Guide to Peacock Gudgeon Care

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The Peacock Gudgeon is a remarkably beautiful and unique Freshwater fish which all aquarists must think about.

Not only do they look great, but they are pretty easy to care for. They do not require conditions which are hard to maintain, plus they get together with lots of different species.

This manual on Peacock Gudgeon maintenance will teach you every thing You have to learn whether you would like to have yourself. You will find general tank conditions, tank mates, breeding tips, and much more!

Frequently overlooked as a Acceptable option for a neighborhood Volcano, Peacock Gudgeons are magnificent fish with different and enjoyable characters.

They’ll add both life and beauty to your aquarium surroundings and you’re going to delight in developing relationships together.

Additionally, they Aren’t Hard to look after (though They’re, by all reports, picky eaters.) They’re fish that perform nicely with others at the aquarium.

Peacock Gudgeon 1

We’ll present you to this Peacock Gudgeon, covering their own History and origin, and inform you all that you want to learn about caring for the gorgeous creatures.

Let’s dive in to research their behaviours, look, best tank requirements, diet, and breeding so which you are able to determine if Peacock Gudgeons are all ideal for you and your own tank community.

Peacock Gudgeon Species Summary

The Peacock Gudgeon (Tateurndina ocellicauda) is an lively freshwater fish that is endemic to shallow bodies of water from Papua New Guinea. They are also located through New Zealand and Australia.

Though the fish are Occasionally known as the Peacock Goby, they’re not a part of their Goby household. Rather they belong to both the Eleotridae and will be the sole members of this Tateurndina Genus.

Peacock Gudgeon 2

Nowadays, most of That the Peacock Gudgeons you find in fish markets have been bred in captivity. They’ve grown rather well known in the fish area. As their name might imply, their striking appearances are reminiscent of peacock feathers!

The fish leaves an Fantastic addition to any tank. Thoughthey need some special care to make certain they remain healthy, lively, and so forth.

Peacock Gudgeon Review

The Term peacock arouses a direct visual of this magnificent Bird with vibrant feathers entirely open. The Peacock Gudgeon is justifiably known as after the famed bird, wearing myriad colours and patterns in their bodies, for example, signature peacock eyespot.

The Peacock Gudgeon, scientific title Tateurndina Ocellicauda appears from Papua New Guinea. Located in freshwater preferences, Peacock Gudgeons are found in Australia and New Zealand.

Peacock Gudgeon 3

Occasionally known as Peacock Goby, the Peacock Gudgeon doesn’t Really belong to the Goby household; rather, it is a part of their Eleotriafe family and also the sole species from the genus Tateurndina.

Even though They arise in Oceania, many Peacock Gudgeons marketed For home tanks are used in captivity. Simple to look after, Peacock Gudgeons are an superb alternative for beginner amateurs, and intriguing enough to pique the eye of even the very experienced aquarist.

The hobbyist Will Have to pay a Bit More attention to Care in regards to breeding those brilliant allure, and, much like aquarium habitants, supplying high quality nourishment and pristine tank states.

Peacock Gudgeons will love a lush and adorned Environment and fantastic filtration.

Average Behavior

A normally peaceful neighborhood member, the Peacock Gudgeon Won’t stir up the grass when they’re about other fish which will also be non-aggressive.

They want to maintain teams of 6-8, however can do just fine at a couple — just be certain that you have a minimum of one friend in their opinion.

Peacock Gudgeon 2

At times the men from the group will probably Find a bit hot under The fin and become competitive with one another, but tempers generally cool fast, and accidents are rare.

The most fun you will have is seeing the Peacock Gudgeons Swim and play the plants in their environment. It is so gratifying to see these stunning and lively fish swim about with unabashed pleasure. It boosts the hobbyist’s mood simply watching them .

If they are feeling very untethered and serene, you’ll find them Swim out from the open, almost like exhibiting their distinctive look.

Professional tip: It is very important to note the Peacock Gudgeons Are talented jumpers, which means you’re going to need to be certain your aquarium has a skillet.

Ensure you provide these Peacock Gudgeons lots of Hiding areas so they have an escape should they are feeling threatened.

