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Betta Fish Truth

Betta fish are indigenous to Asia, in which they reside in the Shallow water of marshes, ponds, or short lived streams. Male bettas are dedicated dads who build bubble nests for their young using their mouths and protect their infants.

Much like people, betta fish really are diurnal. That means they are active throughout the daytime and sleep soundly during the night, necessitating darkness to have a fantastic night’s rest.

Though Some bettas are recorded in the wild, the enormous Vast majority of these offered at the U.S. come in breeding farms from Thailand and other nations in Southeast Asia, in which it is common practice to maintain them in tiny bottles.

When it is time to package them for transportation to the U.S., fish have been thrown into ribbons covered with baits and scooped into little plastic cups.

What Do Bettas Eat?

Plant roots are not sufficient meals for betta fish. Bettas are Exotic creatures that, in temperament, eat mainly insects and insect larvae.

A diet consisting entirely of plant roots can keep them living for a little while, but because it lacks the appropriate nutrients for this particular species, the fish finally become ill and die.

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Do not overfeed fish. Too much rice and waste Substance in rat tanks may overload them causing ammonia and nitrite levels to eventually become poisonous.

If you presently possess a betta or alternative company fish, then do not forget you ought to provide just as much food as they can consume in around three minutes.

Can Betta Fish Live Lonely?

Betta fish may experience depression and frustration. Even though The majority of them are able to be happy at a tank their surroundings still requires lots of enrichment, like cavesplants, and space to explore.

They also experience pressure –particularly when their fins have been chosen at by additional noncompatible fish put in precisely the exact same tank.


Could Betta Fish Live Together With Other Fish?

With considerable space and hiding places, female bettas could be able To reside in a calm group.

While men will struggle with other men and male gouramis (a similar-looking species)they could have the ability to live independently at a ”neighborhood” aquarium comprising some additional docile species of fish, including Cory catfish, kuhli loaches, or guppies.

They’re also able to cohabitate using nonfish species, such as snails, ghost fish, fish, and cows.

If aggression becomes a problem in almost any community Tank, you need to keep and keep a different, functioning quarantine aquarium where people can be put to prevent conflict with fish.

Betta Fish Behaviour

Betta fish could comprehend their individual guardians. They generally Swim about excitedly whenever they visit their protector approaching. They’re extremely inquisitive and will inspect fresh things put in their own tank, which may keep them mentally stimulated.

Betta fish are also Called Siamese fighting fish, also for Fantastic reason: they struggle. Because of this, bettas have to be stored separate from other bettas and, generally, other types of fish, too.

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They do well in tiny tanks with frequent water changes, but since they’re labyrinth fish meaning they’re able to participate in air through their gills in addition to breathe oxygen in the atmosphere — they could live from stagnant, non-oxygenated tanks.

These attributes make the vivid, vibrant betta fish the perfect Option for livening up your desk in the workplace, for children or people that are just getting began with bass keeping.

Even though bettas can endure and even flourish in a normal fish bowl, providing your new furry friend the finest will guarantee he remains Healthy and happy to decorate your area for a while to come.

We have rounded Upward 25 of the very best, most advanced, top-rated betta tanks that will assist you pick The very best environment for the betta. The Typical evaluations listed below will be based On comments from reviewers and are present at the time of the writing.

best betta fish tanks

MarineLand 5 Gallon Portrait Glass LED Aquarium Bundle

Present Rating: 4.4

The MarineLand 5 Gallon Portrait Glass LED Aquarium Kit Excels where many betta fish tanks fail. It’s challenging to discover a tank that does not just look great, but is enhanced with loads of practical attributes also.

We particularly adore the inclusion of daylight and moonlight LED lighting, in addition to the 3-stage filtration. The size is also ideal; big enough for the fish to feel comfortable inside, but also small enough to maintain.

Key Characteristics:

Daylight and moonlight LED lights included

5-gallon aquarium

Advanced, 3-stage filtration

Sliding glass duplex

Aqueon Betta Bowl Aquarium Kit

Current Rating: 4.0

This half-gallon aquarium is the perfect way to Start With a betta fish. It’s a lid to protect your betta from interested felines, complete with a feeding door to make feeding time simple.

Key Features:

Contains Aqueon Betta Food and Betta Bowl Plus samples

Divider included to maintain 2 betta fish in Exactly the Same aquarium

Includes an ornamental plant and gravel

Aqueon BettaBow LED Desktop Fish Aquarium Kit

Present Rating: 3.6

If the Fundamental betta tank above is too simple for your liking, The Aqueon BettaBow LED Desktop Fish Aquarium Kit carries it up a notch with LED lights to light your beautiful betta.

