9 Best Food For French Bulldog Puppy – Review

On the Lookout for 2020’s Healthiest & Best Foods for French Bulldog puppy? There is no denying that French Bulldogs have been very popular dogs. They rank fairly nicely on the American Kennel Club’s breed recognition indicator.

Dog Foods for French Bulldog Puppy

French Bulldogs are nature awake and incredibly playful characters. They’re among the more silent breeds and are usually stored as watchdogs. They do not call for a good deal of focus making them excellent indoor companions. Just watch on these round the 5-month markers when they start teething! They will chew on everything and anything in sight!

What’s the Best Food For French Bulldog Puppy?

Food For French Bulldog Puppy 1

1. Taste of the Wild High Prairie Puppy Formula Grain-Free Dry Dog Food

2. American Journey Lamb & Sweet Potato Recipe Grain-Free Puppy Dry Dog Food

3. Tylee’s Human-Grade Steak Recipe Frozen Dog Food

4. Blue Buffalo Homestyle Recipe Puppy Chicken Dinner with Garden Vegetables

5. Natural Balance L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diets Puppy Formula Potato & Duck Grain-Free Dog Food

6. Purina Pro Plan Focus Puppy Small Breed Formula Dry Dog Food

7. Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula Adult Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe Dry Dog Food

8. Wellness Total Health Puppy Deboned Chicken, Oatmeal & Salmon Meal Recipe Dry Dog Food

9. Merrick Grain-Free Puppy Real Chicken & Sweet Potato Recipe Dry Dog Food

Best Puppy Food to Give French Bulldog Puppy

Best Food For French Bulldog Puppy 1

French Bulldog dogs grow gradually from puppy-hood to adulthood. If you have raised big breed puppies before but suddenly opt to try increasing a little dog, you could be worried about your Frenchie’s noticeable slow expansion.

That can be regular in the first eight months of the lives. Growing gains are slow within this strain. Do not try to Try to overfeed Them because this may be damaging to their wellbeing.

These dogs are already likely To metabolic disorders like heart disease and obesity. Irrespective of which meals you choose to feed themkeep the percentage sizes quantified as well as.

So, what would be the Kinds of food you can feed your own French Bulldog puppy?

Dry Food — Dry food also called kibble is your top dog food in the marketplace as a result of its flexibility, its own ease-of-preparation, long shelf life, and also standard affordability. A fantastic dry food is one which does not have any additives, soy, wheat, or corn solutions. Fillers must be prevented as they don’t have any nutritional value and might place your pet’s life at risk. Wheat, corn, wheat, and soy are all typical dog allergens therefore ought to be avoided from pet foods. Dry foods frequently contain added veggies and fruits. But not all of fruits and vegetables are great for youthful Frenchie pups. Have a look at this listing of dangerous and safe fruits.

Wet (Canned) Food — One other popular and beneficial food choice is moist food. Wet food has high water content than food at approximately 75%. Additionally, it tends to have greater nutrient levels than food too. Wet foods are usually the very first good food that dogs are introduced into following maternity. In the instance of French Bulldogs, this is frequently a porridge food or pup cerelac to assist them get accustomed to the notion of eating food that is wet. Wet foods are less difficult to prepare well and do not need extensive prep occasions.

Raw Food – Raw food diets have received a bad rap Through the Years. This is mainly in part as these diets demand food that is undercooked and nearly raw. This presents health risks for the puppy and your health. They need careful preparation and handling so as to stop contamination. They also have a tendency to be quite costly especially the organic types. If you are pressed for time that these are not the diets that you would like to feed your pet because you would want to take time together with all the food prep.

Freeze-Dried Food – Are you hoping to find a food choice that is significantly less processed, more organic, also comprises nutrition in a whole form? Then freeze-dried foods could possibly be those that your puppy requirements. Freeze-dried foods are the ones which are processed or so are nearly in their normal condition. They experience a dehydrating process to keep them clean and then they’re frozen. For all these reasons, they do not require additives to keep them clean. When it is time to feed the puppy all you have to do is defrost them.

Human-Grade Food — Human-grade pet food has gained fame Through the Years. Human-grade pet food is what can be created using ingredients which are entirely edible to individual beings. These specific foods are below the law of the USDA so they’re rigorously controlled to make sure they fulfill the established definition of’human-grade’. As always the main thing about dog food is the fact that it satisfies your puppy’s daily caloric requirements.

Nutritional Factors of French Bulldog Puppies

Food For French Bulldog Puppy

French Bulldog dogs are in Danger of obesity and then Developing cardiovascular disease and metabolic conditions like diabetes. Because of this, it’s essential that you see what you feed your own Bulldog puppy carrying note to prevent giving ample bites and table scraps.

