10 Best Flea Shampoo for Cats Reviews 2021

If our cat started acting erratic, we weren’t convinced What was likely wrong. She appeared restless, scratching and chewing herself differently. But after a brief time, we understood what the problem was fleas.

Obviously this started us all on a trip to find the very best Flea medicines for cats. Since we had something which would do the job quickly to kill the pests and continue working at keeping them away, we chose to try out a shampoo.

Regrettably, the very first shampoo we attempted was unsuccessful, Which led us to start our hunt for the very best flea repellent for cats out there.

If you are frustrated using flea products which just don’t look To subdue the fleas, then ideally the subsequent 10 reviews can allow you to discover the ideal shampoo to eliminate your flea issue once and for everyone.

The 10 Greatest Flea Shampoo for Cats — Reviews 2021

1. Adams Plus Flea & Tick Shampoo

When analyzing flea sprays for cats, then only 1 question Drives us does it remove fleas? After trying out a lot of these, 1 product came out because the harbinger of departure for those fleas infesting our bad kitty, that the Adams Plus Flea & Tick Shampoo. After we began lathering our felinethe fleas began falling off almost instantly, a significant aid for us!

Among the greatest things about the Adams Plus shampoo would be the fact that It will not only kill the fleas on the cat, it prevents future outbreaks for as many as 28 days. It accomplishes this by using an insect growth regulator. Additionally, it is one of the only items which also kills flea larvae and eggs, assisting halt re-infestation in its paths.

The majority of our testers thought the new odor of the shampoo Was gratifying, or at least okay. But some were set off by the odor, so people that are extremely sensitive to odor may not enjoy it.

However, you should love the nourishing extracts additional to the specific shampoo to help to condition your cat’s fur. Coconut infusion, peppermint oatmeal, and aloe vera leave your kitty’s fur feeling and appearing amazing and absolutely free of pesky pests.


  • Kills flea larvae and eggs
  • As much as 28 days of defense against flea re-infestation
  • May Be Used on almost any cat 12 months or old
  • Enriched to help condition skin and coat


  • The odor is not pleasing to everybody

2. Veterinary Formula Flea and Tick Shampoo — Best Value

On the Lookout for the very cost-effective Remedy to your kitty’s Flea issue? This shampoo out of Veterinary Formula Clinical Maintenance could just be the ideal flea shampoo for cats for the cost.

It comes in a sizable 16-ounce jar to get a Cheaper cost than the majority of the similar goods we have seen. Obviously, that would not mean very much when that shampoo weren’t powerful.

Fortunately, it is among those shampoos we had good chance with. It Did an superb job of controlling the very first tide of fleas following one program.

We’re happy with the odor that it left , which had been Pleasant and mild. Better still, our kitty stopped itching almost instantly. Although her skin was reddish and ripped out of scratching, it cured very quickly as a result of this aloe and lanolin within this shampoo.

However there was just one massive issue. Shortly, the fleas came . It Took around a week for people to detect our kitty scratching , and we soon discovered the bugs that were offending.

You can use this item daily, so we reapplied It with comparable outcomes. After carefully studying the jar, we understood it will not kill eggs and larvae to stop the infestation once and for all.


  • More Affordable than other goods
  • Soothes skin that is irritated from tick and flea bites
  • Leaves a nice odor behind


  • Doesn’t kill eggs and larvae

3. Benefit Flea & Tick Remedy Shampoo — Premium Option

Benefit Flea & Tick Remedy Shampoo is a favorite Option, albeit a costly one. You simply get eight oz in a jar which costs more than you would pay for double the quantity of different goods. However, if it is successful, then we are eager to pay a premium to get this.

Luckily, this Product functioned well, killing insects and almost wiping out the first infestation.

The Benefit shampoo Is a Superb choice for Those Who Have a Sensitive nose since it’s totally bereft.

Some of this cat-specific Shampoo goes quite a ways, so though the jar is modest, it must last for a fantastic while. Nonetheless, it’s watery and thin if you pour it in the jar, so take care to not pour too much and let it go to waste.

Whenever we began lathering this shampoo from our kitty’s Fur, we can observe the fleas begin falling off. They continued to expire for a few hours after the tub, requiring another rinsing to eliminate all of them. It was a fantastic experience overall, however we want to visit a little more merchandise for the cost.


