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Great Dane Bull Mastiff Mix (Bull Daniffs)

The Great Dane Bull Mastiff Mix a.k.a bull daniffs are a well-known designer dog breeds that come from a purebred bullmastiff mingled with an Great Dane.

Great Dane Bull Mastiffs is results of crossing two large working breeds. They aren’t your typical hybrid. These huge dogs are wonderful family pets, as they have a home that is large enough to accommodate their massive bodies.

The Great dane bull mastiff Mix Overview

Height:25-34 inches
Weight:105-200 pounds
Lifespan:12-15 years
Colors:Brindle, fawn, piebald, grey, chestnut, black, white, tricolored, patchwork
Suitable for:Active families, households looking for a reliable watchdog, spacious homes, experience dog owners looking for a large dog
Temperament:Confident, affectionate, protective, reserved, calm (as an adult)


Bull Daniffs are a breed of dog. Bull Daniffs are renowned for their close connections with their families, as well as being cautious with strangers. This makes them perfect for families who are looking for pets and guardians for their pet. Although they can appear to be serious for some however, bull mastiffs have a playful side which can delight anyone.

Let’s have a look at these huge Great dane bull mastiff hybrids:

Daniff, Mastidane

great dane bull mastiff mix 1

It is the Bull Daniff is a designer breed that is made up of two purebreds: The Bullmastiff as well as the Great Dane. It is believed that the Bull Daniff will be a huge to gigantic dog. Its coat is short and shed is moderate.

It is recommended to brush your hair every week to eliminate dead hair as well as to keep the coat looking shining. He’ll be at a moderate energy levels, but because of his size and weight, it is necessary to go outdoors more than one time per day.

A Bull Daniff is an sweet and loyal companion that would be a perfect fit to homes with a lot of space and an enclosed outdoor space that allows him to move around. The owners of this hybrid claim that he is soft, but requires an experienced and consistent handler in order for him to perform at his most effective.

Bull Daniff Breed History

It is believed that the Bull Daniff is a new breed that has very little background information. There is a belief that the breed is a designer breed that originated from the United States and was recognized by the International Designer Canine Registry in 2009. Both the Bullmastiff as well as the Great Dane can be traced to the beginning of time.

It is believed that the Bullmastiff is a breed that works that was developed from Britain during the 18th century. Gamekeepers crossed their dogs Mastiff along with Bulldog to help Bulldog in order to keep away poachers.

great dane bull mastiff mix 2

Gamekeepers’ job is to look after the animals and birds that were on the estate, and were kept to hunt. The Bullmastiff is referred to for its role as “Gamekeeper’s Night dog”.

The Bullmastiff was quick and large, and it could run off and capture an animal until the gamekeeper appeared. The Bullmastiff were brought into the United States in the 1920s by the oil billionaire John D. Rockefeller. The dogs were employed to protect his country estate.

Sylvester Stallone used his beloved Bullmastiff, Butkus in the Rocky film. Other famous names who been a part of the Bullmastiff includes Bob Dylan, Jon Bon Jovi, Christina Aguilera and Marlon Brando. The Bullmastiff comes from an ancestral lineage of around 60 60% Mastiff and 40 percent Bulldog.

The American Kennel Club recognized the Bullmastiff in 1934. It is known that there are Egyptian artifacts that depict illustrations of big dogs that resemble that of the Great Dane dating back to 3000 B.C. There are as well Chinese writings that speak of the Great Dane in 1121 B.C. The theory is the Assyrians sold the dog with the Greeks as well as the Romans.

The dogs were likely breed to the English Mastiff as well as an Irish Wolfhound. The 16th century was the time when the Great Dane was bred in Germany to hunt wild boars. They were referred to as “Boar Hounds”. The breed was also used by German nobles as companions and guard dogs.

The Great Dane became the National dog of Germany in 1876. Great Danes arrived in America in the United States starting in the mid-1800s. They were recognized by the American Kennel Club recognized the Great Dane in 1887. In World War II, a bomb fell through the roof of an British residence.

great dane bull mastiff mix 3

Inside was the body of a Great Dane by the name of Juliana. Juliana was able to urinate around the explosive, and this dispersed the explosive. Juliana was awarded an Blue Cross medal for her “brave” actions. Juliana was awarded a second medal after she alerted her patrons of the possibility of an fire in their shoe store.