If you plan on using treats for coaching functions, do not use foods which have cooked bones (pup can choke) and snacks which have a higher fat content. When it comes to French Bulldog puppies exactly what would be the special Dietary and nutritional factors you have to know about?

Protein — Growing Frenchies desire protein plus a Great Deal of it! Their nourishment requirements should include meat like beef, poultry, fish, and lamb. It ought to be among those very primary ingredients listed out in the bundle. Even the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) urges that pet foods be composed of 22% protein. When a food has been labeled as”meat ” it is possible to opt for this as such formulations have a tendency to be full of animal protein.

Fats and Fatty Acids — Everybody enjoys a miserable Frenchie. Fats are required by your pet for growth of great vision, hormones, a more healthy appearing coat and skin. Fats derive from plant oils like canola and flaxseed. Animal fats like chicken fat will also be great sources of those polyunsaturated fats. AAFCO urges that in your own French Bulldog’s pet’s meals should be 8 percent fat.

Carbohydrates — Dogs do not generally need carbohydrates provided that their fat and protein percentages are appropriate. Carbs give other helpful advantages in the diet but like adding texture to foods, roughage to keep good health wellbeing, in addition to maintain the Frenchie pet’s body temperature controlled.

Vitamins and Minerals — vitamins and antioxidants are needed by developing Frenchies but in minute quantities. Vitamins and antioxidants are derived from veggies; this is the reason why it’s essential your pet is eating a healthy diet. They play a significant role in bone growth (preventing poor bone structure or abnormal bone development ), resistance, and tissue and muscle development. Hormone production can be controlled by minerals and vitamins. You would like to make certain your growing puppy’s diet plan is well-balanced.

Water — Water must comprise at every meal that you serve. Water is called for by your French Bulldog pup to aid with digestion, and prevent dehydration, and transportation water-soluble nutrients in addition to cushion joints. French Bulldogs are vulnerable to debilitating bone spurs in order would like to be certain they drink enough water to liquefy their joints correctly. Water can also be important whether you’re feeding your pet dry food because this food will get high moisture content.

French Bulldog Feeding Chart

Where French lands are worried, It’s preferable to have Then nurse till they wean off obviously. We recommend doing things like this Since Frenchies can not create antibodies to help them stay safe from disease before 6-weeks. They get these toxins in their mother’s milk.

But, This may not necessarily be possible because you will probably need them home with you About their 8th week in case you are receiving them from a breeder. Because of This, a Lot of folks might not be acquainted with the way to begin feeding them. And of course Worry, since we’ve assembled this convenient feeding graph to simplify matters For you!


6 Week Old Puppy
  • Between 2-7 weeks your puppy will develop its sense organs, learn to adapt to social settings, learn to crawl, and good dog behavior from its mother. These puppies should not be taken away from their mother until at least the 3-month mark.
  • Never feed your Frenchie ‘puppy food’ before he reaches 6 weeks of age. It’s all mothers’ milk at this age. Mother’s milk contains all the needed antibodies and nutrients required for growth at this age.
  • Your French Bulldog puppy should nurse from its mother until the 8th week preferably.
10 Week Old Puppy
  • Don’t introduce regular puppy wet food as your French Bulldog pup’s digestive system is not quite ready for solid food. Instead, gradually introduce what’s known as puppy cerelac from about week 8.
  • Bond with your pup during this time
12 Week Old Puppy
  • Around week 12, you can start introducing your French Bulldog to wet puppy food.
  • Transition slowly from puppy cerelac and don’t do anything abruptly.
  • Behavior-wise your puppy will begin to demonstrate more independence.
  • You’ll need to keep a firm but gentle hand with them at this age.
3 Month Old Puppy
  • Your pup doesn’t have teeth yet at this age so stay clear of dry foods that will be difficult to chew.
5 Month Old Puppy
  • Your puppy will start teething at this age
  • Chew toys will prove useful at this time
1 Year Old French Bulldog
  • By the time your French Bulldog pup reaches 9-12 months it will have reached its maximum height and will also be fairly close to their adult weight.
  • Growth will continue however, and by 18-24 months, your puppy will have reached its full potential height and filled out as much as they can. Weight will stabilize at this point unless you increase their calorie intake.
  • They will be eating two meals per day.


We know exactly how hard it can be to locate the appropriate French Bulldog dog food when there are a lot of brands to pick from! Luckily, we’ve done all of the research and hard work and present to you our findings about this ideal dog foods for a French Bulldog puppy.

With no additional ado, below are the very best and healthiest puppy foods such as French Bulldogs at 2020.

