22 Cute Goldendoodle Haircuts To Try on Curly-Haired Pets

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Portrait of a Miniature Goldendoodle dog

And all that fur suggests that pet proprietors worldwide have got innovative when styling their valuable puppies. From the timeless puppy cut to the complex lion cut, there is no shortage of methods you can trim your Goldendoodle.

In this short article, we will certainly have a look at a few of the most popular Goldendoodle hairstyles around while also giving you some tips as well as tricks on just how you can maintain your pet dog’s layer looking fashionable and also sensation amazing.

What is a Goldendoodle?

Recognized for their teddy bear-like look and loving individualities, Goldendoodles are a preferred crossbreed.

If you break down their name, you’ll quickly realize that these canines are a cross in between the preferred Golden Retriever as well as the lovable Poodle.

As a result of their hypoallergenic, non-shedding coats, Poodle mix breeds became incredibly popular in the 1990s.

Labradoodles was among the first Poodle goes across that ended up being prominent, created in 1988 by an Australian dog breeder who required a pet dog suitable for blind individuals suffering from allergic reactions.

Since that, many other breeds of Doodles have actually been established to follow the success of the Australian Labradoodle, consisting of the Schnoodle, Bernedoodle, as well as Sheepadoodle. And, of course, the Goldendoodle.

Different coat lengths for Goldendoodle

The coat length of your Goldendoodle will mostly depend upon what generation cross your pet dog is. One of the most typical kinds of Goldendoodle include F1 and F1B dogs.

Two Goldendoodles enjoying on the park
Two F1 Goldendoodles enjoying on the cherry blossoms park – Image source

F1 Goldendoodle dogs are first-generation crosses, suggesting they are the pups of a purebred Poodle and full-blooded Golden Retriever.

The coat of these canines can resemble either of its parents as well as is usually longer as well as much more wavy or shaggy instead of securely curled like the Poodle’s coat.

F1B Goldendoodle resting during its morning walk
A F1B Goldendoodle dog resting during the long walk – Image source

On the other hand, F1B Goldendoodle generation dogs are backcrosses, meaning they have one purebred moms and dad and one crossbreed.

This means that they likely contain extra Poodle genes and also will certainly have the shorter, non-shedding, curly layer of this type.

What are the Most Popular Goldendoodle Cuts?

Goldendoodle hairstyles are available in numerous designs to fit a vast array of characters, way of livings, and also budget plans. Animal owners appreciate explore brand-new hairdos for their pets to make them look a lot more adorable.

See which Goldendoodle haircut is right for you as well as your family pet by exploring the options below. See which Goldendoodle haircut is right for you as well as your family pet by exploring the options below. If you’re not sure which tools to use, you may also want to check out The Dog Clinic’s guide to Goldendoodle brushes to ensure you’re grooming your dog with the right type of brush.

1. Goldendoodle Haircuts Teddy Bear Cut

A Goldendoodle with teddy bear cut
A Goldendoodle got a teddy bear cut in a grooming salon – Image source

The teddy bear cut is just one of one of the most preferred as well as cutest cuts you can provide your Goldendoodle. With this cut, your dog will have rounded functions, such as spherical ears, rounded cheeks, and also even rounded paws.

This gives your Goldendoodle an incredibly cuddly, cosy look.

The coat with this haircut is usually 0.5 to 2 inches in length yet can have somewhat longer areas around the legs or upper body that get to 3 or 6 inches long.

While super charming, this cut is fairly high upkeep and also needs rather a knowledgeable groomer to correctly implement as a lot of hand scissor job is needed, which can additionally mean that it’s costly.

You likewise need to comb your animal daily and also take him to the groomer regular monthly to preserve his charming appearance.

2. Goldendoodle Haircuts Puppy Cut

Newly haircut Goldendoodle with puppy cut style
Young Goldendoodle got his first puppy haircut – Image source

For several, the puppy cut simply means reducing your Goldendoodle canine’s hair the very same length throughout, maintaining your canine short, clean, as well as without floor coverings.

