What to Know about Clearbrook Abbotsford Veterinary Hospital for Animals

By Alberto Roy

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There are few feelings out there like the sinking one that we get when our pets are clearly not feeling like themselves.

We might not know exactly how we know about it, sometimes, but the intuition of a pet parent isn’t to be taken lightly.  Still, though, it can be hard to know when to take them to the vet and when not to.

Part of the problem is how infamously expensive most vet visits are.  Obviously, we’re willing to pay whatever we need to in order to keep our pets healthy and happy. However, it doesn’t change the strain that it can put on our wallets.  Furry friends are always going to be important to us, though, so it’s worth it.

There’s no harm in looking for more affordable services, then, considering the dedication to our pets either way.  While we do so, we may as well try to find the least expensive option.  That isn’t the only thing to consider, either.  Sometimes, the species of pet that we have will play a role in where we decide to go.

Why Choosing a Vet is Such a Big Deal


Some readers may be wondering why this is even a question in the first place – really, of course it’s a big deal, right?

Still, though, it’s worth covering for at least a moment.  Realistically, every single veterinary office isn’t going to be the right pick for us and our animals.  After all, many of them specialize in specific breeds or types of pets, which may not line up with our needs.

Value is another conversation to be had here.  The truth of the matter is that not every office will provide services that match the price that they’re charging.

However, to get an example of a clinic that does offer value, you can look at AbbotsfordVet.com – it’s not the only one out there, but they do come to mind.  If you’re ever uncertain, you can check out reviews for the clinics that you’re considering.

What to Consider Beyond Value

Bang for your buck is probably at the top of most of our lists when it comes to finding a vet.  However, as was alluded to earlier, there are other practicalities to consider as well.  First things first – ensure that the one you’re considering will actually service your particular pet.  What do I mean by that?

As awful as it sounds, some vet clinics will refuse to help certain breeds of dogs, cats, or other types of animals in general.  Many animals are classified as “exotic” in this field even if they really don’t seem to be.

Here’s the thing – we’re not talking about a tiger or a bear, like the ones discussed on this page.  Instead, it’s fairly common pets such as chinchillas, gerbils, parakeets, or even ferrets – not every vet clinic is equipped to treat them properly.

Before you schedule an appointment, you should always call ahead or speak to a customer service agent on their website (if they have that sort of feature).  Discuss with them what sort of animal you would like to have cared for.  Certain types are harder to find vets for, such as lizards or any of the ones that were mentioned above.

Additionally, even for dogs and cats, mentioning their breed doesn’t hurt.  Most likely, you won’t be turned away.  However, it will give your veterinarian an idea of what to expect out of your fuzzy best friend – certain breeds respond differently to certain types of care, after all.  Each animal has their own temperament, but the stereotypes about them are made for a reason.  You can read a bit more on that here: https://pets.webmd.com/types-of-exotic-pets.

Beyond all of that, though, there’s also the fact that we should look for the best care possible for our pets.  So, the quality that a vet provides is a really big priority as well.  The trouble is that it can be hard to gauge that sort of thing just based off of their own website.

Finding a Vet that Suits Your Needs

If you’re stuck on where to look, don’t worry. That’s something that a lot of us experience, honestly, and it’s hard to decide who we trust our pets with.  One way that we can get some help with that though is to turn to the internet.  Now, obviously we can’t trust every little thing that we see.

That being said, though, there are bloggers dedicated to reviewing veterinary practices.  That sort of thing can be quite helpful in a search.  Of course, you can also check out the reviews shown on most search engines when you type in the name of an office or clinic.

What else can we do?  Well, it doesn’t hurt to just give them a call, too.  Heck, you can even email the place that you’re considering to ask about how they ensure the comfort and safety of the animals in their care.  Then, when you visit in person, you can see how much matches up with their claims.

At the end of the day, finding the right one for our needs is probably not going to be a cakewalk.  However, with the tools that we have at our disposal, it’s easier than ever right now to get a vet that works for us!  No matter what pet that you’ve got, you’ll get there eventually.

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