20 Best Types of Parrots to Keep as Pets (With Pictures)

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Types of Parrots

The entire world of parrots is incredibly varied with distinct Types of Parrots in most colours, sizes, and temperaments. Many will make amazing pets for those that know their demands. There are much a lot of kinds to mention all of them, however you ought to be able to come across a species to appeal you one of the most well-known groups.

African Greys Are Good Talkers

African greys are possibly the smartest pet parrot Species of all. Congo African greys step roughly 12 to 14 inches and so are light grey with a little tail tail. Timneh African greys quantify approximately ten inches and therefore are a slightly darker grey with dark reddish tails.


Greys are regarded as some of the greatest talkers. They also Screech significantly less than several parrot species.


These parrots may be Somewhat shy, and a few have a marginally Nervous nature.


With patience, dedication, and consistency, these critters can Grow a huge vocabulary. They have the wisdom to learn almost whatever that you wish to educate them but they require a good deal of socialization to become comfy in a variety of scenarios.


Greys can become somewhat tiring, and a few become feather pluckers. Based on PetCoachthey are particularly prone to psittacine beak and feather disease (PBFD) and also psittacine proventricular dilatation syndrome.

Overall Recommendation

Greys make great pets for Men and Women who have expertise With big parrots and reside in fairly calm and silent houses.

Parakeets Are among the Smallest Parrot Breeds

The typical American parakeet is the most readily Recognized member of the category, however, English budgies and Bourke’s parakeets will also be popular pets. Birds in this class come in a broad assortment of colours, and colour is extremely varied in line with the species.

Bourke’s parakeets


Many parakeet species possess comparatively silent calls, though American parakeets and Language budgies have a tendency to chatter through the afternoon, which increases the sound level. Many have some speaking capability, and hand-fed people can readily be managed.


These critters can be Somewhat nippy, and a few are subject to Night frights that ship them thrashing about their cages from the dark.


Parakeets respond well to instruction, particularly when rewarded Using a tiny zest for favorable behaviours.


These critters are fairly believable should you keep them at a Draft-free site. Kidney disorder, mite infestations, along with persistent egg laying are typical issues.

Overall Recommendation

A Number of the birds within this category make great pets for Novices, and they are able to be great flat pets.

Colorful Conures Are Small to moderate Parrot Breeds

Conures are filled with character and vary in size from around 10 to 20 inches, based on Lafeber Vet.

Even the sun conure is very popular because of the lovely colour of orange, yellow and orange, and its own lively character.

You will find different conures within this category which make equally good pets, such as green cheek conures, jendaysblue tiles, to list a couple.

Cinnamon Green cheek conures


Conures love human companionship and like to flake out if Hand raised. They’ve a good deal of power and like to climb about their enclosures and play toys, making them quite entertaining to see. Many possess the odd-yet-interesting custom of sleeping in their backs, and thus don’t worry if you see you putting on the cage flooring. It is likely napping.


Except for green lips, many conures are dull and often Screech often through the afternoon. Because of this, they do not make perfect pets for apartment dwelling. In addition they tend to find nippy if you give up managing these on a daily basis.


Conures are reasonably easy to prepare to measure up and be Handled should you start whenever they’re weaned. Otherwise, they may be strong willed as adults also will attempt to be the supervisor at almost any circumstance.


These birds Are Usually strong, but based on Veterinarians in LaFeber, there are a few conditions to be on the lookout for, such as psittacosis, PBFD, along with aspergillosis, amongst others.

Overall Recommendation

Conures are a Fantastic choice for somebody who has some Experience with bigger birds.

Poicephalus Have a Little, Stocky Parrot Species

The poicephalus set of parrots comprises the favorite Senegal and Meyer’s parrots, that are generally kept as pets. Red bellies and Jardine parrots will also be becoming a little more common amongst pet owners.

Sizes vary from 5 to 13 inches, based upon the sub-species. Green and grey would be the predominate colors one of these critters, but many have shades of orange, blue or yellow that make them a attractive collection.

Senegal parrot


Poicephalus are usually a lot simpler than many other parrots. They have a few speaking and mimicking capability, along with the reddish belly is apparently the most gifted at these abilities. These critters could be cuddly if hand raised and well socialized as girls.


These critters may be timid, fearful and nervous, particularly if They were not raised with caution. This may result in anti-social behaviour and scratching.


A good deal of patience must gain their confidence before Training can start. They are sometimes educated to measure up and be lightly handled, and several will select up phrases that are repeated.


Important health issues for These parrots incorporate avian bornavirus, aspergillosis, cardiovascular disease, and even feather plucking.