Peacock Gudgeon’s Look

Peacock Gudgeons are quite a pleasure to behold. Together with their Vibrant coloration and touch peacock eye, so these tiny fish actually add life and sparkle to a aquarium neighborhood.

The entire body of this Peacock Gudgeon is a silvery blue with reddish Lateral dots. As we said, even though they’re occasionally known as gobies, they aren’t accurate gobies and don’t have the fused pectoral fins which indicate a real goby.

Their bellies are coloured in a bright yellow color, and you’re going to notice yellow on the border of the fins. Females can be differentiated from the additional black stripe in their fins.

Peacock Gudgeon Care 4

Obviously, the above eyespot at the Bottom of this Tail fin is the way the Peacock Gudgeon has its title.

Along with this blackfin stripe in females as well as the Eyebrow hump from the men, it is possible to differentiate males and females with their own length, with guys being somewhat shorter than men.

Females also create a clear yellow patch on the stomach when they’re planning to spawn.

Juvenile Peacock Gudgeon

It requires about 6 to 8 weeks for youthful Peacock Gudgeons to Reach adulthood. They may develop a bit larger following this stage, but they’re basically full-size.


In great Conditions, the typical Peacock Gudgeon lifespan is between 4 and 5 years .

While that is not as Long as many additional freshwater fish speciesthat these fish will surely get the absolute most from the time on your own tank. They have special personalities and do not mind displaying.


The typical size for That a Peacock Gudgeon is approximately 3 inches . Females generally only attain spans of about 2 and a half inches.

Most juvenile fish Will reach adulthood sometime between 8 and 6 weeks. They will be near complete length at this point, though a few will develop a bit larger in these months.

Habitat along with Tank Conditions

Peacock Gudgeon doesn’t float up to any other nano Fish such as the Bloodfin Tetra, therefore that they do not need as much space for swimmingpool.

If you are only keeping a college of 6 or longer Peacock Gudgeon, a 15-gallon tank must suffice. Boost the tank dimensions to get a bigger school or even a community tank which has species.

Concerning habitat, they favor a more lush and decorated Aquarium, since it harkens back into their normal habitat in the ponds and streams of Oceania. You’ll discover that your Peacock Gudgeon flourishing in plant-heavy surroundings.

Anubias, Java fern, along with water wisteria are exceptional options To get Peacock Gudgeons. It is important to supply them with an array of vegetation that they have places to hide whenever they are feeling stressed or compromised, and they like swimming through crops from the tank.

You will see content when they’re surrounded by crops. You will most likely even notice their colours become more lively when they are surrounded by plants.

Choose hearty plants to the Peacock Gudgeon tankthey Spend as much time interacting with all the plants which more delicate types won’t survive long.

To get a parasite, select darker sand which reminds them of. Their normal habitat. Attempt to prevent dirt as it might scratch their underside sides and then injure them.

As we said, they prefer to hide from the crops whenever they Feel endangered, and incorporating decorations into your aquarium such as castles or caves can supply more hiding places such as Peacock Gudgeons.

And as you’ll see later, you are going to want a cave in case you are intending to breed themif they choose to breed.

Rocks and driftwood are additional tank enhancements which will help Maintain the Peacock Gudgeons content.

Water Requirements

In their natural habitat, Peacock Gudgeons swim in Slow-moving flows or perhaps ponds, and that means you’ve got to be cautious that your house tank leak isn’t overly powerful or quick, or else they’ll get frustrated and overwhelmed out.

They are also acclimated to warmer temperatures, so be sure Your own water temperature is from the 72°F into 79°F (22.2 into 26.1°C) range.

The best parameters to ensure a close fit to their Natural habitat include:

  •     pH degrees: 6.0 to 7.8 (approximately 7.0 is greatest )
  •     Water hardness: 5 to 12 dKH
  •     water temperatures: 72°F into 79°F (22.2-26.1°C)

You want to Be Certain to keep nitrate levels reduced on your Tank, therefore select a filtration system which may do the task, remember that the filter that you require will differ based on how many in total have been on your area.

In case you’ve got a college of 6 at a 15-gallon tank, then your filter needs will probably be different than if you are hosting numerous species at an 60-gallon tank.

