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The Chiweenie Puppies, a cross in between a Chihuahua and also Dachshund, is generally long like a Dachshund and also fairly short-legged. Their head may either have a long, slim muzzle like a Dachshund or have a shorter, a lot more domed head like a Chihuahua.

The Chiweenie’s ears can also tackle qualities of either moms and dad; some have pointed ears like the Chihuahua or the drooping ears of a Dachshund.

Their tail is also reasonably long like a Dachshund. The Chiweenie’s layer varies from short and also wiry to long and smooth, as well as coat colors can include black, tan, brown, red, blond, or multicolored. Discover extra regarding our Chiweenie pups up for sale below!

Chiweenie puppy 7

Activity Level: Low
Grooming Degree: Low
Trainability: Modest
Flexibility: High
Kid/Pet Friendly: Usually
Average Size: Small
Typical Life Expectancy: 13-16 Years
Prey Drive: Low
Watchdog: Really Alert
Registered?: Various other

Personality of Chiweenie Puppies

Chiweenies are social, friendly, energetic, as well as loving. These qualities make them a pleasant and also fun lap dog.

Because of their dimension and also temperament, the Chiweenie is ideal matched for family members with older children, songs, or senior citizens.

Although they are an energetic breed, the Chiweenie does not need a lot of room as a result of their small dimension and also therefore can adapt to smaller home such as apartments or condominiums with or without a backyard. Chiweenies likewise often tend to bark, making them good guard dogs.

Clubs, Registries & Organizations
( Based upon breed recognition. See store for details on a certain pup.).

American Dog Crossbreed Club.
Developer Canines Kennel Club.
Dog Registry of America, Inc
International Developer Dog Registry.
Developer Type Computer System Registry.
Added Details.
Team: Toy.
Ordinary Weight: 8-12 pounds.
Characteristic: Social, energised, caring.
Country of Origin: United States.
Coat: Short or Long.

Chiweenie Dog Breed Details

A Chiweenie– additionally known as a choxie– is a cross in between a Chihuahua as well as a dachshund. This developer type is perky and dedicated, packing a big perspective in a small body.

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Likewise, passionately called weeniehuahuas, Mexican hotdogs and German tacos, Chiweenie pups and adults both make terrific watchdogs.

The Chiweenie is a developer dog type that is a cross in between a Dachshund as well as a Chihuahua. This developer breed originated in the United States as well as acquired appeal throughout the 1990s. They are short of stature, but absolutely not short on individuality and love.

The Chiweenie is frequently described as a small lap dog with a heart of gold. Although they are not acknowledged by the American Kennel Club, they are acknowledged by other remarkable companies like the International Developer Pooch Computer Registry, Developer Pets Kennel Club, as well as a lot more.

Chiweenie Puppies Care

Although the Chiweenie can tackle any type of mix of traits from their moms and dad types, they tend to be caring, dedicated to their family members, as well as spirited.

They also have a tendency to have a pleasant disposition and also an easygoing character with some bursts of power.

Chiweenie puppy 5

As long as they are introduced beforehand, they likewise quadrate various other canines and also various other animals.

They do tend to get along well with children. As a result of their tiny dimension, they have a tendency to be a much better suitable for older youngsters that can be gentle with them. They are conveniently hurt by accidental harsh play or falls that can be typical with kids.

Chiweenies At a Glance

Weight Variety:.

Male: 5-12 lbs.
Women: 5-12 pounds.

Elevation at Withers:.

Male: 6-10 in.
Female: 6-10 in.


Brief or lengthy hair, somewhat lengthened bodies, large ears that may stand erect or flop over.

Expectations of Chiweenie Puppy:.

Exercise Demands: Modest.
Energy Degree: High.
Durability Range: 12-16 years.
Propensity to Salivate: Low.
Tendency to Snore: Low.
Propensity to Bark: High.
Tendency to Dig: Modest.
Social/Attention Demands: High.

Coat of Chiweenie Puppy:.

Size: Short to Long.
Characteristics: Straight.
Colors: Black, fawn, brownish and also white.
Total Pet Grooming Requirements: Reduced.

Club Recognition:.

AKC Classification: Not acknowledged.
UKC Category: Not identified.

Chiweenie Puppies offer for sale in Type Details.

For Purebred Characteristics See: Chihuahua & Dachshund.

Personality: Chiweenie young puppies available for sale in are a pleasant breed who bond very closely to their owner. They are clever and also long for attention from their master, so are quick to find out exactly how to please.

Chiweenie puppy 4

They can be somewhat stubborn, so it is important that they understand they have a master as well as are not as a matter of fact themselves the master. When this has been developed, a Chiweenie is a really loyal type.