Overall Recommendation

These parrots are ideal for Those Who Have prior bird Experience, however they do make excellent pets, especially for apartment dwellers who require a silent species.

Amazon Parrots Have a Medium-Sized Parrot Breed

Amazons are stocky, short-tailedand amazing birds which range In size from approximately 12 to 15 inches, based upon the species. Popular species within this category comprise double coloured heads, blue figurines as well as yellow-napeds, however there are more to choose from.

Yellow-naped Amazon


The biggest Amazons are a convenient size for many Adults to manage if they are hand elevated. Many species are adequate talkers but this ability varies among people.


Amazons Are Extremely loud, as well as tame pets may become Aggressive during the mating period.


Amazons are quite smart, but can be a little hard To train. Constantly use positive benefits to receive one to do everything you need, be quite consistent with coaching, and you ought to be prosperous.


Amazon parrots are more likely to obesity And consequent fatty liver disorder, in addition to aspergillosis, atherosclerosis, and a lot of different ailments.

Overall Recommendation

Amazons could be a Little intimidating for first-time bird Owners, so they are best reserved for seasoned bird keepers.

Lovebirds Make Energetic antiques

Lovebirds are usually likened to miniature Amazons Due to their stocky bodies and large characters. They are available in many color mutations and typical about 6 inches from head to tail.

Peachface Lovebird set


Lovebirds will make excellent pets if they are hand elevated and Treated daily. They are lively and enthusiastic about everything happening about them. They like to climb and play toys, so they are very entertaining.


These birds are extremely territorial and might injure other birds Should they come in touch with them. They’re also able to bite really difficult when they think the need. Most will not stay tame without everyday contact with their folks. In addition they possess a piercing, equipment gun-like twitter that some people today find disagreeable.


These critters can easily be trained to measure up and develop when Called in case you reward them . Some may even be trained to talk a bit, but they are not known for their speaking ability.


Lovebirds are Thought to be carriers of all psittacine beak and feather disease.

Overall Recommendation

These very small parrots can be good for novices that take the Time to learn in their overall character, but they might be better for men and women who have past experience with parakeets and cockatiels.

Parrotlets Can Be Tiny, however Mighty

Ranging approximately 4 to 5 inches in dimension , Parrotlets are marginally more compact than Lovebirds and also have comparable, but not equal, seems. Much like their bigger Amazon parrot relativesthey have enormous, daring personalities that may make them somewhat difficult to deal with occasionally.

Pacific Parrotlet


Hand-fed pets may bond carefully with an individual companion and be Very affectionate. These critters are also rather lively, therefore it is very interesting to see them perform and move about their daily life. In addition they are not very loud in contrast to bigger pet dander.


Without early and continuing socialization and managing, Hand-fed parrotlets have a tendency to reduce their tameness also can come to be very deliberate, territorial and nippy. When an owner does not have enough time to cover their pet, it is ideal to keep these critters in pairs in order that they have companionship.


Parrotlets can learn fundamental behaviours like Growing up and Down rather easily. They can even be taught to come when called, but just try this inside in a closed area for the pet’s security. A number of those critters may also learn how to speak a few words, however that ability fluctuates quite a difference between humans.


Parrotlets are Vulnerable to a number of the very same ailments that impact other parrot species, such as PBFD, aspergillosis, and psittacosis.

Overall Recommendation

Parrotlets make excellent pets, but due to their own”large Bird at just a tiny bird body styles,” it is likely best for first-time bird owners to begin using a parakeet or a lovebird prior to incorporating a parrolet for their own pet family.

Eclectus Are Wonderful Showstoppers

Eclectus are a few of the most gorgeous parrots of most. Similar in size for Amazons in 13 to 14 inches, females are somewhat abundant purple and red with dark beaks. Man are vibrant green with shades of blue and crimson and beaks shaded like sweet corn.

Male and female eclectus


You will not ever get tired of studying an eclectus, and those Parrots can be somewhat friendly even when they are not as cuddly as a few birds such as cockatoos. They’re great copies, and a few have a moderate ability for language.


Fruits are the primary diet, therefore their feces could be quite Runny unless they’re also fed with an Eclectus-formulated pelleted dietplan. Their digestive systems are somewhat delicate in contrast to other parrot species, therefore that they need a more specialized diet. Their calls may also be redeemed but they have a tendency to be rather quiet a good deal of the moment.


Although you can train those critters to measure up and accept Sporting a tap for outside exercise, they do not train for a vast selection of behaviours quite as readily as several other parrot species.


Eclectus are particularly vulnerable to Many diseases/conditions, Such as avian polyoma virus, PBFD, also constricted foot syndrome.

