Grey Cat Names : Best 365+ Gray Cat & Kitten Names

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Grey Cat Names

We dug to our information to learn which pet parents nationally are visiting their feline relatives. From that point, we have a look in the very best grey cat names of this year. From adorable grey kitty names to complex adult grey cat options, you will find something from our database to match each kitty character.

What is so sexy about a grey cat? The glossy beauties deserve an excellent grey cat name to enhance their stunning looks. Cat titles used to be quite simple (“here, Fluffy!”) And while there is nothing wrong with timeless possibilities, nowadays, cat owners are picking a huge array of intriguing names for their own pets.

Once it comes to silver or grey wolves, their smoke-colored fur gives rise to titles such as Ash, Moon, Gandalf, and Bluebell. Find our best picks for grey cat names under, together with the hottest of those titles, and a couple of fantastic Russian monikers chucked in for good measure.

115 Best Gray Cat Names


For male and female gray cats

  1. Albus (for Albus Dumbledore, of course)
  2. Angel
  3. Aria
  4. Ash
  5. Ashley
  6. Azure or Azura
  7. Baloo
  8. Bastet (an Egyptian cat goddess)
  9. Blue
  10. Bluebell
  11. Breezy
  12. Bubbles
  13. Captain
  14. Chrome
  15. Cinder or Cinderella
  16. Cirrus
  17. Comet
  18. Cosima
  19. Cosmo
  20. Daphne
  21. Dawn
  22. Delphine
  23. Diamond
  24. Disco (for a party cat!)
  25. Dorian (as in Dorian Gray)
  26. Dusty
  27. Earl Grey
  28. Edie (of Gray Gardens)
  29. Ella (short for Cinderella)
  30. Eloise
  31. Emily
  32. Ezra
  33. Fae
  34. Floyd (meaning “gray” in Welsh)
  35. Fox
  36. Fritz
  37. Gandalf
  38. Goose
  39. Grace or Gracie
  40. Grady
  41. Grayson
  42. Griffin
  43. Guthrie (Scottish for “windy spot”)
  44. Heather
  45. Hurricane
  46. Hyacinth
  47. Iris
  48. Juno
  49. Kai (Hawaiian for “sea”)
  50. Lady Grey
  51. Lavender
  52. Lilac
  53. Lloyd (meaning “gray” in Welsh)
  54. London
  55. Luna
  56. Lux
  57. Mab (the fairy queen)
  58. Magic
  59. Meeko
  60. Mercury (feel free to add “Freddie” for superstar power)
  61. Merlin
  62. Miku (Japanese for “beautiful sky”)
  63. Misty
  64. Moon
  65. Morgan
  66. Mouse
  67. Neptune
  68. Nimbus
  69. Noelani (Hawaiian for “heavenly mist”)
  70. Opal
  71. Orchid
  72. Otter
  73. Pearl
  74. Pebbles
  75. Pepper
  76. Phoenix
  77. Pigeon
  78. Puff
  79. Rain
  80. Reva (“rain” in Hindi)
  81. River
  82. Rocket
  83. Rowan
  84. Sage
  85. Sapphire
  86. Sasha (great for a Russian Blue)
  87. Selena
  88. Seraphina
  89. Seymour
  90. Shadow
  91. Shady
  92. Shelby
  93. Silver
  94. Skye
  95. Skylar
  96. Smokey
  97. Smudge
  98. Sparkle
  99. Stella
  100. Sterling
  101. Stormy or Storm
  102. Sylvia or Sylvie
  103. Talia
  104. Thor
  105. Thunder
  106. Venus
  107. Violet
  108. Windy
  109. Winter
  110. Wolf
  111. Yin (from the Chinese 银meaning “silver” or “money”)
  112. Yuki (“snow storm”)
  113. Zelda (from “Griselda” meaning “gray”)
  114. Zephyr
  115. Ziggy (as in Stardust)

15 Most Popular Gray Cat Names

gray cat names

great grey kitten names from database of pet names

  1. Luna
  2. Stella
  3. Shadow
  4. Smokey
  5. Pepper
  6. Gracie
  7. Blue
  8. Ash
  9. Misty
  10. Mouse
  11. Angel
  12. Aria
  13. Zelda
  14. Merlin
  15. Cosmo

12 Great Russian Cat Names


Popular among Russian Blue owners, but beautiful on any cat.

