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Even a Chinese Red Dog, called the Laizhou Hong title, is a huge kind of dog breed originating in China.

It is a breed of puppies derived from breeding jointly local regional functioning dogs with European operating dogs’ breeds such as the German Shepherd, Great Dane and Rottweiler from the 1970s.

It was used to be a remarkably popular breed at the start however, adhering to the simplicity of having a dog limitation at China, other puppy breeds Began to be preferred.

The History of China’s Red Dog (中国红犬)

Even the Chinese Red Dog Initial hit the scene back into the late 19th century, From the German-occupied Shandong Province of China, while lease in the Ching Dynasty.

When you believe China, then you May Not think about a population of German Shepherds, Rottweilers, and Doberman Pincers.

Chinese Red Dog 2

But they were abundant from the field because of being attracted To the state with all the German citizens.

Together with their favorite German strains of dogs that are working, they Used some neighborhood working breeds also, like the Shandong Xian Hound.

The Laizhou Hong (Chinese Red Dog) is due to these Breeds being swallowed together.

It’s theorized that the Korean Mastiff has been used to give the puppy it is dark reddish coat, but now, attempting to affirm this is tough.

Just as hard as it is to attempt to pin down precisely which German Breed was combined and used together with the Shandong Xian Hound. Nobody appears to know for certain.

Even the Chinese Red Dog was among the most Well-known dogs in China. Its prevalence was on a continuous trend up during the ancient on this mid-20th century.

But after distinct limitations were lifted, starting Up the doors to different strains to come in the nation, the strain regrettably lost ground to other, even more popular dogs.

Chinese Red Dog Laizhou Hong 1

Since their fall in popularity, They’ve become a rare breed of K9 out China.

Police Coins

For many years, Chinese red dogs have been used in military and police work. As a rare breed of K9, they are very responsive and are often used in search and rescue operations. Laizhou Hong, the canine partner of the K9 unit, often works alongside the police force. Awarding them with K9 police challenge coins is a tribute and reward for Chinese red dogs and also a great way to support the K9 force.

That nonetheless, breeders are still available now in China, Europe, also at the USA.

The Physical Appearance of a Laizhou Hong Dog

Chinese Red Dog has smooth short fur, black with reddish patches on the legs and muzzle. The body is muscular and lean. It has a strong resemblance to the German Shepherd and the Kunming Wolfdog (Chinese “German Shepherd”) and they are similar in many ways:

  • The shape of their head is similar
  • Straight long legs
  • Long-tail reaching the dog’s ankles
  • Smart and reliable
  • Energetic

Size and Weight

China Red Dog 3

A male dog can reach 32 inches in height, which approximates at 79 centimeters whilst the females reach a maximum of 27 inches, 70 centimeters.

The shortest height being 25 inches / 64 centimeters in both sexes.

It can weigh between 77 to 85 pounds which is between 35 to 40 kilograms.

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Chinese Red Dog Temperament

Even the Chinese Red Dog is well regarded as faithful, confident, Calm friendly, and also with ancient coaching, it may develop into a fantastic addition to your household. It’s regarded as protective, because that is one of the reasons it had been bred- like a security/working strain.

Even the Laizhou Hong’s forefathers were diligent, Smart, sturdy, rugged, and hard-working puppies. It needs to be anticipated that a number of the very same characteristics accompany the strain.

Chinese Red Dog Temperament

The breed is courageous attitude, dedication, and endurance Have acquired this strain many job opportunities through recent years.

A farm puppy, safety puppy, and has been for a while Employed by the Chinese Police Force as a dog.

They’ve shown to adapt rapidly to situations and therefore are Capable of adapting to social surroundings. Their eagerness to function which makes them even easier to train than other strains.

Life Expectancy

The Chinese Red Dog comes with a life expectancy of approximately fifteen years.

Benefits Of Having a Chinese Red Dog

What’s good about this Kind of puppy, is that it needs Low maintenance and does not shed hair. This makes for a fantastic addition to somebody experiencing allergies.

Confident and faithful, households adore Laizhou Hong. It is Friendly and serene way makes it a fantastic dog for kids.

China Red Dog 1

Because of Its natural safety series, it is called a top Deterrence puppy.

This makes that the Chinese Red Dog a precious companion which may Be utilized as a shield or as a working dog on a farm.

