We actually love our cats. But if there were an all-time cat lovers championship, the prehistoric Egyptians would take home the gold. Cats were blessed in ancient Egypt, and many deities were portrayed as cats or as humans holding cats.

Mafdet, the goddess who slays serpents, has the head of a wild cat. Sekhmet, a warrior goddess, is depicted as an elegant short-haired lioness.

Bastet, the gentler cat-headed goddess of home and cats in common, is, of course, the mainly well-known of the feline-headed goddesses from the land of the Nile.

Egyptian Cats Names

Egyptian Cat Names 1

Always interested about cat names? We here have started to scratch the surface of Egyptian culture, current naming trends, and tales of ancient pharaohs to gather a list of cat names inspired by ancient and modern day Egypt.

Ancient Cats as per Egyptians

The cats of the Ancient Egyptians were adored by them. They loved cats more than they loved them. There have been many cat statues found in archeological sites that were once home to cats.

James Allen Baldwin, a scholar, says cats were first found in Egypt 5,000 years ago. They served many purposes, including protecting Egyptian homes from rodents and snakes, and hunting birds. But they eventually became god-like.

Egyptians considered cats sacred. Let’s face it, cat lovers are not any different today. It seems appropriate to honor them with a name that is inspired by Ancient Egypt.

So that you can honor your adopted kitten or cat with Egyptian names, we have compiled a list.

Egyptian History and Cats

Egypt is the clear winner when it comes to an affinity for cats in a culture. Egyptian writings and art from thousands of years ago show cats. The Egyptians are believed to be the first people to have domesticated cats.

Egyptians revere cats as they hunted and killed rats, mice, scorpions, and snakes in their granaries and homes. Cats were also responsible for killing vermin such as scorpions, snakes, and rats. Egyptians were also very fond of cats.

Drawings and art depict cats, while some Egyptian goddesses have cat-like heads. The cats were respected and protected. Anyone who killed or injured them would face severe consequences. Egypt still considers cats sacred and highly valued.

The rich history of Egypt and cats is a great inspiration for cat names. Egyptian cat names will be a great choice for your feline friend.

Top Egyptian Cat Names

Ancient Egyptian deities and mythological creatures serve as colorful inspiration for cat names. Here are just a few ideas:

    • Anhur (god of war)
    • Bastet (Egyptian goddess of motherhood; takes the form of a cat)
    • Geb (god of the Earth)
    • Horus (sky god; son of Osiris)
    • Isis (one of the most important Egyptian goddess; healer, protector of the dead, and goddess of good fortune, travel and the sea)
    • Osiris (Egyptian god known as the lord of the underworld and judge of the dead)
    • Sekhmet (Egyptian goddess of war and healing; takes the form of a lioness)
    • Seth (brother of Osiris)
    • Sphinx (mythological Egyptian creature with a lion’s body and human head)
    • Maat (goddess of harmony, justice and truth)
    • Mafdet (Egyptian goddess often depicted wearing a cat skin)
    • Mau (a divine cat who is an aspect of the sun god Ra)
    • Menhit (Egyptian goddess of war; takes the form of a lioness)
    • Mihos (son of Bastet; takes the form of a lion)
    • Mut (Egyptian mother goddess)
    • Nefertum (god of the lotus blossom)
    • Pakhet (“she who scratches,” lioness goddess of war)
    • Ptah (the god of creator; husband of Sekhmet)
    • Ra (also Re; Egyptian sun god)
    • Renenutet (cobra goddess, goddess of suckling, giver of secret birth names, protector of children)
    • Sekhmet (“powerful one,” lioness goddess of war and Ra’s daughter)
    • Sobek (crocodile god)
    • Thoth (Egyptian god of writing, magic, wisdom and the moon)

    An Egyptian name for a cat is appropriate if you have an Egyptian breed such as the Egyptian Mau or the hairless Sphynx. This name was chosen after the Great Sphinx of Giza.