If there are children in the household it is excellent that they are calm or older, due to the small dimension and also occasionally extended back of the Chiweenie. Ridgewood Kennels has been putting Chiweenie pups up for sale in PA, NY, NJ, DE, MD, RI, and further for 40 years!

Every one of Ridgewood’s Chiweenie puppies offer for sale go house with a created life time service warranty.

See Ridgewood Kennels Chiweenie pups available for sale in PA listed below!

Appearance & Demands of the Chiweenie.

Dimension: 8-12 pounds.

Shade: Varying Colors.

Layer: Short or Long Haired.

Activity: Chiweenies will certainly enjoy a wonderful amount of interior activity as well as do not require long walks or a huge lawn. They are perfect for home living.

Grooming: Shower when required. Maintain ears tidy and nails cut.

Shedding: Our Chiweenies are a typical shedder, and the hair is not normally noticed to due the pet’s little dimension and how short the hair is.

Life span: 11-14 years.

They make good guard dogs and will signal you when someone is on the home. They can be vulnerable to barking as well as can end up being territorial, however this can be handled with very early training and socializing.

Chiweenie puppy 3

Correct socialization as well as training is necessary for any canine type and also is certainly vital for a Chiweenie.

These lap dogs can quickly end up being spoiled, overprotective, and vulnerable to aggressive actions if they are not interacted socially and/or are inadequately trained.

Chiweenies are very adaptable canines. They succeed in homes in addition to larger homes. They tend to do finest in warmer as well as moderate environments. Similar to most pet dog breeds, they are sensitive to severe heat and cold.

Due to their tiny dimension, you may need to pack them up in the wintertime to help maintain them warm.

So, having some good wintertime pet items accessible is an excellent suggestion. Since they hunger for affection and love human business, they do not such as to be laid off for long periods of time.

Top Quality Chiweenie Puppies for Sale

The Chiweenie is a relatively healthy dog breed. However, similar to any canine type, there are some possible health conditions to be aware of.

For the Chiweenie, these consist of patellar luxation, hypoglycemia, diabetes, hip as well as arm joint dysplasia, allergic reactions, as well as back problems.

Reputable dog breeders will certainly screen their supply to stay clear of handing down genetic diseases to puppies.

Chiweenie puppy 2

So, ensure you ask the breeder regarding the genetic history of the moms and dads as well as to see any type of pertinent wellness clearances.

Annual brows through to the veterinarian and also correct care can aid preserve appropriate nourishment as well as lower avoidable diseases.

Due to the fact that they often tend to be longer than they are tall, back troubles will likely be unavoidable, especially as your Chiweenie reaches their elderly years.

The Chiweenie often tends to be a moderately trainable pet type. Although they thrive on interest and affection and are eager to please, they can additionally be quite stubborn.

Chiweenie Puppies Behaviour

They can be a good fit for canine proprietors of all experience levels, yet novice owners may wish to sign up in puppy training and obedience classes.

A Chiweenie has a slim layer that varies from brief to medium in size. They will certainly shed reasonably throughout the year.

Their pet grooming is fairly reduced maintenance as they only need brushing a few times a week and monthly showering.

Chiweenie puppy 1

Along with coat care, you also need to take care of your Chiweenie’s nails, ears, and teeth. Reducing your pet dog’s nails on a regular monthly basis is usually enough to maintain them from growing also long.

Inspecting your pet’s ears regular and carefully cleaning them as required can assist stop ear infections.

Best Chiweenie Puppies

Appropriate oral care for canines is especially important for your Chiweenie. Periodontal disease is among the most common health concerns in pet dogs and, as a lap dog type, your Chiweenie is much more vulnerable to establishing oral illness like periodontal condition as well as tooth decay.

Brushing your dog’s teeth or making use of an enzyme toothpaste each day is perfect for protecting against the tartar as well as plaque accumulation that leads to excruciating oral disease.

Generally, it’s a great concept to get your canine used to having their nails, ears, as well as mouth dealt with as a pup.

This can make ongoing brushing a lot easier procedure throughout their life. And also, if it’s maintained a favorable experience, it can come to be a bonding task that your Chiweenie anticipates!

This pet dog breed has a reduced task level that can vary right into moderate at times. This isn’t to say that they are couch potatoes since they are really fairly energetic!

Chiweenie puppy

Yet, they are additionally little as well as tire easily. A Chiweenie has a tendency to be pleased with some everyday walks and also play.

They might be up for some even more task if you are as they will certainly enjoy to spend time with you– you will certainly simply need to watch on them to see to it they are not overheating or overexerting themselves attempting to maintain.

A fully-grown Chiweenie usually stands 8-12 inches tall at the shoulder and evaluates 5-10 extra pounds.