  1. Sasha
  2. Marina
  3. Katya
  4. Daria
  5. Mishka
  6. Boris
  7. Ivan
  8. Yuri
  9. Anya
  10. Galina
  11. Sonia
  12. Tatiana

Choosing the Best Gray Cat Name

grey cat names 1

Whether you Possess a British Blue Shorthair, a Chartreux out of France, or perchance a Russian Blue, a gray-coated feline is a sight to behold. Among the lightest color variants in a kitty is known as”lilac” or”lavender,” that can be a cool bluish grey, usually disperse evenly across the jacket.

Your new grey Cat a part of their household, therefore take some opportunity to pick out a title you adore. Together with their silvery jacket, think about your cat’s character: some feisty Pepper or a elegant Violet? A sassy Bubbles or even a lively Grady? Your favorites and interests play part in pet pruning, also.

Cat fans have selected titles of preferred foods, novel characters, colours, and artists to name their own kitty or newly adopted kitty. Yes that means that everything out of Dorian Gray into Zelda is about the table.

And of Course, colour does not need to factor in to your kitty’s name. A grey cat can game a top rated feline title such as Lily, Ollie, or even Boots only in addition to another cat.

Cats do not typically react to their titles in exactly the exact same manner that dogs , chiefly since cat owners are much less inclined to train their cats (and consequently, instruct their cats to connect their names with particular results )

Nonetheless, you are going to be stating your kitty’s title loads, so provide your best contenders that a whirl. Say them out loud and get a sense of how simple they are supposed to say, and of course if you like hearing the noise.

Trends in Grey Cat Names


Round the Board, we are seeing a large lift in human titles for cats (and dogs, for that matter!) While word titles such as Smokey and Shadow remain large, together with character names such as Baloo and Meeko, the kitty titles with the largest increase are popular baby names.

That means Cat fans are picking Gracie, Rowan, and Albus (complete title Albus Dumbledore, naturally ) as kitty names instead of Lady or Kitty. Hipster infant names also make their way to our favorite cat name info. Names like Opal, Griffin, and Luna are popular for kittens and recently adopted cats as they can be for trendsetting individual babies.

For grey Cats, specifically, we see an ongoing fascination with planting cats after other creatures. Included in these are, Goose, Wolf, and Fox, Together with the unusual Koala and Otter.

Ultimately, skies and moon names are large for grey cats (in addition to black cats! ) ) These include the ever-popular Luna Alongside Selena, Artemis, Moon itself, and Jupiter, Venus, Nimbus, as well as Storm.

Names For Grey Cats – 100 Fabulous Ideas

Welcome to our comprehensive guide to the top titles for gray cats. Wishing you over 100 fantastic grey cat titles for your kitty!

· Cute Cat Names

· Girl Cat Names

· Boy Cat Names

Grey cats are so purrrfect in each way, are not they!

Talking of that, did you understand that among the very well-mannered, sweet-natured cat strains in the full world comprise the color grey?

(And in case you did not understand this, we could bet it does not surprise you 1 piece!)

But if a fresh gray cat is a valuable joy to be with, Sometimes picking names out for gray cats may initially feel more trying than calm.

In this informative article, we want to take All of the strain out of picking From one of the many potential names for a gray cat so you can hone in on gray names that agree with your new fur baby into some”T!”

Incidentally, there are a Lot of imaginative ways to approach picking Grey cat titles. If one strategy does not work, simply try something different!

In this informative article we approach the pruning procedure from a Lot of fun Angles so you’re certain to discover a perfect match from the subsequent list of grey cat titles!

Names for Gray Cats

One especially Fantastic Way to select between each of the choices for Grey cat titles would be to carefully examine your feline sidekick’s special coat colour.

Can it be a gorgeous masterpiece gray? Or maybe a relaxing blue grey? Is the color of gray inside her coat over the mild side, at the mid selection or on the dim side? Can she be silvery or perhaps more dusky grey?

Can you see flecks of white, lilac, lavender or other colours that Subtly accent her grey attractiveness?

Can it be a tabby using a mix of white, black, gray and Perhaps even A dab of orange or there?

Proudly Exhibit your kitties special cat name for this bowl!