Three of them are beloved Great Dane cartoon dogs Scooby Doo, Marmaduke and Astro Jetson. Great Danes have been able to make them into numerous celebrities’ residences, such as Marilyn Monroe, Greg Louganis, Cameron Diaz, Adam West and Jayne Mansfield.

Bull Daniff Breed Appearance

A Bull Daniff will have a mixture of physical traits that are reminiscent that are similar to the Bullmastiff as well as the Great Dane. Certain Bull Daniffs could have more traits of the Bullmastiff while others inherit more Great Dane characteristics.

A lot of Bull Daniff hybrids will look like a larger and rounder Great Dane. They are powerful and robust body. In general, the Bull Daniff has a large head, with big ears that are floppy. Their expression on their face is noble and affectionate.

The Bull Daniff has large deep jaws and can be seen drooling. The most popular colors of Bull Daniff Bull Daniff are black & white and gray, light brown, gold and the tan. There are also brindle or merle coats, or even spotted coats.

Bull Daniff Breed Maintenance

It is the Bull Daniff has a short coat that requires minimal maintenance. A weekly brushing session can help eliminate dead hair. The skin folds should be kept dry and clean to avoid the development an infection caused by yeast or bacteria within the pores.

great dane bull mastiff mix 4

If he is walking in the rain or taken for bathing, he should be gently and thoroughly dried off. The ears of the dog should be examined every week and cleaned with an ear wash if there is dirt and other debris are found. To avoid gingivitis and tartar The teeth of the patient must be cleaned using the canine toothpaste at least once each week.

His nails could need to be cut every month. It is recommended that nails are trimmed frequently when he is puppies, to ensure that he can get used to the routine. The sheer size of his body can make grooming more of a chore than a bonding moment which is why regularity with grooming is important.

Bull Daniff Temperament

The Bull Daniff will display the personality and behavior of both of his parents. Even within the same litter, there are a variety of personality traits.

The general consensus is that this breed is extremely intelligent reliable, confident and loyal. It is crucial to ensure that the Bull Daniff puppy is socialized in the early years of its life.

The Bull Daniff may be suspicious of strangers , but not always aggressive. The Bullmastiff and Great Dane traits will make him an excellent watchdog. Although they’re huge They are also very gentle, easy to handle and affectionate dogs.

The Bull Daniff is a lover of children. Because of their size, they require supervision when playing with children.

In the event of being exposed to animal from a young age the Bull Daniff is likely to be a loving and protective pet towards other pets living in the house.

Because of his eagerness in order to satisfy his pet’s owner,, training isn’t difficult. He could have separation anxiety when allowed to remain for long durations of time.

Bull Daniff Activity Requirements

The Bull Daniff is sure to enjoy long walks every day; they are essential for a dog this size. They also love playing fetch and running around the yard that is fenced. Also the Bull Daniff might like visiting an animal park. It is a good way for him to be used to new people.

great dane bull mastiff mix 5

Positive experiences with other people can help him gain confidence. It is important to limit play in high temperatures. The levels of energy are higher as young, however because the breed is large and is growing rapidly, it is crucial for him to not overdo things that cause stress to joints and bones.

How much does Great dane bull Daniffs puppies cost?

The Purebred Bullmastiff puppies vary in price, generally between $1,000 to $2,000. Due to the bloodlines and high-end pedigrees Some Bullmastiff puppies are sold for more than $6,000.

Purebred Great Dane puppies are about the same, and typically have a cost of $600-$3,000. The factors like show ring or companion lineage dramatically alter the cost for Great Dane puppies.

Bull Daniffs aren’t purebred dogs, however their reputation as a dog breed with a design has created a market for these breeds. Based on the physical and size it is possible to spend between $400 and $1,200 for the Bull Daniff puppy.