You are the owner of a very uncommon Chinese puppy breed in Europe and the USA.

Disadvantages Of Having a Chinese Red Dog

Being a rare strain, it is tough to receive your hands with this type of puppy.

This puppy is much more appropriate to living at a home with a backyard Or a location which enables it to float freely in an unenclosed area (such as a farm or even property ).

It’s likely to possess an Chinese Red Dog used to an Flat but it takes effort by both the operator and the puppy.

Training of Chinese Red Dog

China Red Dog

With this particular Dog Breed, it is quite important to begin the training when a young pup.

It must understand from the beginning that their owner is still your ‘chief of the bunch’. This is sometimes carried out by staying calm, firm, and consistent when placing the principles.

After about the leash, the dog has to stay behind its grasp in Order to comprehend its own status.

May be trained as a guardian dog, border or police patrol special dog representative.

Common Health Issues

  • As a result of the elongated ear contour, ear ailments are rather typical. Indications of an expected ear disease could be surplus head-scratching or pawing its ears, even together with head vibration.
  • Dental problems — disease of the teeth or the teeth shown by Weight Reduction, needing to consume, and also being in distress.
  • Allergic reactions into a particular food, medicine for other health Problems.
  • Hip dysplasia is common in puppies of bigger dimensions. It causes harm to the hip resulting in arthritis. The indications are that the puppy will probably likely be in pain and will not wish to walk. It may bark or complain constantly.
  • Urinary infection Brought on by bacteria.
  • Gastrointestinal problems — may be brought on by bad eating, using dangerous uncertified food providers, food poisoning.
  • Fat — excess feeding and failing to exercise your pet will result in poor weight gain.

It’s important to maintain vaccination Current and attend regular Appointments together with the vet.

Feeding for Chinese Red Dogs

The feeding area has to be kept clean and also ensure that the pet Has lots of clean water, particularly during the hot summer.

China Red Dog 4

In pet stores, supermarkets, stores, and Internet pet food providers, You will find dog treats and main foods which have quality components enriched with minerals and vitamins.

If some allergies have been understood, It’s much better to see the labels For the entire list of components.

Being a big size dog, your meals should have the ability to attract the Necessary consumption of calcium to growing and maintaining strong wholesome bones.

There ought to be nutritionally rich dog formulations specially made to fuel this lively dog.

Dog foods containing Omega 3 will provide essential care for Its fur and skin, keeping it shiny and healthy looking.

The amount provided must vary depending on its dimensions and the Tag on the food package.

Foods for Reddish Chinese Dog

They can also eat some food that ends up on the owner’s table :

  • Raw and cooked carrots
  • Bread
  • Peas
  • Rice
  • Well cooked pork
  • Cooked chicken and turkey
  • Plain portobello mushrooms
  • Cooked potatoes

Food to avoid

  • Chocolate and boiled sweets
  • Grapes
  • Avocadoes
  • Macadamia nuts
  • Raisins
  • Garlic
  • Onions
  • Lemons
  • Raw meat
  • Processed meat – salami, ham, bacon
  • Raw potatoes

Living Conditions of Laizhou Hong

If you are sufficiently active, your dog will be able to live in an apartment. However, a yard of at least average size is better.

Laizhou Hong 2

Exercise for Laizhou Hong

The Laizhou Hong is energetic and has great stamina. You should take them on a daily long, jog or walk. They must be taught to heel alongside or behind the person holding the lead. In a dog’s eyes, the leader is the human.

Temperament of Laizhou Hong

The Laizhou Hong is known for being calm, loving, friendly, and gentle. They are loyal and will do anything to please their families. They are also hardy and strong and love to work.

Laizhou Hong 3

Laizhou dogs are independent and confident and can adapt to any environment. They can be used as companion dogs, guard dogs and working dogs.

Laizhou Hong Summary

The Laizhou Hong dog is a large, molosser-type dog. The dog’s length is greater than its height at the withers. Their head is strong, muscular and proportionate to their body.

Their skull is very prominent and their nose is longer than their heads. The forehead runs parallel to the bridge of their nose and is flat. Their forehead is where their nose meets their forehead. This breed has a large, black nose with wide nostrils.