This is also the sort of cut you may try yourself. But for others, this cut is especially created to make your dog look like a pup.

For others still, the puppy cut just refers to the first cut your canine gets as well as is more of a trim, bathe, blow-dry, and brush just to get your pet utilized to the grooming experience.

3. Goldendoodle Haircuts Poodle Cut

F1B Goldendoodle got a poodle haircut
An F1B Goldendoodle being proud of her poodle haircut – Image source

If your Goldendoodle has the thick curly hair of his Poodle parent, after that this might be an excellent cut for your pet dog. Like a common Poodle cut, this version includes brief hair on the face and also body with fluffy legs and also a fluffy tail.

This cut does need a fair bit of upkeep however is a posh, traditional style that looks fantastic on curly pets.

4. Goldendoodle Haircuts Kennel Cut (Summer Cut)

A Mini Goldendoodle having a summer haircut
A Mini Goldendoodle having a summer haircut ready for a walk – Image source

Goldendoodles that stay in hot climates are well matched to the Kennel Clip because it permits most of the dense, cozy hair to be removed. That is why this cut is also known as the Summer Cut.

With this hairstyle, the coat is shortened all over yet has a little extra size ahead as well as around the tail. This is perfect for very energetic pets and needs little maintenance.

The kennel cut is fairly prominent amongst Conventional Poodles and is additionally preferred by Goldendoodle proprietors.

5. Goldendoodle Haircuts Lamb Cut

Goldendoodle wearing bandana in a grooming salon
A Goldendoodle with bandana embracing his new lamb cut style – Image source

The modern-day is an easy cut to achieve if you intend to cut your Goldendoodle canine yourself and is rather reduced maintenance to maintain.

The lamb cut features a smooth, spherical style without corners or sharp edges. Pet dogs of various other breeds may likewise have this style.

6. Goldendoodle Haircuts Lion Cut

A Goldendoodle with a lion haircut
Meet Simba, a Goldendoodle with a lion hairstyle – Image source

The Lion Cut, likewise referred to as the Continental Clip where Poodles are worried, is one of the American Kennel Club’s (AKC) accepted hairstyles for showing this breed.

The lion cut is indicated to make your Goldendoodle pet dog look like a lion with shaved legs, shoulders, as well as tail yet with a fluffy head, breast and also stomach.

The backside is likewise fluffy, as well as there are in some cases cosy rounds on the feet and also tail, but the dog’s muzzle is cut.

This is a very high upkeep style that takes a lot of skill to accomplish and also day-to-day cleaning to maintain.

7. Goldendoodle Haircuts Mohawk Cut

A Goldendoodle with a mohawk looks
A cool Goldendoodle dog with his mohawk haircut – Image source

If your pet is a genuine rocker, then you may consider the mohawk cut for your Goldendoodle pet.

As the name recommends, the mohawk cut leaves your pet dog with a cosy mohawk that generally runs the whole length of the back, starting from the top of their head.

The rest of their layer would certainly be shortened in the kennel cut discussed over.

You can have a lot of enjoyable with the length as well as density of the mohawk part of this cut. And also some bold pet owners also decide to die the mohawk some bright colors to make their animal stand apart from the crowd.

8. Goldendoodle Haircuts Dino Cut

A Goldendoodle with a dino cut
A Goldendoodle curious about his looks with a dino haircut – Image source

One more fun cut, the dino cut, allows you to change your Goldendoodle right into a dinosaur.

The thick coat of the Goldendoodle permits some one-of-a-kind shaping, and also with this cut, your groomer would certainly almost cut your pet dog in the kennel cut while maintaining tiny blocks of hair down their back to resemble Stegosaurus.

It’s not a normal cut, so it calls for a groomer that is up for the obstacle to perform this cut, and also it needs upkeep to maintain.

However if you want to do this cut for a certain day like Halloween, you can merely trim the blocks down after the occasion, as well as you’ll have the typical Goldendoodle kennel cut.