Take a couple minutes to simply watch your kitty carefully before you Begin working on contemplating great names for grey cats according to coat colour.


When your friend asked you to describe your brand new kitty’s fur colour, What do you say to them ?

Jot down a Couple of notes and re-read everything you wrote for some New name ideas!

Now, with no further ado, here are some fab fur colour names for Gray cats to your creative thought!

  1. Ash
  2. Dawn
  3. Dusky
  4. Heather
  5. Lilac
  6. Pearl
  7. Shadow
  8. Smoky (or Smokey)
  9. Storm (or Stormie)
  10. Skye

Cool Cat Names for Grey Cats

If ever there were a color to fully convey a true “cool cat,” gray surely would be it!

Whether your feline Special brand of Trendy is Your Super-suave and complex kind (believe”James Bond” here) or much more over the lines of groovy-cool-chill-out type (believe”Austin Powers” here)we believe this record of cool cat titles for gray cats could just incorporate the ideal name for the cool grey kitty!

  1. Austin Powers (It has to be included)
  2. Cinder-Ella
  3. Gray Boy
  4. Graycie
    Grey Ghost
  5. James Bond (ditto!)
  6. Lady Grey or Earl (or Lord) Grey
  7. Sir Sterling
  8. Sylvester (the Cat)
  9. Tarzan of Greystoke (or Sir Greystoke)

Cute Grey Cat Names

Feline fanciers can differ on lots of things, however there’s 1 thing most people appear to agree on: cats are extremely cute! And when cats are adorable, kittens are cuter!

But occasionally your furball’s intense cuteness can get In the method of choosing a true title to the kitty! In the end, you can not simply go about calling your kitty”super cutie kittykins” daily, do you? (Sure you can!)

However, If You’re Searching for adorable grey kitty names which will in Time to become both adorable names for gray cats, those adorable names for gray cats may be precisely what the title doctor ordered!

  1. Disco
  2. Ember
  3. Misty
  4. Mercury
  5. Olive
  6. Sage
  7. Silverton
  8. Sylvie
  9. Tinder (heehee – we couldn’t resist!)
  10. Tinsel

Unique Grey Cat Names

While you are sleuthing out good names for gray cats, this is also a perfect time to start pondering all the great qualities and unique personality traits that make your gray feline so unique!

After all, just like you, no two kitties are ever completely alike. When you chose to share your life with your particular fur baby, you chose a being as unique, memorable and one-of-a-kind as you!

All that to say, if you still haven’t found that perfect name among all the many great cat names for grey cats, contemplating your kitty’s many wonderfully unique qualities might be your fast track to name success!

Here are some unique names for gray cats that might fit your new feline perfectly!

  1. Anchovy
  2. Bullet
  3. Cinna
  4. Eclipse
  5. Flash
  6. Jonah
  7. Mystique
  8. Opal
  9. Rocket
  10. Silverbell

Male Cat Names Grey

Selecting grey male cat Titles May feel Just like Plenty of fun in the Beginning — there are many fantastic titles to select from! But frustration sets inside.

A lot of boy cat names gray….how can you pick only 1?!

Prove Off your kitty’s name using a bark that is personalised!

Whether your challenge will be choosing out boy titles for gray kittens Or grey cats, have a peek at this listing of excellent names for gray cats to find out if a person pops out in the saying”pick me! pick me!”

  1. Asteroid
  2. Bandito
  3. Comet
  4. Darth
  5. Dracula (or Chocula, if you prefer)
  6. Grey Gatsby
  7. Mack (the Knife)
  8. Monarch
  9. Sir Cinders
  10. Zorro

Female Cat Names Grey

Perhaps You’ve only brought home your little Woman, and about the ride House you’re thinking to yourself,”I will wager it’s going to be quite so simple to think of gray female cat names for the ”

But today that you’re finally home along with your candy grey furball is becoming settled , your head will not cooperate and you’re drawing a blank. You emotionally scroll through gray female kitty names and absolutely each the woman cat names gray you can find with, and none of those names that you think of sounds just like”the one”.

Here are some fresh ideas for grey female cat names you might not have considered yet – we hope one of these will be calling your little kitty’s name – literally!