Their muzzle and nasal bridge are long and straight, and their lips fit tightly to the contours of their jaws. They can have dark spots on the tongue and gums. They are strong jaws and have a scissor bite.

Although they are strong in head and cheeks, these dogs have very little defined cheek muscles. This breed is known for its almond-shaped eyes, which are well-known for their intelligent appearance.

The eye color of their eyes can range from light amber to dark brown. Their tall, straight ears are slightly curved at their tips. Their neck is long and close-fitting, which is proportionate to their head and body. Their neck is a bit higher than their straight back. This makes them appear alert.

Laizhou Hong 1

Their croup is medium in length, rounded and still broad. Their chest extends to their elbows giving them a larger, more muscular appearance. Their chest depth is about half their height at the withers. Their ribs reach almost to the rear of the dog and their tail extends to their ankles or hocks. It has a medium thickness, which taper towards the end.

Their tail has bristle-like hair, and at rest their tail curves slightly. Their straight legs are defined from all angles and have a well-defined shape. They have a hard appearance due to their sloping shoulders, dense upper thighs and narrow elbows.

Their front paws are arched and their nails black. They have strong, muscular back legs that are straight and well-defined. Their skin is tight and has a dense, smooth, glossy, and dense fur. Their black coats have reddish-tan markings on their chest, muzzle, throat, cheeks and legs. You will also find markings under your tail and over their eyes.


This puppy will comply with its own master and wait patiently at his designated place in the auto.

Laizhou Hong Dog 5

To travel by airplane, the puppy Will Have to have all of its Vaccination current, a processor, and a pet passport.

It is always a Good Idea to test the rules together with the airline as Well since the nation the dog it is traveling .

Chinese Red Dog Price

Even the Laizhou Hong is an uncommon breed of puppy. And as is the case With anything uncommon, it is pricey.

For reference, there is an advertisement for you in Germany to get an Eleven-month-old puppy, chipped and vaccinated, for 2,000 euros ($2365.33 US).

The ordinary cost is 2,500 on

The Purchasing procedure may require some traveling adding into the expenses.

Its cost varies depending on the bride along with their location.

By Way of Example, in the United Kingdom, at June 2020, an owner sells his 6 Months old Chinese Red Dog for #2,500.

Laizhou Hong Dog 2

In Florida, in Precisely the Same time, a puppy training supplier sells Puppies, together with the requirement to be abandoned to get a year of instruction together, in the whopping cost of 45,000$.

These are just examples, and each breeder differs. Nevertheless, the pricing will probably differ from one into another.

Info relating to this rare puppy breed is rather infrequent to Find online and also in technical books.

On Facebook, there are some pages where you are able to see pictures and videos with various dogs.

They also have info on breeders and in which to Purchase a Chinese Red Dog from:

The Purebred Laizhou Hong

Even the Laizhou Hong is a sizable molosser kind puppy. Your dog’s Body is more than the height at the withers. Their mind is muscle, powerful and proportionate to the remaining portion of the human body.

They’ve an extremely conspicuous skull using a more nose that’s so long as the surface of the head. The forehead is flat and runs parallel to all bridge of their nose.

Laizhou Hong dog

They are cease, at which the end of the nose matches their Eyebrow, is described. These puppies possess a wide, black nose and wide nostrils. Their feline bridge and muzzle are long and straight and they’ve lips which match the form of their limbs closely.

Their teeth may be dark and they can also have dark breeds on their tongue. They have strong jaws using a scissor bite. Though they possess a solid mind, their cheek muscles will be just marginally defined.

This strain has almond shaped eyes which are described and understood To get a smart appearance. Their eye colour could be a combination of pale amber to dark brown. Their broad, tall ears stand right up and so are slightly curved at the suggestion.

They’ve a broad neck with close matching skin that’s proportionate to their entire body and mind. They’ve pronounced withers in which their throat meets their back, which makes it so that they look very attentive.

Chinese Red Dog Resting

Their croup is really a Moderate length and round while nevertheless being wide. Their torso reaches with their elbows, providing them a much larger, more muscular appearance. The thickness of the chest is half of the height at the withers.

The puppies ribs extend Virtually All the way into the back and Their tail is more in duration, reaching their hock, or even ankles. It’s likewise moderate thickness that tapers toward the finish. Their tail is bristle-like own hair and also their tail hangs using a small curve in a rest place.

