Boxer Pug Mix Facts : 10 Significant Points to Look before Adoption

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Boxer Pug Mix Facts

Pug and boxer mix

A Boxer and A Pug when bred together can give you the Boxer Pug Mix Facts. The puppies carry the traits of both breeds and it is based on which genes are dominant. The only way to be certain that your pups will have in common is to learn about the characteristics of both breeds of dogs.

Known Boxer Pug Mix Facts

Boxers are famous for having muzzles that are short and slender and the appearance of flabby folds along their snout. They’re excellent watchdogs, especially if you are able to train them from an early age.

Boxers are ideal for those or families that have an active lifestyle as Boxers require a lot exercising and training. In addition, Boxers excellent family dogs, but they also make great companions with strangers.

Pugs, on one side, are famous for their flat face and nose, which is adorned with adorable little folds on the body. Pugs are adorable and enjoy being with humans.

Due to their size pugs are perfect for people who live in apartments and they don’t require much extra time out of the house. They are great house pets as well as companions for your family.

3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Get a Boxer and Pug Mix

Boxer cross pug

  1. What type of exercise is your involvement in? Pugs and Boxers have different levels of energy. While Boxers possess a lot of energy to do exercises and training, it’s not completely the same for pugs.
  2. While they are fun but they don’t have the same level of energy like Boxers. So, having the pug-specific Pug Mix is an investment, especially in the event that you’re seeking the best type of energy for your dog.
  3. The lives spans of Boxer or Pug Mix are unpredictable. Boxers typically face a variety of health problems throughout their lives and, unfortunately, do not live long lives.
  4. Pugs however aren’t at risk of developing serious health issues. Based on the dominant genes your puppy is believed to be carrying, they could either live longer or shorter lifespan in comparison to other dogs.
  5. It can be challenging to train them and requires a lot of patience. Both breeds are extremely intelligent and won’t pose difficulties with their acquisition. However, both breeds are uncooperative and reckless in their training.
  6. Boxers can be stubborn and their owner has to be firmer, more stubborn and smart when it comes to training the animals. Pugs, on the contrary they are playful and can get away from a workout when you don’t observe them carefully.

3 Reasons Why You Should Get a Pug and Boxer Mix

Pug cross boxer

  • A perfect pet for kids and watchdogs. The Boxer and the Pug have a calm and non-aggressive personality. They are open to all even strangers. It is likely from the Pug from the Boxer breed will be a great partner for your family and you and are also great to play with your kids.
  • Additionally, Boxers are believed to be excellent watchdogs particularly with children and pets should they are trained at the age of.
  • Healthy breed with a low amount of allergies. There are breeds that are prone to allergies, especially to food. Fortunately, Pug mixed with Boxers doesn’t show this characteristic of being allergic to too many things.
  • The mixture generally is in healthy health, especially if you keep an eye on it every year. While Boxers can suffer from health issues This trait could be present in Boxer Pugs but it can be masked and avoided.
  • Ideal for indoor companions who do not require a lot of level of activity. Pug and Boxers Pug are on opposite extremes in terms of how energetic they are. But one thing’s certain, they’re both at an average energy level that is that is perfect for living in a home.
  • They are Dog and Boxer Mix make an ideal pet for those who don’t have much area for their pets to play around in, especially considering their dimensions. It is a Boxer-Pug Cross usually is small and compact and takes up only a small space inside your home.

Appearance, Personality, and Traits of Boxer Pug Mixes

Pug boxer mix

WeightMale: 20 to 26 lbsFemale: 20 t0 25 lbs
HeightMale: 14 to 22 inchesFemale: 14 to 20 inches
SizeMedium to Large
Coat TypeShort Coat
Coat ColorDark or Light Hair
Amount of SheddingModerate to regular shedding
Life Expectancy12-15 years. Females usually live longer than Male Boxer Pugs.
TemperamentIntelligent, perfect watchdogs, playful, friendly, excellent with children.


What you’re Boxer Pugs will be like is a gamble but this breed is thought to come with a set of standard characteristics that you can anticipate. If it comes to their hair, it will be light or dark in color, but you can expect it to be shorter.

