tree is basically a small house for cats that you can keep inside your home.

If you are looking for the best cat tree for large cats then we have done all the hard work for you, as we have attached a quick buying guide that describes what you need to look for in a cat tree for large cats.

List of Top 10 Best Cat trees for Large size cats:

Rabbitgoo is a leading name in pet accessories. This cat tree comes with a spacious and versatile fun center. The height of this cat tower is 61” with multi-level cat condos and a hammock.

The cat tree nz also has plenty of scratch posts for kittens with plush perch and toys for play rest.

Your feline friend can play with an interactive hanging ball and loop or they can also relax in their high condo.

The scratch posts are made with natural sisal rope which satisfies your cat’s instinct for scratching.

With an attached layer of ladders, the climbing need of your cat also gets fulfilled.

The top perch is designed with a raised edge to feed your cat’s desire of looking out of the window or take a sunbath on a sunny day.

This condo is made with heavy-duty particle wood which can bear a lot of weight and can hold the platform firmly without any wobbling, making it an ideal cat tree for large cats.

The skin-friendly plush covering gives feline-friendly softness and optimum warmth.

The overall dimensions of this cat tree are 26.3”x19.6”x61”(LxWxH).

It is a great buy for cats of all sizes.


  • Multiple scratch posts.
  • Made from good quality material.
  • The height is very good.
  • Contains condos, top perch, basket, hanging toys, and a ladder for your furry friend.
  • Spacious interior.
  • Easy to assemble.


  • The upper condo is a bit small for a large cat.

The next one on our list is the Hey-Brother cat tree which is ideal for small to medium-sized cats. It is designed in such a way that it can fit into the smallest homes. Despite its small size, it has 2 condos with ultra-soft plush.

This multi-layered design is convenient for cats scratching, climbing, sleeping, and exercising and a perch hammock for luxurious sleeping.

A board that works as both ladder and scratching board.

It is built with anti-toppling fittings, high-quality engineered wood, and a reinforced base plate.

With a dimension of 18.9”x18.9”x41.34” (LxBxH) this cat house is easy to assemble and can fit in any corner in the room.


  • Can be fitted easily in any place big or small.
  • Soft and plush material as cloth.
  • 2 Condos.
  • The cat bed on the top is very fluffy and comfortable.
  • You can also attach it to a wall to prevent wobbling or tipping over.
  • Works for both small and large cats.


  • Not too high.

It is a 72” high cat tree to make your feline friend feel comfortable and at home.

This is designed as a fun playhouse for your cat that allows your cat to have naps without any disruptions.

The overall size of this cat tree is 33”x22”x72” (LxBxH).

There are 2 condos in this cat tree and every support pole works as a scratch post. 

The sisal-covered posts add more fun and playtime and keep your cat from scratching your furniture and 2 sets of stairs.

A hanging toy mouse keeps your cat busy and gives them a unique way to play.

It is made from compressed wood, faux fur, sisal rope.


  • Best cat tree for large cats.
  • The height is very good.
  • Good if you have multiple large cats.
  • Made from durable material.
  • Three towers as a bed on the top.
  • Spacious and comfortable.


  • No hammock.
  • Not suitable for small homes due to height.

Another great cat tree from rabbitgoo with versatile rest and recreation center. It has a beautiful condo, plush hammock, multiple sisal posts for scratching, a fur ball toy, and a top bed where your furry friend can sleep upon.

The 3 layered design allows your cat to showcase the excellent climbing skills of your cat with the help of the ladder and helps them to get enough exercise.

It is made from p2 particle wood for extra durability and can withstand multiple cats at a time without tipping over.

Each platform is designed so that it can hold up to 110 lbs making it one of the best cat trees for large cats.

The material used is faux fur which delivers warmth and ultimate comfort to your cat. 

All the board and fabric materials are 100% non-toxic.

The dimension of this cat tree is 19.6”x19.6”x38.9” (LxBxH) which makes it suitable for use in every household.


  • Good quality material.
  • The sturdiness makes it a good cat tree for large cats.
  • It has a hammock, ladder, a perch, and a condo with multiple scratch posts.
  • The small height makes it easy to assemble and usable in every household.


Talk about lavish and the next cat tree on our list resembles the word lavish for your cat when you see it the first time.

It is quite roomy and enjoyable with nicely cushioned large platform beds and raised edging for your fur babies.

It also has a cozy hammock with 3 perches and multiple scratch posts with interactive jingly balls to play with.


  • Made out of good quality plush material.
  • It has a wall anchor so that it doesn’t topple.
  • Quite easy to assemble with included hardware and tools, and nice looking.
  • Perfect cat tree for multiple large cats


  • It is a bit expensive.

This cat tree has two condos and 2 perches with an extra-thick mat and funny toys.

The scratch posts are multiple with 1 sturdy hammock.

The anti-toppling fitting is included and it is made with CARB-certified natural particle boards.


  • Made from natural material.
  • Good for multiple big cats
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Interactive toys


The overall size of this cat tree is 25.95”x16.14”x35.43” and it is made from high-quality faux fur.