  1. Artemis
  2. Cami (for camouflage).
  3. Champagne.
  4. Gemma
  5. Jewel
  6. Karma (Chameleon)
  7. Lady Stardust
  8. Miss Mystic
  9. Princess Elsa (the famous princess who froze everything to silvery ice!)
  10. Queen Cleo (for Cleopatra)

Good Names for Grey Kittens

When You’re picking out Titles for Grey kittens, as Well as your Small One remains only a very small ball of fluff, you might not yet have sufficient details regarding his character, habits, tastes or adorable quirks to decide on a descriptive title on that premise alone.

However, This does not mean that you can not still pick from some completely awesome titles for gray cats which are going to be a ideal fit for the package of heavenly pleasure!

These gender-neutral grey kitty names could Provide you the Inspiration you’re searching for to name your own candy baby kitty!

  1. Ash (for either Ashton or Ashley)
  2. Chillie
  3. Cloudy
  4. Cocoa
  5. Dusty
  6. Hiccup (from “How to Train Your Dragon”)
  7. Inky
  8. Midnight
  9. Silvertoes
  10. Snowball

Names for Grey Cats with Blue Eyes

As Soon as You have Captured a glimpse of a Gray Kitty with piercing blue Eyes, you aren’t likely to forget the striking elegance of the colour combination.

However, what many cat fans do not understand is that gloomy eyes at a Feline is in fact a type of albinism that manifests just in the uterus! Two genes need to communicate (be passed from cat parents for their own kittens) so to get a kitty to be born with blue eyes.

One of these genes gets the task of defining the colour of a Particular body region (in this situation, that the iris of their uterus ). Another gene is a prominent white colour receptor that covers the rest of the colours so that the blue may show through.

This is known as”pointed out coloration.” Possibly the most Interesting part from this, however, is that mutation manifests to safeguard the cat from — wait for this — frostbite!

It does so by simply making it visible in human body components that Keep a cooler temperatures, like the eyes, the thighs and the ears. These regions, which can be cooler anyhow, are somewhat more vulnerable to frostbite once the weather becomes chilly.

Intellectual explanations aside, in case a grey kitty also has blue eyes that requires the job of picking excellent names for gray cats into a completely different level! Here’s a choice of titles we adore for grey cats with blue eyes.

  1. Aqua
  2. Astral
  3. Blu (Blue or Bleu)
  4. Indigo
  5. Periwinkle
  6. Sapphire
  7. Silverbells
  8. Spirit
  9. Twilight
  10. Topaz

Grey and White Cat Names

As you probably Already Understand, even Though your cat’s Overriding fur Color is grey, often in the event that you look carefully you may observe other, colours blended in.

For Example, maybe your kitty may have the Sort of trendy Coloration where she’s splashes of white places, or dashes of black or perhaps brownish or orange glancing out here and also there.

Particular white and gray cat titles look like they had been invented Only for gray and white kitties, even if this is not initially why their founders believed up them!

This will create assembling a fantastic collection of names such as gray and cats as simple as considering things in character (or at your pantry) which have an identical coloration to your kitty.

Listed below are a few interesting gender-neutral name suggestions which may do the job equally well for grey and black kitty names or grey and white cat titles!

  1. Checkers
  2. Domino
  3. Lucky (like rolling a pair of dice)
  4. Oreo
  5. Panda
  6. Patches
  7. Smurf
  8. Stormy (or Stormie)
  9. Zebra
  10. Ziggy

Celebrity Gray Cat Names

In Case You Have gotten so far and still have Not Discovered that You Perfect title for the gray kitty, perhaps what you want is a small star cat-spiration!

For much more evidence that actors really are like the Remainder of us (except they create much more cash and look with good regularity on magazine covers), take a look at these previous and present celebs with gray cats as well as also the titles they picked for their fur babies.

Perhaps Your kitty’s brand will be found with this star Feline listing!

  • Comedian Ricky Gervais and his gray cat “Ollie.”
  • Ed Sheeran and his gray kitten “Graham.”
  • Rapper Macklemore and his tabby cat “Cairo.”
  • Katy Perry with her gray cat “Kitty Purry.”
  • Abraham Lincoln with his tabby cat “Tabby.”
  • Amy Carter (daughter of President Jimmy Carter) and her Siamese cat “Misty Malarky Ying Yang.” (No, we really didn’t make that up.)
  • CeeLo Green with his Persian cat “Purrfect.”
  • Snoop Dogg with his two Siamese cats “Miles Davis” and “Frank Sinatra.”
  • Rapper Kreayshawn with her kitties “Kitty” and “Choppa.”
  • Eva Longoria with her grey (studio) cat “Nick.”

