Black Golden Retriever Dog Breed: Stunning Facts, Origin & History

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Truth About Black Golden Retrievers (According To Science)

Would like to know the fact about black golden retrievers? Yes, they may be charming …

As well as yes, they may be wonderful … Yet they’re not really golden retrievers.

It’s impossible for a full-blooded gold retriever to be black because their golden color is an outcome of 2 recessive alleles.

If you see a “black gold retriever” on the street or the internet, it’s more than likely a different breed, like a flat-coated retriever, or some type of lab or gold retriever mix.

In this post, we’re going to dive into:

  • Why black golden retrievers can’t exist
  • Which dogs look like black golden retrievers
  • How golden retrievers compare to flat-coated retrievers
  • What shades golden retrievers actually come in
  • A quick warning about black golden retrievers
  • And much more

Let’s do this!

The Science Behind Why Black Golden Retrievers Don’t Exist

Ready to get nerdy?

According to, the MC1R gene, or the E-Locus, controls the production of pigment in melanocytes, which controls the color of skin or fur.

The dominant allele, “E”, allows a dog to produce black pigment, eumelanin.

The recessive allele, “e”, turns all the eumelanin to phaeomelanin, which means that the coat will be yellow or red in color.

Since all goldens have the recessive “e/e” genotype, it’s impossible for a purebred golden to pass on the dominant “E” allele, so they will always be some shade of gold or red, and will never be black.

There are 4 various other genes that dictate the shade of the layer, but pets that are e/e will certainly always be yellow.

What About Genetic Mutations?

black spot golden retriever
Yes, hereditary mutations do take place sometimes, however an anomaly in gold retrievers will certainly materialize itself as a patch of black fur or “birthmark”, as well as not a pure black coat. The picture over is of Peter Fox, a golden retriever with a pigment somatic mutation, and his mom, Babsy.

What Dogs Could Look Like Black Golden Retrievers

flat coated golden retriever

Yes, the picture above looks a great deal like a black golden retriever, yet actually, it’s a flat-coated retriever.

Golden retrievers were initially a mix of a curly covered retriever and also a Tweed water spaniel, so various other retrievers as well as spaniels can additionally show up very comparable.

Here are some dogs that may look like black golden retrievers:

  • Flat-coated retrievers
  • Black lab and golden retriever mix
  • Another combination of labrador or golden retriever mixes
  • Golden retriever and black German shepherd mix
  • Newfoundland
  • Hovawart

Golden Retriever vs. Flat-Coated Retriever

The full-blooded dog that probably looks one of the most like a golden retriever is a flat-coated retriever.

Along with their looks, they share lots of behavioral qualities, also.

Below are some similarities and distinctions in between both types (thanks to Dogtime and the AKC for info concerning the flat-coated retriever):.

Similarities between golden retrievers and flat-coated retrievers:

  • Both have feathering in their legs and tails
  • Both were originally bred as hunting dogs
  • Both have puppy-ish attitudes for a long time (although flat-coated retrievers may act like puppies even longer than goldens)
  • Both are energetic breeds that require lots of exercise
  • Both are loving and happy dogs
  • Both have a tendency to chew and jump

Differences between golden retrievers flat-coated retrievers:

  • Golden retrievers are golden in color, compared to flat-coated retrievers that are black or liver in color
  • Goldens are usually wonderful with kids, but flat-coated retrievers may be a little too exuberant for them
  • Flat-coated retrievers may be slightly taller and leaner than goldens
  • Golden retrievers are usually slightly more calm than flat-coated retrievers

What Shades Do Golden Retrievers Come In?

Screen Shot 2020 01 04 at 10.09.28 AM
Image source: The Golden Retriever Breed
Standard Illustrated, by Wendy Andrews

Now although golden retrievers don’t come in black, they do come in several shades of gold, including:

  • Cream
  • Light golden
  • Gold
  • Dark golden
  • Red

This shade depends on the moms and dads, although goldens of different tones can be born in the same clutter.

The AKC breed standard for gold retrievers states this concerning their shade: “Rich, lustrous golden of different tones.”

Keep in mind that they say nothing concerning black there.

A Quick Warning About “Black Golden Retrievers”

If a canine breeder asserts to breed black gold retrievers, they may simply trying to make additional money marketing, “uncommon gold retrievers.”

A comparable problem may exist with English Cream Golden Retrievers as well as also tiny golden retrievers but the distinction is that English Lotion Golden Retrievers are still gold retrievers simply with a sophisticated name along with light coloring.

Black golden retrievers don’t exist (like golden retrievers with blue eyes) so anyone educating or offering you or else may have alternate (financial) objectives as well as also you ‘d plan to be mindful about trusting them.

Whenever you’re examining any kind of dog breeder that’s reproducing pet dogs, their two key goals ought to always be temperament and health and wellness as well as wellness, with shade or appearance second.

Many individuals think that Golden Retrievers just come in an easy shade of ‘gold’, therefore the name. However, Golden Retrievers can have a whole black pigmentation which enhances their long, fluffy layer and also generally brings in several pet dog owners.

These canines have a lush, ebony-colored layer that radiates. These are gorgeous and remarkable tinted pets that have much to offer in the form of appearance as well as temperament.

