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Similar to the ancient Greek Olympians, the Greek Harehound is an athlete of expertise. His sport is sniffing (he has an excellent feeling of smell) as well as his qualities include strength, endurance, ability, as well as being courageous. This is no surprise, given that his original objective was to pursue wild boar and other game.

Thought about as ‘outdoors’ breed that grows when offered a lot of room and also a task to do, the Harehound is certainly not an apartment or condo pet.

He does, nevertheless, have an eager sense of commitment and also for the right proprietor, produces a fantastic family dog in the appropriate scenarios.

Greek Harehound Introduction

Greek Harehound Dog 6

The Greek Dog is of medium size and shaped by function rather than style. The breed is a quintessential hunter that utilizes its great nose and also high ordinary speed to track as well as catch its target.

There are no extremes in its conformation: sports, durable as well as of normal percentages, the Greek Dog is somewhat longer than tall, with shown skin as well as short, sleek hair.

Predominately black with tan markings (there are no specific limitations as to the tan markings, in addition to the reality that the color must be abundant and also discoloration is an extremely serious kind mistake); a small white spot is endured on the breast.

The head is honorable as well as houndy, yet never ever coarse neither as heavy as a Bloodhound’s. The ears should exist flat as well as be neither too lengthy nor as well heavy.

The nose and also nails are black and also the pigment must be dark and solid. The type has a normal scissor bite as well as the eye edges need to be tight, showing no haw.

About & Background of Greek Harehound

The tale of the Greek Harehound is that of a venerable as well as ancient breed. It is uncommon that a type passes down through the centuries in a practically unmodified state, yet such is the Greek Harehound.

This is in component as a result of the breed being so successful in certain hard to reach mountainous regions of Greece, that there was little competition from other types. His bloodline consequently remained pure and real to its ancient origins.

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Certainly, the forefathers of the Greek Harehound go back not hundreds of years, but thousands. His leaders were the old ‘Laconikoi’ dogs of the Peloponnese (lagos being a Greek word for “hare”).

We understand something of these pets since ancient writers praised them. Certainly, ancient seafarers took a trip with Laconikoi as well as by means of sea-trade these pet dogs set paw everywhere in the old world.

These initial pet dogs were black and also tan or tricolour, which is normal of the scenthounds currently discovered in the area.

In Greece, nonetheless, the Harehound is just formally identified as black as well as tan, with the tricolour looked on as something of a startup.

Looks of Greek Harehound

The Greek Harehound is a sensible looking, well-proportioned pet dog of medium-size. There are no overstated functions below, such as a flat face or shortened legs.

No, the Harehound is a functional pet with suitably lengthy legs that are strong and not too spindly.

His head is specifically as a canine’s head need to be, with a longish muzzle that tapers slightly, perfectly made for taking a lengthy lungful of air.

Obviously, the lengthy muzzle additionally provides plenty of opportunity for scent particles to experience the moist mucous membrane layer lining the nose, equipped with countless olfactory (scent) receptors.

This Greek hound is black as well as tan with a smooth, brief coat and enticing dark coloured eyes. In common with various other scent canine types, such as Bloodhounds as well as Beagles, he has heavy ears that are put down and fall low over his cheeks.

Greek Harehound Dog 4

The body of this pet dog is adapted to activity, with a strong, level back and also a deep upper body with spacious ribs to suit those hard-working lungs. He likewise boasts a tool length tail, most generally found kept in a higher contour.

Personality and Appearance of Greek Harehound

The pleasant outbound character of the Greek Harehound suggests he thinks searching a video game, as opposed to taking life also seriously.

With a dependency to trailing, he’s never happier than nose to the ground tracking an encouraging lead.

Consequently, this gifts him other features, such as the capability to track all the time and also an absence of problem for his own safety and security.

Undoubtedly, being active is a trademark of the breed, as well as perhaps among the limiting factors when considering one as a family pet. It is a rare city slicker that can give this type the workout they hunger for.

Although primarily a tracker, the Harehound does have a sense of place and also will certainly bark enthusiastically if a person intrudes on his location.

This canine was likewise created to stay in packs and also happily gets on just great with the majority of canine kind.

Brave, outbound, intelligent and also sometimes quick-tempered, this breed is an enthusiastic hunter but it is never savage.

Friendly, caring and also exceptionally playful. As a ranch pet, it enjoys as well as beneficial in lots of ways, as it is not without a sense of limits and also it will give voice in the visibility of complete strangers or threat, non-stop going after vermin as well.

Incredibly daring as well as resourceful, it possesses the endurance and shrewd needed to encounter a swine.

Nevertheless, in the visibility of its master, it’s a satisfied and pleasant fellow, wagging its tail as well as living peacefully with other dogs.

Greek Harehound Dog 3

Typically, the breed pursues in sets or tiny teams of 3 or 4 pet dogs. They are remarkably swift and effective for their size.