Boxers are large dogs and Pugs are tiny. Although Boxers have a more smooth coat than pugs do, you must still give them each week a brush for keeping their coats and beautiful. Boxers shed only occasionally and pugs are known to shed frequently.

Together together, the Boxer-Pug makes a medium-sized dog. There are however occasions where Boxer combined with Pug result in big dogs.

Expect an average lifespan with Your boxer and pug Mix of 12-13 years. Fortunately they Boxer and Pug are the same in regards to their grooming needs.

Boxer Pugs make family dogs and companions due to their affectionate and sweet personality. pugs have a distinct trait of being playful.

They are however both adept at supervising children, and they get along well when they are with their companions. Both breeds are smart however, they are trained differently. Boxers is much easier than with Pugs.

Pug Cross Boxer Puppies for Sale

Boxer pug cross

There are a lot of people online selling Pug mixes, and locating an Boxer that is mixed by Pugwon’t be a challenge. Finding the boxer pugis simple, since the breed is popular due to its appearance and personality.

Before you purchase on the internet, you must be smart and strategic about the purchase. Be aware of your choices when you’re planning to buy an BoxerMix Pug. BoxerMix.

Choose a breeder who is well-known for their expertise in breeding dogs, and who will guarantee that the puppies’ parents are healthy.

Be sure to check the genetics of your pets before you purchase them, as you will be able to avoid unexpected behavior problems or health issues. It’s easy to find an excellent breeder in your area However, here are some steps that will assist you in making your purchase:

  • Look for a breeder in close proximity to your home or within your driving distance. This will give you the best chance of. You can go to their premises and inspect the condition of the dog which is among the best methods of determining how authentic their business is. the breeders are proud of their home.
  • Ask your friends to recommend. If you have family members who have a breed similar to yours or any other mix breed and asked them about they felt about that particular seller. Be on the lookout for any signs that indicate the seller’s dishonesty.
  • Visit your local shelter, or veterinarian for suggestions. The advice they give on breeding methods and mix breeds can help you in your choices. Ask them if they have any advice for breeders or if they’ve specific breeds they could suggest for you.
  • Always seek a warranty from your breeder in the event that your puppy exhibits health issues. If they’re not able to promise to guarantee your pup you, they’re likely to be worried about assuming any kind of liability with you.

Grooming Your Boxer Cross Pug

Pug and boxer mix

You must ensure that the Boxer Pug always appear in its finest and that means some basic maintenance requirements. Cleaning them is easy but here are some fundamental points to be aware of.

  • Cleanse their coats at least 2 to 3 times a week to ensure that their fur looks good and tidy. Do not worry, this Boxer Mix Boxer Mix don’t shed a lot and regular brushing will aid in the removal of dirt and loose hair.
  • Cleanse the wrinkles and folds on their bodies. There’s a good chance that their head particularly their foreheads are wrinkled and you’ll want to make sure that these areas are clear and dry. By doing this, you can stop the growth of bacteria developing.
  • Examine their eyes and scrub any dirt from the eye area. The breed is famous for having health problems to the eyes, and you wish to avoid harm by these places as much as you can.

Boxer Pugs are generally easy to maintain However, this doesn’t mean that you can be free of grooming them.

Their appearance is as crucial as their overall health, and their appearance is a good indicator of what’s happening inside.

Be sure to teach them the basic requirements of regularly cleansing their eyes and ears and trimming their nails or brushing the coat.

Boxer Pug Cross Health Problems

Pug mixed with boxer

Boxer Pug Mix are generally healthy dogs, and you shouldn’t have to be concerned regarding their health. They’re not prone to a variety of diseases and also allergies. Due to their sloping face eyes, they are susceptible to injuries.

The fact that they love food can increase the likelihood of them becoming obese and is accompanied by the fact that this breed is an ideal pet for an apartment, and doesn’t have excessive activity. Here are a few common ailments that Boxer Pug Cross can be prone to developing.

