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Double Doodle: The New Obsession

The Double Doodle is a trusting and intelligent dog. It has a charming appearance and a great personality. The Double Doodle is a medium-sized dog who has a friendly disposition toward family and strangers.

Sometimes called the Double Doodlepoo or the North American Retriever, the Double Doodlepoo and the Golden Labradoodle, the Double Doodlepoo is also known as the Golden Labradoodle.

They are a mix of two previously hybrid mixes, so it is unlikely that they will ever be recognized by the American Kennel Club.

Their hybrid heritage makes them less susceptible to health issues common in purebred animals. They also come from a long line that includes wonderful family dogs, which often results in wonderful family pets.

Double Doodle Appearance

Double Doodle 10

The Double Doodle is a combination of three breeds: Labrador Retrievers (Labrador Retrievers), Poodles (Golden Retriever), and Labrador Retrievers. Double Doodles can be created by crossing Labradoodles and Labrador Retrievers with Labradoodles.

They are a hybrid breed and have different physical characteristics depending upon their parents and the genetics they have.

Double Doodles, medium-sized dogs, are approximately 20-29 inches tall and 50-80 pounds when fully grown. Their coat is medium-long and dense. Their coats are usually light brown, cream, or black and they have long tails.

They have dark brown eyes and a black nose. Due to their hybrid origins, each Double Doodle’s appearance can differ even between pups from the same litter.

Their long, soft ears are adorned with dark eyes and a loving, sweet expression. Their soft, carefree appearance and bearing reflect their gentle nature.

Double Doodle History

Double Doodle 8

Although the Double Doodle is another hybrid dog, it is actually a mix of hybrids. The Double Doodle is a mix of Labrador Retrievers and Golden Retrievers. Their lineage can be traced back to the three ancestral breeds.

While the Double Doodle was popularized in the last decade, they were bred as far back as the 1970s. Hybrid dogs inherit traits from their ancestors so we’ll discuss the parents of Double Doodles, Goldendoodles, and Labradoodles.

Labradoodle Origins

Wally Conron, an Australian breeder, was the first to create a Labradoodle. This hybrid was originally created by Wally Conron, an Australian breeder. Labradoodles were created to combine the intelligence, good nature, and hypoallergenic coats that Poodles have with Labrador Retrievers.

They could then be used as guide dogs by people with allergies. It was a huge success and sparked a lot of enthusiasm among Australian and North American breeders to mix Poodles with other breeds.

Goldendoodle Origins

Double Doodle 1

Monica Dickens (great-granddaughter to Charles Dickens), was the first person to breed goldendoodles. In response to the popularity of Labradoodles, they rose in popularity in the 1990s.

They were the result of purebred Golden Retrievers and purebred Poodles. The result was a beautiful, well-tempered hybrid with many positive traits including a low- to non-shedding coat.

The Labradoodle and Goldendoodle are both considered great family pets because of their gentle nature, low- to no-shedding coats, gentleness and easygoing nature. The Double Doodle is a result of loving, gentle and even-tempered grandparents.

Double Doodle Personality & Temperament

Double Doodles are loved by their parents for their gentle nature, their ability to get along with strangers, and the kindness they show towards children.

They are calm and patient, and they are great family pets. Double Doodles can be trained and are friendly, intelligent dogs. They are good with other dogs and love to spend time with their family.

Double Doodle 6

Double Doodles are energetic dogs who love stimulation and high levels of energy. They are great with strangers and can be socialized well. They enjoy going to the dog park or playing in the yard with their family.

They are not suitable for apartments because of their energy and desire to be in large open spaces with lots of activity.

Double Doodle Health and Nutrition

Double Doodles can eat a lot of food and are medium-sized dogs. A fully grown Double Doodle should be fed approximately 2.5 to 3 cups of dry food per day.

The dog’s age and size will determine the amount of food they eat. Double Doodles can live for 12-15 years if they are healthy.

Because of their hybrid nature, they are not susceptible to the same genetic problems as their purebred ancestors. They can live healthy lives because of the variation in their gene pool.

Double Doodle 9

Sometimes, they can inherit the genetic defects of their ancestors like joint problems and digestive disorders. Poodles can be affected by digestive problems such as hemorhagic gastroenteritis and pancreatitis from eating high-fat foods.

Double Doodles treats can be a great way for your dog to be rewarded and trained. However, Double Doodles should not be fed high-fat or table scraps.

To keep your dog healthy and to prevent any digestive problems, it is important to ensure that they are fed food with glucosamine.