Best Puppy Food for French Bulldog Puppies in 2020

Our 2020 Picks: Best Dog Food For French Bulldogs
Taste Of The Wild High Prairie Puppy Formula Grain-Free

  • Roasted meats, real fruits, and vegetables
  • Made in the USA
  • Price: $1.78/lb
American Journey Lamb & Sweet Potato Recipe Grain-Free

  • Nutrient-rich formula designed for puppies
  • Promotes healthy dog growth and development
  • Check For Buy One Get One Free
  • Price: $1.66/lb
Tylee’s Human Grade Beef Recipe Frozen

  • Preservative-free, artificial coloring-free
  • Made in the USA
  • Price:  $4.99/lb
Blue Buffalo Homestyle Puppy Chicken Dinner With Garden Vegetables

  • Nutrient-rich and easy-to-digest
  • Wholesome formula
  • Price:  $2.16/Can
Natural Balance L.I.D Limited Ingredient Diets Potato & Duck Formula 

  • Ideal for puppies that have food allergies and sensitivities
  • Limited ingredients but nutrient-rich meals
  • Price:  $2.48/lb
Purina Pro Plan Focus Puppy Large Breed Formula 

  • DHA-rich fish oils, and complex carbohydrates
  • Easily digestible formula
  • Price:  $1.41/lb
Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula Puppy Chicken & Brown Rice 

  • Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids for healthy skin and coat
  • No corn, wheat, soy or chicken by-product meals
  • Price:  $1.56/lb
Wellness Complete Health Puppy Deboned Chicken, Oatmeal & Salmon 

  • Taurine supports a healthy heart
  • Specially formulated for puppies during the first year of life
  • Price:  $1.76/lb
Merrick Grain-Free Puppy Real Chicken & Sweet Potato 

  • Specifically formulated to support healthy digestion
  • Proudly made in Merrick’s Texas facility
  • Price:  $2.39/lb

Taste of the Wild High Prairie Puppy Formula Grain-Free Dry Dog Food

Key Features

  • Wholesome nutritious real food forms the base of this formula
  • Provides all the needed nutrients in the right amounts
  • Made from products that are sourced ethically

Overall Best Dog Food for French Bulldog Puppies – Taste of the Wild High Prairie Puppy Formula Grain-Free Dry Dog Food is considered the overall best dog food because it features all the necessary nutrients, is wholesome made of real food, and contains additional supplements such as probiotics to boost puppy immune system.

This food is an all-around winner thanks to its grain-free nature, as well as bearing no fillers, artificial flavors, colors or preservatives making it an inclusive meal for both sensitive and non-sensitive puppies.


  • Perfect for puppies with sensitive and non-sensitive stomachs
  • Roasted meats, real fruits, and vegetables make up this meal
  • Puppies receive the energy boost they need, proteins to build muscle and grow, and minerals to develop healthy nerve and immune systems


  • Not available in wet food format

American Journey Lamb & Sweet Potato Recipe Grain-Free Puppy Dry Dog Food

Key Features

  • Grain-free recipe designed specifically for puppies
  • Boasts nutritious real food such as blueberries, dried kelp, carrots, and lamb
  • Contains needed nutrients such as proteins, carbs, fats, vitamins and minerals

Most Inexpensive (Cheap) – The American Journey Dry Puppy Food is a grain-free recipe made from real food such as lamb, veggies like carrots, chickpeas, and sweet potatoes. Nutritious and wholesome, this diet will provide your pup with all the key nutrients such as proteins, carbs, vitamins and minerals.

Salmon oil and flaxseed provide the fatty acids that are required by your Frenchie for good brain and eye development. This recipe is also corn-free, wheat-free, and soy-free making it ideal for feeding of puppy’s 5-months and older.


  • Grain-free nature of meal makes this product perfect for puppies with food allergies and sensitivities
  • Nutrients come from real food and not supplements
  • Corn-free, wheat-free, and soy-free puppy formula


  • Only available in dry food format

Tylee’s Human-Grade Beef Recipe Frozen Dog Food

Key Features

  • Protein sources are beef heart, ground beef, beef liver
  • Vegetable-rich meal featuring spinach, broccoli, zucchini, and sweet potato
  • Nutritious and wholesome meals made of foods edible to humans
  • Easy-to-prepare – simply defrost and serve

Best Human Grade Lab Puppy Food – This Tylee’s Human-Grade Puppy Food has beef heart, ground beef, and beef liver as the main protein sources. A rich vegetable combination ensures that your puppy receives its much-needed vitamin and mineral daily requirements.

