Finding A Cat Sitter : Hiring Professional Cat Sitters

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Many pet owners utilize online platforms such as puppy grooming, sitting walking, cat sitter and also its name suggests it is catered towards puppies. But did you know that they also help set you with a cat leash ? So feline fans: no concerns — We can discover the appropriate Cat Sitter position for you! If you are curious to find a cat sitter then you are at the right place.

Locate a Loving Cat Sitter

On the lookout for a person to see your cat or kitty? We’ve got a community of adoring pet sitters that can not wait to meet with you and your feline buddy.

As pet owners ourselves, we realize the pressure placed on both pets and owners if you want to be out of your home. We think it is a lot simpler for cats to stay in the comfort of the house while owners are out working or travelling.

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But, locating a trusted cat sitter to keep your pet safe and happy while you are away is not always simple. PetCareStores can simplify your research and can help you discover the appropriate cat sitter very quickly.

Whether you Want a one time , or routine drop-in visits,

We can help you join with a trusted pet fan that is suitable for your precise requirements.

A fantastic pet sitter will supply your kitty with all the tender love and attention they want when you can not be together and will give you peace of mind knowing that your cat is in great hands.

If you’re on the lookout for this exceptional individual, PetCareStores is here to assist you discover your match. Whoever you opt to employ, make sure to have thoroughly researched their job history with different clients.


Request references and think about doing a background check too. Pet sitters interact closely along with your house and furry kids, which means you wish to be certain that you are earning a person that’s trusted.

But with all this in mind, there are important facts to take into account.

Know What Cat Sitters Services You’re Searching For

When you are sorting through every cat sitter’s profile, then look closely at the professional cat sitting services they supply. Some will remain around to house sit while some prefer to alter the litter boxes, then play with the cats to get a little, then head outside.

Many sitters will observe numerous creatures, but some feel comfortable watching only one. Have you got an older cat that needs medicine? Is the kitty allergic to particular items? All sitters have several kinds of expertise, so make clear about your requirements.

Schedule a Meet and Greet With Cat Sitter


I can not stress this enough — it is very important to the cat along with the sitter to get together nicely, and that means you will want to schedule some time to allow them to visit your home before you consent to their solutions.

We have hand-screened each toaster, therefore they will be respectful at house if they satisfy you for your very first time.

The same as individuals, each cat differs, so they might not enjoy every individual. Your cat needs to sense a link with the sitter, and also vice versa versa.That’s totally alright; After all, cats have been famous to be fickle.

There’ll absolutely be a fantastic fit on the market, and that is why the Meet and Greet is vital.

Does Your research Before Meeting Cat Sitter

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Ensure that you’ve researched all policies so that you realize how it functions. As an instance, each booking is insured by superior insurance and a 24 hour helpline, therefore browse through these specifics.

Carefully navigate every sitter’s profile so you’re on precisely the exact same page regarding the services they supply and the accessibility they’ve.

Some might work throughout the day and may only fall in throughout the day even though some have a more flexible program, so be certain that these are items you are alright with.

If you meet the possible sitter in person, request clarification about anything you are not sure about.

Be Aware Of The Pet Sitter

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The most convinced pet sitter may have queries. They would like you to be pleased with their support and also to enjoy your holiday, but they also wish to feel more comfortable reaching out for you personally.

You need their transition to your house to be eloquent, so be certain that you’ve given them all the information that they’ll need.

Show them the way to socialize with your kitty, in which to place the soiled litter, the way to enter your property, and whatever else which can help them give you their exceptional support.

Compare Prices of Cat Sitters

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Every sitter costs a different quantity. Read numerous profiles and assess out their reviews so you understand what services you are getting for the money. It is totally normal that you meet with over one sitter — it is essential that you weigh your alternatives and pick the individual that’s ideal for you.

The health and security of your kitty is the top priority, and at times it requires more than just one Meet and Greet for one to feel comfy. sitters are specialist, so they will know if you opt not to proceed with their services.

If you follow each these steps, you are going to locate an proper sitter and will break at ease while you’re away.

Employing an Expert Cat Sitter : Everything You Want to Know

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I believe my kitty sitter among the most significant people in my personal life. In the end, she is in control of Allegra and Ruby once I can not be there to take care of them what occupation might be more significant?

