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Birds are believed to be the closest contemporary relatives of dinosaursTheropods are the most prominent (the same as the T-Rex). The term “raptors” is for a reason! If you love birds and other pets then certainly you should carry a thorough read of the post regarding Best Pet Birds for Beginners.

Today, they’re much less sized than Crustaceous period predecessors evolution has allowed their adaptation to variety of habitats and climates which eventually led them to shed their sharp teeth to make way for beaks.

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However, this isn’t the case for all birds is it? We’re talking about you ducks, geese and penguins! Be assured, though. It’s not legal in California to possess these kind of birds, therefore you’re protected!

The Top Bird Pets for Beginners

It’s true, that bird beaks can be quite sharp, which is why you’ll want to be vigilant! With so many beautiful feathered companions to choose from it can be difficult to decide.

If you’re looking for a bird friend that’s low-maintenance or you’re on the cusp of becoming the local avian expert We’ve got some suggestions! Here are a few of the top bird pet options for those who are just beginning!

Pet Birds for Beginners


Parakeets or budgies, as they’re often referred to as, rank first on our list due to them being the most sought-after bird breed across the US and also because they’re among the easiest to maintain!

They’re adorable little creatures that are available in various shades of blue green, white and yellow, with black specks of black on the head back, wings, and head. If they’re properly cared for they’re very affectionate and affectionate.

They are also taught to do tricks, and even speak! We suggest not just watching them and not spending any time with them as well. Perhaps you could even consider an animal companion (preferably other budgies) to share their lives with.

Budgies also do well with kids. While they can swipe at you when they’re getting tampered with but their bites aren’t in the same way as bigger birds’ bites could. This is the reason why parakeets are among the best bird-loving pets available!

They’re happy and content inside a cage, however, they require exercise. We suggest letting your pet move around for a few hours each day.

Before you let them out of the cage at home, make sure that they’re well-trained and that they have their wings clipped to ensure their safety.

Also, we recommend clearing the area of other animals, so that they can fly about and burn off the energy they expend.

Time-to-live:10 years
Noise Level: Low
Social Requirements:Moderate


Similar to the parakeet Cockatiels are also very well-known pet birds and are the most popular pet in America! They’re tiny, loving birds with similar colors across the spectrum. typically, they are white, gray and yellow.

Cockatiels are famous due to the feathered crests that are on their heads as well as the red coloration around their faces.

They’re easy to train and enjoy socializing with other dogs, preferring to become acquaintances with as many people as possible rather than tying their lives to one particular individual.

They’re also ideal for families with kids. They’re a little more maintenance-intensive than budgies as they require more instruction and require a bigger cage.

It is recommended to let your cockatiel get out of its cage at least each daily for a short period of time making sure they have a spacious area in your home that allows them to be secure while they get the exercise they require.

They’re most likely one of the best pet birds because they’re easy to maintain and are very friendly!

The Lifespan of :20 Years
Noise Level: Low
Social requires:Moderate


Parrotlets are snarky and quick-witted, curious and sassy . They are available in a myriad of colors, including green, blue and yellow. If you’re searching for a vibrantly colored, tiny bird with lots of personality, you’ve discovered it!

These birds area slightly less likely to connect with the people they live with if they do not put in the effort, which is why we strongly recommend spending a lot times with them!

Feeding your pet with hands or teaching them tricks as well as playing together are all acceptable types of time-sharing that can help you build a create a bond.

They love toys and play and can easily become bored. If you don’t provide them with plenty of activities to play with it, they could be destructive.

When you choose to offer your pet a partner and a friend, they’ll form an enduring bond, and then to avoid human contact completely. It’s all about the kind of thing you want in an emotional connection to your animal.

It is important to take your pet bird out of its cage as well. They require exercise! Check that your pet is trained before taking them out from their cage. For parrot, lets we suggest a couple of hours prior to bringing them back to their cage.

The Lifespan of :20 Years
Dimension:Extra Small
Noise Level: Medium
Social Needs: Low (if they are with someone with them) or Moderate (if they’re on their own)


Lovebirds are available in every color you can imagine they look like the rainbow-colored sorbets or shaved ice! They’re chatty, energetic, curious and funjust like the parrotlet.

They’re also tiny birds that pack huge punch! They’ll need a lot of training and care so that they don’t get too aggressive and territorial, however they are sometimes annoyed.

If you take care of them regularly and properly train them they will become bonded with their owners and end up becoming very cozy.

