Cat Feeders Review – Most Innovative Top Five Cat Feeders To Explore

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Technology is advancing day and day and surprisingly changing ourselves bringing in new equipment and other innovative items, take example of cat feeders. Oddly, technology is not only transforming our lifestyle making things easier, but bringing in better solutions for your pets too.

Wondering how does it. Then stay tuned to browse through the wonderful pet items especially automatic cat feeders that not only ease your mundane task but also make your cat’s mealtime interesting.

Cat Feeders Review

Here are the top five fully mechanized cat feeders bringing in innovation in your pet’s life.

WESTLINK Automatic Pet Feeder Food Dispenser

Cat Feeders Review 2

WESTLINK Automatic Pet Feeder Food Dispenser is one of the most popular feeders among pet owners. Embedded with bells and whistles, this food dispenser you may want for your kitty. It has also has record your voice option that may help you to record and schedule in order to call your kitty at suppertime.

Even if your kitty misses the food hitting the bowl, your recorded voice can easily let her know that it’s time to chow chow. The specialty is that you can program the timer up to 4 meals a day, which will ease you from the task of refilling the bowl for each mealtime.

The four meals a day and large portions in the big bowl definitely can even keep the Tom happy.

How does it work?

It has a simple mechanism and easy for you to understand. Just press two keys at the same time and yet, pet proof, such that even the smartest kitty cannot feed herself more than you have selected the module. Innovatively, a built-in infrared sensor controls food spillage when the bowl is full and prevents food blocking.

Key Features:

  • Each meal dispenses 1-39 portions (portion size = 10-12 grams)
  • Storage capacity of 6L
  • Ultra-low power consumption via USB or D batteries


  • Portion control (1-39) reduces wastage
  • Infrared detection technology prevents spillage
  • Programmable timer helps to feed automatically
  • Voice recording technology eases your task
  • Low powered system reduces power consumption
  • Budget-friendly feeder

SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder

We can say a sci-fi unique feeder for your cat. SureFeed Microchip pet feeder brings with it the world of high-tech. This automated cat feeder is compatible with all the worldwide implanted microchips.

The surprising part is that the feeder only dispenses food to its designated microchip owner. When it identifies the programmed microchip, it will open revealing the food enclosed.

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Wondering whether it will work only for one cat, the best part is that it can store up to 32 microchip identifications.  Therefore, there is plenty of space for you to store all your cats’ details. It is especially beneficial for cats on hill’s prescription diets and weight management programs

This feeder can store up to 32 microchip identifications so you’ll have plenty of space to store all your cats. It’s perfect for cats on prescription diets or weight-management programs and to keep those who are on a diet away from the foods of cats who are not. This will even work like a charm if your cat requires medications (or treats) dispensed throughout the day.

Key Features:

  • Built-in storage up to 32 microchips in memory
  • Closed lids prevent ants, flies, or other pests from getting into your cat’s food
  • Opens only after chip recognition


  • Highly beneficial for household with multiple cats
  • Best for multi-pet homes
  • No wastage of food
  • Food not spoiled due to ants or pests

PetSafe Automatic Pet Feeder

The most economical option, PetSafe Automatic Pet Feeder is an excellent feeder for your pet. The easy to use feeder lets you schedule for up to five meals a day. With a BPA-Free bowl for serving, dishwasher-safe food trays, the feeder is quite easy to clean.

The digital timer is quite simple and convenient even for a non-tech savvy making automation feeding quite easier and your cat happy. The meals are partitioned in a wheel and systematically revealed one portion at a time.

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Key Features:

  • 2 sizes: 2 meal, 5 meal
  • Easy-to-use digital time takes the guesswork out of schedule feeding times and portions
  • Made with pet and eco-friendly material


  • Easy to use even for tech novice
  • Provides required portion of meals at regular timings
  • Controls food spillage
  • Easy to clean bowls

TD Automatic Pet Feeder

This is a slick designed cat feeder with proper dispensing functionality. When feeding is automated, it dispenses five times a day, with 24-hour feeding time settings. With five separate food trays, cat hygiene is maintained and your fluffy get clean dish for every meal. The unique part is it can hold both dry and wet diet.


  • Programmable up to 5 meals per day, with up to 4 daily distribution alarms
  • Secure latching keeps food secure until feeding time
  • Power via a DC adapter or 4 C-sized batteries (not included)


  • Cover and the food tray are dishwasher safe
  • Makes cleaning easy
  • Easy to schedule meal timings as per your pet requirement
  • Can provide dry and wet food simultaneously

Feed and Go Smart Pet Feeder with Built-In Webcam

The most advanced and efficient pet feeder – Feed and Go Smart Pet Feeder with Built-In Webcam is an innovative product especially designed for feeding dogs and cats. T’is smart feeder is connected with your smartphone to show you what your pets are feeding on.

Cat Feeders Review

The Feed and Go automatic not only offers a built-in app for both iOS and android platform but also has a webcam for you to keep a watch or check in on your furry companions, anytime and from anywhere. Surprisingly, it has both dry and wet food feeder options for easy going and enticing your furry pals to have proper meal.


  • 6 compartments, each up to 8 oz. cup size for wet/dry food, meds, or treats
  • Access the built-in webcam from iOS, Android, or Windows
  • Connects by WiFi but also operates on an offline schedule, for when your network goes down


  • Can remotely watch your pets
  • Provide both dry and wet diet at a time
  • Great features for convenient feeding
  • Simple to use and clean

Customers are looking for more advanced feeders with so many new things coming into the market. The evolving technology is ringing the bells of innovativeness surprising us with more and more products.

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