And these animals are used to slower moving Water, and that means you don’t wish to decide on a filter that is likely to make a stronger current than they could deal with.

If the present seems too powerful for the Peacock Gudgeons, You’re able to decrease the flow by putting the filter from the glass of the tank or even placing a plant or ribbon before the leak.

What Size Candles Why Do They Want?

Even a 15-gallon tank is the minimal recommendation for your Peacock Gudgeon. The dimension goes up from there based on how a number of different species that you have on your tank. We all know of amateurs who home their own Peacock Gudgeons at a 90-gallon neighborhood tank.

Just how Many Can Be Held Per Gallon?

A tiny set of Peacock Gudgeons ought to flourish in a 15-gallon tank, but naturally, in case you’ve got a bigger tank, then that is better.

Tank Mates

Peacock Gudgeon is quite cool and certainly will do just fine with Other peaceful fish which are about precisely the exact same dimensions as they are.

You need to be mindful of placing them with much more competitive fish and fish which are bigger than they’re — it equally pressures them endangers them. Larger fish are more very likely to swallow the Peacock Gudgeons entire.

If you are like any fish Which Are More territorial, then make Sure you’ve got an aquarium that’s big enough to your other fish to carve out their own area so the Peacock Gudgeons don’t feel endangered.

Proper Tankmates

  •     Apistogramma
  •     Bumblebee Goby
  •     Celestial Pearl Danios
  •     Cherry Barb
  •     Cory Catfish
  •     Ember Tetra (along with alternative Tetras)
  •     Harlequin Rasbora
  •     Kuhli Loach

Maintaining Peacock Gudgeons Collectively

Peacock Gudgeons are happiest when you maintain them at a Set of 6 to 2 fish. You will find it’s possible to maintain just one set, but you wish to be certain that they’re not alone in the tank. But surely, a college of 6 will maintain them articles and unstressed.


Peacock Gudgeons aren’t big fans of food that is sweet. A number Of amateurs report which their Peacock Gudgeons turn up their noses when presented with scents. Peacock Gudgeons reside to their title — proud as a peacock they need a more intriguing diet.

Even though the Peacock Gudgeons into Your House tank were probably Bred in captivity they assert a affinity for the meals which their species locates from the wild: foods that’s loaded with protein they can prey , like mammals, insects, and other tiny creatures.

Give them freeze-dried high protein meals, and blend In certain live snacks such as bloodworms, brine shrimp, and daphnia. They might well partake of these beers if you provide them their treasured meaty meals to cooperate with it.

Bear in Mind that the fat and protein content in the live food Provides the nourishment they have to keep healthy and joyful; you will observe a difference within their own coloration once you nourish them too.

If you observe that their colours aren’t as brilliant as you would like, you might have to bring some meat to the omnivore’s dietplan.

Peacock Gudgeon Care

In comparison to other Fish species, even Peacock Gudgeon maintenance is comparatively simple. They are not especially fussy and perform well in community settings.

But that Does not indicate you could stick them at almost any tank and then call it a day. These fish require carefully crafted surroundings and secure water requirements to remain healthier. Below are a few important care ideas to follow.

Tank Size

Due for their Small dimensions, Peacock Gudgeons do not require a bunch of space (they are amazing freshwater bass ). To make matters much simpler, these fish are not the greatest swimmers.

Because of this, you do not need to have an excessive amount of swimming area on your tank to keep them healthy.

The minimum tank Size we urge is 15 g. That is acceptable for a small set of Peacock Gudgeons. Obviously, when you anticipate having a huge group or multi-species community tank, even bigger is always preferable.

Caring of Peacock Gudgeon

Like most aquarium fish, Peacock Gudgeon is vulnerable to some Variety of ailments. Maintaining your aquarium clean using frequent water changes and monitoring the water quality, in addition to subsequent to the above mentioned feeding guidance is going to do much to guard your own Peacock Gudgeons from falling sick.

Ich, named to its parasite which causes itto be Ichthyophthirius Multifiliis, strikes when freshwater fish encounter stress. Supplying a stress-free atmosphere for the Peacock Gudgeon is overriding in preventative care.

