17 Best Free Dating Sites for Animal Lovers (2022)

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Many people consider pets as an important part of live. Just look at the statistics of Best Free Dating Sites for Animal Lovers and you will agree with us. A staggering 68% of US households have a pet. Pet owners are seen as more attractive than others, and 86% would leave someone they don’t like.

Dog ownership is an integral part of your identity and life. It makes sense to search for someone who shares your passion for man’s best friend.

Dog dating apps are designed for dog lovers looking to meet that special someone.

Dating Sites for Animal Lovers 2

It can be difficult to find a dog lover by chance. This is why we love the internet and all its many dating sites for dog lovers. These apps make it easier to meet dog lovers.

Dating Sites for Animal Lovers

Do you have a dog-friendly lifestyle? If you are like us, then you will linger at the dog park’s fencing and offer to dog-sit for your friends while you’re away.

If you have a dog, you will know that it is not possible to make things work with someone who isn’t as committed to your dog. Dig is a dating app that connects dog lovers based on what is most important to them.

There’s even a dating app that caters to cat-people!

Nobody is left out of the doghouse! You can find people who are committed to a cat-friendly lifestyle. Get more Tabby deals and go on purrfect dates to help your cat win!

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Dating Sites for Pet Lovers

1. Dig

This company is serious business with a catchy slogan like “The Dog Person’s Dating App”. Casey Isaacson and Leigh Isaacson from New Orleans were the ones who founded this dating app for dog people.

It was inspired by Casey’s experience with a New York date that saw her go on a date with someone who wouldn’t allow her dog to stay in their apartment. It was clear that it was a deal-breaker and made Casey realize that her top priority in dating was sharing a passion for dogs.

It functions in the same way as other dating apps. You create a profile, and technology finds potential matches based upon the information you provide.

You can filter your search by whether you are interested in dating someone who has a dog or wants one. You’ll be able to choose from five possible matches each day and decide whether you want to “dig”, “really dig” or “pass” on them.

Dig’s dog-friendly location feature also offers first date ideas. Dig can help you find places in New York, Miami, Chicago and other cities that permit your doggos to tag along.

Dig offers daily deals on dog-related products. This means that you can find the best ways to take care of your dog and also find a partner in crime. Digdates.com is the best place to create a profile.

2. Tindog

It’s Tinder for dogs and their owners. The makers of Tindog saw an opportunity to combine the social needs of dogs and humans as online dating exploded.

Your profile contains some information about yourself, but mainly it is about your dog. This app can be used to simply find new friendly dogs for your dog to play with.

It can also be used to match single dog owners with other dog owners online.

You can swipe left or right (a la Tinder), to match other dog lovers and dogs in your local area.

After you have been matched, you can start a private chat with the person. This may lead to a meeting for a dog-friendly day at a park or other place where dogs are welcome.

3. Wowzer

In October 2019, the Wowzer app was launched by Stephanie Worley and Michi Suzuki from Seattle.

This app is only available in Seattle – according to Rover data last year, Seattle is the most dog-friendly city in the country.

It’s a great fit for a community that values being outdoorsy and connecting with others through a love for dogs. The pooch can make first dates more enjoyable and less awkward by accompanying you.

Create a profile and a tagline to get you started. Don’t forget one for your dog! Matches are sent via Wallace (the app’s dog graphic), who will tell you “Mutual Tails Wagging Here.”

4. Dog Date Afternoon

Dog date afternoon is similar to other dating apps. You can browse profiles of singles with dogs in your local area.

Your profile will have a section that is for you and one for your dog. This allows you to get a general impression of both the person and the pup you are interested in meeting.

This app has a unique feature: you can notify your matches when your dog and you go on “adventures”, such as a walk in a park or hike in the mountains.

George Koo, founder of Dog Date Afternoon, stated that he hopes to add profiles for adoptable pets to the platform.

He believes that dog lovers who are committed to their dogs and enjoy being with them are more likely to adopt dogs in desperate need of homes.

5. Meetup.com

Although Meetup.com doesn’t offer an online dating service, it is a great way for people to connect with others who share similar interests.

There’s a Meetup for everything these days. You can join a bi-weekly Corgi sweater walking around the city’s lake.

You probably have a group that can help you. If there isn’t, you can almost guarantee that people would join the group if it was created.

Building community is the best way to meet people. If you bring your Great Dane along to a Great Danes’ group with their parents, you have a good chance of making a new friend (or something else) and you will be able to make a lasting friendship.

It doesn’t matter how many dogs you have, the important thing is to connect with other dog lovers and build a bond over the joy they bring to your life.

Best Free Dating Sites for Animal Lovers

Because I have a furbaby, I know what it is like to be in a relationship with someone who cares as much about animals as you. We’re giving these 17 animal lovers dating websites a big pat on the back. They are convenient, affordable, and fur-tastic.

1. Match

Since 1995, Match has seen more than 42,000,000 people sign up for the site. Its users hail from all walks of life. Match is home to more animal lovers than any other dating site.

To find singles in your area who match your criteria, you can do a search. Filter profiles by age, gender and sexual orientation. Education, religion, ethnicity, appearance and hobbies are all options.

2. Date My Pet

Date My Pet is the leading dating site for pet lovers. It was created by a pet owner who was out walking his dog in 2004.

He was struck by the way other dog owners approached him casually and started a conversation.

It is completely free to use the site, including viewing profiles, matching, communicating, and registering.

Date My Pet is a network of millions of singles and is available in the USA, Canada, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand and South Africa.

3. Meet Animal Lovers

Meet Animal Lovers is exactly what it says: It allows you to meet other animal lovers. This free dating site is open to all animals, including ferrets, fish, hamsters, ferrets, and dogs.