Key Characteristics:

LED light hood attracts your aquarium to life

Contains filter and cartridge to keep water fresh

Fish food and water care samples contained

Aqueon Kit Betta Falls

Current Rating: 3.4

For the dedicated betta keeper who would like to keep several Bettas, the Aqueon Kit Betta Falls may hold up to 3 bettas in individual sections, and the cascading waterfall feature is sure to add interest to your workplace or some other area.

Key Features:

Frosted panels keep neighboring bettas from viewing every other

Sleek, curved layout

Compact; will not take up much space in your desk

Contains filter and cartridge

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As Seen on TV 56028 My Pleasure Fish Tank

Present Rating: 3.5

This aquarium makes a Fantastic gift for a first-time betta Keeper, and it’s incredibly low-maintenance — it cleans itself! Simply pour clean water in and watch while the aged, filthy water drains through the disposal tubing.

Key Characteristics:


Easy to Keep

Contained LED mild

Back Into the Roots Water Garden

Current Rating: 3.4

The Back to the Roots Water Garden is a self-cleaning, Three-gallon fish tank that is sure to liven any space with vegetation and a vibrant betta fish.

Key Features:

Optimized water flow

Includes gravel, natural seeds, Growstones, along with a natural d-chlorinator

Consists of natural fish meals

3-gallon capacity

Free interactive aquaponics curriculum included

Hygger Horizon 8 Gallon LED Glass Aquarium Kit

Current Rating: 4.1

This is among those larger tank options on the Marketplace, Using a complete container volume of 2 gallons. The wide, curved glass design means you could always keep a close eye on your betta fish.

One of the largest draw cards is that the sophisticated LED lighting system with extendable mounts, adjustable brightness, contrast and different colour options.

Key Features:

8 gallons

Includes extendable LED lights

Sec glass is in a convex arc curve shape

Aqueon 10 Gallon Fish Tank Aquarium

Current Rating: 4.0

This 10 gallon aquarium out of Aqueon is Excellent for betta fish For several reasons. One of the biggest is that it includes a preset heater that keeps a steady temperature of 78 degrees, which is excellent for the bulk tropical fish.

Another useful feature that you’re guaranteed to love is that the light that alerts you when the capsule is ready for a shift.

Key Characteristics:

10 gallon tank

high-profile LED full hood

Present heater

YCTECH 1.4 Gallon Betta Aquarium

Current Rating: 4.0

If you are tired of being duped by poorly-made betta tanks, then Consider this option by YCTECH. The tank consists of one piece of lasting, impact-resistant vinyl. This is significant because most glass tanks are glued together with silicon which can in time.

The filtration system is also easy to install, making this type of buy you’ll be able to make with purchase.

Key Features:

Impact-resistant plastic

7.8 x 7.8 x 5.5 inches

white or black color accessible

24 hour online customer service

Fish Bubble — Wall Mounted Acrylic Fish Bowl

Present Rating: 3.8

This wall-mounted acrylic fish bowl Is the Best way to Keep a betta fish without consuming valuable space on your desk or counter.

Key Characteristics:

10 x 5.5 inches

Easy wall mount

Get several to keep multiple betta fish separately

Ability of approximately one gallon

Fluval Spec III Aquarium Kit, 2.6-Gallon

Current Rating: 4.3

This 2.6-gallon aquarium includes a strong, 31-LED light Method to illuminate the tank and brighten your space and offer a wholesome atmosphere for the betta fish.

Key Features:

Etched-glass tank with aluminum cut

Contains foam block, activated carbon, and also BioMax bio rings

11.8 x 10.8 x 8.7 inches

Koller Products Betta Kit, Cube Fish Tank, 1.5 Gallon

Current Rating: 3.5

Ideal for a home, dining room, or office, the Koller Products Betta Kit is a cube-shaped fish tank with a 1.5-gallon capability.

Key Features:

7-color LED lighting

Runs on 2 AA batteries (not included)

Optional 4.5V power adapter for operating LEDs

8.50 x 9.00 x 8.50 inches

Koller Products API Aquaview 360 Aquarium Kit

Current Rating: 3.7

This streamlined betta fish tank is shaped like a cylinder, Supplying a complete view of your vibrant fish without even taking up a great deal of property in your desk or counter.

Key Features:

2-gallon capacity

360-degree view

Internal electricity filter

Resistant to affect


10-1/5 x 10-1/2 x 10-1/5 inches

Lee’s Round Betta Keeper

Current Rating: 3.7

This simple, round betta fish tank offers a 360-degree view Of your beautiful betta fish. The base of the tank has toes which fit perfectly into the bottoms of the lid, so meaning these tanks are stackable if you would like to keep more than 1 betta.

Key Characteristics:

Tank undergravel filter carbon capsule comprised

Consists of decorative plant and gravel

Stackable units

Marina Betta Starter Kit

Current Rating: 3.5

The Marina Betta Starter Kit is the perfect choice for First-time betta keepers. A six-inch, cube-shaped aquarium with a yin/yang theme, it is also a great decorative piece and dialogue starter for the office or home.

