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Not solely will these hairless dog breeds preserve your own home freed from tumbleweeds of fur and doubtlessly assist to alleviate signs in these allergic to canines—most non-shedding breeds are additionally hypoallergenic canines—however their distinctive appears to be like evoke an unique sense of status and rarity, as they stand out from among the most well-liked canine breeds.

These canines with no hair, thanks in no small half to their attention-grabbing appearances, are among the world’s rarest canines, which additionally makes them among the most costly canines if yow will discover them in any respect to buy.

Word that although they’re hairless and also you gained’t should brush their coats, these canines aren’t precisely maintenance-free. They nonetheless require common bathing and TLC for his or her pores and skin and nails.

Hairless Dog Breeds

Do you’re keen on canines however have allergy symptoms – or just don’t wish to clear up pet hair? Then a hairless canine could also be excellent for you. These unique, elegant breeds have been favored by creative sorts with a contact of revolt of their souls.

hairless dog breeds

Proudly owning a hairless canine will imply that you simply’ll spend zero time vacuuming and grooming, however they don’t seem to be maintenance-free.

Naked pores and skin requires safety reminiscent of sunscreen to stop sunburns, jackets for heat and common baths to maintain the pores and skin wholesome.

Finest Hairless Dog Breeds

Probably the most notable traits about canines is their fur or hair. Whether or not they have curly, straight, dense, or skinny fur, it helps them stand out. However there are also a number of hairless canine breeds that stand out in their very own means.

These comparatively uncommon canine breeds carry genes that trigger them to be utterly hairless or have little or no hair on their our bodies. A few of these breeds are carefully associated, whereas others have a extra distinct origin.

They differ in look and persona, however most hairless canine breeds are typically pretty cuddly and like curling up with their people for heat.

  1. Chinese Crested

Chinese Cresteds Hairless Dog

Chinese cresteds supply one of the best of each hair worlds, with feathery wisps on their head and ft and a hairless physique. Known as “ultra-affectionate” companion canines by the American Kennel Membership (AKC), these snuggly mates will keep proper by your facet.

As with most hairless pets, their pink noticed pores and skin might be simply irritated, however a each day utility of breed-specific canine sunscreen and topicals will preserve this Chinese canine breed protected.

Breed Overview
Peak:12 inches
Weight:8 to 12 kilos
  1. American hairless terrier

Intently associated to the rat terrier, the American hairless terrier possesses excessive vitality and is sharp-witted and inquisitive. In response to the AKC, that is the one hairless canine breed indigenous to america.

American hairless terrier

They’re tiny however feisty, and house owners of those bald canines have to be cautious about each avoiding solar publicity in the summertime and protecting their pups protected in winter’s chilly temperatures. A heat canine coat will help.

Breed Overview
Peak:12 to 16 inches
Weight:12 to 16 kilos
  1. Mexican hairless canine/Xoloitzcuintli

These hairless beauties are undoubtedly the oldest breed on this record: Mexican hairless canines have been round for an estimated 3,000 years, per the AKC. Thought of to be the traditional Aztec canine of the gods, these chill and clever toy canines have clean, hairless pores and skin.

Xoloitzcuintli As Mexican Hairless Canine

Not like different hairless canines, their hair and skincare is low upkeep—they require solely common baths to maintain odors at bay and nail trimmings, just like fluffy canine breeds. If you happen to like small canines however hairless isn’t your factor, take a look at these different toy canine breeds that can have you ever swooning.

Breed Overview
Peak:10 to 14 inches (toy), 14 to 18 inches (miniature), 18 to 23 inches (commonplace)
Weight:10 to fifteen kilos (toy), 15 to 30 kilos (miniature), 30 to 55 kilos (commonplace)
  1. Peruvian Inca orchid

One of many taller hairless canine breeds, this regal and loyal canine breed from Peru can boast noticed and unspotted pores and skin of almost any coloration.

Peruvian Inca orchid Hairless Dog

PICs are thought-about to be agile hunters and protecting watchdogs, but are affectionate with their house owners. They’re additionally exceedingly uncommon, and don’t maintain any rank on the AKC‘s 197 hottest registered breeds.

Breed Overview
Peak:9.75 to 25.75 inches
Weight:8.5 to 55 kilos
  1. Argentine Pila

Little is thought about this mysterious hairless toy breed, as they’re almost unimaginable to seek out in america, however they’re well-liked pets in South America. These completely bare-skinned canines have solely a touch of hair round their whiskered mouths.