Grey Tabby Kitten Names

Many Cat Fans suppose that the Term”tabby” Can Be Utilized in Reference to a certain breed of the cat. However, the reality is, within this circumstance, the term”tabby” identifies a color layout, not into your cat breed kind.

Currently, of course, It’s time to think about gray tabby cat titles and Pick your favorite. Below are a few of our best suggestions for what to mention some gray tabby kitty!

  1. Amber
  2. Blackberry
  3. Casper
  4. Chai
  5. Ginger
  6. Katniss
  7. Pepper
  8. Rusty
  9. Speckles
  10. Tawny

What to Name A Gray Cat?

Deciding upon the Best Names for your Gray fur baby Isn’t an Simple undertaking for many kitty parents! After all, you’ll use that title several times every day for several years to come to socialize with your cherished pet !

In case you have managed to narrow down your options into a Handful of alternatives, however you still don’t have any idea which name to select, you may do this little experiment to find out whether it can help:

Write down your best name options for gray cats onto a sheet of paper. Next, practice phoning your new cat employing each title.

Notice if a cat appears to react enthusiastically or more rapidly to a single name over others. You might choose to try out this experiment within the span of a day or 2 to make certain that you are studying your cat’s answers correctly.

But most importantly, just Keep in Mind That your cat Will Probably be Taking the very first couple of times to get acclimated to her new house anyhow, so you have loads of time to contemplate all your options for names to get gray cats and decide on the one which is just purrfect to the new small cozy love!

Remember you do not have to provide a gray cat a particularly gray cat title.

250+ Best Gray Cat Names

Do you have a gray cat or kitten and are on the look for a name for it? Look no further! We have a list of some of the cutest and most fun gray kitten names to make your life much easier!

Find the Perfect Name for Your Gray Cat:

Male Grey Cat Names

  • Ajax – means white knight.
  • Carbon – an element.
  • Donovan – means dark.
  • Dustin – means fighter. Perfect for a feisty cat.
  • Dynamo – great for a cat with a lot of energy.
  • Egon -means fiery.
  • Flash – the super-fast super hero.
  • Fred – from Frederick, meaning peaceful ruler.
  • Gainsboro – a variant of the culour gray.
  • Gutherie – Scottish for wind.
  • Haze – almost like a storm.
  • Heron – strong name for a cat.
  • Jake – shirt for Jacob.
  • Jumbo – nice for a huge cat.
  • Juno – classy gray cat name.
  • Kane – means warrior.
  • Lloyd – Welsh for gray.
  • Loki – for a cat that always breaks things.
  • Magnum – a large wine bottle.
  • March – a stormy month, befitting name for a gray cat.
  • Mufasa – from lion king.
  • Nero – the famous movie character.
  • Neutron – a geeky cat name.
  • Ninja – for a silent moving cat.
  • Oslo – after the city.
  • Pacino – for a scar-faced cat.
  • Pinball – if your cat is really small, this is the perfect name for it.
  • Rai – means storm.
  • Roar – for a fierce looking gray cat.
  • Rowan – hippie cat name.
  • Rudy – from Rudulph.
  • Ryanne – a little king.
  • Sazi – after the Anasazi Indians.
  • Scar – a fierce name for a cat.
  • Seattle – nice name after a gloomy city.
  • Somber – a soft shade of purple.
  • Spaz – funny cat name.
  • Suede – a velvety kind of fabric.
  • Theon – from game of thrones.
  • Thor – the Norse god for strength.
  • Tibby – from Tiberias.
  • Toni – means irreplaceable one.
  • Turbo – for a fast cat.
  • Victor – for a brave cat.
  • Vlad – from Vladmir.
  • Vulcan – a dark shade of gray.
  • Wren – means ruler.
  • Yin – Chinese for silver.
  • Zed – means fair or just.