I am blessed that my kitty sitter is also a close buddy. My women adore Rita — Allegra likely a bit more compared to Ruby, that occasionally gives Rita a little that “you are not my mother” mindset…

The reassurance I believe, knowing that girls have been at the best hands while I am off, is priceless.

I have been lucky that I have never needed to seek the services of a chilly sitter “cold” My cat sitters have been friends, or have been known to me with a trustworthy friend.

I understand that not everybody is that lucky, and employing a kitty sitter may be an overwhelming job. After all, you may expect this individual not only with your cherished cats, but in addition with your property.

Beware of puppy leash directories and programs

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I have come to be quite concerned lately with all the development of more”pet dander referral” solutions and programs. These solutions prefer to charge themselves as sort of the Uber for cats and dogs.

They are usually launched by technology businesses and investors without a pet care history. They might appear handy — employ a kitty flap together with the click of a few buttons, so cover for those services on the internet, program in a moment’s notice — however, it is not too obvious how they display the sitters within their own network.

After I recently spent a while poking around among these directories, a few of the credentials listed for sitters have been” I’ve always loved dogs and cats.” Can you expect that your cats into some stranger with these qualifications?

Though a number of the services and programs provide insurance, many do not. Professional cat sitters are bonded and insured.

Furthermore, these kinds of directories undercut the prices of professional pet sitters. They are able to charge less often half of everything an expert sitter would cost — because of sheer quantity, and on account of the advertising which frequently affirms their sites.

“A lot of those horror stories of pet sitters which you hear on the information stem from folks using these programs,” states Jill Rose, proprietor of Ally McPets Pet Sitting and Dog Walking at Redondo Beach, CA.

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While she admits that not every encounter with these solutions is adverse, she is concerned that lots of pets will be placed in bad situations on account of the shortage of expertise of their sitters recorded.

“It might only be a neighbor child who wishes to make a couple dollars,” says Jill.

Hire A professional cat sitter

  • Unless you’ve got a reliable friend or relative who will take care of the cats while you’re away from your home, employing an experienced cat sitter is the very best alternative. When Selecting a Realtor, consider the following:
  • What type of experience or training will the sitter have?
  • Can the sitter be in a position to understand and cope with medical emergencies?
  • Can the sitter be in a position to manage timid or aggressive cats?
  • Can she introduce himself in a professional way?
  • Can she own a business license and insurance?
  • Can she pose an agency contract which covers prices?

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  • How long has ever been in operation?
  • Can she’s a back up if something happens to your own?
  • For bigger cat living services: Can your cat constantly observe exactly the identical sitter?
  • Can the kitty sitter have contingency plans for inclement weather or natural disasters?
  • Is your cat sitter educated about basic first aid and basic cat health problems?
  • Is the kitty sitter a cat person? You would be astonished just how many pet sitters are not that great with cats.
  • How can your cat react to this kitty sitter at the very first meeting?
  • How can the cat sitter socialize with your kitty? Among my cat sitters showed up to the first consultation with a peacock feather in 1 hand, and a laser pointer inside her pocket. I understood immediately that she”obtained” cats.
  • Can your cat sitter appear to wish to know as much as possible about your own cats? Including eating habits, sleeping and play habits, health difficulties, character, hiding areas, and much more.
  • Request some “what if” queries. What will your cat sitter do when she could not find your kitty? What could she do when there had been a medical crisis?

Request References

Request to talk to other customers of any one you think about hiring. Do not only rely on reviews on a web site. Ask whether the sitter belongs to some professional associations.

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Membership in a professional business might indicate a greater degree of professional excellence, but remember that many membership organizations do not display for caliber and accept associates only for paying an yearly membership fee.

Locating A Neighborhood Cat Sitter

Pet Sitters International, the world’s top educational organization for professional pet sitters that provides the largest online directory for professional pet sitters.

First meeting with a potential cat sitter

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I think the two main aspects of selecting a cat dander will be the way your cat responds to the sitter in the first meeting, along with your gut feeling concerning the interaction between the sitter and the kitty, and involving you and the sitter.

When there’s a smidgen of a doubt in your head about a possible sitter, continue searching. The ideal man for you and your furry friend is on the market.

Have you got a cat leash you adore? How can you find her or him?

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