Five Dog-themed Games to Play while your Canine Chum is Napping

By Alberto Roy

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It’s no secret that caring for a dog is tiring at times, particularly if you have an energetic pooch on your hands. It’s obviously worth it, though. While your dog is taking a nap or being distracted by a new toy you’ve just snapped up, it’s important to switch off yourself and enjoy an entertainment option or two.

For many people, gaming is their chosen pastime, with dog lovers having a feast of doggy-themed games to get through.

Be it through a powerful console machine or a tablet device, some of the dog-themed games that are available to play today are quite remarkable. Innovation has taken over, resulting in a gaming opportunity that can not only provide fun and entertainment but also offers a realistic gaming adventure with a virtual canine by your side.

Of course, not every game is relatable, but there is generally something for everyone on an extensive selection of prominent modern-day gaming platforms.

If Netflix documentaries and podcasts aren’t really your thing, and you’re keen to open yourself up to the world of gaming, then let’s take a look at some dog-themed games to play while your canine chum is napping. For many dog owners, these products are well worth investing some time and attention to.

Nintendogs is impressively realistic

Kicking things off with an aforementioned realistic release, Nintendogs is a pet simulation product that is accessible on Nintendo gaming devices, such as a DS, and can provide you with a doggy friend to look after.

With gamers caring for a puppy from the offset, this charming release with immaculate graphics represents one of the most pleasurable dog-related gaming adventures you can embark on. Nintendogs has recorded notable success over the years, and it’s easy to see why.

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Dogotchi will remind you of the old Tamagotchi days

Did you, by any chance, grow up with a Tamagotchi? Well, if so, then you’ll definitely take to Dogotchi. Essentially a replica of the classic handheld digital pet that can be housed on your smartphone device, this 8-bit favorite tasks you with looking after a dog in the virtual world. Also containing a variety of mini-games and customizable features, this free mobile game deserves a look.

Dog Heist Shift ‘N’ Win by Booming Games is seriously fun

Another great game in this space is undoubtedly Dog Heist Shift ‘N’ Win by Booming Games, a seriously fun dog-themed product that all takes place during a thrilling heist, with a Dobermann leading a gang of pooches. An action-packed release with catchy music and an all-round wonderful visual experience on offer, this popular game is definitely worth playing if you haven’t come across it before.

Animal Crossing is a much-loved classic

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Available to sample through a variety of gaming devices, although Animal Crossing isn’t strictly canine-themed, you can opt to play along as a dog due to the game’s multitude of animals to choose from.

For dog people, K.K. Slider is certainly the best option, a guitar-playing hound who plays numerous tunes as you aim to expand your animal-filled empire. Animal Crossing is a joy to session; you won’t want to put it down, and it’s hard not to be captivated by the game’s overall premise.

Dog’s Life is well worth tracking down Admittedly, we aren’t too sure where you can find Dog’s Life in the modern world, but this PlayStation 2 favorite is worth exploring if you can manage to get your hands on it. While the story might cause you some distress, it’s all worth it once you save pooches from being turned into cat food. Can you rescue Daisy?

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