    Egyptian Cats Names are an immense nod to several of civilization’s earliest and most renowned cat lovers. These are our top Egyptian cat names:

    egyptian cat names 7

    • Bahiti. (“fortune”)
    • Dalila. (“gentle”)
    • Eshe. (“life”)
    • Khonsu. (“the traveller”)
    • Amun. (“mystery”)
    • Jahi. (“dignified”)
    • Hypatia. (Egyptian female philosopher)
    • Alexandria. (city in Egypt)
    • Masud. (“lucky”)
    • Rashidi. (“wise”)
    • Habiba. (“loved”)
    • Kemnebi. (“panther”)
    • Kiwu. (“plump”)
    • Rasui. (“dreamer”)
    • Mayet. (“kitty” in Egyptian)
    • Miit. (“cat” in Egyptian)
    • Memphis. (capital city of ancient Egypt)
    • Sese. (“the vanquisher”)
    • Bes. (Feline-faced Egyptian god, protector of children)
    • Anubis. (Egyptian god of the underworld)

    Choosing Egyptian Cat Names

    Ready to choose your Egyptian Cat Names? This is a gigantic prospect to study about your new feline’s lineage and history.

    egyptian cat names 8

    And what a history!

    For instance, did you recognize the ancient Egyptians ruled over what is today the Mediterranean for nearly 30 centuries? That is a really, really long time!

    One of the Egyptians’ most long-term contributions to modern history was their yawning love for all things feline. In fact, one of their mainly celebrated deities, Bastet, was often depicted as a cat!

    As a cat lover, you perhaps understand the tendency.

    We hope you will believe this to be your Egyptian Cat Names focus. Have entertaining brainstorming names for your new kitty!

    Cute Egyptian Cat Names

    In the lists of Egyptian cat names here, you’ll convene all sorts of gods and goddesses, scholars, and warriors. Each left their mark on the culture of ancient Egypt. And modern history as well.

    You will also learn the meanings of many popular Egyptian names. Some may be familiar. Others will be completely new. But all of them are fascinating!

    This arrival of information may appear overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to be!

    egyptian cat names 6

    Choosing a name should be an amusing exercise. Just scan through the lists of names below. Which names pop out at you? Jot those down in your journal or in your phone e-notepad app.

    Make certain to take your time. Think about what each name means to you.

    Then try out each name from your shortlist with your new kitty. Sooner or later, one name will “stick”. That may be your loved feline’s new awesome Egyptian Cat Name!

    How well do you know your cat? Discover the secret world of cats.

    Best Egyptian Cat Names

    These are 10 of the best Egyptian cat names. You may recognize some of them. A few are real characters from history. Others are mythical.

    Either way, they’re legendary! And, as cat names, they could be ideal.

    • Cleopatra. (famous Egyptian queen)
    • Nefertiti. (famous Egyptian queen)
    • Osiris. (famous ancient Egyptian god)
    • Plato. (famous Greek scholar who studied extensively in Egypt)
    • King Tutankhamen. (“King Tut,” famous Egyptian ruler)
    • Sphinx or Sphynx. (Egyptian mythological creature with lion body and human head)
    • Isis. (famous Egyptian deity and mother of Egyptian god Horus)
    • Bastet. (revered Egyptian goddess of motherhood who took a cat form)
    • Ramses. (famous Egyptian ruler)
    • Pharaoh. (term that means “Egyptian ruler”)

    Female Egyptian Cat Names

    egyptian cat names 4

    Do you want to name your Egyptian cat after her personality or color? This list could be a great resource.

    Remember, females in Egypt often had just as much power as males. That’s a popular fact that many today like about ancient Egyptians.

    Each authentically Egyptian female name is listed with its traditional meaning.

    • Monifa. (“lucky”)
    • Chione. (“daughter of the Nile”)
    • Aisha. (“peaceful”)
    • Ebonee. (the color black)
    • Sarah/Sara. (“princess”)
    • Feme. (“love”)
    • Lapis. (a beautiful blue gemstone favored by the ancient Egyptians)
    • Mandisa. (“sweet”)
    • Safiya. (“pure”)
    • Shani. (“wonderful”)
    • Nenet. (“divine”)
    • Salma. (“peace”)
    • Aya. (“magical angel”)
    • Heba. (“generous gift”)
    • Jomana. (“noble”)
    • Rana. (“beautiful”)
    • Aziza. (“precious”)

    Male Egyptian Cat Names

    In ancient Egypt, names were traditionally reflective of:

    egyptian cat names 5

    • family ties
    • personality traits
    • religious devotion
    • deities
    • birth order
    • other important aspects of the individual’s life.

    Often, much longer names were shortened into nicknames. Just try saying “Tutankhamen” five times fast, and you’ll see why!