9. Goldendoodle Haircuts Full Shave

A Goldendoodle in full shave
A Goldendoodle with full shave hairstyle – Image source

The complete shave is specifically what the name suggests, a full cut from head to tail. This is not a remarkably fashionable cut yet might be essential for various factors.

These could include sending your Goldendoodle pet in for a big procedure, doing away with extreme mats, or aiding your pet endure the boiling summertime warm.

This is an extremely low-maintenance option for animal proprietors who do not have time for daily cleaning and also grooming.

10. Goldendoodle Haircuts Medium Length Cut

A Goldendoodle with medium length haircut
A Goldendoodle look fabulous with the medium length haircut – Image source

The medium-length cut is perfect for Goldendoodle proprietors who want a layer that is not too long that it needs a great deal of upkeep but not so short that their pet dog does not have any kind of design.

With the medium-length cut, you have the alternative to design your pooch when you desire or leave it shaggy as well as all-natural to show off those gorgeous gold locks.

What are the Other Goldendoodle Haircut Ideas?

When taking a look at your Goldendoodle, you may opt for a haircut that highlights among its particularly cute features.

Possibly you’ll decide to showcase those drooping ears, maybe you wish to make the tail a highlight, or you want your pet’s satisfied face to be the centerpiece of a cut.

Below are some methods you might select to focus on your dog’s unique attributes.

11. Goldendoodle Haircuts Clean Face Cut

A Goldendoodle with clean face cut
He is Finnley, an adorable Goldendoodle with a clean face cut – Image source

Goldendoodles usually have thick, bumpy, or curly hair, which can get fairly messy when they eat, drink, or hound in the dust.

If you favor to maintain your dog’s face tidy, then you can go with this cut which would certainly keep the hair around the cheeks as well as muzzle to around one inch.

12. Goldendoodle Haircuts Round Face Cut

A Mini Goldendoodle with round face haircut
A 7-month-old Mini Goldendoodle with a round face haircut – Image source

Goldendoodles have super-cute faces, as well as the rounded face cut emphasizes this cute shape a lot more.

This haircut includes trimming the hair on the face and also ears to the same size throughout, giving your dog a really rounded appearance. This design is often coupled with the teddy bear cut.

13. Goldendoodle Haircuts Top Knot

A happy Goldendoodle with top knot haircut
A Goldendoodle loves his new top knot hairstyle – Image source

Have a top knot on your own and want your Goldendoodle to match? To develop this design, you would trim the hair around the face shorter, leaving a cosy part on the head to resemble your pet dog has a leading knot.

You can even include vivid clips or a hairband to design the appearance.

14. Goldendoodle Haircuts Clipped Ears

A Goldendoodle with clipped ears hairstyle
A good looking Goldendoodle dog with his clipped ears hairstyle – Image source

Clipping your Goldendoodle’s ears implies utilizing a blade or clipper to cut the hair extremely short on the ears. This will assist keep their hair in control and protect against any tangles or floor coverings from creating.

The cut will certainly flaunt your canine’s drooping ears while still keeping them neat.

15. Goldendoodle Haircuts Full Ears

Standard Goldendoodle with full ears hairstyle
A Standard Goldendoodle with full ears hairstyle – Image source

If you don’t such as the look of clipped ears, you might rather choose to leave your dog’s ears long and also cosy.

You can include some style to your Goldendoodle canine’s fuller ears by adding layers or supplying a straight or rounded edge to the bottom of the ears. This appearance can help form your pet dog’s cute face.

16. Goldendoodle Haircuts Bell Bottom Cut

A Goldendoodle puppy got a bell bottom haircut
A Goldendoodle puppy got a bell bottom haircut – Image source

The bell base reduced makes it appear like your Goldendoodle is wearing bellbottoms. Right here the top of the legs is cut short while the bottom functions long flared hair.

While this appearance can look amazing, it is rather difficult to maintain, particularly if your Goldendoodle enjoys swimming or running in the mud.