1. Hip Dysplasia – most of the time, this condition has something to do with the genetic component of the dog, and Pugs are one of the dogs known to have this component. Through time, the condition can put a strain on the muscles of your dogs and cause them extreme pain. Here are some of its common signs:

  • Limping
  • Painful when touched
  • Inactivity
  • Abnormal swaying while walking
  • Difficult of getting up from a sitting or lying down position.

Hip Dysplasia can be mitigated through these tips:

  • Don’t overfeed your pups because the unnecessary weight may stress your dog’s joint.
  • Engage them with some activity. To exercise their joints and muscles for a bit.

1. Eye Problems – the Boxer and Pug Mix are prone to many eye problems, because of their large protruding eyes. Debris can quickly enter their eyes, and you’ll eventually encounter some discharge around the eye area, which is why you need to clean them regularly. Here are some steps to help you take care of their eye:

  • Prevent anything from getting in their eye, especially during grooming time.
  • Make sure to regularly wipe around the eye area, to remove any debris, food particle, or discharge.  Make sure to use wipes for sensitive skin, or a soft towel with some water. Ideally, this has to be done at least once a day.

2. Patellar Luxation – this occurs when your dog’s kneecap gets dislocated from its normal position. This condition is common among small dogs, like the pugs, and the Pug and Boxer Mix may also be susceptible to this problem. Here are some of its common symptoms.

  • Abnormal hind limb movement
  • Limping
  • Signs for pain and discomfort.

3. Yeast Infections and Rashes – this is a skin condition common for Pug Cross Boxers because they have a lot of folds in their body, which is why you need to clean their folds regularly. Yeast infections breed in humid environments, and when this happens to your dogs, their immune system is compromised.

Pug Mixed with Boxer Food Requirements

Boxer pug cross

The Boxer and Pug mix needs at minimum 3 cups of food for dogs each day. But make sure not to overload them. Also, only feed them high-quality food. You will discover plenty of options on our top 10 list of Dry dog food.

If you plan to feed your dog with food commercially manufactured, be sure that the ingredient lists of the food don’t contain ingredients, colorings as well as fillers, which are common of the most toxic dry dog food. This can cause allergic reaction.

Remember that in exchange for the price you pay for the health and well-being of your pet. Don’t become a scrooge when is time to feed your dog the nutrients it needs, particularly for proper development.

Making meals at home to feed you and your Boxer Pug cross can also be a cost-saving technique, and it’s simple.

A few of the items you’ll require are likely ones you already have. But, if you decide to feed your dog the home-cooked food, be sure to utilize fresh ingredients and authentic meat. Here are some items or dishes to look at:

  • Lean Hamburgers – you can use chicken breasts, veal, lamb, or turkey.
  • Fresh vegetables – you can serve the vegetables either raw or steamed. Some plants your dog will enjoy are potatoes, peas, carrots, and cauliflowers.
  • Fresh fruits – fruits are a good source of anti-oxidants and are low in calories. They make tasty treats for your dogs. Bananas, mangoes, watermelons, pears, and blueberries are perfect options.
  • Pasta’s and rice
  • Canine vitamin or mineral supplement – if you want extra protection for your dog, make sure to give them some supplements in their meals.

Here are some people food you may once in a while give to your dog’s as a special treat.

  • Raw Unsalted Peanut Butter – many dogs love peanut butter. It’s a good source of protein and contains healthy fats like Vitamin B, and C. Make sure to give them natural peanut butter because normal ones are full of artificial sweeteners which are toxic to dogs.
  • Salmon – incredibly delicious and a good source of omega three fatty acids to keep your dog’s coat healthy and beautiful. Not only that, but salmon helps boost the dog’s immune system.
  • Oatmeal – they make an excellent source for fiber and is beneficial for dogs especially senior ones. Make sure to cook the oatmeal first before serving them to your dogs.