Mangos add a tasty flavor to the meal, and sunflower oil as well as flaxseed furnish the puppy with omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids needed for good growth and development. Protein makes up 13% of the meal, fat 5%, and fiber 2%. The moisture content is 69%.


  • Protein, fat, and fiber contents per cup are in good proportions.
  • Puppy food has high water content
  • Made of real foods and no by-products


This diet alone may not be sufficient to meet a puppy’s needs

Blue Buffalo Homestyle Recipe Puppy Chicken Dinner with Garden Vegetables

Key Features

  • Major protein source is chicken, chicken broth, and chicken liver
  • Vitamins and minerals come from real vegetables like sweet potatoes and mineral salts from salts such as potassium chloride
  • Carbs and fiber provisions come from whole grains such as barley and brown rice

Best Canned Puppy Food for French Bulldogs – The Blue Buffalo Homestyle Recipe is made from real chicken and garden vegetables such as carrots, peas, sweet potatoes, and barley. Let your puppy enjoy a wholesome and delicious meal that contains no fillers, no wheat, no corn, and no soy.

Flaxseed is the source of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids needed for hormone regulation. The protein content of this product is 10%; fat content is 7.5%, and moisture content is 78%. It is recommended to introduce this meal to your puppy around the 11th week of life.


  • This meal formula contains no artificial preservatives, flavors, and colors
  • Food texture is pate making it easy-to-digest for growing pups
  • Puppy immune system is boosted by fruits like cranberries and blueberries which are antioxidant-rich


  • Short shelf life once opened

Natural Balance L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diets Puppy Formula Potato & Duck Grain-Free Dog Food

Key Features

  • Limited number of ingredients
  • Real food and real veggies used including duck and potatoes
  • Vitamins and mineral supplements to boost growth and development

Best Limited Ingredients Foods for French Bulldog Puppies – This Natural Balance L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diet boasts real protein sources: duck meal and duck, as well as real veggies such as potatoes. Fatty acids are provided by canola oil, flaxseed, and salmon oil

Each of the ingredients used in this meal has been carefully chosen to meet the nutritional and dietary requirements of growing pups. This diet is perfect for pet parents who are worried about their puppies developing food allergies and wish to reduce the number of ingredients their puppies are exposed to.


  • Diet ideal for pets with food allergies and sensitivities
  • Limited ingredients decrease exposure to food allergens
  • Nutrients present in the following ratios: proteins 22.5%, fats 11%, and fiber 4%


  • Moisture content is low at 10%

Top Rated Puppy Foods for French Bulldogs

This list would be incomplete without some of the other puppy foods that made in onto our top 10 list. Here are four great options to consider.

Purina Pro Plan Focus Puppy Small Breed Formula Dry Dog Food

Manufacturers know that dogs love the combination of rice and chicken as evidenced by Purina’s Pro Plan Focus Puppy Small Breed Dry Dog Food. Boasting lean protein sourced from chicken and complex carbs from rice, your puppy is assured of a nutritious and wholesome meal. This product is proudly manufactured in the United States under the strictest and most rigorous USDA-approved facilities.

Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula Adult Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe Dry Dog Food

Are you looking for a meal that features no corn, no wheat, no soy or by-products but still retains great taste and texture? Then look no further than the Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula featuring real, deboned chicken, garden vegetables and fruits, as well as LifeSource Bits that provide key supplemental elements to ensure a well-balanced diet.

Wellness Complete Health Puppy Deboned Chicken, Oatmeal & Salmon Meal Recipe Dry Dog Food

Is your pup in need of a food that’s rich in good fibers and protein? The Wellness Complete Health Puppy Recipe Dry Dog Food is as its name suggests a holistic meal that’s designed to meet all of your puppy’s dietary and nutritional requirements. Delicious chicken is combined with oatmeal and salmon to provide a meal that’s both nutritious and wholesome. Vitamins such as taurine boost heart and extracts like Yucca Schidigera aid is diminishing stool odor.

Merrick Grain-Free Puppy Real Chicken & Sweet Potato Recipe Dry Dog Food

The Merrick Grain-Free Puppy Real Chicken & Sweet Potato Recipe Dry Dog Food boasts real chicken and real veggies such as sweet potatoes and peas as its foundation. You can’t go wrong with a formula that’s this wholesome and provides natural ingredients crucial for growth. It’s also a crowd-favorite because it contains no fillers, no wheat, no soy, and no corn.

Our 2020 French Bulldog Puppy Feeding Guide

French Bulldog dogs have high calorific desires. For their First couple of weeks of life that they will need to be about their mom to nurse and also learn social behaviours. Weaning ought to be made to happen naturally.