Key Characteristics:

Incorporates decorative foundation and dirt

Nutrafin Max Betta Food and Nutrafin Betta Plus Conditioner comprised

Perfect for small spaces and beginners

Tetra 20 Gallon Complete Aquarium Kit

Present Rating: 4.2

A Fashionable aquarium that comes with 2 filters to boot up, this Offering by Tetra is a favorite for good reason. It’s the largest capacity of all our best picks and features magnificent LED lighting.

We can’t help but are also amazed it comes complete with two Wonderland plant multi-packs and one blooming white anemone. Your fish is guaranteed to love their brand new spacious habitat that already has plenty of places to research.

Key Features:

20-gallon capacity

24.2 x 12.4 x 16.7 inches

Has a UL heater and Tetra Whisper 20 filter

Penn Plax Deluxe Triple Betta Bow Aquarium Tank

Present Rating: 3.1

This betta tank comprises 2 opaque dividers in order to House three bettas separately in the exact same tank. It’s a two-color light system, letting you change from day to night lighting using a simple switch.

Key Features:

4.25″D x 11.50″W x 7″H

7-gallon capability

2 color lights

Filtration system

Opaque dividers to divide to 3 betta fish

Penn Plax Vertex Aquarium Kit

Present Rating: 4.2

This aquarium kit, also in Penn Plax, is Appropriate for any Type of freshwater fish, however, it works great for betta fish, also.

Featuring exceptional bent glass and a frameless layout, you could see your betta fish from any angle within this aquarium.

Key Characteristics:

Hang on water filter, thermometer, and fish web included

Vinyl lid with hinges opens easily for cleaning and feeding

2.7-gallon capability

Compact enough to sit in your desk

Penn-Plax Aquaponic Betta Fish Tank

Current Rating: 4.0

Another Penn Plax aquarium, this model is an aquaponic betta Fish tank, meaning it’s designed for both crops and betta fish, which creates the great healthy environment for your betta.

Key Characteristics:

Plastic planter with ceramic substrate planting material

Plant purifies water while absorbing betta squander

Easy to wash

may be Utilised as a planter without fish too

Acceptable for betta, goldfish, bloodfin tetra, and white cloud minnow

Hygger 4 Gallon Smart Aquarium

Current Rating: 4.3

Tank filters should be unobtrusive in both appearance and sound. Regrettably, many betta tanks also have conspicuous filters which may be quite loud. This is not true for the filter in this 4 gallon Hygger tank.

It’s not only quiet, but also includes a submersible pump that encourages water cycling. What’s more, the more bio ball filter cartridge box will continue to keep the water sparkling clean.

Key Characteristics:

4 gallon glass aquarium

3-in-1 water pump

4 LED lighting style hood

Koller Products Panaview 5-Gallon Aquarium Bundle

Current Rating: 3.8

This Fashionable tank features energy-efficient LED light With 7 stunning color choices to add an extra special touch for a tank. Another noteworthy feature of this tank would be the internal power filter, which divides the tank water at a flow speed of 45 gallons each day.

Key Features:

Simple to set up and maintain

Internal power filter

14.2 x 10 x 11.5 inches

Tetra 29041 Half Moon Bubbler, 3-Gallon

Present Rating: 3.8

This fun betta fish tank includes a color-changing bubble effect, Which makes it a wonderful gift for children who want an easy-to-care-for fish and also easy-to-maintain tank that’s a ton of fun.

Key Characteristics:

Half-moon shape offers a 180-degree view

Cartridge-based filtration

Color-changing LEDs

Tetra 29050 LED Betta Tank

Present Rating: 3.7

This betta tank has a Special shape and a tiny footprint therefore It will not take up much desk area. It holds up to a gallon of water. Using four white LED lights, you can add some ambient lighting into a betta’s environment and to your home or office and the same moment.

Key Characteristics:

Base light with 4 white LED lights

LEDs can be turned on or off

Takes 4 AA Batteries (not included)

Can be billed using a micro USB cable (not included)

7.25-inch D x 9.5-inch W x 8.5-inch H

Tetra 29263 Betta Bubble Bowl

Present Rating: 4.0

The Tetra Betta Bubble Bowl is a round, modern-looking tank With built-in LED light which you are able to turn off or on using a very simple switch.

Key Features:

Easy entry for feeding

Battery-operated LED lighting (not included)

Interesting shape Is Excellent for modern spaces

0.5-gallon capacity

Boutique Betta Rimless Low Iron Glass Aquarium Tank

Present Rating: 4.1

First thing you’ll notice about this volcano is just How minimalist the design is. That’s because this cube tank only contains the actual tank rather of other attributes also. This makes it ideal for anybody looking to piece together all of the components of a betta tank by themselves.

Key Features:

20 x ray 20 x 20 cm block tank

Glass Depth of 5mm

90° jointed seams

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