Overall Recommendation

Because of Their particular dietary needs, eclectus are not the best Option for novices. The quantity of the forecasts makes them a much better option for home owners instead of flat dwellers.

Macaws Are a Huge Parrot Breed With Lots of Character

Macaws are the royal beauties of this parrot word. From The smallest species into the biggest, they vary from approximately 12 inches to 40 inches.

Natural species arrive in many different colours, and a few of the very commonly kept ones incorporate blue and golds, scarletsgreen wings. The largest species, the hyacinth has beautiful colors of yellow and blue.

Blue And gold and scarlet macaws


Macaws have brains, beauty, and a great deal of character. Tame Birds can be quite affectionate, but many are not overly cuddly.


They need plenty cage distance, and They’re excellent escape artists. They like to chew and will destroy almost anything if they set their minds to this, therefore their owners’ possessions and perch bills operate . In addition they possess an ear-splitting telephone number.


Macaws can be Somewhat deliberate, and a few will Attempt to bully Their owners using their big beaks. Ongoing behavioral expectations and profitable for both positive behaviours are the secrets to training those beauties.


Macaws are vulnerable to some of ailments and ailments , Including feather plucking, cloacal papillomatosis, bornavirus, PBFD, and much more.

Overall Recommendation

Macaws can be great companions, but they are not for Beginners or flat dwellers. They’re better suited to seasoned aide owners.

Cockatoos Create Affectionate and Playful Pets

Cockatoos are a Few of the Most Wanted parrots for Pets, and they vary in size from approximately 12 to 26 inches, based upon the species. All are white, but a few have different colors of pink or cherry, and you will find black cockatoos also.

Sulphur cresteds, umbrellas, along with moluccans are a few of the most often kept cockatoos, in addition to cockatiels, the tiniest member of the genus.

Sulphur crested cockatoo


Tame cockatoos are extremely hot and tender with Their preferred individuals. They’re extremely lively, and a lot of these birds really like to dance to songs. They’re only reasonably excellent talkers, but this capacity changes among different birds, but they’re quite excellent mimics.


Except for cockatiels, cockatoos could be unbearably loud, and also Some will shriek daily if they don’t possess the companionship and emotional stimulation they crave and need.

These birds also create powder in their feathers which gets on clothes and hastens on each surface. They may be quite harmful, and require a great deal of wooden toys, they will immediately shred.


Amazingly intelligent, these critters could be trained . Perform all kinds of regular behaviours, in addition to interesting tricks. They thrive on the care they get during training provided that that instruction is performed in a favorable manner.


In accordance with Pittwater Animal Hospital, coccidiosis, feather plucking and PBFD are a few of the most frequent ailments to look out for.

Overall Recommendation

Cockatiels make fantastic pets for first-time bird owners. And flat dwellers. Despite their better features, the bigger cockatoos are hard to keep pets. Their high demand for mental stimulation and tranquility creates them best-suited for exceptionally expert bird keepers.

Pet Parrot Species for Everybody

In case any of these parrots Interest you, the following thing would be Finding breeders which you’re able to go to. This way you may spend some time round the mature birds and determine what it is like to manage and take care of these.

If you love the adventure, read what you can see about your preferred species until you think about buying a kid or adopting a rescue plateau.

20 Best Parrots to Keep As Pet ( With Pictures )

When most Men and Women think about birds as pets, then the initial Birds which come into mind are parrots. A lot of men and women imagine their parrot talking together, copying their own words. But, just a couple from this 350 known species of parrot may even learn how to speak!

Parrot is a Really vague term, provided that we now have enormous Differences between strains. A number of the greatest and smallest parrots might not seem as they’re even in precisely the exact same family!

Thus, which of those colorful Winged critters make the perfect companions? As it happens, quite some of these! To assist you narrow the options to those which will best match exactly what you’re searching for, we are likely to record the 20 finest kinds of tips to maintain as pets, together with sufficient info regarding each that will help you to get a sense of different breeds.

1. African Grey Parrots

Picture: Piqsels

These are a Few of the most iconic and most smart parrots around, Famous for their capacity to learn a lot of distinct words, using these to socialize with their owner. But that interaction is not only for display. These parrots want interaction to help keep them happy and that they do not wish to get left alone.

One great thing about African Greys is They Can reside Around 60 years ! Should you buy one when you are young, you will probably have a lifelong partner. In the event you opt to acquire an African Grey if you are already after in years, then your pet will likely endure you.

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2. Cockatoos

Picture by Vicki Nunn out of Pixabay

Cockatoos are all Demanding birds which become almost obsessed with these own people. Due to this, they have got the nickname of”Velcro” since your Cockatoo will continually be adhered into your own side!