Three little things you need to known about Bull Daniffs

1.Bull Daniffs can weigh over 150 pounds

Bull Daniffs come from a large breed, and are a massive breed, therefore it is important to be mentioned this fact. Bull Daniffs can easily weigh up to 150 pounds in average.

If you’re planning to buy this breed be sure that you have enough space for the dogs. They may appear to be to be quiet enough for apartment living however their size can make living in an apartment nearly impossible.

2.Bull Daniffs are surprisingly gentle

great dane bull mastiff mix 6

Although some of the well-known large and medium-sized breeds of dogs struggle to understand their own power Bull Daniffs are extremely soft. These hybrids, along with their purebred parent breeds, make great dogs for kids at all ages, due to their quiet nature.

3. Bull Daniffs can be stubborn.

Bull Daniffs are famous for their extremely affectionate and loving watchdogs however, they also possess an uncontrollable nature that can be challenging for novice pet owners.

Bull Daniffs Temperament & Intelligence

The Crossbreeds breeds can be difficult to determine regarding the temperament and intelligence.

So, it’s difficult to know what you can be expecting of the Bull Daniffs puppy. Before we examine how the bull Mastiff personality and the intelligence of its breed Let’s glance at the bullmastiff as well as the Great Dane.

About The Bull Mastiff

Bullmastiffs are huge guard dogs, renowned for their calm, reserved manner of living and their keen attention to. While they are wild when they are young, Bullmastiffs calm down into more mature dogs when they grow older.

The large dogs are affectionate and affectionate couch potatoes who enjoy spending time with their families however, they require a strong guide to avoid the pitfalls of stubbornness and other behavioral issues.

Socialization at an early age is crucial for these breeds since their protective instincts will grow stronger. This is why it is crucial to educate them on how to be courteous with strangers.

Bull Mastiff
Bull Mastiff

Great Danes are adored for their sociable temperament and are often described in the form of “gentle giants” because of their gentle manners. They are a lot of fun and loving which is the reason they are so popular as pets.

Great Danes are instinctively inclined to safeguard their homes However, they aren’t very aggressive in their defense.

They are intelligent and discern obedience quickly, however Danes tend to be stubborn when they are pushed to the limit.

Like other breeds of dogs, early socialization is crucial to establish appropriate boundaries with people and animals.

If we look at Great Danes as well as bullmastiffs it is safe to affirm that the majority of bull Daniffs are natural protectors and loving pets for the family.

They need a strong leader who can handle insecurity, however they’re serene and kind. Apart from testing their position within the family They are also loyal dogs who demand their family’s focus.

The Great Dane & Bull Mastiff Comparison Chart

Great Dane
English Mastiff
30 – 32 inches (M)
28 – 30 inches (F)
30+ inches (M)
27+ inches (F)
140 – 175 pounds (M)
110-140 pounds (F)
150-230 pounds (M)
120-170 pounds (F)
Friendly, Patient, Dependable
Sweet Natured, Loving, Docile
Low Energy
7-10 years
6-10 years
All you need to know about The Great dane bull mastiff Mix (Bull Daniffs)
The Parents breed of Bull Daniff. Left: Great Dane, Right: Bull Mastiff

Are bull Daniffs dogs good for families?

Yes. Despite their huge size and serious looks they have an element of play that makes them suitable to families that have children.

While they do not require long hours of physical activity, Bull Mastiff enjoy watching from a distance in order to “supervise” kids. The main issue could be that they could be too protective of children, particularly when they are with strangers.

Does Great dane bull mastiff Mix breed get along with other pets?

Yes. Great Danes, as well as Mastiffs are not considered for their strong prey drive This is also the case of the majority of regular Bull Mastiff breeds.

If all pet owners are introduced properly to one another, your Bull Mastiff puppy should adjust to his new siblings and brothers quite quickly and efficiently.

Things you should know if you own a Bull Daniff

Food and dietary requirements for the Great dane bull Mastiff Mix

Bull Daniffs are susceptible to obesity and weight issues. So, it’s important to select a diet which is rich in fiber.

We suggest a high-quality dry food that is designed specifically especially for breeds with large sizes. It is crucial to include enough fiber in your diet to help with digestion. Before you begin any new dog or diet food, talk to your vet first.