17. Goldendoodle Haircuts Round Feet

A Goldendoodle sitting on the grass with round feet haircut
A fresh round feet haircut Goldendoodle sitting on the grass – Image source

Trimming your Goldendoodle to have rounded feet can make him resemble he is putting on cosy boots. To develop this look, your pet’s feet need to be neatly scissored to make them rounded and also fluffy. The nails must remain concealed.

18. Goldendoodle Haircuts Pom Poms

Returning their Poodle heritage, pom poms look extremely adorable on Goldendoodles. Pom poms are best added the tail or the ankles, with the rest of the leg as well as the feet clean-shaven.

19. Goldendoodle Haircuts Beveled Feet

A Mini Goldendoodle with beveled feet cut
A Mini Goldendoodle with beveled feet cut ready for swimming – Image source

Beveled feet give your Goldendoodle a cool look, with the legs looking like one clean, solid column. With this look, the size of the hair on the feet must exactly match the size of hair on the leg.

The ends of the feed must be rounded while hiding the nails.

20. Goldendoodle Haircuts Clean Feet

A Goldendoodle with mohawk and clean feet hairstyle
A black Goldendoodle dog having a mohawk and clean feet haircut – Image source

Very active Goldendoodles can benefit from having clean feet. With this look, the hair is cut short all around the feet, including the ankle and the nails. This is a classic look that is often combined with the puppy or lamb cut.

21. Goldendoodle Haircuts Plume Tail Cut

Gorgeous Goldendoodle with plumed tail haircut
Gorgeous Goldendoodle with her new plumed tail haircut – Image source

The plume tail cut shows off your Goldendoodle’s normally fluffy tail. This haircut does not take much effort; you merely need to allow your pet’s tail hair expand out normally right up to the base.

You can after that clean it to develop a lovely plume. Cutting your dog short on the remainder of his body will help to highlight his lovely tail.

22. Goldendoodle Haircuts Flag Tail Cut

A Goldendoodle flag tail haircut
A Goldendoodle with new flag tail haircut ready to go outdoor – Image source

This hairstyle is designed to make your Goldendoodle pet’s tail appear like a flag. To accomplish this cut, you need to keep the base of the tail cut brief and the rest of the tail hair long, tapering it to the suggestion.

How to Cut Goldendoodle Face Hair?

A messy Goldendoodle hair needs haircut
A messy Goldendoodle hair needs a haircut – Image source

The hair on the face of your Goldendoodle will grow fast and can be found hanging around the eyes or in their feet which is why you might be tempted to trim it just before your dog goes to the groomer.

The first step is to open the eyes with the blunt tip of scissors. Then, you need to trim your hair in a triangular form with care.

Then, gently brush your Goldendoodle’s beard with an iron comb. You can also use sharp-tipped scissors to cut the hair that is on your cheeks in an oval shape.

The next step is to brush the top of the dog’s headwith your scissors to cut the area. You can also have fun playing around with the shape.

Then, you’ll want to twirl your ears and trim any excess hair at the lower part of the ear and be extra cautious not to cut your ears.

To check if the ears are in line, draw both ears in a gentle manner toward your nose to measure their length.

Frequently Asked Questions about Goldendoodle Haircuts

New haircut Goldendoodle in a grooming salon
A Goldendoodle in a grooming salon for haircut – Image source

Do Goldendoodles need haircuts?

If you’re Goldendoodle is curly as characteristic of this Poodle breed, then they won’t shed much, or perhaps not at all.

Let these coats get longer naturally. And they may tangle, or create mats or dreadlocks, which could be uncomfortable and even painful for your dog.

The coat’s thickness can be quite sweaty for dogs, as if they were wearing a thick jacket all day. This is why Goldendoodles need to be groomed on a regular basis to keep their coats in good shape and healthy.

Is it okay to shave a Goldendoodle?

It is possible to trim your Goldendoodle often, particularly in areas that are warm or you need to contend with mats or knots.

