Top 10 Best Tactical Dog Harness

Military or not you cannot go wrong with the Best Tactical Dog Harness or Vest for your canine friend. Buying a tactical dog harness is a practical solution for you and your dog both.

You don’t need to carry his toys, water bottles, and other stuff. He can do it himself.

Now you can take outdoor trips with your dog with ease with the help of the best tactical harness for dogs.

If you don’t know what to look for in a tactical harness for your dog then you can read our quick buying guide at the end of this article.

We have also done all the lazy work for you and gathered a list of Top 10 Best Tactical Dog Harnesses and Vests for your dog.

List of Top 10 Best Tactical Dog Harness

The first on our list is the Icefang Tactical dog harness. This dog harness is available in multiple sizes and small adjustments can also be made. It is a washable dog harness.

It includes 2 metal buckles which are 1000 lb proof load tested on the dog’s shoulder and 2 POM buckles which are 250 lb proof load tested on belly position. 

The sewing is by Bartack and X in box pattern on each joint to make it sturdy.

This dog harness has a no-pull front clip which when connected allows you the control with a little as it lifts the dog’s legs off the ground during forwarding motion.

The back leash clip is for well-trained dogs and for normal walking.

The durable harness makes it possible to grab it quickly and easily while walking in the crowd or getting in and out of the car.

With a molle system designed for each size, type allows your dog to carry gear during training sessions or walking/hiking.


  • Heavy-duty buckles and straps that can withstand heavy loads.
  • No pull/ safety control.
  • Molle system
  • Control handle.
  • Great stitching.


  • Only the front 2 buckles are made of metal.
  • Not so padded in high friction areas such as chest and shoulders.
  • No strap covers

The next one is the Tigris tactical dog harness. It is a no pull dog vest with a leash which is available in multiple colors and sizes.

The harness is easily adjustable with a top handle for traffic control. It has 4 quick-release buckles for easy on and off which provides extra security with one leash attachment point at the front.

This is a military-style dog vest in which each side features two straps and loop and hoop strip panels for easily attaching pouches and ID.

The manufacturer is giving a 1-year warranty. Best harness for service dogs.


  • Durable handle and stainless steel D ring with unique X bungee design.
  • Solid 1000D Nylon UTX duraflex buckles.
  • Soft and breathable mesh lining.
  • Front chest ID patch panel.
  • Molle system.
  • No pull design.


  • The mesh accumulates a lot of hairs and this makes the washing part really hard.
  • For dogs in between sizes, the vest requires a lot of adjustments.

This tactical dog harness from ALBCORP is made from heavy-duty durable nylon. It has a comfortable and breathable mesh padding for no chaffing.

The military webbing with loop panels all around is used to carry gears, saddlebag backpack, and service dog patch.

It is very easy to put on and off. It also has a top-mount handle to control your dog during training sessions.

There is a D ring on the front chest and 2 on the top for non-pulling action. You can attach your ID card or dog tag.

It is available in multiple sizes and colors.


  • Made from heavy-duty Nylon.
  • Easy to take on and off.
  • No, pull feature.
  • Breathable mesh fabric for increased comfort.
  • Plenty of velcro areas for patches


  • No option for adding packs.


Rabbitgoo is a well-known brand when it comes to pet accessories. This is a professional working dog for service, police, or military dogs. It is made from military standard materials such as 1050D Nylon and such sturdy stitching.

The two metal shoulder buckles ensure that the dog is safely harnessed during training, hunting, or any other outdoor activity. 

It is well padded in every pressure load point to protect your dog’s skin with air mesh to keep your dog ventilated and comfortable.

The molle system includes hooks and loop panels for gears, water bottles, and pouches.

It has one front clip for no pull control and one back clip for regular walks and jogging.

Reinforced top handle for additional control.

Easy to put on and off with 4 quick-release buckles.


  • Made from high-grade military standard materials.
  • Anti-pull front clip.
  • Multi-purpose back clip for leash control.
  • Molle System
  • Top handle for additional control.
  • Heavy-duty metal buckles.


  • You might need to do many adjustments for it to fit for the first time.

This tactical dog harness from Jasgood comes with 3 detachable molle pouches that can be attached to the dog harness. It is very light in weight and has easy adjustable straps.

The 2 carry handles attached on both sides of the harness make it easy for service/military training.

It is made from high-grade 1000D nylon and it also has an inner rubber waterproof layer. The inner mesh lining makes it breathable and also avoids backsliding.

It is available in multiple colors and sizes.


  • Lightweight.
  • 2 attachment points for dog leashes.
  • Molle system on both sides with pouches.
  • Made from high-grade 1000D Nylon.
  • Rubberized waterproof layer with breathable mesh fabric.


  • Clips are made out of plastic.

The Hanshengday tactical service dog vest is made from highly durable 1050D Nylon and it is rubber soft padded in all pressure areas for a comfortable fit.

With 4 quick-release buckles, it is quite easy to put on and off and provides some extra security.

The mesh system is breathable and it also has a molle system. There are also hooks and loop panels.

It is available in 3 sizes and 2 colors.


  • Top handle for better control.
  • Molle system.
  • Made from high-grade Nylon.
  • Breathable mesh 
  • Can be personalized with velcro patches.


  • The leash connection piece is a bit weak so you it will be better if you can add your own.