Anxiety can be Brought on by a number of items: improper tank Spouses or solitude; overfeeding or deficiency of nourishment; oblivious tank or water states may rob your fish of bliss, making them more prone to disease.

Fish contaminated with ich Have to Be properly used because ich is Very infectious. There are numerous medications available on the market to take care of ich.

You only have to be careful as lots of the medications available are copper-based, and also a number of the Peacock Gudgeon’s tankmates might not perform well with copper-based drugs.

Besides ich, the Peacock Gudgeon’s mind is somewhat Vulnerable to Hole-in-head disorder, which they may get through stool.

Evidently, if you keep your tank clean, then you may drastically lower the possibility that your own Peacock Gudgeon will get in touch with this disorder that commonly strikes larger fish.

Hole-in-head disorder is unmistakable from the sores And pits from the bad fish head.

Also common are parasitic and parasitic ailments: anchor worms Latch on the Peacock Gudgeon’s own body and mind, and they’ll rub against some other tough things in your aquarium at an endeavor to scratch them.

Fluke strikes are just another condition that You Ought to be on The watch for. Small lesions are made when tiny small worms attach themselves to the skin and gills of their Peacock Gudgeon.

Should you grab the flukes ancient, you can generally see to the fish efficiently with antifungal and antibacterial drugs.

When the flukes Aren’t diagnosed early and the situation is more Acute, it might prove fatal for the Peacock Gudgeon.

Water Parameters

Peacock Gudgeons occupy shallow waters at the wild. They are Usually seen in ponds or quite lethargic streams. These bodies of water have been full of plant and are fairly hot.

The best way to maintain Peacock Gudgeons healthful in captivity Is to repeat all those natural habitats as far as you can. The subsequent water parameters are best for all these fish.

  •     Water fever: 72°F into 79°F
  •     pH degrees: 6.0 to 7.8 (approximately 7.0 is greatest )
  •     Water hardness: 5 to 12 dKH

Things To Include In Their Habitat

As we said Previously, Peacock Gudgeons would be the ideal species to maintain a greatly aquascaped aquarium. These fish flourish when they are around plants.

When you are planning Your tank, employ a vast array of sturdy plants. Water wisteria, Java fern, Anubias, and much are worth contemplating. The more plants you have, the harder your fish will likely be.

Not only do plants Mimic their natural habitat from the wild, but they also serve a few functional functions, also.

The fish may utilize the plants to conceal each time they feel endangered. When they are pleased and care-free, you are going to find them swimming through the leaves and with pleasure.

Since they Interact with crops so much, it is important that all aquatic plants you contain are lasting. Delicate vegetation could be wrapped up fairly fast.

You can embed plants In a darkened sand substrate. Sand is more powerful for all these fish compared to gravel.

Along with plants, Make Certain to take good advantage of rocks and driftwood. Again, lots of hiding places and places to research is obviously best.

For Peacock Gudgeons, we also advise introducing some sort of cave program if you’re able to. You’re able to produce a cave from stones, buy a manufactured cave program, or utilize a very simple PVC pipe. Whatever you select, be certain it’s ample enough to allow the fish to go into fully.

Dark and shy Spots like these are utilized throughout the mating procedure.

Now, Here Is What you Want to know when it comes to Filtration and water stream:

There aren’t any Special filter requirements for Peacock Gudgeons. Just ensure your chosen gear is strong enough to cycle the tank and also maintain nitrates degree low.

One significant thing To think about is the filter’s socket. Peacock Goby’s are not the most effective swimmers on the market.

They do not need to fret about powerful currents at the wild, and that means you have to keep water circulation to a minimal.

Don’t use any Strong pumps or highly effective air bladders. It is advised that you divide the present produced from the filter socket.

You can achieve it by directing it from the glass of the tank or putting large decorative things facing it. This will lower the circulation and keep things somewhat stagnant.

Breeding of Peacock Gudgeon

Peacock Gudgeon bond and form intimate relationships readily, Unlike a few other species which combine just for reproduction and fight.

Should you detect that two of your own Peacock Gudgeons have shaped A romantic game, you need to move them into some distinctive breeding tank, even one which you’ve outfitted with a cave or marijuana, or some sort of cavity.