These are moderate to large-sized parrots, together with protruding Crest feathers which make them simple to tell apart from different species. Due to their high levels of intellect and proclivity into throw sodas if not getting sufficient care, a lot of folks state that Cockatoos are similar to two-year-old kids.

3. Macaws

Picture: Wikimedia Commons

Massive birds, coated in vivid colors of blue, red, and Gold, the Macaw is the film that springs to mind when many men and women consider parrots. They could length from 20 to 50 inches in stature, residing for 30 to 50 decades. Therefore, obtaining a Macaw is a critical commitment of time and space.

One thing to keep in mind together with Macaws is They Can be Incredibly noisy. Their screech can wake up family or acquaintances in neighboring flats, so they are best suited to people who don’t possess neighbors discussing a wall.

4. Parrotlet

Picture by Klickblick out of Pixabay

If You’d like the vibrant tranquility of a parrot without Having to forfeit an whole area of your house to offer sufficient distance, then you could consider that a Parrotlet.

These will be the smallest parrots, therefore that they do not need an excessive amount of space.

What they do want is a great deal of attention. They are naturally Friendly birds, but they will be friendly quite rapidly if left alone.

In the event you give lots of focus from the beginning, your Parrotlet will bond closely together with you personally. But should you provide your Parrotlet a spouse, they will bond with each other rather than you.

5. Cockatiel

Picture by Mustafa shehadeh out of Pixabay

Cockatiels are the tiniest part of the Cockatoo household, And they are extremely well known in america. They are simple to watch over and equally as simple to get together with, which makes them an outstanding option for an initial parrot.

Just don’t forget they can live up to 25 years with great care, therefore that your Cockatiel will be a part of their family for quite a very long time!

Cockatiels have a fast recognizable crest on their mind. What is fascinating is that you are able to inform your Cockatiels psychological condition by paying more attention to their own crest.

6. Senegal Parrot

Picture: Wikimedia Commons

Many parrots Can Be Quite excitable, screeching and shrieking When they are pleased or displeased. Nevertheless, the Senegal parrot, a not as well-known parrot strain, is considerably more expensive and more straightforward than additional kinds of parrots. This makes them an fantastic alternative as pets.

Furthermore, These parrots are approximately nine inches on average. This means that they do not require much space to flourish. With minimal distance demands and a serene mood, this is the best parrot for a flat.

7. Parakeets

Picture by Elsemargriet out of Pixabay

Parakeets, also known as Budgerigars out of the United States, are among the most well-known birds for first-time donors. They are little for parrots, averaging about seven inches , therefore their distance demands are minimal. However, their extreme colorations make them really a spectacle.

These creatures are known for their inquisitive nature, constantly Wanting to locate new areas for mining. They are also rather social, always interacting with these own people. But due to their strong imperial attitude, Parakeets are best kept in pairs as well as larger collections.

8. Eclectus Parrots

Picture: Pickpik

Medium-sized parrots using a lifetime of around 30 Decades, Eclectus parrots result in exceptional companions. One quite intriguing trait displayed via this breed is that the colour difference between females and males. Men are still an almost neon green with colors of blue and red along with a beak that looks like sweet rice. Ladies are a bright reddish colour, with blue colours and dark beaks.

9. Amazon Parrots

Picture: Wikimedia Commons

Wildly vibrant and highly bright, Amazon parrots are Popular as pets, even though you will have to have the ability to present high levels of attention for them. They want a great deal of social interaction, so almost all of the time. Expect to devote a great deal of time daily maintaining your Amazon parrot fulfilled.

There are many species of Amazon parrots, however their Amounts from the wild have been decreasing because of over trapping. The majority of these shades are green with lots of accent colours, usually reaching heights of 13-18 inches.

10. Pionus Parrot

Picture: Wikimedia Commons

Pionus parrots put on their feelings on their sleeves…er, feathers. They’ll get silent and guarded around strangers, however, demanding drama queens that wish to become the middle of attention with their loved ones.

Little for parrotsthey top out at about 10 inches in length And may live for 30 years with appropriate care. They are very vibrant, both emotionally and physically personality-wise!

11. Conure Parrot

Picture by Gary Chambers from Pixabay

Even though They’re a little parrot that averages around 20 Inches in length, the Conure Bundle Is quite busy and will need more room compared to other parrots of an identical size.

These birds are extremely social and very loudly. They are not shy About creating their feelings known, adapting to vocalize all their emotions. Vibrant birds, they frequently break apart from the typical reds and greens of the majority of parrots, and may frequently be viewed in a variety of colors of yellow and orange.