Both Bullmastiffs and Great Danes are both known for their lack of exercise. Bull Daniffs are big dogs that require regular exercise to prevent weight growth and other health issues However, they aren’t so active like other large breeds.

great dane bull mastiff mix 7

They should take at least two long walks per day, and a time to run around with a leash. It is crucial not to over-train Bull Daniff puppies since the bones of these puppies are growing.

Because Great Danes are adept in tracking and spotting, your Bull Daniff could be born with this skill. Tracking can be a great and enjoyable activity for your puppy and Bull Daniffs in particular that need to boost their confidence.

Think about putting together an enjoyable scavenger hunt with your dog that is excellent for exercising and sharpens your dog’s mental abilities.


Bull Daniffs thrive under a calm leader and a positive, food-based training and, in particular, Daniffs with more Bullmastiff characteristics. They are sensitive and can resist any commands when they feel they are being teasing.

So, it’s important to be patient and consistent with every method of training. Instability can become a major issue if it is not addressed however, patience and consistent training are essential for successfully training huge dogs.

Both breeds need regular training and socialization take a look at a group-based puppy class. It will not only teach you and your dog the fundamentals and teaches your puppy the chance to socialize with other dogs.

If you’re still struggling in your battle with the Bull Daniff Professional dog trainers will help you conquer the dog’s behavior, training or issues.

great dane bull mastiff mix 2


Bull Daniffs have short coats which shed moderately. Therefore, a thorough brushing every week will help lessen the shedding. We suggest a curry comb for removing hair and dirt and massage the coat and skin. Their coats, however, are easy to maintain and combing doesn’t take long.

Both Bullmastiffs as well as Daniffs can be prone to skin irritation, so it’s crucial not to bathe them frequently.

If your dog’s Bull Daniff appears to be losing hair because of excessive shed consult your veterinarian and keep an eye out for any other areas.

Health and Conditions

It’s hard to predict what your puppy could be facing later on in his life even for purebred dogs. One way to find out the issues you could be facing is to study the parents of your puppy’s and their health problems and the bloodline to find out which other dogs in the same bloodline suffer from.

Another method of preparing is to study the common health problems that affect both Bullmastiffs and Great Danes. But this doesn’t assure you that the dog will develop the same problems.

Common Health problems of Bullmastiffs:

  • Bloat
  • Obesity
  • Cancer
  • Hip Dysplasia
  • Elbow Dysplasia
  • Subaortic Stenosis
  • Chronic dry skin
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Entropion

There are certain conditions in are common to both Great Danes and Bullmastiffs suffer from. So, it’s not unusual that your Bull Danie could be suffering from similar things. Disorders like hip dysplasia and bloat are prevalent in both breeds, and especially due to their size.

great dane bull mastiff mix 3

Other ailments that the Bull Daniff might inherit include the numerous eye and skin issues of both breeds and hypothyroidism. While many of these issues are mildly serious, it’s impossible to know the extent to which your dog has been a victim of them.

The Great Dane Bull Mastiff – Male vs. female

The choice between females and males should be a choice that is personal to you However, it is beneficial to be aware that male Bullmastiffs as well as male Great Danes are a significant distinction in females and males.

Apart from the differences in size, deciding on the male or female Bull Daniff is an individual choice which should be discussed with the entire group concerned.

Final Reflections:

Bull Daniffs aren’t the most imposing dogs, but they’re extremely affectionate and loving protectors of their family members.

They are massive hybrids that enjoy constant love and attention, which makes them ideal to families that are often at home.

It’s crucial to remember the fact that, at 150lbs the dogs are able to easily top the scale, and therefore require plenty of room to move their legs.

Although their size is an issue to some people, they do not have the same requirements for training than other breeds.

If you’re in search of an equivocal, calm guard dog, but as gentle and secure with children The Bull Daniff will not disappoint.

Great Dane Bull mastiff Mix


How big can a Great Dane Mastiff Mix get?

The Great Danes and English Mastiffs are both massive breeds, and you could be able to expect a big adult dog. The majority of Danifs have a height of between 28 and 32 inches in height, and their weight can range from 115 pounds up to 190 pounds dependent on the gender of the puppy as well as the size of their parents.