    These traditional ancient Egyptian boy names might be a great fit for your new Egyptian cat’s temperament, appearance, or lineage.

    • Kahotep. (“peaceful”)
    • Khalid. (“immortal”)
    • Mkhai. (“fighter”)
    • Nomti. (“strong”)
    • Ammon. (“mystery”)
    • Akil. (“smart”)
    • Masudi. (“merry”)
    • Husani. (“handsome boy”)
    • Kamuzu. (“a healer”)
    • Masud. (“good fortune”)
    • Shakir. (“grateful”)
    • Sefu. (“sword”)
    • Nkosi. (“the law”)
    • Jabari. (“brave”)
    • Mshai. (“the wanderer”)
    • Nephi. (“good son”)
    • Asim. (“protector”)

    Cool Egyptian Cat Names

    There is an enduring myth that Egyptians worshipped cats (and an equally enduring legend that cats never forgot this).

    However, Egyptologists tell us the more accurate version varies. Citizens of this ancient civilization believed that each feline carried a bit of the divine inside them.

    egyptian cat names 3

    Did you know that thousands of research papers have been published on cat behavior and health? No time to read them all? Don’t worry – we’ve done it for you! And picked out the best bits!

    For this reason, they believed keeping company with cats afforded them great protection.

    This likely explains why so many recovered artifacts from this time period are cat-themed and cat-shaped!

    • MerNeith. (famous female Egyptian ruler)
    • Sobekneferu. (famous female Egyptian ruler)
    • Twosret. (famous female Egyptian ruler)
    • Kemet. (another name for Egypt)
    • Manetho. (ancient Egyptian priest)
    • Menes. (early Egyptian ruler)
    • Aten. (Egyptian word that means “sun disk”)
    • Imhotep. (famous ancient Egyptian philosopher)
    • Ptahhotep. (famous ancient Egyptian philosopher)
    • Amenhotep. (famous ancient Egyptian philosopher)
    • Seth. (Osiris’s brother)
    • Horus. (Osiris’s son)
    • Mut. (Egyptian mother goddess)
    • Maimonides. (Egyptian philosopher)
    • Thoth. (Egyptian philosopher)
    • Menhit. (Egyptian goddess of war)
    • Tahemet. (“queenie”)
    • Kyky. (“monkey”)

    Cutest Egyptian Cat Names

    It is rare indeed that the cuteness of cats can be summed up in just one word. But we think these cute Egyptian cat names have a pretty good shot at doing just that!

    • Tabby. (traditional color pattern for all ancient Egyptian cats)
    • Nanu. (“cute”)
    • Nefret. (“stunning”)
    • Lotus. (“flower”)
    • Halima. (“gentle”)
    • Layla. (“night”)
    • Hasina. (“good”)
    • Mandisa. (“sweet”)
    • Mesi. (“water”)
    • Oni. (“wanted”)
    • Sanura. (“kitten”)
    • Umayma. (“little mother”)
    • Urbi. (“princess”)
    • Zahra. (“flower”)
    • Akiki. (“friendly”)
    • Dakarai. (“happy”)
    • Madu. (“of the people”)

    Funny Egyptian Cat Names

    egyptian cat names 2

    Cats may look noble and sophisticated as can be. But, as all cat lovers know, hidden inside every divine feline is a funny, furry comedian. These funny Egyptian cat names might be perfect to describe your cat’s favorite pranks!

    • Kat. (“weight of measure”)
    • Panya. (“mouse”)
    • Adofo. (“fighter”)
    • Chigaru. (“hound”)
    • Gahji. (“hunter”)
    • Kosey. (“lion”)
    • Msamaki. (“fish”)
    • Nkuku. (“rooster”)
    • Oba. (“king”)
    • Sabola. (“pepper”)
    • Bennu. (Egyptian deity of creation, often shown as a falcon)
    • Sepest. (Egyptian god who lives in a tree)
    • Moke. (“sweetened with honey”)
    • Gata. (“cat” in Greek)
    • Mekal. (“fierce devourer”)
    • Ishaq. (“he who laughs”)
    • Ialu. (“field of dreams”)

    Unique Egyptian Cat Names

    These unique Egyptian cat names each give a hint of your kitty’s unique history and lineage.

    Many of these names are elegant and lyrical. Certainly not your average feline name choices!