They have straight legs Which Are well defined from each of angles. Their shoulders are put back, their top thighs are compact and also their elbows close in supporting their own body to get a challenging look.

They’ve arched front paws and their claws are black. Their back legs can also be directly, well defined, and muscle. They have tight matching epidermis using short fur that’s compact, smooth, and shiny.

Their coats are dark with red tan markings in their Muzzle, lips, throat, thighs, and torso. In addition they have markings above their eyes under their own tail.


Even the Laizhou Hong is proven to be very calm, loving, and friendly for everybody. They’re a loyal breed and wish to please their loved ones. In addition they love to operate and therefore are sturdy and powerful.

Chinese Red Dog Training

Laizhou are proven to function as independent, optimistic, and adapt well to new environment. They’re employed as working dogs, guard dogs, dogs and companion puppies.

Height, Weight

Height: Males: 25—31 inches (64—79cm)
Females: 25—27 inches (64—70 cm)

Living Conditions

Will do okay in an apartment if sufficiently exercised, but does best with at least an average-sized yard.


The Laizhou Hong is very energetic, with great stamina. They need to be taken on a daily, long walk or jog, and need to be made to heel beside or behind the human holding the lead, as in a dog’s mind the leader leads the way and that leader needs to be the humans.


Laizhou Hongs need little grooming and are average shedders.


In the 19th century, Shandong province as well as other parts of China were colonized by German soldiers.

The Germans used working dogs such as the German Shepherd, Rottweiler, Great Dane, and the Shandong Xian Hound. After years of breeding these dogs together, the Laizhou Hong was established as its own breed.

China’s Red Dog

China Red Dog 1

Its proper title is Laizhou Hong, however colloquially, this Big, molosser kind dog is called the Chinese Red Dog, or China’s Red Dog. Once popular, other strains became favored when China relaxed its pet limitations.

Information on the strain is scant for people desiring more In-depth info, but it is understood that the strain has its roots from Shandong province in China.

From the 19th century, which state (and other sections of China) was colonized by Germans later Jiaozhou Bay and also Qingdao Peninsula were rented by the Ching Dynasty in 1898.

These individuals arrived at Qingdao Peninsula using their puppies, After decades of breeding their Great Danes and German Shepherd Dogs with neighborhood dogs, such as the Shandong Xian Hound, the Laizhou Hong has been set because of its breed. Red markers (“Hong” in Chinese means reddish ) really are a distinctive hallmark of this breed.

China Red Dog 3

Described as a trustworthy and faithful puppy, it is believed to be Friendly and serene, and is well known as a fantastic pet.

We have observed, but references into some pure defense series, and consequently is known as a top deterrence dog which may operate as a defense or working puppy on a plantation.

As a male puppy can attain 32 inches in height and weigh between 77 to 85 lbs, it seems to be a hardy, strong breed.

The strain showed up at a series catalogue for your 2019 World Dog Display in Shanghai beneath Group 11 — Non FCI Breeds, but it is considered a rare strain, particularly Outside China.

There are numerous breeders located on the world wide web, and we all know nothing about these, but discuss the hyperlink to a person with a Facebook webpage at which you are able to view more photographs and videos of this strain. This should not be viewed as an endorsement of this breeder since again, we understand nothing about these.