[sc_fs_multi_faq headline-0=”h3″ question-0=”How big does a Great Dane mastiff mix get?” answer-0=”Both Great Danes and English Mastiffs are gigantic breeds, so you can presume to have a precise large adult dog. Most Daniffs range in height from 27 to 33 inches and can weigh in wherever from 115 pounds to about 190 pounds, depending on the masculinity of the pup and the sizes of the parents.” image-0=”” headline-1=”h3″ question-1=”What is a Great Dane and Bullmastiff mix?” answer-1=”The Bull Daniff is a designer breed collected of two purebreds, the Bullmastiff and the Great Dane. The Bull Daniff will be a great to enormous dog. His coat will be short and shedding will be reasonable. Brushing can be through weekly to eradicate dead hair and to retain his coat shiny.” image-1=”” headline-2=”h3″ question-2=”Are Daniffs aggressive?” answer-2=”These dogs are doubting of strangers until they are convinced that the novel people can be trusted, but they are not aggressive. They will cause a rumpus and frighten intruders away, but are never so aggressive as to be truthfully dangerous. That is a precise significant trait to have in a family dog will be around children.” image-2=”” headline-3=”h3″ question-3=”Are mastiffs bigger than Great Danes?” answer-3=”In their external advent, both the Great Dane and the English Mastiff are among the chief breeds on the planet with the English Mastiff being the worlds heftiest dog breed and the Great Dane being the loftiest. Of course the English Mastiff is far bulkier than the slim and sporty Great Dane.” image-3=”” headline-4=”h3″ question-4=”Are Great Danes and Mastiffs related?” answer-4=”Great Danes are habitually also recognized as German Mastiffs. The Great Dane is whispered to have been bred from Mastiff type dogs thousands of years ago (they are also known as the German Mastiff) and in specific the English Mastiff with a bit of Irish Wolfhound and Irish Greyhound thrown into the mix.” image-4=”” headline-5=”h3″ question-5=”Are Daniffs good with kids?” answer-5=”If you are fractional to a calm giant, the Daniff is a prodigious choice of companion. This tender massive is loving, a pronounced family dog, and protective. They are reliable to their families, and more often than not, fault themselves for lap dogs. They are spirited and pleased to play with children, adults, and even other pets.” image-5=”” headline-6=”h3″ question-6=”What is a mastiff mix?” answer-6=”Mastiff Boxer Mix (Boxer x Mastiff). Unlike the Mastiff, they tend to be pretty playful and energetic. They are often measured personality dogs due to their often exact noisy and boisterous personality. Because they are a mixed breed, they may be tremendously energetic or more laidback like the Mastiff.” image-6=”” headline-7=”h3″ question-7=”Should I get a Daniff?” answer-7=”If you are limited to a gentle giant, the Daniff is a boundless choice of companion. This gentle giant is loving, a countless family dog, and protective. They are faithful to their families, and more often than not, mistake themselves for lap dogs. They are peppy and happy to play with children, adults, and even other pets.” image-7=”” count=”8″ html=”true” css_class=””]