    • Votive. (Eygptian word for “favor” at the temple of Bastet)
    • Nefertum. (Egyptian goddess of sweet smells)
    • Giza. (city in Egypt where the Sphinx is located)
    • Khafre. (human face on the Sphinx in Giza)
    • King Kufu. (Khafre’s father)
    • Hatshepsut. (Egyptian female ruler)
    • Stela. (stone slab between the paws of the Sphinx)
    • Thutmose. (Egyptian ruler who installed the Stela)
    • Cairo. (modern capital city of Egypt, means “the victorious”)
    • Gezira. (Egyptian island near Cairo)
    • Sinai. (peninsula in Egypt)
    • Nile. (famous river in Egypt)
    • Rosetta. (branch of the Nile)
    • Damietta. (branch of the Nile)
    • Aswan. (famous Nile river dam)
    • Renenutet. (Egyptian goddess, giver of secret birth names)
    • Anippe. (“daughter of the Nile”)

    Tough Egyptian Cat Names

    Being feline in ancient Egypt came with a great deal of power and privilege. A story is told regarding one epic battle with rival Persia. The Persian army painted cats on their shields. They also released a number of cats in front of the Egyptian soldiers.

    The Egyptian soldiers surrendered quickly. They didn’t want to risk offending their beloved cat goddess, Bastet, by inadvertently harming any of the cats!

    We’re not sure whether this story is completely true. But it certainly says a lot about how Egyptians felt about cats!

    These tough Egyptian cat names all take inspiration from ancient Egypt’s own mighty and powerful place in the world’s history.

    • Ra/Re. (Egyptian Sun god)
    • Sekhmet. (“Powerful One,” Ra’s lion-headed daughter)
    • Ptah. (Sekhmet’s husband)
    • Geb. (god of the Earth)
    • Mihos. (lion-headed son of Bastet)
    • Pasht. (another name for Bastet)
    • Ahmenhotet III. (Egyptian ruler who loved cats)
    • Herodotus. (Greek historian who wrote about Egypt’s love of cats)
    • Bubastis. (Egyptian city which housed Bastet’s temple)
    • Mafdet. (earliest recorded feline goddess)
    • Mau. (the divine cat, a name for the Egyptian Sun god Ra)
    • Pakhet. (lioness goddess of war)
    • Aladdin. (famous Egyptian fencing master)
    • Sobek. (crocodile god)
    • Maat. (goddess of justice, order and truth)
    • Wadjet. (cobra goddess)
    • Anhur. (god of hunting and war)

    Fun Facts About Egyptian Cat Names

    Do you know where domestic cats came from? Research suggests from a Near East wild cat. That dates back ten thousand years! This cat was called Felis sylvestris lybica. Biologists are not yet certain who gets top honors for first domesticating this wild cat. Yet the ancient Egyptians are quite likely candidates.

    A few years back, a unique burial site was discovered in what is now the Republic of Cyprus, once under Egyptian rule.

    Inside this 9,500-year-old burial site, archaeologists unearthed two mummies. One human and one cat. From all appearances, the cat was living side-by-side with the human as a pet.

    The Egyptian Mau cat is the proud representative of ancient Egyptian felines today. “Mau” literally means “cat” in the Egyptian language. This is ironically similar to the noise cats make!

    This is a natural cat breed. This means the breed evolved without assistance from humans. This includes without deliberate cross-breeding.

    Congratulations on your new feline family member! We hope you have found lots of inspiration browsing through the curated lists of names in this article.

    When you do select a name for your new kitty, please drop back by to share which name you chose and the story behind it. We love to learn from our readers!

    In Ancient Egypt, cats were considered sacred. The Egyptian word for cats was Mau. Cats were first domesticated and praised for controlling pests and killing snakes. The people of Egypt even had a religion centered around worshiping animals, including cats.

    The goddesses of their religion is a good source of Egyptian cat names. At first, these gods were represented by lionesses. Once Egyptians domesticated cats the images of these gods also changed into cats.

    The cats of Egyptian royalty were dressed in golden jewelry and were allowed to eat from their owners’ plates. Some cats were even found mummified and buried next to their owners. Over 300,000 mummified cats were found when the cat-god Bast’s temple was excavated.

