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We all love eggplant, so we want to share it with our dogs. Their digestive system is different from ours so not all foods should ever be shared.

First, dogs’ digestive tract cannot digest sugars. The simple answer to this question is “Yes,” when it comes to eggplant.

The full answer to the question “Can dogs eat eggplant?” is however more complex.

Can dogs eat eggplant?

can dogs eat eggplant

Aubergine is another name of eggplant. It is rich in vitamins, minerals, and low in calories. It looks great for both humans and dogs, at first glance.

Some dogs might be allergic to eggplant. If they consume a lot of eggplant, their bodies may experience side effects.

It can be difficult to tell if your dog is allergic. You will need to see a veterinarian to determine if your dog is allergic.

Dog owners are often limited in time and this is not an option. There is an alternative.

Can dogs eat eggplant? Yes, but be sure to look out for warning signs

can dogs eat eggplant 6

Side effects should be monitored when you first give eggplant to your dog. Although chances are good that there won’t be any side effects, it is worth keeping an eye on your dog.

He should not be fed eggplant if he has any health issues.

Let’s just say that you can feed your dog eggplant and it won’t cause any problems. In case your pet becomes upset, don’t give him eggplant.

Remember that dogs love meat, and must eat it! Eggplants can’t meet their nutritional needs, which could lead to other health problems. Eggplants can be a pleasant addition to a diet but not the main meal.

How much eggplant should you give your dog?

can dogs eat eggplant 2

If you give your dog large amounts of any food, it can be potentially dangerous. This is also true for eggplants. For smaller dogs, you should be able to get less while for larger dogs, you can get more.

This is a matter that is not covered in any written rules. Half a plate is sufficient. This only applies if your pet has not been allergic to the vegetable. A few small pieces of the vegetable are sufficient for the first time.

Can dogs eat eggplant in different ways? The answer is no, but it can’t be generalized.

It is safe to eat grilled, boiled, and cooked eggplants. You should make a special meal for your dog. It’s not a good idea to give your dog eggplant with garlic.

Boiled and cooked eggplants are the best choice. They are safer than frying, and we highly recommend them. Fry eggplants should not be served to dogs.

can dogs eat eggplant 1

You should also check out other complicated recipes, as we can’t include them all. Pay attention to the ingredients.

Avoid eating the whole meal if one or more of them are harmful for dogs. It is better to give your dog self-prepared eggplants.

Avoid eggplant to fed to dogs when possible

As we’ve already mentioned, eggplants can be added to your dog’s diet. There is one exception to this rule.

Dogs suffering from kidney disease should avoid eggplant at all cost. If they are given eggplant frequently, their condition could get worse.

The main problem is the high oxalate levels in this vegetable. This compound is not metabolized by their bodies, so eggplant should be avoided.

can dogs eat eggplant 5

Talking to your vet is the best thing. Before you give the vegetable to your dog, make sure you are clear.

Additional: If you are faced with these situations, it is best to avoid eating more vegetables. Make sure to compile a list.

Allergy reactions may occur after eating eggplant by dogs

We wanted to spend some time discussing the side effects which may occur if your dog is allergic to eggplant.

Diarrhea is the first sign you’ll notice. It usually stops within a few days and doesn’t require any veterinarian attention.

You may also experience upset stomach, rashes and itching. Your pet will feel sad and will go to sleep every night.

can dogs eat eggplant 4

His physical activity will be greatly reduced, and he will require some time to recover.

If an allergic reaction occurs, can dogs eat eggplant?

They cannot. They won’t go away on their own. The condition can also recur over time so it is important to take precautions.

Nightshade connection controversy

Some people may have a problem with eggplants because they are closely related to nightshade plant. These plants are toxic and should be avoided. There is no reason to be worried.

Eggplants are safe for dogs and humans. This is because it is a nightshade, so there is no danger. There are no chemicals, ingredients or other substances that could be linked to toxins.

can dogs eat eggplant 3


You now know the answer to the question “Can dogs eat eggplant?” You should also make sure that your pet is not allergic to eggplant.

You don’t need to worry about anything else. Most dogs love eggplants. You can make eggplant a favorite vegetable by giving a small amount to your dog.

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