Double Doodle Exercise & Activity Level

Double Doodles are active dogs with high energy levels. It’s important that Double Doodles have lots of space to play in and frequent outdoor adventures. Double Doodles should be getting at least an hour of moderate exercise every day.

They should also walk approximately 14 miles per week. Double Doodles that have been socialized will appreciate trips to the dog park.

All animals need to get enough exercise to stay in good shape. Dogs who have high levels of energy can become irritable if they don’t get enough exercise.

Double Doodle 12

Double Doodles who don’t have the opportunity to use their energy can develop behavioral problems and disobedience. Regular exercise is good for both dog and owner.

Double Doodle Hair Care

The Double Doodle is well-known for its dense, longer-wavy coat. It tends not to shed much if any. They are great dogs for the home and can be used by mildly allergic people.

However, they need to be brushed regularly to avoid matting and knots. To keep their coats clean and free from tangles, Double Doodles should have their hair brushed at least once a week.

Double Doodle owners often have their dogs professionally groomed in order to achieve their unique appearance. Their hair will grow and need to be trimmed occasionally to avoid their hair obstructing their vision or irritating their eyes.

You should bathe them with gentle dog shampoos once a week. Double Doodles can become dry if they are bathed with harsh chemicals or too often.

Double Doodle 4

Double Doodles should also be checked on a regular basis for their ears. Because they have long, floppy ears, their ears don’t drain naturally.

To prevent infection, it is important to wash and dry their ears after swimming or bathing. To prevent infection and buildup, it is important to take care of your teeth and nails.

Double Doodle Training

The Double Doodle is known for its gentle and loving nature. They also excel at training. When properly trained, their intelligence and desire for obedience make them loyal dogs.

They learn quickly and love praise and treats. The best way to teach your dog how to behave is to reward good behavior.

Double Doodles make great family pets if they are socialized from a young age. Dogs will follow the lead of someone they trust, and this is why Double Doodles are great family dogs.

It is important to establish yourself as the leader as soon as possible. Patience and consistency are key to building a strong relationship and a loyal companion.

Double Doodle – America’s Sweetheart

Double Doodle 3

Double Doodles are gentle and trusting dogs that are both beautiful and loyal. They are a wonderful pet for families and their love for people is evident.

They are energetic and will keep up with your kids. They’re best for those who have a large yard and lots of time to walk.

Double Doodle is a doggy descendant from a long line. It will curl up in your heart and snuggle into your soul if you allow it.

Their Poodle heritage makes them a great choice for people with allergies to dogs. They are great as emotional support dogs and a wonderful addition to any home.

The Double Doodle is a great family dog

This article was created to inform everyone about the amazing Double Doodle dog breed. Also, I wanted to share beautiful photos of Belle, my Double Doodle–and her littermates.

Double Doodle 2

This article will teach you:

  • What a Double Doodle (and everything about Belle!)
  • These are the three types of Doodle breeds
  • What are the differences between Labradoodles and Goldendoodles?
  • Learn more about Belle’s family tree

Goldendoodle + Labradoodle = Double Doodle Puppies

After a long day of playing outside, Belle relaxes in her chair.

“What Kind Of Dog Is She?”

To burn their energy, puppies require lots of exercise. It is difficult to take Belle for a walk or play in the yard with no one asking about her breed. It’s almost like being a celebrity walking with Belle!

Belle is now at an age when she jumps up on people walking by. We are often unsure what to expect from her leash. We get a lot of oohs and ahhs, high-pitched screams and high-pitched shouts about Belle’s adorableness as well as occasional unkind remarks about how our puppy needs to be trained.

Although she is a puppy, she is very well-trained. But that’s not the point. People are generally friendly to her and would like to know more about the breed of dog she is.

Goldendoole + Labradoodle = Double Doodle

We often engage in the whole doodle conversation when asked about her breed. Sometimes it is easier to simply say that she is a Goldendoodle than to explain what a Double Doodle is. We enjoy the Double Doodle explanation and often find ourselves amused by the cute term.

The three breeds share similar traits and are all very similar. They also all have the Poodle traits. The Labradoodle and Golden Retriever share traits with the Labrador Retriever and Labrador Retriever.

Different Double Doodle Dog Breeds

There are many levels of grooming.

Levels of grooming vary.
GoldendoodleLabradoodleDouble Doodle
Golden Retriever & PoodleLabrador Retriever & PoodleGoldendoodle & Labradoodle
Loving personalityHappiest with peopleSocial
Varying coatsVarying coatsVarying coats
Affectionate & socialPleasant temperamentEasy going
Needs exerciseHigh energyVery active


The Goldendoodle

The Goldendoodle is a hybrid of a Golden Retriever (a Poodle) and a Golden Retriever, which are two amazing dogs.