Here are some Dog Foods for your Boxer Pug, to choose from:

  • Wellness Core Dog Food
  • Dog For Dog Food
  • Nutra Thrive dog food supplement
  • ACANA Wild Prairie – all natural goodness, with ingredients like chicken, turkey, eggs, and fish. It includes the essential nutrients dog’s need, which eliminates the need for you to but additional supplements.
  • Victor Yukon River Salmon and Sweet Potato – a perfect meal for the Pug and Boxer mix who only have normal activity levels. The food is rich in vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acids to boost your dog’s health. This food is particularly significant for dogs who have allergies and skin conditions.
  • Merrick’s Real Buffalo and Sweet Potato Recipe – grain and gluten-free, made with all natural ingredients. It has glucosamine and chondroitin to help mitigate any related hip conditions.

In addition to that, you could be able to tell that your gorgeous mixed goggles aren’t particularly happy about their mealtimes.

As they were born with the diverse genes from their diametrically distinct parents, their taste in food might also play into the equation.

Therefore, offer your pet some of the most nutritious pet food that is dry for dogs of small size as well as the top larger breeds dry dog foods and see which is better with the other. Once you’ve found the perfect recipe, follow it!

Another factor to take into consideration to consider is age and size of the puppy. Small puppies should consume special formulas that are tailored to their needs that are designed by the most reputable puppy food companies.

Older doggies will require different nutritional blends to satisfy their needs and therefore, you must take your favorite among the top dry dog food for senior dogs. In any case, it’s recommended to speak with your pet’s veterinarian before making a decision to choose one or the other!

Boxer Mixed with Pug Exercise Requirements

Boxer mixed with pug

It is believed that the Boxer Pug Crossis very energetic, and they require regular fitness to maintain their health at a high level. But, you must be aware of the traits it might adopt as Pugs are considered to be a bit sluggish than Boxers which is an energy-bomb.

One thing is for certain that both the Dog and Boxer Crosswill need some workout routines to keep them healthy and to keep their minds alert.

The mix is of a moderate energy level and are able to walk as much as 9 miles every week. The ideal time for exercise could be between 40 and an hour to start them off.

Boxer Pug Mix Training

Boxer pug

It is believed that the Boxer Pugare intelligent and obedient dogs that can be easily trained. They are extremely trainable, but can be in some instances a bit stubborn.

However the Pugs can be trained however, they’re extremely playful and aren’t curious about what’s going on. In accordance with the dominating gene your puppy may possess it is crucial to be aware of the following:

  • Learn to teach them how to behave. Begin with fundamental commands like “Sit,” “Stand,” “Up,” among other fundamental commands to obey. Begin by laying the foundation for your dog. At this point, it is important you must show your dog who holds the upper hand and whom they should follow.
  • Positive reinforcement. Don’t scare your pet; it will only deter them. The majority of dog trainers share similar views that the best method to help dogs learn is to reinforce positive behavior including providing them with treats and providing them with verbal signals that they’re doing excellent job.
  • Utilize Games to Train Your Dogs. Training should be enjoyable for dogs. If you have a routine, it can make training boring and boring and could deter your dog from taking part. Additionally, engaging in fun training by playing games provides them with something to anticipate. It is also easier for your dog to master your commands while you’re enjoying yourselves.
  • Patience is the most important thing. Don’t be too difficult on your dog, and keep in mind that every dog is different and has its own learning curve. If you suspect that your dog is not quick on the pickup, don’t get dissatisfied and help them through the entire process. It might take a while but it’s worth it and will be rewarding for you.

Pug Boxer Mix and Families

Boxer and pug mix

Boxer and Pugs are the perfect dog for families, and you’ll be able to cuddle them at any time. They’ll follow you everywhere and would like to be noticed by you most often. As individuals, both Boxers and Pugs make great companions who have a lot of energy.

Boxers are intelligent and active, and they have plenty of energy and enthusiasm to engage with your kids and engage in activities. They are also excellent guard dogs and are great in guarding your children.

Pugs however are full of energy despite their size. They love children and be a good companion for almost everyone.

Boxer Pugs can be a good companion for children as well as other pets. They have a variety of personalities, but you can be sure they’re ready for an adventure.

As your puppy develops, you’ll start to observe some dominant characteristics of the other breed, and it’ll be easy to figure out, at that point, to know what to expect from them.

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