Female Grey Cat Names

  • Alissa – means wind.
  • Angie – short for angel.
  • Ariel – this means lion.
  • Athena – a Greek goddess.
  • Bea – means traveler. Nice for a cat that likes to walk.
  • Bianca – Italian for white.
  • Brio – for a cuddly gray cat.
  • Cali – means beauty.
  • Charlotte – the largest city in North Caruline, USA.
  • Chilly – means culd
  • Chip – Coined from the popular cartoon character, Chipmunk.
  • Cleo – after cleopatra.
  • Coral – what a cute name for a cat.
  • Demi – means small.
  • Dove – for a very gentle cat.
  • Henna – a beautiful body drawing.
  • Ilma – Finnish for air.
  • Iris – rainbow.
  • Izzy – for a cat that is full of surprises.
  • Lali – means darling girl.
  • Leia – for an independent cat.
  • Lois – a female warrior.
  • Mab – a queen fairy.
  • Margo – means pearl.
  • Mint – coul name for a cat with green eyes and gray fur
  • Mistral – a culd and strong wind over the alps towards the Mediterranean.
  • Moana – the popular animated movie.
  • Moose – nice for a restless cat.
  • Moxie – means courageous.
  • Nadia – means hope.
  • Nala – from lion king.
  • Ozzy – female name for Osbert.
  • Pandora – full of dark things.
  • Prism – a complex triangle.
  • Purfect – for a perfect little kitten.
  • Rella – for a royal gray cat.
  • Roxie – a hippie name for a wild gray cat.
  • Sasha – for a feisty cat.
  • Squeaky – for a kitten whose meows sound like squeak
  • Talia – means rain from the heavens.
  • Tate – for a cheerful cat.
  • Tess – as in Tessy.
  • Thora – the goddess of thunder.
  • Tiki – a goddess of fertility.
  • Twinkle – just like the stars.
  • Vixen – buld name for a fierce cat.
  • Zelda – short for Griselda.

Unisex Grey Cat Names

  • Ansel – after the popular black and white photographer Ansel Adams.
  • Ashton – powdery remains after a fire.
  • Baby – lul, just baby.
  • Blair – means battlefield
  • Brett – this name is just so coul.
  • Cameron – classy name for a gray cat.
  • Cenizo – Spanish for gray.
  • Champagne – sparkling like the gray kitten.
  • Coal – charred wood.
  • Ember – a substance that glows as it burns.
  • Esme – means beloved.
  • Feathers – lovely name for a lightly culoured cat.
  • Finley – means hero
  • Glacier – like ice.
  • Greer – means watchful.
  • Greyjoy – from game of thrones.
  • Gris – French for gray.
  • Horizon – strong but cute name for a cat.
  • Kalara – lovely for bright gray cats.
  • Keegan – means little fiery one.
  • Lane – for cats that are sneaky and like to hide.
  • Lez – short for Leslie.
  • Liath – Irish for gray.
  • Mona – a defender.
  • Nico – means victorious.
  • Nyx – Greek goddess of darkness.
  • Orion – child of fire.
  • Quill – Irish for cub.
  • Raven – for a cat with beautiful eyes.
  • Rory – means chief.
  • Saxon – for a dangerous looking gray cat.
  • Serry – Russian for gray.
  • Shay – like a hawk. Perfect for a hunting cat.
  • Sheen – lusterous culour.
  • Siva – Bosnian for gray.
  • Skittles – everyone loves skittles.
  • Spence – amazing name for a cat
  • Steel – strong alloy. For a really strong cat.
  • Stoked – for a cat that’s always excited.
  • Tempest – after Shakespeare’s play.
  • Teri – means smooth.
  • Tex – from Texas.
  • Tiara – a befitting name for a princess gray kitten,
  • Tinsel – silver Christmas décor.
  • Treasure – yeah, cats are actually a treasure.
  • Tressim – a winged gray cat.
  • Umbra – shadowy images.
  • Val – means strong.
  • Wes – from Wesley.
  • Zoe – means life. Coul for a lively cat.