You can fill out your details, add photos, browse thousands of profiles and meet like-minded people without ever having to sign up.

Another benefit of joining Meet Animal Lovers? Your profile will appear automatically on many dating sites as it is part of the Online Connections network.

4. Love Me Love My Pets

The site claims Love Me Love My Pets is completely free. Sign up, search, send and receive virtual messages and winks, all without any fees.

There are thousands of people you can have a conversation with. Love Me Love My Pets offers a forum where users can share their stories, ask questions, give advice and share their own experiences. It’s another way to meet.

5. Animal People Personals

Animal People Personals believes that pets bring people closer together, and their mission is to help pet owners get to know each other better.

The site has partnered with Match recently to expand its user base, and improve the experience.

According to the site, you don’t even need a pet to join. All you have to do is want to make connections with animal lovers.

All Animal People Personals requires your gender, preference in gender, age preferences and zip/postal codes. You’re now on your way.

6. Pets Passions

Pets Passions is a social networking site that can also be used as a dating site. It has group forums, matching features, private messaging, webcams and many other useful tools.

Searches can be made by common identifiers like age, gender, location and interests. However, you can also search using unique identifiers like birthdays or members who are online right now. Pets Passions is free and will remain that way for many years, if not forever.

7. Pet People Meet

Pet People Meet’s important feature is its affiliation with People Media, which includes Match and OurTime as well as BlackPeopleMeet among other trusted dating sites.

There shouldn’t be any worries about finding a match, getting no responses to your messages or spending a lot of money to scammers. No matter what breed of pet you have, or where you are from, Pet People Meet puts the members first.

8. Hot Diggiddy

Hot Diggiddy, aside from its awesome name, is a free dating site that “helps dog lovers find love.” You can also search for a date yourself on the site.

Hot Diggiddy is available in both the App Store and Google Play Store. It takes just five minutes to become a member.

Hot Diggiddy believes that a family is incomplete without a pet dog. If you agree then this is the right dating platform.

9. Meet Cat Lovers

Meet Cat Lovers is more than just an internet site that loves cats. It is also the members of the Meet Cat Lovers team. You can share your feline friends with others and build a bond with them.

Meet Cat Lovers offers another perk, aside from the fact it is free, it can allow you to have flexibility if you wish.

Online Connections has many sister dating sites. Meet Cat Lovers will display your profile on each of these sites. This means that you can find other cat lovers wherever you are.

10. Fetch A Date

Fetch A Date’s mission is to “Find love or a date with dog lovers like yourself” Shella S. is just one of many satisfied users. Wonderful idea! “I am currently in a relationship with a wonderful dog and a great owner.
Fetch A Date is more than a dating site. Local event listings will be available soon. You can also order the book “Leashes and Lovers” by Sheryl Matthys.

11. Cat Lovers Dating

Growing up with three cats, I know what it is like to love a cat. Cat Lovers Dating members are the same. You could be the next member of this free British dating site.

You can view profiles to see their first name, age and location. Click the photo to get more information.

According to the website, “If your goal is to find a partner who shares your passion for pets, then you shouldn’t settle for anyone.” Find a crazy cat lover.

12. Doggone Singles

Doggone Singles is home to thousands of people from all walks of the globe, but all share one thing: they are obsessed with dogs and want to be with someone who is just as obsessed.

Dating Factory is the owner and operator of this site. It has hundreds of success stories each month.

Doggone Singles listens to users and adjusts the site’s process and features as necessary to ensure that the user experience is the best possible.

13. Dog Friends Date

Dog Friends Date has never charged any fees for its services since its inception. You don’t have to pay anything for registering, browsing or flirting on Dog Friends Date.

The site is open to anyone who wants to find romance. Dog Friends Date is the best site for friendship.

14. Cat Lovers Network

Cat Lovers Network is a great place to start if you are having trouble finding other feline lovers. There will be many people you can introduce yourself to and you’ll find a lot of other like-minded people. There is no lengthy questionnaire required to join Cat Lovers Network.
You only need to provide a few details. You won’t need a credit card number to use the site, and the dedicated staff is available 24/7 to assist you with any issues.

15. Dog Lover

Dog Lover was founded in 2006 by Derek Collinson. It is home to “thousands” of loving, warm-hearted single men and woman.
You can upload videos to your profile, chat with live people, and create your own guestbook in which you can share your thoughts. You can also find advice articles on the site to ensure you have the best online dating experience.

16. Love Me Love My Pets

Love Me Love My Pets is a great place to start your search for a long-lasting partner or a new friend. Sign up to receive a free membership. This allows you to create a profile, edit it anytime you like, view profiles and communicate with others.


Love Me Love My Pets, a U.K.-based dating website, has many users from Ireland, England, Wales, Scotland and Scotland. It’s still a diverse website with people of different ages and backgrounds.

17. Animal Lovers Online

Animal Lovers Online welcomes you with the words “Love, romance and friendship on your desktop or mobile device”


Joining the community takes only a few minutes. Then you can begin connecting with other people for friendship, love, or any other purpose. It’s free and you don’t need to pay anything.

Animal Lovers Online encrypts all your information seven days a semaine, 24 hours a daily, so hackers are not a problem. Enjoy yourself!

Enjoy the “Good Boys” Of Dating Sites!

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I couldn’t imagine my world without my dog. I know you do, too. It’s difficult to describe, but it’s easier to understand when you’re with other animal lovers.

However, you need to first find animal lovers. This is why the dating websites above are so useful. They are our pick of the litter.

"Passionate dog trainer with years of experience. Transforming pups into well-behaved companions through positive reinforcement and love. 🐾🐶"