The Black Golden Retriever is extremely smart as well as spirited, with a loyal nature. Not just is their look striking, however their beginning and also background are interesting as well.

If you are interested in finding out more concerning this Golden Retriever coloration, after that this short article is best for you!

divider-dog pawThe Earliest Records of Black Golden Retrievers in History

The Black Golden Retriever originates from the United Kingdom, England, and also Scotland. The Black Golden Retriever is not an AKC-registered purebred as it most likely has a mix of one more pet type in their origins– the flat-coated retriever or Labrador.

In 1868, a Scottish man bred a black wavy covered retriever to a Tweed water spaniel which created a trash of 3 yellow pups which were the base for ongoing breeding.

He then made use of the sandy-colored Bloodhound and a flat-coated black retriever in reproducing initiatives to generate his objective breed. The outcome was an energised and loyal pet who could obtain downed waterfowl during a searching trip.

The primary factor the Black Golden Retriever exists is that it carries recessive genetics from the flat-coated Black Retriever.

It is also feasible that a breeder added a new canine breed right into the mix without reporting it to breeding authorities. The dog’s black layer could be from just one generation back in their origins family tree or span back several generations.

How Black Golden Retrievers Gained Popularity

Black Golden Retrievers initially acquired appeal in the 19th century when black was a preferred and also unusual color for a Golden Retriever to have. The athletic build and also caring personality pulled in dog owners worldwide.

Given that this canine features a hereditary mutation, there was initially a great deal of attraction and complication regarding how such a unique-looking Golden Retriever was produced. The Black Golden Retriever has just the same personality and husbandry needs as the initial Golden Retriever; nevertheless, their coat is more chosen as well as unique.

In addition, exhilaration over this color anomaly extends way back and better quality lineages have been created from this coloration to develop a stark black and also shiny layer that can be long or brief, curly, or directly.

Formal Recognition of Black Golden Retrievers

According to the American Kennel Club (AKC), the Black Golden Retriever is not the official color kind or pet reproduce relating to the Golden Retriever.

The AKC states that their conventional coat for a Golden Retriever is a rich, shiny golden layer of varying shades, disallowing incredibly light or dark layers.

Following this information, it can be wrapped up that the Black Golden Retriever is taken into consideration a ‘polluted’ genetic mutation of the purebred Golden Retriever.

Nonetheless, the Black Golden Retriever has belonged to lots of Golden Retriever clubs if their family closely dates back to the generation of this pet dog type.

Top 5 Unique Facts About Black Golden Retrievers

1.Genetic Mutation

The Black Golden Retriever is not a type itself, however it can be thought about a genetic mutation with a history of a Golden Retriever in their blood. This originates from generations of other pet dog breeds being combined with the Golden Retriever to produce the ‘black’ layer we currently see on the Black Golden Retriever.

Genetic Mutation
Image Credit: Pixabay

2.Brains and Strength

Golden retrievers are widely known as well as loved for their attractive look and also energised and dedicated personality. Considering that the black coat is typically simply a hereditary anomaly, the Black Golden Retriever has obtained the same preferred personality. These dogs are clever as well as very easy to train while being extremely strong and also nimble.


The Black Golden Retriever can be thought about uncommon. This is since there are few specimens that have a black pigmentation while still including the regular look of the Golden Retriever.

4.Flat-coated or Golden Retriever?

There is a great deal of complication over whether the black coloration can just originate from the flat-coated or Golden Retriever which are two separate types that have a little different appearances. Nevertheless, a Golden Retriever can have a black coat coloration due to a genetic anomaly, however it is very easy to get the two breeds mixed-up.

5.Not AKC-registered

Black Golden Retrievers are not a registered dog breed as they do not meet the AKC’s breed standards.

Does a Black Golden Retriever Make a Good Pet?

This dog is excellent for youngsters and adults alike. They are family-orientated as well as devoted which makes them a terrific watchdog that is energetic and goofy. Many proprietors will describe their Black Golden Retriever as a household canine that is willing to protect them, but not terrified to reveal their caring side by appreciating cuddles and family pets.

Black Golden Retrievers are a fantastic selection for a pet dog if you have an energetic way of living. They will happily accompany you on strolls, walks, and also keeps up ruptureds of energy and enjoyment. This dog has all the loveable qualities of the popular Golden Retriever, which is why this uncommon coat-coloration is so intriguing.

The Black Golden Retrievers are a lifelong commitment as they can live for over a years. You require to be prepared to look after them for numerous years and also plans are essential to make certain that your Black Golden Retriever always has a refuge to go if you can no more care for them.

divider-dog pawConclusion

The Black Golden Retriever has an intriguing background as well as a complicated ancestry, but they merit canines filled with individuality and an elegant coat appearance.

Apart from being such a without a doubt family-orientated and obedience pet that can suit nearly every family, the Black Golden Retriever will certainly turn heads with its charm and this canine is assured to be an excellent companion for many years ahead.

We hope that this short article has actually instructed you something brand-new about the backstory of the Black Golden Retriever.

black and gold golden retrievers

When it involves gold retrievers, they just exist in some shade of gold, so a “black golden retriever” is likely a flat-coated retriever or some mix of golden retriever with a black lab, or some other black type.

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