Although it’s not recommended to frequently shave your dog’s coat under 0.5 inches because this can damage the natural oils present in the coat of your dog, Goldendoodles do not have an overcoat, and so shaving them occasionally shouldn’t harm their skin or coat for long periods of time.

When should a Goldendoodle puppy get its first haircut?

If you’re Goldendoodle puppy is around 16 weeks or 4 months old This is the perfect time to get him his first haircut.

At this point you Goldendoodle puppy has had all of his vaccinations and will not be at risk of contracting illnesses from dogs in the dog park.

In the meantime, you could expose your dog to grooming prior to it by bathing them and regularly brushing.

It is also important not to be too patient before going on a grooming appointment for the very first time since older dogs could get more anxious after being introduced to new situations.

How much does it cost to groom a Goldendoodle?

Professional groomers for dogs will cost between $40-$80. Because Goldendoodles are generally very large breeds, they are usually priced more than the upper end of the spectrum.

Instead of going to the salon, you can choose an online or at-home grooming service that will come to you, though they tend to be more costly.

If you’re comfortable enough with self-grooming your pet, you could locate a place that permits the grooming of your dog. you’ll pay a cost in the range of between $11 to $23 to use the facility and their equipment.

What happens if you don’t groom a Goldendoodle?

Pets who are neglected can be left with a Goldendoodle with matted or corded coat that could be painful as well and uncomfortable.

It is essential to brush the skin of your dog to keep this matt from happening. When matts and cords start to grow, they may be difficult to get rid of and you might have shaving your dog in order to remove the matts and cords.

Taking Care of your Goldendoodle’s Gorgeous Coat

Newly groomed Mini Goldendoodle
Newly groomed Mini Goldendoodle dog – Image source

Goldendoodles need to be groomed every two months. they should also be brushed daily especially of the longer and fluffier areas of their coats.

If you are introducing brushes to the Goldendoodle puppy, ensure to take it slow, so that he is familiar with the device and process and you don’t want to get into a constant fight against your puppy.

It is possible to offer him treats while brushing so that he perceives the brushing experience as positive.

The Right Dog Grooming Tools and Kits for the Best Goldendoodle Hairstyles

If you plan on grooming your Goldendoodle at home, you will need the right grooming tools such as a pair of thinning shears, blunt-tipped scissors, and quality clippers.

Beveled-edged shears will help you cut through the tough and curly coat of a Goldendoodle, while a finishing shear with a convex edge is necessary for fine detail work.

If you’re unsure about grooming your dog at home, go to a professional groomer who you know will do a proper job.

How Can I find the Best Goldendoodle Groomer in My Area?

Beautiful Goldendoodle loves the new haircut
Beautiful Goldendoodle after the new haircut – Image source

The Goldendoodle coat needs a certain amount of expertise and knowledge from the groomer. So, search for someone who has previous years of experience grooming breeds of doodle.

Professional groomers should not groom multiple dogs at one time or make use of drugs to keep their dogs quiet.

You could also request a groomer to give you suggestions on how to keep your dog’s coat and also how you can groom your dog to appear at its most attractive.

What should I tell my Goldendoodle groomer?

The Goldendoodle groomer will need to know the type of hairstyle you would like for your dog as well as how long your hair should be on the feet and face.

The dog owner should also be aware of any health issues your dog is suffering from which they should be aware of or if they have any bumps or skin issues.

Which Goldendoodle Haircut is the Best?

Goldendoodle hairstyles are a great method to display the personality of both you and your pet.

If you’re not afraid to put into some work and maintenance to maintain your dog, the lion cut could ensure that your dog stands out among the rest or go for something distinctive by cutting a mohawk.

The standard cut of a teddy bear can enhance you Goldendoodle even more cute.

If you’re not your thing, then you could choose a shorter cut in the kennel or choose a full shaving. In the end, the options are limitless!

Do you love dogs? How would you trim your goldendoodle? Tell us via the comment section below.

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