More Good Gray Cat Names

  • Smokey – A classic moniker that works well for a male kitten.
  • Earl (or Lady!) Grey – Tea lovers will enjoy this one. A regal name for a regal gray kitty of any shade!
  • Sterling – Sterling, as in silver. A wonderful option, especially for a light grey or silvery cat!
  • Pearl – Wonderful for a female kitten with lighter-culoured grey fur, Pearl is a lovely classic name.
  • Lilac – When describing cats, “lilac” means a very pale coat. It is a pretty name for what is certain to be a very pretty kitty indeed.
  • Storm (or Stormy) – A wonderful name for an energetic cat of any gender!
  • Skye – Grey skies won’t seem so bad if you name your cat after them!
  • King Grayskull – For the cat-owning He-Man fans out there. A fun nerdy reference for your gray kitten.
  • Gracie – Both a cute name for a female cat and a cute pun. Gray-cie, get it?
  • Cinderella – For cinders, which are– you guessed it– gray! An adorable name for your little princess.
  • Ash – This can be short for either Ashton (for a male kitten) or Ashley (for a female), but either way, it reminds you of gray ashes. Great for a dark gray cat.

Gray and White Cat Names

  • Misty – Lovely for a lighter gray cat, bringing to mind beautiful gray mist on a mountain.
  • Tinsel – A fun festive name, evoking the hulidays and glitter all at once! Great for a female cat.
  • Disco – For a silver mirrored disco ball.
  • Anchovy – Cats love fish, and anchovies are naturally a shimmery silver! An unusual choice, but still adorable.
  • Opal – Wonderful for a gray cat with white spots, reminiscent of a multi-culored opal stone.
  • Silver Bell – For your Christmas kitty– or anyone who loves the hulidays!
  • Mackerel – Like anchovies, mackerel are a beautiful shimmery silver culor– much like your gray cat.
  • Pepper – Another one that would be good for a gray cat with white markings, or even a tabby!
  • Mack (the Knife) – A tough name for a tough male kitten.
  • Zorro – Another name that evokes toughness as well as shining silver blades.
  • Monarch – For a very regal gray kitten indeed!
  • Artemis – Stands for the Greek goddess of the beautiful silver moon. Also goddess of the hunt, and we all know what fearsome hunters cats are!
  • Diana – Artemis’ Roman counterpart. Also appropriate if your kitten is a little diva (as in Diana Ross!).
  • Dusty – A classic name for a gray cat.
  • Inky – While many might associate this name with black cats, it is also a wonderful and unusual name choice for a dark gray kitten.
  • Topaz – For smokey gray topaz, a wonderful name for a female kitten.
  • Twilight – The grayish culour of the sky at dusk makes this name perfect for your gray kitten!
  • Blue – “Blue”, as in Russian Blue, refers to a cat’s culoring. It is a sweet name for a gray cat.
  • Periwinkle – A nice alternative to Lilac that would suit either gender.
  • Mouse – A cute name for your little mouser!
  • Smudge – A sweet name for a gray cat, and even sweeter if that gray has a little bit of another culor mixed in.
  • Foggy – Evoking silver-gray foggy mornings.
  • Nickels – A cute name for a gray cat whose fur shines like coins.
  • Pebble – Does your cat’s sleek fur remind you of a gray pebble on the beach? This might be the name for you!
  • Shade – Another classic name that works for either gender.
  • Vergrys – Afrikaans for “Gray”.
  • Slate – The culor of a slate stone is gray.
  • Bluebell – Much like “blue”, this is a name that only a gray cat could pull off!
  • Mercury – Just like the liquid metal or the Roman trickster/messenger god, your choice!
  • Pinot Gris – A cute name for a wine lover’s cat.
  • Grimaldi – A name that evokes the word “gray” without referencing it directly.
  • Asteroid – For space lovers who also love their gray cats.
  • Blade – Another one for the tough-guy kittens out there.
  • Carbon – For a lovely charcoal gray kitten.
  • Chrome (or Chroma) – Great (or should I say Gray-t?) for a shiny silver-gray kitten.
  • Dusky – Another pretty name that reminds us of evening, gray-ish culors.
  • Gandalf (The Gray) – This one is pretty self-explanatory if you are a Lord of The Rings fan. It is also another fun and nerdy reference.
  • Gravy – A food pun AND a culor pun, all in one place!
  • London – Evoking travel, and especially that foggy, rainy, gray London weather.
  • Steel – A nice name for a tough gray cat with shining fur.
  • Thunder – For big gray thundercloud kitties.
  • Tom (and Jerry) – One of the most famous gray cats of all times! Jerry not included.