The scratch posts are made from natural jute. It has 3 levels for your cat to climb up and down.

1 spacious condo and 1 basket with a comfortable top platform and a playing toy.


  • Good for 1 cat only.
  • Have basket, 1 condo, toy fur ball, and a platform.
  • Made from good material.


  • Scratch posts are made from jute, not sisal.
  • No ladder

The overall size of this cat tree is 25.98”x16.14×35.43. It is made from faux fur and natural sisal posts are used for scratching purposes.

Four levels to jump for your cat and observe from the top.


  • Good for one cat as it has only 1 condo.
  • Does not have an anti-topple mechanism.
  • 1 play toy.
  • Sisal is used in scratch posts.


  • No ladder

Another lavish cat tree from Bewishhome, being quite spacious and has 2 condos in it. 

It also has 2 platforms and a hammock for perfect sleep. The scratch posts have sisal for a better life and it is made from sturdy material and remains stable even if multiple large-sized cats rest upon it at the same time.

The overall dimensions are 27.6”x20.1”x57.1”.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Nice looking.
  • Good for multiple large cats.
  • Made with fine quality material which is sturdy and stable.


  • No ladder.
  • A little costly.

This multi-level cat tree has a bit of a different design than the usual. It has a large hammock, half tunnel u top, and four levels o carpet-covered platforms.

It has two pom-pom toys with 2 large paper rope posts. 

The overall dimensions of the cat tree are 20”x20”50”.


  • It provides an interactive playground for your cats.
  • Sturdy and stable.
  • Can handle the weight of a large cat.


  • The caret is not so soft.
  • No ladder.
  • No condo.
  • Costly

Final Thoughts:

Clearly, the Bewishhome large cat tree condo is the winner here and it is the best cat tree for large cats.

It is made from a high-quality material that can handle the weight of multiple large cats and has multiple condos, hammock, platforms, and scratch posts with sisal ropes.

Need for a Cat tree:

  • High-ground to sleep on

Lions and tigers also belong to the cat family. Some of their features have been inherited by cats as well. They love to go to high places and sleep from where they can keep a watch on humans as well.

Once a cat starts to like their cat tree it will stop getting on your furniture ultimately saving the furniture from the cats’ nails and sharp teeth.

  • It has scratch posts

Cats love to scratch and there is nothing you can do about it. But instead of your sofa or any other piece of furniture to become their scratch post, the cats will be having their personal scratch post.

You can redirect the behavior of cats using the attached scratch posts and the cats even start to love it more.

  • Shed their fur in one place

Every pet owner can understand the endless pain of finding hairs all over the place. Well, cats are no exception to this.

But if you buy a cat tree then your cat will spend most of their time in their condos and all the fluff will stay in one place. It is easier to clean the hairs from one place than all over the house.

  • Durability

Cat trees are designed in a way that they can bear the load and day-to-day activities of your furry friend. They last for years and are designed for comfort and looks. It will become a new and durable home for them.

  • Exercise

A cat tree gives your cat plenty of space to climb here and there and roam freely. When they roam and climb it also gives them a chance to exercise as well.

The ultimate guide to consider before buying….

Best Cat Tree for Large Cats:

If you don’t have an idea what you need to look for in a cat tree then go through the things written below. 

Cat Size

A cat tree can topple if a large cat, like Ragdoll or British shorthair, jumps on it suddenly and the cat tree doesn’t have a heavy base. That is why it becomes important to select a cat tree according to the size of the cat.

Multiple large cats can also lounge on the cat tree if it is sturdy enough and has room on it.


Almost all cat trees have a wide base of wood with wooden rods fitted with each other for multiple levels.

The wood is covered with soft furry cloth for your cat to lay down upon. Make sure it is made from good quality wood and the cloth is also of good quality so that your cat feels comfortable while laying upon it.

Longevity or endurance

The life span of a cat tree depends on the material which is used to make the cat tree and from the normal wear and tear.

If the base of the cat tree is large enough so that it wouldn’t topple even when multiple cats are lounging on it ensures the safety of the cat and your cat tree as well.

Shape/Size or Height of Cat tree (Levels)

Most cat trees have a tower-like structure that is divided into multiple levels. These levels have different kinds of activities planned on each level.

Make sure it is high enough so that it has plenty of space for your cat to move around and does not take too much space at your home.

Some cat trees are designed in a way that they take too much space at the bottom which is not an excellent design.

Cat trees should take an adequate base area with a height not higher than required.


These are tiny apartments for your cat on different levels of a cat tree. If you have multiple cats then having 2-3 condos becomes a necessity.


Cat are creatures that love to play and there are small balls or toys which should be hanging for them to play with.


Read as many reviews as possible as cat trees come in pieces and you have to assemble them at your home. You don’t want to be stuck with a model that has a complicated assembly and requires some special skills.

We hope that now you have an idea of what to look for while buying the best cat tree for your furry friend.