  • Unscented
  • Cat-specific formulation
  • A bit goes a long way
  • You can observe the fleas begin expiring when washing


  • Expensive for a small number
  • Thin and watery

4. Zodiac Flea & Tick Shampoo

We adore cheap goods, along with also the Zodiac Flea & Tick Shampoo is among the very Affordable flea sprays for cats we have discovered. That would not mean even if it did not do the job, however we had great luck with this item.

For the reduced price, you receive A 12-ounce jar which kills ticks in addition to fleas. Additionally, it can help to nourish your kitty’s fur with all the infused coconut juices.

Initially we used this Item we were frustrated with The results. But we analyzed the instructions and realized that we had not followed them as correctly as we might have.

So, we began back again, this time Observing the instructions to the letter. Our results have been substantially improved during the very first effort, with nearly all of the fleas expiring off at one wash.

Scents are always an iffy topic because odor is Completely subjective. But the majority people saw this shampoo’s odor to be agreeable, and nobody appeared to take offense .

In the Long Run, the Zodia Flea & Tick Shampoo has been an Successful solution, but we picked that the Veterinary Formula Flea and Tick Shampoo within our next place that functioned and was priced equally.


  • Affordably priced
  • Kills ticks in Addition to fleas
  • Employs coconut juices for a Wholesome coat
  • Pleasant odor


  • Does not work for those who do not follow the instructions

5. Organic Chemistry Natural Flea Shampoo

A Lot of People are drawn to obviously formulated products Like the Organic Chemistry Natural Flea Shampoo. It is created out of plant-based ingredients such as cloves, lavender oil, and cinnamon.

It is really secure for Cats which it is the sole flea shampoo product we have seen which may be applied to almost any age kitty or cat, even small ones under 12 weeks. While we enjoy this notion, it’s made us wonder about the product’s potency.

When washing our kitty, we discovered This shampoo Does not lather well. However we worked , we could not get it up well.

After the initial wash, we detected a Significant reduction in the Amount of Fleas on our kitty, but they were not eradicated. Fortunately, this item plays fine with time-management remedies, therefore we could use another remedy to help kill the rest of the fleas.

Over simply annoying bugs, the Organic Chemistry Natural Flea Shampoo may even help combat with black flies and mosquitos. We are unsure how well it can against such pests . however, it’s pretty great at battling bugs, however far away from the most successful we have discovered.


  • Made out of organic, nourishing ingredients
  • Additionally fights black flies and mosquitos
  • Safe for any age kitty
  • Safe to use along with spot-on treatments


  • Costlier than other alternatives
  • Does not lather well

6. Lambert Kay Fresh ‘n Clean Flea and Tick Shampoo

The Lamber Kay Fresh’n Clean Flea and Tick Shampoo comes from a Large 18-ounce jar which has sufficient shampoo for several washes. Obviously, the expectation is you will simply have to perform one! Nonetheless, it’s priced easily considering the huge amount you buy, thus we can not complain.

We did have great results from using this shampoo originally. After The very first scrub, the majority of the mature pests were lifeless and we can watch them falling as we rinsed the shampoo down the drain. Things seemed fine, but for the powerful odor.

It wasn’t especially disagreeable, but it continued considerably longer than The flea defense this shampoo given.

Although the odor of the shampoo lasted for around fourteen days, the Flea defense lasted only a couple of days. Thenthey returned before, requiring a different scrub with exactly the very same outcomes. It functions, but it is not the product which we would recommend.


  • Comes at a sizable 18-ounce jar
  • Affordably priced


  • The odor lasts for up to fourteen days
  • Just kills mature fleas and ticks

7. Oster Flea & Tick Dog & Cat Shampoo

At first glance, the Oster Flea & Tick Dog & Cat Shampoo obtained us quite excited. We have seen low-cost flea sprays but this one really is really a fraction of the purchase price of these! Obviously, we’re skeptical, but expect was booming.

After we watched the big 18-ounce bottle it came , we had been More confident we had a winner. Afterward we really used it.

We washed our kitty using an Oster shampoo, however, nothing appeared To occur. No fleas expired while lathering, also we did not find them falling off once we pinpointed because we did with different shampoos.

Since this shampoo is really tender And safe for routine usage, we chose to give it another go, now with more merchandise.

The next timewe had much more chance. A Few of the fleas began Dying as we all lathered, together with much more after suit as we all rinsed.