Since these pups teeth round their 5-month of daily life, foods have been kept easy at the beginning. Shortly after childbirth, they ought to be placed in an easy-to-digest pup cerelac. Puppy foods could be released after teething has happened along with the dogs also have developed a much more powerful digestive system.

You ought to be about through meal times to See the puppy eat And also to determine their eating routine. Frenchies will overeat and thus don’t function more than is needed. Use the guide below to learn the dosage ideas for the growing puppy.

If your puppy seems weathered, or is ill you might choose to find the help of your veterinarian to find out whether you’re able to add a second cup of food into the normal feeding program.

Serving Tips for a French Bulldog Puppy







6-91 – 1 ¾3
12+2 ½ – 3 ½2


Frenchies will not grow or place on excess weight fast within their first month or two of life unlike big breed puppies. Their weight will probably be slow since the month’s advancement. This is not anything to be concerned about. They’re growing as quickly as they can because of their own breed!

Average Weight for a French Bulldog Puppy







Frequently Ask Questions

Just how much food If you feed a French Bulldog puppy?

A Fantastic guideline to follow is that French Bulldogs ought to eat 25-30 calories a pound of your own body weight every day. Split these foods into a few portions. To discover the specific calories your puppy needs to be eating according to their own life span, action level, and present weight utilize this puppy calculator by Merrick.

Puppies will normally Consume more than their mature counterparts. If a grownup Frenchie is ingesting a daily caloric consumption of 550 to 750 calories daily your pup’s daily caloric needs ought to be someplace between or a small over. If you believe your puppy is usually underweight for the age we still advise that you visit your veterinarian.

What’s the Finest kind of food to get a French Bulldog pup?

Puppies are unique. French Bulldog puppies Based on what point you have them might have already begun on a new food that they prefer. Otherwise it’s possible to rotate them via tender, raw, moist, freeze-dried, and also human-grade to determine exactly what food they want. The only they appear to enjoy the most is that the’best’ kind for them !

When if I Quit feeding my Bulldog pet food?

French Bulldog dogs continue to rise well into Their next year of existence. With their 24th month they’ll have attained full weight and height reduction. Their eating program will have gone to 2 square meals every day. Yet more, always serve them of the ideal meal parts and do not leave them unattended. These puppies are very happy eaters and will over overindulge!

How Often a day should I feed ? French Bulldog pup?

French Bulldog dogs should be fed 3 occasions Per day. As they get old you are able to cut one meal and then feed them say about 7AM and then 12 hours after their evening meal. It is important to adhere to a normal feeding program.

How do I Fatten my French Bulldog pup?

French Bulldogs from character suffer with ailments That may be deadly like heart disease. Fattening up of a French Bulldog pup is only recommended when your puppy is underweight. And just how can you know whether they’re underweight? If you’re able to see their ribs or even bone construction then your puppy is the most likely underweight.

If that is true here is the Way to go about Fattening the tiny puppy up: nourish them 2.5 to 3 cups every day. Should you want working in carbs, this usually means consuming the puppy 30 to 40 calories a pound. Split these foods into three equivalent foods to be supplied at regular intervals during the day.

If this really is really a rescue Frenchie and also you do not have all of the Information in their genetic background, you might choose to take them into the vet to find out whether they’re on track with placing on the ideal quantity of weightloss. This is just as true whenever the puppy continues not to wear weight.

What matters If I know about French Bulldog puppies?

French Bulldog dogs are more likely to drown Due to their body construction. Because of this, avoid moving near bodies of water with your puppy. In the event you choose to go outside for a stroll with your puppy keep your eye on their breath since these dogs may develop breathing issues. Neverever take your puppy outside for a walk once the heat is not excessive.

It may be deadly for them. Last, the occasional regular checkup is crucial as these dogs may be assailed by a multitude of maladies including juvenile cataracts, skin diseases, and immune disorders.

How large will Your French Bulldog pup get?

The Precise size will be determined by the puppy’s Genetic heritage. In case you have access to the information that ought to ideally be provided by your breeder you’re able to find an estimate. A formula it is possible to use is: Enormous French Bulldog Adult Size = (Weight in oz at 8 months x 4) / / 16 Recall this is simply an estimate and your Frenchie will become larger or marginally smaller.


French Bulldogs aren’t fussy about most matters. They’re fairly Laid-back dogs which love a silent pace and way of life. That is the reason why they create such excellent apartment companies. Do not be tricked by their miniature stature nevertheless. They’ve a wholesome appetite and pleasure in great food.

Your Frenchie will thank you to your selection of premium excellent dog foods with loyalty, endurance, and security.

Ever needed a French Bulldog? What were their preferred foods as a puppy? Leave your comment below!