    Goddess Egyptian Cat Names

    • Bastet – (or Bast) represented protection, fertility and motherhood
    • Mihos – lion-headed son of Bastet
    • Sekhmet – warrior lioness goddess
    • Mekal – fierce devourer
    • Pakhet – she who scratches
    • Menhit – Egyptian war goddess

    If you don’t want to use a goddess for your Egyptian cat name, you can go with one of these other great Egyptian names:

    Female Egyptian Cat Names

    • Mau – Egyptian word for cat
    • Aisha – peaceful
    • Akila – intelligent
    • Amunet – goddess of mystery
    • Amenti – goddess of the land of the west
    • Ankhsi
    • Annipe – daughter of the Nile
    • Anukis – goddess of the Nile
    • Aziza – precious
    • Chione – daughter of the nile
    • Cleopatra – famous Egyptian queen
    • Dalila – sweet
    • Ebony – black
    • Femi – lover
    • Hasina – good
    • Hebony – black
    • Isis – motherhood
    • Jamila – beauty
    • Kakra – twin
    • Kamilah – perfect
    • Kanika – black
    • Keket – goddess of darkness
    • Kepi – tempestuous
    • Khepri – morning sun
    • Kissa – sister of twins
    • Kiwu – obese
    • Kosey – word for lion
    • Lapis – blue semi-precious jewel
    • Layla – born at night
    • Lotus – flower
    • Maat – goddess of order & justice
    • Maye – beloved of Amun
    • Monifa – lucky
    • Mosi – born first
    • Nailah – successful
    • Nebit – leopard-like
    • Neema – born to wealthy parents
    • Nefertiti – queen of Egypt
    • Net – divine mother
    • Nile – river in Egypt
    • Nuru – born during the day
    • Oni – wanted
    • Phoenix – mythological bird that rose from the ashes
    • Sabola – prophetess
    • Sagira – little one
    • Sanura – kitten
    • Selma – secure
    • Scarab – beetle & frequent symbol
    • Shani – wonderful woman
    • Tahirah – pristine
    • Tia – Princess during the 19th dynasty
    • Zahra – flower
    • Zalika – wellborn

    Male Egyptian Cat Names

    • Abasi – serious
    • Adio – righteous
    • Adofo – fighter
    • Aker – earth deity that guarded the dead
    • Akil – smart
    • Akins – brave
    • Amenhotep – name of a pharaoh
    • Ammon – mystery
    • Amun – chief of gods & fertility
    • Anubis – afterlife
    • Ata – twin
    • Aten – sun
    • Azibo – Earth
    • Azizi – precious
    • Bomani – warrior
    • Darius – name of a pharaoh
    • Haji – born during the pilgrimage
    • Hamadi – praised
    • Hapi – a god of the Nile
    • Hasani – handsome
    • Horus – sun god
    • Imhotep – peace
    • Jabari – brave
    • Jahi – dignified
    • Kahotep – peaceful
    • Kek – god of darkness
    • Khafra – name of a pharaoh
    • Khalid – immortal
    • Khons – god of the moon
    • Kosey – lion
    • Kufu – one of the pharaohs
    • Lateef – gentle
    • Luxor – temple
    • Mekal – fierce devourer
    • Mkhai – fighter
    • Musa – of the water
    • Mshai – wanderer
    • Nassor – victor
    • Nephi – good son
    • Nomti – strong
    • Oba – king
    • Odion – yellow flower
    • Omari – high born
    • Osiris – lord of life after death
    • Pepi – Egyptian ruler
    • Pharaoh – Egyptian ruler
    • Ptolemy – name of a pharaoh
    • Ra – sun god
    • Ramses – name of multiple pharaohs
    • Sefu – sword
    • Seti – 19th dynasty ruler
    • Sobek – god with body of a man and head of a crocodile
    • Sphinx – lion with a human head
    • Tau – lion
    • Tor – king
    • Tut – pharaoh Tutankamun
    • Umi – life
    • Usi – smoke
    • Zoser – king

    Egyptian Cat Names Inspired by Popular People Names

    These names are among the most popular for young people in Egypt today. For a modern and trendy twist on your cat’s name, this is a great place to start.