The next one on our list is the Auroth tactical dog training harness which is a very popular one.

It is made from 900 D nylon with sturdy stitching. With 2 rings it can bear great pulling force ensuring the safety of your dog. It is well padded on all the pressure points to protect your dog’s skin. The 2 quick-release buckles make it very easy to put on and off.

It also has a molle system which allows your dog to carry gear during training sessions. 

Front clip for no pull control and another one at the back for walking or jogging.

It is available in multiple sizes and a great variety of color combinations.


  • Made from heavy-duty material.
  • Included ID badge -Best Friend.
  • No-pull control.
  • Available in a wide range of colors.
  • Top handle for better control.
  • Extended pads on pressure points for enhanced comfort.
  • Comes with a glow-in-dark Service Dog patch.


This is well constructed tactical dog harness from Pet artist. The 2 heavy-duty metal buckles have been tested for 1000 LB weight. 2 nylon quick-release snaps each 125 LB tested.

There is a hook and loop pad beneath the belly, and all stitched parts are reinformed durably.

The no-pull and escape system works great with 2 back clips which can be used for multiple purposes. There is also a top handle to control your dog more efficiently. The whole harness is made of soft and spongy breathable padded mesh.

The molle system has 2 molle straps with hooks and a loop strips panel with 3 nylon loops for attaching molle pouches.

It is available in multiple sizes and colors.


  • Sturdy heavy-duty material.
  • Molle system
  • Top handle for better control.
  • Sponge interlayer and mesh lining allow comfortable and breathable wearing.
  • Free pouches.


  • It has some extra long straps which you need to burn or wax so that your dog doesn’t eat that.

The Vivoi tactical dog harness comes in 3 sizes and it is made of heavy-duty 1050D nylon with a breathable mesh interior with a soft padded lining.

The mesh webbing and small holes keep the dog cool by allowing ventilation.

With heavy-duty POM buckles, it can work under high tensile strength and the reinforced stitching works great. A metal leash and top handle for effective control.

It is available in multiple sizes and colors.


  • Top handle.
  • Molle system.
  • Free pouches
  • Ventilation holes.
  • Made from heavy-duty 1050D nylon.


  • Buckles are made of plastic.

This tactical dog harness from Petage is available in multiple sizes and it is the best tactical dog harness for small dogs such as pug, chihuahua however, it is also available for big dogs as well.

With 2 metal leash attachments, one at the front for no-pull action and the other at the back for casual walking. It has a top durable handle. It also has a dog seat belt for cars

The harness is made from military-grade material. 1050D nylon with sturdy stitching provides extra durability.

It is padded at high-pressure points and the breathable air mesh keeps the dog ventilated. The 2 V rings can bear a load of 1500 Lb (tested).

Molle system is equipped on both sides with multiple hooks and loops.


  • Dog seat belt for car
  • Made from high-grade material.
  • Padded at high-pressure points.
  • Molle system
  • Included patch – Best friend.


  • The vest is a bit stiff.

Final Thoughts:

Every dog’s needs are different and each one has a different body type. Based on all the features we have mentioned in our buying guide and user reviews we have selected Auroth tactical dog training harness as the best tactical harness for dogs.

The ultimate guide for buying the…

Best Tactical dog harness for your Dog.


If a harness is fitting your dog properly then it will give your dog comfort and security. The more comfortable the harness is the earlier your dog will get used to it.

A good tactical harness will support your dog to prevent injuries.


Your dog might have chewing habits or sometimes he might pull very hard while going on a walk, that is why the use of good quality material becomes more important.

It should have the ability to withstand high temperatures and normal wear and tear. Also, the plastic of snap locks should be of great quality too so that it does not break off while taking it on and off.

Being water-resistant is also an important feature of a good tactical harness.

Hardware and handling

The metal buckles, clips, and V-rings should be made out of material that is strong enough so that your dog cannot break them. Apart from that the metals used should be made of waterproof coating or stainless steel so that it does not get rust.

Carrying capacity

The carrying capacity of a tactical harness for a dog contains a lot of pockets that are used to keep supplies during a long walk. If the harness has a Molle system it gives you versatile storage options.

However, not all harnesses have an equal number of pockets or accessories attaches to them that is why you might have to buy some pouches separately to increase the carrying capacity.

Molle system

Apart from looking cool, it allows you to attach the essentials in a snap. 

You should only attach the required things and not overburden your pet just because you have some area on his back to hang stuff.

Size of your Dog

Harnesses are available in all sizes ranging from extra small to extra large. There are harnesses available that are adjustable enough so that you can fit a pug and a german shepherd in the same harness.

However, our advice is to buy a harness according to the size and weight of your dog which requires the least modifications to fit.

For this, you need to measure the 3 important aspects before buying the best harness for your dog using a measurement tape, and those are:

Weight – You can easily measure your dog’s weight by making him stand on a scale.

Length-  Make sure the length of the harness is long enough to cover the important parts of your dog’s chest especially the part right behind the armpits as it is the broadest part

Girth- The measurement of the neck size of your dog where you put his collar should also be noted and buy the harness accordingly.

Pro Tip: Whenever in doubt always buy a slightly bigger size because you can always make it smaller by tightening it. You must be able to fit in two fingers between the harness and any part of your dog’s body in order to make sure that he feels comfortable, not suffocated.