Keep their cages filled with wholesome zinc and lead-free playthings as they are a lot of fun to play with and can be quite destructive chewers!

There is a misconception that lovebirds need a companion However, they do appreciate the feeling of belonging to the same family. One lovebird will require a cage that is medium-sized for them to move around.

Lovebirds require a lot of exercise! Therefore, letting them exercise in a big safe area for a couple of hours each day is a good idea!

Time-Span of Life:20 Years
Dimension: Small
Noise Level: Low
Social Needs: Low (if there is an accomplice) or Moderate (if they’re solo)


Are you is a fan of canaries? If so, you don’t need to be reading this. Canaries are among the most enthusiastic communities of followers we’ve ever seen unlike any other species!

They’ve been praised over the years due to their exquisite appearance and gorgeous singing voice So it’s not surprising that this is what they’re born for! Canaries are clever, cheerful people-pleasing birds that love to sing and chat with the people who pass by.

They are available in a range of vibrant colors, including white, yellow, and red. They can be trained and are able to be released from their cages to exercise. The canary is an observer bird, which makes it among the low-maintenance birds to keep.

They don’t want to be frequently touched and they are content in a cage. It is possible to put them together or in groups but you shouldn’t place two males together because they’ll battle.

They’re low-maintenance birds and require minimal attention. We suggest getting one with a male If you are looking for one with the most beautiful singing voice.

Like any bird need exercise, your canary should be exercising also! Allow them to exercise for an hour or so after they’ve been trained, so they can stretch their wings!

Time-Span of Life:10 Years
Dimension: Small
The Noise Level is Moderate (but it’s very nice, we swear!)
Social Needs: Low

Pionus Parrots

The quiet bird makes a great element to any family unit! They are affectionate according to their own preferences and can be quite friendly. With iridescent green and blue hair, this cat is an eye-catching sight!

Because of their size, bites from them can be quite painful, so be sure to provide surveillance when children are close to them. Pionus Parrot Pionus Parrot is the quietest of the Amazonian parrots.

From all the parrots we’ve talked about in our current list the Pionus Parrot requires more attention to detail, and comes with an expensive price tag, and has a long lifespan.

They’re susceptible to certain health problems However, with proper maintenance and annual visits to the vet they should be able to prolong their lives to the fullest extent!

They need a huge cage and plenty of time to move around once they’re properly trained.

The Lifespan of : 25-40 Years
Dimension: Medium
Noise Level: Medium
Social Requirements: Moderate

Amazon Parrots

These animals of the green party are a bit as large as they get! They are able to speak and sing, and they love being social and connecting with others. They are very expressive about their desires and needs and are easy to take care of.

Take time to spend with your Amazon Parrot to learn their signals. If you don’t. They might bite! They require a lot of interaction and wouldn’t be an ideal pet for someone who isn’t at home all the time.

The larger cages will allow your pet plenty of space to roam and play, so choose that. If you are looking for a big and active pet it is one of the top pet birds for you!

Get this big animal go free every day for a couple of hours and enjoy a night of fun!

Duration:30+ Years
Dimension: Medium
Noise Level: Loud
Social Needs: High

Are you just beginning to look for an animal to keep as a pet? If yes, then you’re on the right track because today I will review the top bird species for pets that are suitable for beginners.

I’m definitely a unicorn in the sense that I love Cats, Birds, and fish. However, my cats are mostly attracted to my other pets, but for no reason!

In any case, I love my animals and being a blogger lets me write about the things I enjoy and impart useful knowledge when making the decision to have high-quality pets and companionship. Let’s discuss the things to look out at when searching for a perfect first-time bird.

Top Pet Birds for Beginners

Let’s look at the top birds to look at for beginning birders. Each bird will have its own needs, but I think all of their needs are set for the first time bird owners.

1. Budgies

  • Colors Blue White, Green and Yellow
  • Size Small
  • Lifespanup to 10 years
  • Noise Low (Chatter)
  • Social Needs Medium

The Budgie is known as a parrot in the US. They are tiny birds that can be around 10 years old. They’re a bit under-appreciated due to their popularity.

A lot of people purchase their pets as a pet to observe However, they can be controlled by hand and can be extremely loving. A well-tamed Budgie is a fantastic pet and is generally secure when they are around children.

They will defend themselves when threatened, however the bite isn’t as strong like the larger birds.