[sc_fs_multi_faq headline-0=”h3″ question-0=”Do Bullmastiffs bark a lot?” answer-0=”Bullmastiffs are among those breeds. They are extremely watchful and aware, yet they do not excessively bark. The breed was first created around the turn of the century, to protect estates. They are among the biggest breeds that are not barked and weigh approximately 50 kilograms (110 pounds) Sometimes they weigh more.” image-0=”” headline-1=”h3″ question-1=”How much does a Daniff cost?” answer-1=”You should expect to spend between $500 and $1000 for Danifs. Danif. Even from top breeders Danifs, the cost of Danifs will be in the range of $500 to $1,000. Danif will not exceed $1,000.” image-1=”” headline-2=”h3″ question-2=”Are Bullmastiffs dangerous dogs?” answer-2=”They descend from wolves and were raised by humans, leading to them being among some of the best and most reliable species. We’ve compiled the top six dogs that are the most dangerous around the globe. If any of the dogs listed are fighting be sure to stay away and remain cool.” image-2=”” headline-3=”h3″ question-3=”Are Great Danes Easy to Train?” answer-3=”Great Danes are considered to be gentle giants. They can be moderately playful and affectionate. They are also great with children. They are believed to be simple to train, however certain Great Dane enthusiasts say that they can be a bit stubborn in their learning.” image-3=”” headline-4=”h3″ question-4=”How long does a Daniff live?” answer-4=”The average lifespan of a Danif is between 8 to 12 years.” image-4=”” headline-5=”h3″ question-5=”Which dog is bigger? Great Dane or Wolf?” answer-5=”So The Great Dane surpasses all other animals and weighs more than four times the weight of the smallest Wolf. The huge gray wolf can attain 3 feet in height in height and 5.2 feet long. A big Great Dane may reach about 2.8 feet tall and three feet long. The gray wolfs size is bigger than a large Dane.” image-5=”” headline-6=”h3″ question-6=”Which dog is bigger than a Great Dane?” answer-6=”Wolfhounds are crowned by inches as the most tall dog breeds around the globe. They are the tallest dog breed in existence. Irish Wolfhound is the tallest of all dogs, not counting those of Great Dane. In accordance with the standard for breeds the height that is required for a dog should at least be 30 ins for females as well as 32 for males. This is the minimum.” image-6=”” headline-7=”h3″ question-7=”Does the Bullmastiff attack intruders?” answer-7=”The Bullmastiff is well-known for its distinctive and huge appearance. Contrary to great Danes, Bullmastiffs do not just bark, but also fight any intruders that are present. However they can be excellent additions to families particularly when adopted as puppies and fostered by members of the same household.” image-7=”” headline-8=”h3″ question-8=”Do Bullmastiffs bite?” answer-8=”Bullmastiffs are among the dogs used to deter criminals, but they are not popular because of their bites. Bullmastiffs will growl, bark, and even give up their ground before they begin to bite. If Bullmastiffs decide to bite their teeth, they can have a violent as well as destructive bite.” image-8=”” headline-9=”h3″ question-9=”Are Great Danes of high maintenance?” answer-9=”Great Danes are considered to be gentle giants. They are incredibly friendly, and are a lover of people. In comparison to other big breeds of dogs, they are relatively low-maintenance. Also, you must be aware of the dog’s fitness needs as well as a balanced diet and toys, a large bed, and frequent visit to your vet.” image-9=”” headline-10=”h3″ question-10=”Can I leave my Great Dane alone?” answer-10=”Most of the time the Great Danes tend to be couch potato breeds and require brief periods of exercise and a few walks every day, and a few minutes of free time to play and run around the backyard. Certain Danes are however able to cause damage if left unsupervised.” image-10=”” headline-11=”h3″ question-11=”Bullmastiffs are very easy to train?” answer-11=”Bullmastiffs are powerful breeds however, they can be a bit extremely sensitive. Due to their ability to be strong and self-sufficient the early introduction to socialization and training are crucial.” image-11=”” headline-12=”h3″ question-12=”How much does a baby Great Dane cost?” answer-12=”What is the Great Dane cost? The cost of adoption varies depending on the age of the dog, but young adults will cost 325 dollars and puppies are $375. If you decide to purchase the Dane at a breeder you should expect to pay between $600 and $3000 depending on whether it’s an exhibit dog or a companion.” image-12=”” headline-13=”h3″ question-13=”Can Daniff swim?” answer-13=”Swimming. Danifs may not always venture into the pool by themselves, but those who have been trained to swimming session, it is ideal for breeds with large bodies. Young and old Danifs are prone to joint injuries and therefore swimming is an excellent sport that is safe from injuries.” image-13=”” headline-14=”h3″ question-14=”Why are Bullmastiffs banned?” answer-14=”However there is a reason why however, the American Bulldog is banned in some cities because people believe that the breed is dangerous. But according to Spruce says, these stereotypes are generally incorrect. Some owners who are not responsible ignore their dogs, or train them to exhibit aggression.” image-14=”” count=”15″ html=”true” css_class=””]


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