    Best Female Cat Names

    1. Sara
    2. Mariam
    3. Rana
    4. Salma
    5. Aya
    6. Jana
    7. Heba
    8. Jomana
    9. Doha
    10. Alaa
    11. Nada
    12. Yasmin
    13. Nour
    14. Farah
    15. Dina
    16. Amirah
    17. Angie
    18. Mayar
    19. Raneem
    20. Amal

    Best Male Cat Names

    1. Ahmed
    2. Mohamed
    3. Omar
    4. Mahmoud
    5. Amr
    6. Muhammad
    7. Mido
    8. Mostafa
    9. Abdelrahman
    10. Karim
    11. Ahmad
    12. Sherif
    13. Abdallah
    14. Mustafa
    15. Ali
    16. Eslam
    17. Youssef
    18. Ayman
    19. Hamada
    20. Miro

    Historical and Descriptive Egyptian Cat Names

    More than 5,000 years of the cultural history of Egypt provides a rich language of names. For your Egyptian Mau, Sphynx cat, or mixed breed, how can you choose between Mekal (fierce devourer) and Pakhet (she who scratches)?

    Female Names Meaning
    Acenath Daughter
    Akila Intelligent
    Amunet Goddess of mystery
    Anat A wife of Seth
    Anippe Daughter of the Nile
    Asenath Daughter
    Astarte A wife of Seth
    Auset Another name for supreme goddess
    Aziza Precious
    Bahiti Fortune
    Bast Warrior goddess of cats
    Bastet Goddess of cats and the home
    Bennu Eagle
    Chione Mythical daughter of the Nile
    Cleopatra A queen of Eygpt
    Dalila Gentle
    Dendera From Dendera
    Ebonique Black
    Ebony Black
    Echidna Mythical monster
    Edjo Another form of Uadjit
    Eshe Life
    Femi Love
    Fukayna Intelligent
    Habibah Loved
    Hafsah Married to the prophet
    Halima Gentle
    Haqikah Honest
    Hasina Good
    Hathor Goddess of destruction
    Hatshepsut Name of a queen
    Hehet Goddess of the immeasurable
    Heqet Frog headed goddess
    Ife Love
    Isis Supreme Goddess
    Jamila Beauty
    Jendayi Thankful
    Kakra A twin
    Kamilah Perfection
    Kanika Black
    Keket Goddess of darkness
    Kesi Born of a troubled father
    Khepri Morning sun
    Kissa Sister of twins
    Lapis Named for the lapis stone
    Layla Born at night
    Lotus Lotus flower
    Maat Goddess of order & justice
    Mafuane Soil
    Maibe Grave
    Mandisa Sweet
    Masika Born during rain
    Meht urt Represented by a cow
    Mert ekert Lover of silence
    Mesi Water
    Meskhenet Destiny
    Monifa Lucky
    Mosi Born first
    Moswen White
    Mukamutara Daughter of Mutara
    Mukantagara Born during war
    Mukarramma Revered
    Muminah Pious
    Mut Mythical mother
    Nabirye Mother of twins
    Naeemah Benevolent
    Nailah Successful
    Nashwa Wonderful feeling
    Nathifa Pure
    Naunet Goddess of the ocean
    Nebt het Nature goddess
    Neema Born to wealthy parents
    Nefertari Name of a queen
    Nefertiti Name of a queen
    Neith The divine mother
    Nekhbet Mythical vulture goddess
    Nephthys Mythical nature goddess
    Net The divine mother
    Nile From the Nile
    Niut Goddess of nothingness
    Nourbese Wonderful
    Nubia From Nubia
    Nuru Born during the day
    Nut Mythical sky goddess
    Ode From the road
    Ojufemi Beloved of the gods
    Olabisi Brings joy
    Olufemi Beloved of the gods
    Omorose Beautiful
    Oni Wanted
    Oseye Happy
    Panya Mouse
    Pili Born second
    Quibilah Peaceful
    Rabiah Born in the spring
    Ramla Predicts the future
    Rashida Righteous
    Raziya Agreeable
    Rehema Compassionate
    Renenet Goddess of fortune
    Sabah Born in the morning
    Sabola Prophetess
    Safiya Pure
    Sagira Little one
    Salihah Agreeable
    Sanura Kitten
    Sekhet Wife of Ptah
    Sekhmet Goddess of destruction and healing
    Selk Another form of “supreme goddess”
    Selma Secure
    Serq Another form of “supreme goddess”