Their capacity to accommodate all of the individual needs of owners is what makes the Budgie one of the best options for those who are just starting out.

2. Cockatiels

  • Colors Gray White, Yellow,
  • Size Small
  • LifespanUp to 20 years
  • Noise Low (whistler)
  • Social Needs Medium

It is said that the Cockatiel is the top best-selling pet bird one across American and with excellent reason. They are smaller and have a life span slightly longer than the majority of cats, and are very affectionate.

They can be trained easily. They make a wonderful pet for the family and can be social with everyone, whereas they can become extremely attached to a single pet’s owner.

They are unique due to the feathers at their feet (also called crests). The feathers show the emotions of the bird which allows you to see your bird’s mood more clearly.

They produce whistle-like sounds, not like the high pitched screeching that is typical of many of the larger parrots found in the Amazon.

They need larger cages that the Budgie. I consider them to be an upgrade from Budgie. They need more care and reward more when trained more than Budgie.

Budgie. It is among the top beginner bird species that you can select. We have a list of the the best Cockatiel Cage.

3. Lovebirds

  • Colors – Blue, Green, Orange, Yellow
  • Size Small
  • Lifespanup to 20 years
  • Noise Low (whistler)
  • Social Needs Low

Lovebirds are an extremely colorful choice for a bird that you can keep for your pet. They’re part of the parrot family quite, however they are tiny in terms of size.

They require a large cage to allow them to fly. They’re chatty and be vocal most of the time. However, their calls aren’t as disruptive as larger parrots.

Social requirements for Lovebirds are not as high for the birds. If bought as two birds, they’ll be bonded with their companion and will likely choose to interact with others. A lovebird on their own requires plenty of social interactions and lots of physical activity.

They are more of an observational bird for your pet. If you’re in search of the most vibrant bird you can observe and not interact with, then two lovebirds could be the perfect choice for you.

4. Parrotlets

  • Colors – Blue, Green, Yellow
  • Size Small
  • Lifespanup to 20 years
  • Noise – Medium
  • Social Needs Medium

Parrotlet Parrotlet is a parrot of a smaller size with a personality of its own. At just 5 inches in length, they’re smaller than the size of a Bungie. They’re not noisy and are perfect in areas where silence is desired.

It’s small however it is equipped with a powerful beak. It is best handled with care and have their more powerful bite, which is it is likely to not be suitable for children.

Social needs are comparable to the needs of a Love Bird. If you buy two of them, they will be deeply bonded with their companion, and could avoid people altogether.

If you choose to purchase only a single Parrot, let it will need an adequate amount of time to be watched. If you’re looking for a great single bird, a hand fed Parrot, let can offer lots of companionship.

5. Canaries

  • Colors – Orange, Red, Yellow
  • Size Small
  • Lifespanup to 10 years
  • Noise – Medium
  • Social Needs Low

The Canary has been a sought-after pet bird for many years. It’s a low-maintenance and observant bird that has an extremely passionate owner community. The owners of canaries has the highest enthusiasm of any bird owner group.

Canaries are specifically bred to have three desirable traits : color, song and appearance. They are the most sought-after bird due to their singing abilities.

Canaries are considered to be a non-hands pet. They do not have any contact or interact with the owners. This makes them perfect to anyone searching for a bird that sings.

They are great when they are in groups or pairs. If you’re seeking a low-maintenance bird then the Canary is among the top selections.

6. Finches

  • Colors – Multiple
  • Size Small
  • Lifespanup to 10 years
  • Noise – Medium
  • Social Needs Low

The Finch is among the top choices if you are in search of birds that are not frightened by people and can be maintained easily. They usually do not communicate with other birds. They are social and own species and enjoy being around other Finches.

One of the biggest misconceptions about Finches is that they require the largest cage even though they’re small. This is due to the fact that they require room to move about. A cage with a horizontal design is most suitable for these animals. They thrive in pairs, rather than groups.

They are renowned for their music as well as their social interaction. They spend a significant amount of time in the day communicating with each other.

They are also among the cheapest pets that you can purchase. They are an ideal pet bird for people who aren’t able to interact and play with the pet.

7. Quaker Parakeets

  • Colors – Blue, Green
  • Size Small
  • Lifespanup to 30 years
  • Noise – Medium
  • Social Needs Medium

The Quaker is one of the most loved small birds available in market. They’re tiny at just 12 inches, and are a good value bird to buy. They display a manner in which they dance as well as “quake.” It’s an unusual shaking they exhibit. It seems odd, however, it is quite normal for a bird.