Put the stage for reproduction by giving a Great Deal of quality reside Food and altering the water. The man will lure the female using just a tiny dance, then flaring his pectoral fins and swimming round the entry to the beloved cave.

If the lady is considering sealing the deal, then she will Swim in the cave, then putting 50 to 100 eggs. Since the eggs are adhesive, then they are on both sides or perhaps the ceiling. And she’s out.

The remaining breeding procedure is left to the man.

The male fertilizes the eggs stays together, observing Over these since they incubate and watching them over such as the protective dad that he is.

Once the eggs hatch (approximately a week and a half), the man Peacock Gudgeon will abandon the fry to look after themselves. While this occurs, the female and male could be returned into the tank.

Until they develop enough to Have the Ability to Manage baby brine Shrimp, you need to nourish the Peacock Gudgeon fry powdered meals and infusoria.

They will not float in their own for a couple of weeks, so they will need one to keep them hydrated so they can grow satisfactorily.

Sometimes you may Discover That your own Peacock Gudgeon prepares Their particular spawning setup in the tank, particularly in the event that you supply a fresh and well-appointed atmosphere.

They’ll arrange a correct egg-laying cavity and also return to business. In cases like this, you ought to keep an excess watch for your fry to be certain they are protected from some other tank inhabitants till they are powerful enough to live by themselves.

Possible Diseases

Peacock Gudgeons are at risk for a variety of ailments. None Of these are unique for this particular species. Instead, these disorders influence all of fish.

One common problem is ich. It is Brought on by an ectoparasite Known as Ichthyophthirius multifiliis. Freshwater fish will cling to the parasite once worried. Thus, it’s very important to track water conditions frequently and maintain the tank in great shape to prevent it.

Ich is highly infectious, so you Will Have to quarantine Infected fish. From that point, you can see to the matter with copper-based drugs.

A few ailments influence Peacock Gudgeon’s head. The Very first thing to be skeptical of is Hole-in-Head disorder. This condition generally affects bigger fish such as Cichlids. But, it may impact Peacock Gudgeons, also.

This disorder is transmitted through feces. Normally, it happens As a result of bad water conditions and contributes to sores and observable pits around the mind.

Worms and parasitic diseases are common also. Anchor Worms can latch on a fish’s body and head. Most frequently, fish will attempt to”scratch” off the rats by rubbing decorations.

The same holds for skin and gill flukes. Tiny worms will Latch on fish, developing a little lesion. Fluke strikes are often very dangerous.

While little infestations are not a massive deal, bigger ones could certainly kill Peacock Gudgeons. Fortunately, they can normally be treated with antibacterial and antifungal drugs.

Food & Diet

Among the largest challenges of this Peacock Gudgeon is diet! All these fish can be very picky.

From the wild, they generally prey on mammals, insects, and Small creatures they are able to safely consume. Because you can seethey favor protein-rich food.

Many aquarists have seen victory with high quality dried Food, however Peacock Gudgeons always like live or frozen bites.

You are able to attempt dry food to realize the way your fish enjoy it. But, We do advocate supplementing that diet live food to help keep them healthy.

Brine shrimp, bloodworms, daphnia, and much are Superior choices. Those nutrient-packed dwell foods will let your fish attain their entire potential. Not only are they more happy, but you could observe that their colours become more lively if they eat live foods too.

Temperament & General Behavior

For the large part, Peacock Gudgeons are calm. They won’t Cause any problem along with other non-aggressive fish which are close in size.

All these fish are happiest if in a bunch. You can keep them In one pairing, however they really do best in massive classes of 6 to 2 fish.

You may see some Small aggression between men in a group. Nonetheless, this is not anything important. They will frequently spar for a couple of minutes before continuing. It is light-hearted and generally does not cause any harm for the fish included.

Normally, these fish may explore the ecosystem and perform With crops. If your fish remains comfortable with the surroundings, you might find them swimming in open regions to flaunt their great looks!

Tank Mates

There are Lots of Peacock Gudgeon tank mates that you are able to Select from. Besides additional fish of the very same species, these fish honest quite well with nearly all fish.