While basically good-natured, this is an independent type; young men are best increased by a seasoned handler.

Maturation comes late, usually at 2 or 3 years old. The Greek Dog has a stunning and loud voice that can be listened to for lots of miles.

The breed gives voice on the chase as well as is fit to travel country miles on the gallop, capable of hunting independently if it has to, prior to transforming the hare to its trainer.

This innate capacity implies that the breed has a strong personality and it can be persistent if it senses it owner is meek or passive.

These canines are sluggish at developing. Rough handling makes them even worse, as does absence of proper technique; they need careful advice, patience and also understanding.

Trainability of Greek Harehound

The Greek Harehound is a lot more free-spirit than disciplinarian. He is not wilfully disobedient, yet is conveniently led by his nose that once in a while makes him conditionally deaf to his proprietor.

His other great love is running free and also feeling the wind in his ears, which implies he’s prone to run off very first and also consider the effects … well … not.

All things thought about, although the Harehound is thought about caring, dedicated, and gentle to his proprietor, this isn’t a breed for the inexperienced.

The first time dog proprietor is most likely to spend more time trying to track down their pet than walking him.

Wellness of Greek Harehound

Greek Harehound Dog 2

The Greek Harehound has an exceptional wellness record. However, this could be down to him being a country pet that is treated more like livestock than a family pet.

Thus, staying in the remote Greek mountains, he’s unlikely to be diagnosed with complex or unusual conditions, so stats as to the type’s primary aliments will certainly be doing not have.

Nonetheless, the Harehound’s deep breast does position him at raised risk of stomach expansion and also volvulus (GDV, also called bloat) as well as those dangling ears need special care.

Provided his outside lifestyle, his health and wellness is ideal protected with routine applications of anti-parasite items, deworming, and inoculation.

Gastric Dilation as well as Volvulus (GDV).

Regretfully, deep-chested pet dogs have an anatomical trait which places them at increased threat of bloat. This takes place because their tummy is put on hold, hammock-like, within their deep body.

With the weight of food inside the tummy, ought to the dog workout this can cause the tummy to swing as well as possibly flip over on itself.

With the entryway and the exit to the stomach sealed, gas constructs to unsafe levels. The belly wall surfaces end up being so extended, the living cells. Furthermore, the distension places physical pressure on the major blood supply to the body organs, cutting it off.

Greek Harehound Dog 1

Completion outcome is a pet dog in body organ failure and also shock. Immediate emergency situation surgical treatment is required, as well as even after that recovery is not assured. Prevention is better than remedy.

To this end, the pet dog needs to be fed a premium quality food, with couple of fermentable active ingredients. On top of that, it’s best to feed from the flooring, as well as never exercise the pet dog quickly after consuming.

Ear Health and wellness.

Go down ears can predispose a pet dog to ear infections. This is due to the fact that the earflap decreases air flow within the ear canal, making it a cozy damp area.

This is specifically the kind of atmosphere that germs, ear mites, or yeasts enjoy to live, making the ear canal ripe for infection.

Avoiding an ear infection can be hard, yet identifying it early avoids it becoming reputable. For dogs inclined to ear infections, regular use a great ear cleanser can minimize the debris offered for bugs to prey on.

In addition, energetic dogs are prone to grabbing international bodies, such as grass awns. It is necessary to examine outdoor pet dogs after every walk, as well as make a point of elevating their ear flaps to peer beneath.

It’s very easy to remove a turf awn at the entry to the ear canal, once it migrates downwards, after that sedation is usually needed to remove it.

Preventative Medical care.

Pets exercising in woods or areas are in contact with many different kinds of bloodsuckers, including fleas, ticks, and mites. Normal use of an excellent parasite control item will help to keep the dog healthy.

A searching Harehound might also scavenge and possibly take in a range of internal worms, which additionally need control.

Hence speak with your veterinarian regarding a threat assessment to determine which worming item is most suitable for the canine.

Regretfully, there are some parasites that are possibly dangerous, consisting of heartworms as well as lungworms.

Once more, talk with your vet about which posture a threat in your area, so as to effectively shield your pet dog.

Workout and Task Degrees.

If one word summarize the need of the Greek Harehound, it is ‘liberty’. When roaming totally free he can trail and obtain the workout he requires.

Certainly, this is terrific on a farm with acres of land, yet not so excellent in a city where policies use as well as the canine must be kept on a lead.

Basically, the happy owner of a Greek Harehound either needs to be a country-dwelling farmer or an athlete in training.

Only if you like to run for miles and can take the pet dog with you, will certainly the Harehound make an appropriate city pet dog.

Grooming of Greek Harehound.

The Greek Harehound is an instance of a ‘brush and go’ canine. His short, smooth layer needs little by way of upkeep.

A quick regular brush assists spread those all-natural conditioning oils over his coat as well as captures shed hair.