    Shani Wonderful
    Sharifa Respected
    Shukura Grateful
    Siti Lady
    Sslama Peaceful
    Subira Patient
    Suma Ask
    Tabia Talented
    Tahirah Pristine
    Tale Green
    Talibah Seeks knowledge
    Tauret Goddess of pregnant women
    Tefnut Atmospheric moisture
    Thema Queen
    Theoris Great
    Thermuthis Another form of Renenet
    Uadjit Mythical cobra goddess
    Uatchit Another form of Hathor
    Umayma Little mother
    Umm Mother
    Urbi Princess
    Walidah Newly born
    Zahra Flower
    Zalika Wellborn
    Zaliki Wellborn
    Male names Meanings
    Abasi Stern
    Abayomi Brings joy
    Abubakar Noble
    Adio Righteous
    Adofo Fighter
    Akiiki Friendly
    Akil Intelligent
    Akins Brave
    Amenhotep Name of a pharaoh
    Amenophis Name of a pharaoh
    Ammon God of a united Egypt
    Amsi Personification of reproduction
    Amun God of mystery
    Anpu God of the dead
    Anubis God of the dead
    Anzety God of Busiris
    Apis Dead bull thought to be Osiris
    Asim Protector
    Astennu God of the moon
    Aswad Black
    Ata Twin
    Atemu Mythical great god of Annu
    Aten Sun disk
    Azibo Earth
    Azizi Precious
    Babafemi Beloved of his father
    Badru Born during the full moon
    Baniti Teacher
    Bastet A cat
    Bes Brings joy
    Bomani Warrior
    Chafulumisa Fast
    Chatuluka Departs
    Chenzira Born on a journey
    Chibale Kinsman
    Chike Power of God
    Chisisi Secret
    Chuma Wealthy
    Dakarai Happy
    Darius Name of a pharaoh
    Fadil Generous
    Fenuku Born late
    Fenyang Conquers
    Gahiji Hunter
    Geb Mythical earth god
    Gyasi Wonderful
    Haji Born during the pilgrimage
    Hamadi Praised
    Hanbal Pristine
    Hanif Believes
    Hapi A god of the Nile
    Hapu Name of a pharaoh
    Hasani Handsome
    Heru Sun god
    Horus God of the sky
    Husani Handsome
    Ishaq Laughs
    Jabari Brave
    Jafari Creek
    Jahi Dignified
    Jibade Related to royalty
    Jumoke Loved by all
    Kafele Would die for
    Kasiya Departs
    Kazemde Ambassador
    Kek God of darkness
    Khafra Name of a pharaoh
    Khalfani Shall rule
    Khalid Immortal
    Khentimentiu God of the dead’s destiny
    Khons God of the moon
    Khufu Name of a pharaoh
    Kosey Lion
    Lateef Gentle
    Lisimba Lion
    Lukman A prophet
    Luzige Locust
    Menes Name of a king
    Menkaura Name of a pharaoh
    Min God of fertility
    Minkabh Justice
    Month God of Thebes
    Mosegi Tailor
    Mudads Provider
    Musa Of the water
    Musim Believer
    Naeem Benevoent
    Narmer Name of a king
    Nassor Victor
    Neb er tcher God of the universe
    Nuru Born during the day
    Oba King
    Omari High born
    Onuris Brings back the distant one
    Osahar God hears me
    Osiris God of the dead
    Oubastet A cat
    Ptolemy Name of a pharaoh
    Qeb Father of the earth
    Quasshie Born on Sunday
    Ra The sun
    Radames Egyptian hero
    Ramses Begotten by Ra the sun god
    Rashidi Wise
    Re Midday sun
    Rsmses Name of a pharaoh
    Runihura Destroyer
    Saa A nature god
    Sadiki Faithful
    Seb God of the earth
    Sefu Sword
    Sekani Laughs
    Senusnet Name of a pharaoh
    Serapis Another name for Apis
    Sethos Name of a prince
    Shabaka Name of a king
    Tarik Name of a warrior
    Tau Lion
    Tehuti God of earth, sky & sea
    Teremun Loved by his father
    Thabit Strong
    Thoth God of the moon
    Thutmose Name of a pharaoh
    Tor King
    Tum Great god of Annu
    Tumaini Hope
    Umi Life
    Un nefer God of the dead
    Usi Smoke
    Yafeu Bold
    Yahya Given by God
    Zahur A flower
    Ziyad He shall add
    Zuberi Strong


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