[sc_fs_multi_faq headline-0=”h3″ question-0=”What is a Chinese Red Dog?” answer-0=”It is appropriate name is Laizhou Hong, but colloquially, this large, molosser type dog is known as the Chinese Red Dog, or China’s Red Dog. … As a male dog can get to 32 inches in height and weigh between 77 to 85 pounds, it appears to be a powerful, vigorous breed.” image-0=”” headline-1=”h3″ question-1=”Are Chinese Red Dogs Good Pets?” answer-1=”The Laizhou Hong is recognized to be especially calm, loving, and friendly to everybody. They are a trustworthy breed and desire to satisfy their family. … Laizhou are known to be self-determining, confident, and settle in well to novel surroundings. They are used as working dogs, guard dogs, and companion dogs.” image-1=”” headline-2=”h3″ question-2=”How much does Chinese Red Dog Cost?” answer-2=”If you’re purchasing a Chinese Crested from a breeder, then your regular price will be anywhere between $1,200 to $2,200. This is expensive than several other dog breeds, in particular the smaller ones.” image-2=”” headline-3=”h3″ question-3=”What is the bite force of a Chinese Red Dog?” answer-3=”Bite Force – 743 PSI >> they are branded for their devotion, protectiveness, and for their mildness towards children and other animals. This Chinese red dog breed is not the greatest when it comes to strangers due to their protective nature.” image-3=”” headline-4=”h3″ question-4=”How big do Chinese Red Dogs get?” answer-4=”Size and Weight >> A male dog can reach 32 inches in height, which approximates at 79 centimeters whilst the females reach a maximum of 27 inches, 70 centimeters. The straight height being 25 inches / 64 centimeters in mutually sexes. It can weigh between 77 to 85 pounds which is between 35 to 40 kilograms.” image-4=”” headline-5=”h3″ question-5=”Is Red Dog a Kelpie?” answer-5=”Red Dog from 1971 to 21 November 1979 was a kelpie cattle dog cross that was recognized for his travels through Western Australia’s vast Pilbara region. He is recurrently referred to as a red kelpie or a red cloud kelpie.” image-5=”” headline-6=”h3″ question-6=”How much is a Chinese dog?” answer-6=”The standard price of a Chinese Crested puppy from a trustworthy breeder is between $1,200 and $2,200, while top-quality Chinese Crested puppy can cost as high as $4,000. There is modest difference in price depending on if it’s a powder-puff or a hairless breed.” image-6=”” headline-7=”h3″ question-7=”What are Red dogs?” answer-7=”Dhole, a canid species also called the red dog or Asiatic wild dog. Red Dog Pilbara, a dog who traveled Western Australia in the 1970s that became the root for the fresh Red Dog and the associated film franchise.” image-7=”” count=”8″ html=”true” css_class=””]

[sc_fs_multi_faq headline-0=”h3″ question-0=”What is the Bite Force of a Chinese Red Dog?” answer-0=”Bite Force – 238 PSI, They are greatly intelligent dogs and can often be found being utilized in roles where salvage missions are being carried out by the neighboring police force or even the military at times.” image-0=”” headline-1=”h3″ question-1=”How much does a Laizhou Hong Dog Cost?” answer-1=”If you’re purchasing a Chinese Crested from a breeder, then your typical price will be anywhere between $1,200 to $2,200. This is greatly more expensive than numerous other dog breeds, particularly the smaller ones.” image-1=”” headline-2=”h3″ question-2=”What is a Laizhou Hong Chinese Red Dog Breed?” answer-2=”The Irish terrier is identified for its fiery red coat and temperament. These bold but adorable dogs have coats that differ slightly from golden to ginger red. A feature beard gives the Irish terrier a well-known look. Regular brushing will continue the coat orderly and clean.” image-2=”” headline-3=”h3″ question-3=”How much is a Laizhou Hong Dog Price?” answer-3=”The usual price of a Chinese Crested puppy from a trustworthy breeder is between $1,200 and $2,200, while top-quality Chinese Crested puppy can cost as lofty as $4,000. There is modest difference in price depending on if it’s a powderpuff or a hairless breed.” image-3=”” headline-4=”h3″ question-4=”Are Laizhou Long Chinese Red dogs rare?” answer-4=”As a male dog can reach 32 inches in height and weigh between 77 to 85 pounds, it shows to be a sturdy, robust breed. Laizhou Hong breed proven up in an illustrate catalog for the 2019 World Dog Show in Shanghai under Group 11 – Non FCI Breeds, but it’s regarded as an exceptional breed, especially outside of China.” image-4=”” headline-5=”h3″ question-5=”Are Chinese Red dogs good guard dogs?” answer-5=”The Laizhou Hong is recognized to be incredibly calm, loving, and friendly to everyone. Laizhou are identified to be self-governing, confident, and adapt well to novel surroundings. They are used as working dogs, guard dogs, and companion dogs.” image-5=”” count=”6″ html=”true” css_class=””]

Final Thoughts

Even the Chinese Red Dog is really a distinctive sort of puppy. Particular in Appearance, fashion, and abilities.

It’s too bad there are some on the market, and possibly 1 day, they will pick up the prominence they enjoyed.

They are great family dogs when trained correctly, which can Dedicate themselves to protecting and loving their own.

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