12. Burrowing Parrot

Picture: Wikimedia Commons

Considerably More docile compared to several other parrot species, the Burrowing Parrot is a superb selection for bird-keepers who do not want all of the sound and enthusiasm commonly connected with parrots. But do not worry, you will still have to form which bond with your Burrowing parrot because they are quite fond.

Actually, Something That divides these parrots from other people Is they could bond with an whole household, not just one individual. Likewise, they are proven to be monogamous birds, so remaining quite faithful to their spouses.

13. Caique Parrot

Picture by Hannah M. out of Pixabay

Short and stocky, the Caique parrot has powerful thighs, though They are not the top flyers. Rather, they frequently jump and scale to achieve their destination, even maintaining flights into a brief distance.

These tips can mimic speaking, though they’re not exactly the very best Proficient at it. However, they are very social, and may even learn to perform tricks. If you’d like a more compact parrot that you simply can have fun playing , then the Caique parrot is a superb alternative.

14. Yellow-Naped Amazon Parrot

Picture: Public Domain Pictures

These are a Few of the hottest Amazon parrots to maintain as Pets. This is only because they are common and also have a knack for studying several words. These are a few of the best-speaking parrots, so in the event that you would like a dialogue with your bird, then think about a Yellow-Naped Amazon parrot.

Though generally cheap, there are some rare colour Variations of the parrot that control high-dollar rates. In reality, an extremely infrequent mutation with blue coloring along with a white place goes for up to $30,000!

15. Meyer’s Parrot

Photo by Amy Joyce out of Pexels

Though they are frequently social and bond tightly together with Members of the loved ones, the Meyer’s parrot does not want to be the middle of focus. They wish to participate with the household, however they want to hang back and observe in the distance.

Unlike several sorts of parrots, these critters will not require your attention, even though they still have to get treated a lot.

All these are small, green and brown parrots, in the same Family since the Senegal parrot. They are popular as pets, even although not quite as popular as the Senegal, who’s the show-stealer of their household.

16. Ring-Necked Parakeet

Picture: PxHere

These birds Are Extremely obviously named for its ring Around their necks. They are medium-sized parrots having an outgoing character. One reason they are so hot is they are sometimes very talkative.

They are not the greatest at simulating individual speech, but they are very outspoken and are great at sharing their own feelings through sound.

17. Kakariki Parrots

Picture: Wikimedia Commons

Little and vibrant with a goofy character, these parrots Are exceptional companions. They are very clever, capable to learn words and tricks without a lot of difficulty.

Kakariki parrots are modest, attaining an average duration of 11 inches. However, roughly half that span is merely tail! They are not so dumb for parrots, but they really do create a great deal of unique sounds to show the way they are feeling.

18. Timneh Greys

Picture: Wikimedia Commons

Nearly every bird enthusiast knows concerning African Grey parrots. However, what’s unfamiliar to most is the simple fact that there are in fact two different species of African Greys. The more ordinary and famous species is that the Congo African Grey, however the Timneh Grey is equally as desired, albeit for different reasons.

Still exceptionally intelligent and able to learn as much Human language, the Timneh Grey parrot is much more docile than their cousins that are popular. They occasionally start to mimic words earlier compared to Congo African Grey, even though they do not mimic voices such as their cousin .

19. Quaker Parakeet

Picture: Wikimedia Commons

In case you’re looking for a smaller company that can speak with The very best of these, then you may have a peek at the Quaker Parakeet. Also referred to as the Monk Parakeet, these critters are approximately 11 inches long and therefore are well known because of their word-copying skills.

When caring for your Quaker Parakeet, you must Attempt to speak About whatever you are doing. Together with time and repeat, this bird could pick up several distinct words and eventually become very outspoken.

20. Lovebirds

Picture: Public Domain Photographs

Lovebirds are so called for its near bonds that they form with a Single spouse. Although legend has it they have to be held in pairs to become joyful, or they’ll die if separated by their partner, neither of them is accurate.

These are a Few of the smallest creatures Which Make excellent pets, Ranging from 5 inches to approximately half a half inches in height. Unlike a number of other parrots, Lovebirds have brief tail feathers, a feature which makes them simple to differentiate.


In case you’re looking for a brilliant companion having a bubbly Character, then there’s absolutely not any lack of parrots for you to pick from.

Although the iconic Macaw or even African Grey could be the initial Picture that pops in your mind when you consider parrots, there are still plenty of other cute varieties to select from.

No matter Which Type of parrot you finally select, make sure That you are well prepared before bringing it all home.

Do Your Homework on the type of parrot you are choosing so That you are able to be well-equipped to pay all their demands. Some critters need a Lot of discussion, some want a good deal of room, but need a great deal of love.

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