However, it Took much too much merchandise to receive only a fair outcome. There were still lots of fleas left after the next washing. Nevertheless, they were not all that stayed; the odor of the pulp, disagreeable to some, also remained behind for quite some time.


  • Enormous 18-ounce jar
  • Dirt-cheap pricing
  • Safe for routine use as It’s so tender


  • Not quite capable of killing fleas
  • The odor is disagreeable to your

8. Sentry PurrScriptions Plus Flea & Tick Shampoo

One large problem with Lots of the flea sprays we attempted is. Which they simply kill mature fleas. The Sentry PurrScriptions Plus Flea & Tick Shampoo, on the other hand, maintains to kill animals, adults, and eggs.

Moreover, it asserts to Stop re-infestation after usage for as long as 30 days. Obviously, when it made great on those claims, it’d likely rank high on our record.

To be honest, this shampoo did kill a Great Deal of fleas directly off the bat. Nevertheless, they came back over the first week, therefore we got nowhere close 30 days of security.

It left our cat skin bloated. After studying the Bottle another time, we found this can be a frequent complication, in addition to eye irritation.

We did enjoy how fresh and clean our kitty was later bathing in This shampoo. Nevertheless, the harsh substances are too bothersome to get your cat’s skin, particularly considering that the average-at-best outcomes.


  • Kills adults, larvae, and eggs
  • Cleans and deodorizes


  • May Lead to eye and skin irritation
  • Does not endure for the promised 30 times

9. NaturVet Herbal Flea Cat Shampoo

Like most pet owners, individuals do not love the Notion of inundating Our cats with compounds, therefore that the NaturVet Herbal Flea Cat Shampoo which utilizes natural ingredients has been appealing to people.

It is so secure it may be used on kittens and cats of all ages, ones below 12 weeks. This makes us feel assured that it was totally safe for our cats.

But security is only part of this equation — efficacy also matters. Sad to say the NaturVet shampoo dropped in such a group.

It did appear to decrease the amount of pests we had been dealing with originally. But they returned in short order, and also in many days, the issue was as poor as before we’d washed.

This shampoo Seems to repel the pests instead of Kill them. We are on the lookout for a remedy that may hopefully eliminate the flea dilemma, therefore the NaturVet shampoo will not make a very higher evaluation.


  • Utilizes natural ingredients
  • May Be Used on kittens and cats of all ages


  • Fleas came in Only a few times
  • Appears to repel fleas not to kill them

10. Sergeant’s Gold Flea & Tick Cat Shampoo

If cost were a sign of quality, after that the Sergeant’s Gold Flea & Tick Cat Shampoo are in the Top of the list since it is among the priciest flea sprays for cats which we have seen.

We would be ready to cover the excess price if it had been powerful, however, also the Sergeant’s shampoo did not do much to impress us.

It is supposed to kill the two eggs and fleas, along with Shielding against re-infestation. After we employed it, there have been active fleas staying after a scrub.

Some had expired, but away from all them. Inside a Couple of days, they had been back as though we would never put a dent in these numbers. Another effort with all the Seargen’ts shampoo yielded identical outcomes.


  • Kills fleas and eggs
  • Offers defense from re-infestation


  • Far More expensive than competing goods
  • Just murdered some of the busy bugs
  • Fleas returned in a few times


The last thing anybody needs is that a flea infestation within their home. Consequently, if you find your kitty beginning to scrape and become fidgety, then it may be time to enlist the assistance of a few of those flea sprays we have only covered in our testimonials.

To eliminate the infestation as economically as possible, we are Heading to recommend to one of the 3 products we had the best chance with throughout our testing.

Overall, the merchandise we recommend most importantly is Adams Plus Flea & Tick Shampoo. In 1 wash, it was able to kill all the bugs that were offending on our kitty.

However, the top is that it kills the eggs and Critters, offering 28 times of defense against re-infestation and assisting stop the issue in its paths.

To get a value alternative, we propose that the Veterinary Formula Flea and Tick Shampoo. This very affordable product efficiently removes bugs, leaving a nice odor in its aftermath. Additionally, it calms your skin’s epidermis, helping alleviate irritation from bites and scrapes.

The Advantage Flea & Tick Remedy Shampoo is that our Premium recommendation. You can actually see the bugs that are dead drop off as you Wash for this particular cat-specific shampoo.