Funny Gray Cat Names

  • Pigeon – A funny name for a sweet gray cat.
  • Wulfie – Named after the great gray wulf, Wulfie is a fabulous name for your little male kitten.
  • The Brain – As in gray matter, another fun punny name.
  • Payne – After Payne’s gray, a particular deep gray paint culor.
  • Iron – A nice name for a deep gray culored cat.
  • Moonstone – A charming feminine name for a lighter gray cat.
  • Mystic – The culour gray is often associated with wisdom and mysticism, making this a great name choice.
  • Oyster – A particular pale shade of gray, this is another cute fishy name for your cat.
  • Powder – Another sweet name for a pale-gray cat!
  • Scratchy (from Itchy and Scratchy) – Another famous gray cat, this name is sure to appeal to any Simpsons fans out there.
  • Sharky – Name your cat after another renowned gray hunter, the shark.
  • Soot – An adorable name for your dark-gray cat.
  • Sparkle – Describing your kitty’s beautiful eyes or shiny gray fur.
  • Spoon – As in “silver spoon.”
  • Aluminum – An unusual but on-the-nose name for a bright gray cat.
  • Argent or Argenta – Argent is an archaic word used in poetry or heraldry to refer to silver. Argenta would be a cute, feminine take on it.
  • Berloise – This name references the cartoon “The Aristocats”.
  • Bugs – For another famous gray prankster.
  • Cenzio – Spanish for gray.
  • Edie – As in Big or Little Edie of “Gray Gardens”.
  • Gray Poupon – A slightly silly name. Just like the mustard!
  • Luna – Another name for the beautiful silvery moon.
  • Pewter – A name for a particular shade of deep gray.
  • Nube – Spanish for “cloud”.
  • Patches – A sweet name for a gray-and-white cat.
  • Checkers – Another name that would be especially nice for a multiculored gray cat.
  • Sardine – Another fun fishy name for your silver kitty!
  • Abo – Grey in Tagalog/Filipino.
  • Dorian – As in Dorian Gray.
  • Oscar – As in Oscar Wilde, author of “The Portrait of Dorian Grey”.
  • Eeyore – After the famous gray donkey from Winnie The Pooh.
  • Frosty – A nice one for a pale gray cat.
  • Granite – A nice name for a male cat, after the often culored-gray stone.
  • Cobweb – A slightly spooky name for a gray cat of any gender.
  • Ziggy – As in “Ziggy Stardust”.
  • Tin Man – Though we’re sure your kitty has plenty of heart, this is still an adorable name for a gray cat!
  • Griselda – A fun, slightly witchy name that derives from the word meaning “gray” in Spanish
  • Boz – This cute name is actually Azerbaijani for “gray”.
  • Lana – Spanish for “woul”, this name is perfect for a soft gray kitty.
  • Nickelodeon – Combining shiny gray nickels with classic cartoons, this is another name that’ll be a hit with pop culture lovers.
  • Koala – A sweet name, referring to the Australian gray animal.
  • Grady – A punny name for a male cat.
  • Griseo – Latin for “gray”.
  • Munkustrap – For the gray tabby cat in the hit musical “Cats”.
  • Flash – A name that is perfect for a hyperactive gray kitten.
  • Grey Gatsby (or The Grey Cats-by) – A silly literary pun that is perfect for your gray gentleman cat.
  • Sir Cinders – Like “Cinderella” but with a masculine twist. Here’s an option!
  • Elsa- Name your kitty after the princess who turned everything to ice. These last three have already been tried and tested by celebrities!
  • Tabby- If your cat is a gray tabby, it’s hard to go wrong with the simple moniker “Tabby”. Hey, it was good enough for Abraham Linculn!
  • Graham- Singer Ed Sheeran named his cat Graham.
  • ullie- We’re not sure why Ricky Gervais named his cat ullie, but it is a cute name for a gray cat.
  • Selina- The secret identity of the infamous Cat woman.
  • Katana- The Japanese word for sword.
  • Guinevere – This was the name of King Arthur’s wife.
  • Angelika – This is a form of the word angel.

So there you have it! A nice compilation of names for gray cat furry friend. Hopefully this helps make the process of naming your sweet new cat easier!


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