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Female Betta Fish 1

Female Betta Fish | Appearence, Tank Mates & Care Guide

While there's loads of information available about maintaining Men, there appears to be discussion about female betta fish. Are there any gaps between male...
Peacock Gudgeon Care 10

Guide to Peacock Gudgeon Care

The Peacock Gudgeon is a remarkably beautiful and unique Freshwater fish which all aquarists must think about. Not only do they look great, but they...
types of betta fish 3

37 Types of Betta Fish : Breeds, Patterns, Colors & Tails

There are numerous types of betta fish and the number keeps growing over time. Below is a list with information about how to identify...
5 gallon fish tank

Best 5 Gallon Fish Tank

Best 5 Gallon Fish Tank When newcomers to aquarium maintenance start to consider incorporating an aquarium for their c frequent concern is distance. An 5...
Betta Macrostoma Care 1

Betta Macrostoma Care | The Spotfin Betta or Brunei Beauty

Betta Macrostoma Betta macrostoma (macrostoma betta), also referred to as the spotfin betta and also the Brunei attractiveness, is very different than several other famous...
Algae Eater Pond Fish

Best Algae Eater Pond Fish, 14 Algae Eating Fish for Ponds – Nualgi Ponds

Algae consuming fish are one in every of Nualgi Ponds’ favourite and environmentally-friendly methods to regulate algae in your pond. Take a look at...

My Betta Not Eating? Common Reasons for Loss of Appetite

Why is my betta fish not eating? Among the things which worries us betta owners is if our little man won't consume -- possibly even...
Goldfish Care Tips 1

10 Goldfish Care Tips : How to Take Care of a Goldfish

Goldfish Care Tips for Owners Goldfish make perfect pets for first-time owners. They're Resilient and easy to keep and if cared for properly they can...
red animals 1

32 Amazingly Beautiful Red Animals You Need To See

Most of us know about birds that are red. Red parrots with crazy plumage on their minds or perhaps red macaws. However, other creatures...
Japanese Rice Fish

Japanese Rice Fish (Oryzias Latipes) : Youkihi Richfish Care, Feeding, Breeding

The Youkihi Medaka Ricefish morph is an uncommon and brilliant orange color of the Japanese Rice fish. It is one of the most...