There’s no beauty parlor trips required for this searching hound, as well as he only calls for the occasional bathroom needs to he roll in something unmentionable.

Famous Greek Harehound.

The Harehound has acclaims from ancient authors, however in the modern, Pinterest as well as Instagram is a good place to find this scenthound.

We especially enjoy the adorable Zeke from Greece that is now residing in Queens, New York.

Cross-Breeds of Greek Harehound.

The Greek Harehound is a functioning canine, and also thus, not subject to the vagaries of fashion. If he is cross-bred, it’s probably to be because he ran away and discovered a neighbor’s canine in heat, rather than a deliberate breeding.

Greek Harehound Essentials.

Though his black-and-tan look might recognize, the Greek Harehound is a rare breed that you’re unlikely to have actually seen before.

Established in Southern Greece, this breed is a proficient as well as courageous seeker with limitless power and excellent endurance.

Strong-willed and also independent, the Greek Harehound is still dedicated to his owner as well as can do well as a family members animal for older children.

The Greek Harehound is still devoted to his owner and can do well as a household pet for older youngsters.


Also referred to as the Hellenikos Ichnilatis, the Greek Harehound is a type indigenous to Southern Greece.

The early ancestors of the modern-day breed were the ancient Laconikoi pet dogs of the Peloponnese which were kept by sailors and circumnavigated the world with their keepers.

The original kind was either black-and-tan or tricolor, though the requirement for the contemporary type is strictly black-and-tan.

The Greek Harehound was created specifically for tracking and chasing after hare in Greece.

As they became made use of as sea dogs, nevertheless, they became prevalent throughout the ancient globe. Offspring of old Greek scenthounds can still be located throughout Europe.

Though the Greek Harehound is yet to be recognized by the AKC, he became the initial Greek breed to be identified by the FCI in 1996 as well as he has been acknowledged by the United Kennel Club as a scenthound as well.


The Greek Harehound is a breed indigenous to Southern Greece, an offspring of old Laconikoi canines of the Peloponnese.


As a medium-sized type, the Greek Harehound may do well on a high-quality grown-up pet food made with premium animal proteins and digestible carbohydrates.

Since these dogs are normally used for hunting, however, an energetic or working type formula may be better suited.

These recipes have high healthy protein levels to support lean muscle mass with enhanced fat content for power.

The Greek Harehound is a skilled seeker as well as very dedicated to his craft.


The Greek Harehound is a gifted hunter as well as really committed to his craft. These pets have the stamina as well as stamina to function all day, and also they are fearless in the field.

This type is very dedicated to his proprietor, but he can be stubborn as well as stubborn at times, so he might not be the ideal selection for unskilled pet owners.

Even with training, these canines can be restless and independent, so it is a great suggestion to start training very early and also to strengthen that training throughout the dog’s life. Essentially, this type reacts well to favorable support training– he does not react well to rough therapy.


The Greek Harehound is a medium-sized breed standing 18 to 22 inches tall and evaluating 35 to 45 pounds. Women of the type are slightly smaller than men.


The Greek Harehound has a dynamic and also active personality fit to area work. These pets are positive and outgoing naturally, which usually converts to them being a little strong-willed as well as persistent sometimes.

These pets are devoted both to their craft and to their owners, developing solid bonds with family members.

The Greek Harehound can do well as a household animal, provided his workout demands are met and he has outside space to run.

You need to likewise bear in mind that these canines tend to do much better with older kids as well as they may beware as well as dubious around unfamiliar people.

Early socializing is very important for this type if you intend to keep him in a family setting.

Common Health Issue.

The Greek Harehound is normally a healthy and balanced breed without any well-known congenital diseases.

Like all searching breeds, nevertheless, he is prone to area injuries and his pendulous ears incline him to ear infections too.

Life Expectancy.

The typical life expectancy for the Greek Harehound is 10 to 12 years.

Workout Demands.

The Greek Harehound has superb stamina and endurance, as well as high levels of energy. This type calls for a considerable quantity of day-to-day workout consisting of at least 60 minutes of energetic workout.

These dogs do not fare well in small houses or apartment or condos without outside area in which to run.

The Greek Harehound has a dynamic and energetic character well-suited to field work.

Recognized Clubs.

The Greek Harehound is not currently accepted by the AKC but he is acknowledged in the Scenthound Group by the UKC and the FCI.


The Greek Harehound has a short, thick coat with a slightly difficult texture. This breed just comes in black and tan, though tiny white patches may be permissible. The type sheds moderately, so cutting as well as removing is normally not required.


The ordinary clutter size for the Greek Harehound type is 6 to 8 pups. As a result of their high energy degrees and also make use of for searching, pups should be started with training as early as feasible.

Early socializing is additionally vital for this type because they have a tendency to be wary around unfamiliar people.

Make certain your Greek Harehound pup obtains a lot of workout and also mental excitement since this type has a high danger for developing harmful habits when tired.

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