Because of their friendly nature, Golden Retrievers make great dogs. They make great water dogs and are fun to play with. Double Doodles have a hypoallergenic, hypoallergenic, and low-allergy coat thanks to the Poodle. Poodles make great show dogs and are intelligent.

The goldendoodle is a great addition to any home. They are loyal, intelligent, and adorable.

Cute Goldendoodle Puppy

The Labradoodle

Labradoodle is a mix of the Labrador Retriever, the Poodle and the Labrador Retriever. The Labradoodle was initially developed as a guide dog for hypoallergenic dogs.

However, not all Labradoodles can be hypoallergenic. Hypoallergenic coats are something many people seek, but it all depends on each dog’s individual coat.

Labradoodles are most happy when they’re with people they love. They are energetic and have the same work ethic as the Labrador Retriever. The Labrador Retriever is a popular dog in America.

It is well-known for its friendly temperament and easygoing nature. It enjoys retrieving frisbees and other physical activities.

Beautiful Labradoodle Puppies

Double Doodles: What to Choose?

Double Doodles combine the best traits of Labrador Retriever and Golden Retriever. These three breeds make great companions. They are intelligent, smart, loving, loyal, and sweet.

They can have wavy, curly or flat coats. Some dogs shed more than others and require more grooming. There is no Double Doodle that is exactly the same as any other dog or person. Their sweet disposition makes them a great choice for anyone looking for a puppy to add to their family.

Belle’s Family

Belle’s Double Doodle Family Profile

  • Dixie : Belle is named after Dixie, a Goldendoodle mother. She is 40 pounds in weight and apricot colored. She is a loving, affectionate, and sweet dog that makes a wonderful family pet.
  • Yankee : Yankee is Belle’s father. He is a Labradoodle. He is 60 pounds in weight and sweet-natured, loving, family-oriented and well-behaved. He enjoys hiking and can be walked off-lead.
  • The Litter : Valentine’s Day 2016 was the day that the ten littermates were born. It was perfect timing, considering that they are all sweet and beautiful puppies. They were all born at the breeder’s house and never had to be kept in kennels or cages.
  • Yankee and Dixie were lovingly looked after. Before making our final decision, we were able meet both parents at the puppy visit. Dixie joined her puppies in the pen and cuddled them all. What a sweet mother!

Double Doodle’s Common Health Problems

Hybrids are usually healthy and often avoid the same medical problems as their purebred parents. However, potential owners should take the time to research health issues common to parent breeds. The Double Doodle has three breeds, which can make things more complicated.

Retrievers may be susceptible to hip or joint dysplasia, cataracts, and Poodles may suffer from bloat and digestive problems, as well as hip and joint issues.

Regular visits to the veterinarian are a good idea. There are many things to watch out for. Regular checkups are important to ensure that any health problems are detected and treated as soon as possible.

Life Expectancy

The life expectancy for the Double Doodle is 12-15 years.

Exercise Requirements

He is an energetic dog and will require daily walks to burn off excess energy. He will enjoy playing with other dogs and children, which will satisfy his desire for social interaction.

This dog is not the best for people who are unable to keep it active and happy. To be happy, they need to be stimulated and have a lot of fun. This responsibility should be taken seriously.

A highly social, family-oriented Double Doodle, is known for being a loving, intelligent and affectionate dog.

Recognized clubs

The Double Doodlepoo is also known as the North American Retriever, the Golden Labradoodle and the North American Retriever. The AKC will not consider Double Doodle a purebred dog because he is not purebred. However, he is recognized by Dog Registry of America, Inc.

Coat of Double Doodles

Double Doodles’ coat is long and curly. His coat can be anything from the typical cream, golden, and white of Poodles and Goldens to black as you would expect for a Labrador retriever.

He sheds very little and is considered to be low-maintenance. However, he still needs to be brushed every week and groomed by a professional to maintain his beautiful coat.

A long, floppy ear can lead to moisture buildup and infection. A weekly ear exam and cleaning should be part of your regular maintenance. This is a lot of work, but it’s important. You’ll adapt.

Double Doodle Puppy

Double Doodle puppies are highly intelligent and can be trained from the beginning. Your puppy’s first six month. He will quickly grow.

It is important to ensure that your dog has the correct diet to meet his nutritional requirements. This can be done by your breeder or you could consult with your veterinarian. Overfeeding him is a problem. He may get injured from overexertion.

Take it easy. To ensure your Double Doodle puppy grows up happy and healthy, it is important to be gentle.

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