Quakers require a certain amount of interaction with others. If they are not treated with respect and left alone, they may exhibit destructive behaviors like chewing furniture. They can become depressed if allowed to be alone for long.

This is a bird for pets which is ideal for an environment with a family member throughout the day. They also make excellent talkers with the capacity to master phrases and words, and they can be trained to master tricks.

They also work well as a pair for those who don’t have the time to sit time with them every day.

They aren’t a quiet bird. They wake many people who are asleep with their sounds. Due to their character, they’re the perfect choice for people who would like to have a pet bird.

8. Pionus Parrots

  • Colors – Blue, Green
  • Size Medium
  • Lifespan30+ years
  • Noise – Medium
  • Social Needs Medium

It is the Pionus Parrot is an easy to handle and is quieter than Amazon birds. They are extremely friendly with their owners and require you to spend quality moments with them. They are not overly dependent on one person at home.

It can be a good pet that is a family member, however it should be looked after and supervision given to children who are small as their bites can be painful.

Pionus Parrots are not the most stunning looking bird, but they are a great choice for those who want all the benefits of Amazon birds, without any of the negatives.

They’re among the parrots with a longer lifespan on this list, generally being around 25 to 40 years. It is important to be ready for a commitment of a lifetime in the event of purchasing the parrot as a pet.

9. Amazon Parrots

  • Colors – Green
  • Size Medium
  • Lifespan 30plus years
  • Noise – Loud
  • Social Needs High

The Amazon parrot is the biggest bird that is on this list. They are considered to be the most popular bird with numerous owners due to their charisma.

They are an absolute pleasure to be around. They are able to talk and also love to sing. They enjoy playing and can be a great match for adults to be a long-term friend.

Although Amazon Parrots Amazon Parrot would be considered the most advanced bird in this list of beginners but they are also simple to understand.

It is because they have a tendency to be open in expressing their feelings. As you get experience, you will be able to discern their moods through their body expressions, eye movements, feathers and stance.

In the same way inability to recognize these lines of communication could result in some unpleasant bites!

They need a lot of interaction with others and need your attention. They can be loud when they need attention or need to get something. This isn’t the type of animal for someone often away from home.

Amazon Parrots are long-lived. With the right diet and maintenance, they can last as long as 60 years.

Similar to they are the Pionus Parrot, be prepared for a commitment over a long period of time. This is probably the most straightforward of the large birds you can buy on the market today.

What Makes A Great Pet Bird for Beginners ?

I’m going break down what I mean by a great beginning pet bird using the following requirements:

  • Size
  • Lifespan
  • Social-needs
  • Attention is required.


Large birds like Macaws require large cages. This can put the initial expense of having an animal companion not feasible for many. Additionally, the size of a bird may result in painful and violent bites by the bird if they feel upset or threatened.

Certain large birds can be very loud, and can cause disturbance in a house with children, or in the home where quiet is valued.


Some species of birds live greater than dogs and cats. Certain birds that you can buy are able to live for more than 50 years!

Certain smaller birds, such as Finches are only around 5 to 10 years. It’s all dependent on what you’re searching for. If you buy an animal that has longevity be prepared for a long-term commitment.

It’s likely that the bird you love will outlive you! Some birds have been loved by their owners.

Finding a bird store can be an exciting adventure for avian enthusiasts. Start by searching online directories or using map apps to locate bird stores in your area.

Additionally, check local bird stores or ask fellow bird lovers for recommendations.

Social media platforms and online forums dedicated to bird keeping often feature discussions and recommendations for reputable bird stores.


Certain species of birds, such as Finches or Canaries are more suited to observation more than interaction. These kinds of birds could be better suited for young parents or kids who do not want the demands of a daily partner.

Other birds are easy to train and tame, and they can play happily alongside their pet owners.

Attention Required

A bird’s need for attention is an important factor to consider when you decide which pet bird is right for you. Certain birds, are like Amazon Parrots love attention and are extremely affectionate with their owners.

Some birds are so attached to their owner they require lots of attention. They also become depressed or moody when you’re away for lengthy durations of time. Be aware of your capacity to bond and interact with the bird you love prior to you decide to buy.


I hope that this article will to guide you in the best choice for what is the best pet bird for you. If you have any feedback or experience with the birds you love, post your comments below. Thank you for reading.

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