You can keep them in neighborhood tanks just as long as there aren’t any Important aggressors. It’s likely to maintain somewhat territorial fish in precisely the exact same tank.

However, You Have to make Sure these fish Aren’t Large Enough to consume the Peacock Gudgeons. Additionally, it is important to stay with a bigger tank that some territorial fish could get their own area.

Here are some Great tank mates for your Peacock Gudgeon:

  •     Cory Catfish
  •     Ember Tetra (along with alternative Tetras)
  •     Kuhli Loach
  •     Bumblebee Goby
  •     Celestial Pearl Danios
  •     Harlequin Rasbora
  •     Apistogramma
  •     Cherry Barb

Are Peacock Gudgeon Suitable to your Aquarium?

Whether you are an experienced hobbyist or a newcomer, the Peacock Gudgeon actually provides all that you may need at an area member — they are lovely to check at, are fairly elastic and easy to take care of, and also have fun characters.

A more sophisticated aquarist might just end up to the battle Of breeding those brilliant little bass, also. The simple fact that they get alongside different tankmates and could be contained in a bigger community is an additional bonus that may help you pick 6 or 2 of those magnificent fish.

Can Be Peacock Gudgeon your favourite neighborhood tank fish? Let us understand in the comments below…

Frequently Asked Questions

Why not my Peacock Gudgeon eat sweet food?

Their taste to live food probably comes in the Diet Plan They’re used to in their normal habitat from Oceania. Besides the simple fact that they like going after reside preythey are omnivores that require the fat and protein they get from food.

Should you provide them with a high quality Diet Which provides Number, they will probably endure the flakes: simply be certain it is not their sole nourishment supply.

Can I have to get another breeding tank?

We’ve included directions for breeding the Peacock Gudgeons at a tank, however, the fact is that your fish may not wait for one to place the breeding phase in their opinion.

Unlike another fish species, all these vibrant fish do appreciate one another’s company and will probably replicate with very little assistance from you.

If You’ve Got a cave or fascia on your community tank, then you Might just discover some fresh shredder and deduce a set of Peacock Gudgeons has set and fertilized eggs without your knowing.

In cases like this, take pleasure in the stir fry, but keep a watchful eye on famished tankmates and nourish them fried foods and infusoria till they have become enough to float freely.

I am just beginning my fish keeping hobby. Can these fish? Be a fantastic selection?

Rely on joining the fascinating world of aquatic Pets! Peacock Gudgeons really are a wonderful option if you’re just beginning.

They are rather easy to look after as long as you are doing regular water changes and examine the tank requirements.

Another reason why these are a Fantastic choice for a novice hobbyist Is they are so enjoyable to see. They are not just brilliant and lovely to check at, however they have good characters.

They interact with one another and with different species on your tank. They are lively, and if you find them swimming throughout the plants at the tank, so it is apparent they’re so pleased.

We’re Certain That You Will enjoy using the Peacock Gudgeons; it will likely spark your curiosity in fishkeeping more! Fantastic luck with your new hobby!

What’s the typical lifespan of Peacock Gudgeons?

Peacock Gudgeons have an average lifespan of 4-5 years in captivity.

How long can the feminine Peacock Gudgeon take her eggs?

In Fact, the feminine Peacock Gudgeons do not take their eggs Whatsoever. They put their eggs into a pit or cave that’s been chosen by the man and recognized with the exceptional mating dance he does.

The feminine eggs are tacky, or glue, and May land Anyplace from the cave. Following the female leaves the cave, then the man goes in and simmer the 50 to 100 eggs abandoned from the feminine.

After pruning the eggs, the man becomes exceptionally territorial in a bid to safeguard his youthful.

Once they are hatched, nevertheless, the man remains with the fry For just a brief time before allowing them fend for themselves.

Final Thoughts

Now that you have read the manual, you understand why we are such large Lovers of the fish. They are amazing, easy to take care of, and enjoyable to watch.

What is not to enjoy?

If you are interested in learning more about that particular species or Have information you would like us to include to the page just tell us!

Our Objective Is to make this best Peacock Gudgeon care manual on the world wide web, so any Additional assistance is always welcome.

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