A Chiweenie typically lives 13-16 years.

A Chiweenie is likewise often called the “Mexican Hotdog” or “German Taco” given that their parent types come from Mexico and also Germany.

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The Chiweenie is an energised, loyal as well as lively pooch with a gritty attitude as well as a passion permanently.

Chiweenie Dog Breed

Chiweenies are hybrid canines called developer types. They’re the product of breeding a first-generation, or F1, pure-blooded Chihuahua with an F1 pure-blooded dachshund.

Chiweenie puppy 6

Credible breeders avoid generational crossbreeding, whether by breeding Chiweenies with either of the F1 types or by breeding them with various other Chiweenies.

This is largely because F1 mixes have a tendency to be the healthiest, states

As a reasonably brand-new type, no criteria exist for a Chiweenie’s dimension as well as appearance.

Like their moms and dad types, Chiweenies have a tendency to be small. According to DogTime, grownups evaluate anywhere from 5 to 12 extra pounds as well as measure from 6 to 10 inches at the shoulder– though your very own pooch may be smaller sized or larger.

While generally short-coated, both Chihuahuas as well as dachshunds can be long-haired, as can Chiweenies.

A Chiweenie’s coloring is additionally like that of its parent breeds. Their most typical coat shades are strong fawn, brownish, black and white. It’s additionally feasible for a Chiweenie to be a mix of shades.

A Chiweenie’s body is typically shorter as well as stronger than that of a dachshund and their tail is typically lengthy as well as narrow.

Chiweenie puppy 3

The ears may be large, upright and triangular like those of a Chihuahua, or long and also saggy like a dachshund– or they may be a mix of both.

The face as well as muzzle are normally longer and narrower than that of a Chihuahua however shorter than that of a dachshund.

Character of Chiweenies Puppies:.

Chiweenies have limitless levels of self-confidence and spunk– traits they acquire from both moms and dads.

Charming and also spirited, these dogs love attention. They often tend to create a strong bond with and also an extreme loyalty to one person, yet they can additionally hit it off with various other member of the family.

While Chiweenies have a lot of power, their little size implies their workout needs can be fulfilled by half an hour approximately of walking combined with play sessions throughout the day.

Dachshunds were originally bred to quest rodents and have a solid victim drive that might hand down to some Chiweenies. But more often than not, Chiweenies reveal no interest in searching.

Chiweenie puppy 1

If you’re seeking a great guard dog to alert you to prospective problem, Chiweenies are most definitely approximately the task:

They have a tendency toward excessive, high-pitched barking, and some individuals consider them to be yappy dogs. If you’re not searching for an attack dog, though, early socializing and also training can aid suppress a Chiweenie’s barking.

Chihuahuas and also dachshunds share a stubborn streak, which Chiweenies have in spades.

While this can make them hard to housetrain, their knowledge and also passion to please can exceed their stubbornness. With patience, a tranquil but firm regimen and consistency, you can train Chiweenies fairly effectively.

Coping with:.

Thanks to their small size, Chiweenies make excellent apartment pets, though their barking could not win you any type of factors with your next-door neighbors. They often tend to be finest fit as just pets for songs, pairs or tiny family members with older kids.

They might get on much better with pet cats or other lap dogs than with bigger dogs. Due to Chiweenies’ little size, make certain to carefully oversee their interactions with toddlers, as rowdy children can unintentionally injure a tiny pet.

Chiweenie puppy

Grooming demands often tend to be reduced. A regular cleaning and periodic baths must be sufficient. These little pet dogs have a tendency to be conscious colder temperatures as well as will happily put on sweaters and also layers to remain cozy.

Because both their moms and dad types are prone to dental issues, make day-to-day tooth cleaning and also routine oral cleanings part of their overall pet grooming routine.

Overfeeding Chiweenies can cause them excessive weight gain. Ideally, they should consume canine food created for small breeds with high power.

It’s finest to adhere to a regular feeding timetable. Prevent leaving their food out as well as enabling them to forage. Likewise, bear in mind that deals with must comprise no more than 10% of their daily calorie intake.

Chiweenie puppy 5

Background of Chiweenies Puppies:.

While the first Chiweenie puppies were certainly the outcome of unintentional crossbreeding, breeders didn’t pair dachshunds and also Chihuahuas until the late 1990s.

While the beginning of this developer breed is uncertain, the fad most likely began in North America, seemingly for the function of developing a dog that appears like a purebred dachshund without the accompanying back issues.

Owing to the cuteness as well as appeal of this mix, need rapidly soared. Because Chiweenies are hybrid dogs, the American Kennel Club doesn’t recognize the type, though it is identified by numerous clubs dedicated to developer dogs.

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