Peruvian Inca orchid Hairless Dog

Argenting Pila are identified for being playful and loving companions, however with tremendous delicate hairless pores and skin that requires eagle-eyed consideration, they’re high-maintenance pets.

Breed Overview
Peak:10 to 25 inches
Weight:9 to 55 kilos
  1. Hairless Khala

Famed for its mohawk of wispy white hair, this uncommon canine breed from Bolivia has hound origins, making it the biggest of the hairless breeds.

These medium-sized canines are fiercely protecting of their household, and so they do greatest with an proprietor who commits to coaching and imposes agency authority so the pup sees them because the pack chief.

Hairless Khala Dog Breed

Like different hairless breeds, pores and skin coloration can differ however often settles right into a clean grey hue at maturity.

Breed Overview
Peak:14 to twenty inches
Weight:14 to twenty kilos
  1. Jonangi

Native to India, these once-popular bald canines have been initially bred for herding and searching, however are actually more and more tough to seek out, even in India. These canines are on the quiet facet, although after they do bark, they make a particular yodel-like sound.

Hairless Jonangi Dog Breed

Whereas not completely hairless, Jonangis have been bred to have quick coats to endure India’s sweltering summers. They’ve a popularity of being delightfully pleasant and simple to coach.

Breed Overview
Peak:17 to 21 inches
Weight:28 to 48 kilos


Caring for hairless canines

There are many causes a household could wish to contemplate bringing a hairless canine dwelling. Allergic reactions apart, most hairless breeds are affectionate and loving, making them glorious buddies who will snuggle up at your ft.

Whereas these breeds don’t want grooming appointments or common brushing, they do have their very own set of care wants for his or her bald coats, together with common baths and nail cutting.

hairless dog breeds

All hairless breeds are delicate to temperature and the weather, and most want a coat within the winter and breed-specific canine sunscreen in the summertime.

Hairless canines is probably not shedders, however they nonetheless want grooming to maintain their pores and skin wholesome. Bathe the canine frequently to cleanse its pores and skin, and apply a dog-safe moisturizer to dry pores and skin as wanted.

Additionally, make sure you shield the canine’s pores and skin from sunburn and chilly climate.

Popular Shaved Dog Breeds

Popular Shaved Dog Breeds

American Hairless Terrier

The American hairless terrier descended from the rat terrier. Beginning within the Seventies, rat terriers have been selectively bred for his or her hairless coats. And, whereas some American hairless terriers are nonetheless born with a light-weight coat, they largely characteristic the hairless trait.

American Hairless Terrier 1

These canines are typically fairly sensible, energetic, and playful. They make good household canines and have a excessive prey drive for small rodents.

Breed Overview

HEIGHT: 12 to 16 inches

WEIGHT: 12 to 16 kilos

PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS: Small and muscular physique; coat colours embody black, chocolate, pink, apricot, and varied combos; might be hairless or have a really quick coat

Chinese Crested

Chinese Crested canines are available two varieties: hairless and powderpuff. The hairless selection really has fluffy tufts of hair on the pinnacle, ears, paws, and tail. The quantity of hair can differ amongst canines.

Chinese Crested 1

And the powderpuff selection has a protracted, delicate double coat over its complete physique. Each the hairless and powderpuff varieties can come from the identical litter. These canines are typically very loving and cuddly, although they’ve an brisk and playful facet as properly.

Breed Overview

HEIGHT: 11 to 13 inches

WEIGHT: 8 to 12 kilos

PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS: Might be hairless aside from the pinnacle, tail, and ft or totally coated; small and slender physique; noticed pink pores and skin with feathery white hair


The Xoloitzcuintli, also called the Mexican hairless canine, is available in each hairless and short-coated varieties. Each varieties are exceptionally low-maintenance in relation to grooming, although pores and skin safety is a should.

Xoloitzcuintli Hairless Dog 1

Xolos are an historical Aztec breed relationship again 1000’s of years. The canines are typically loyal and alert, making glorious watch canines. Whereas they are often protecting when essential, Xolos are also identified for his or her calm nature.

Breed Overview

HEIGHT: 10 to 14 inches (toy); 14 to 18 inches (miniature); 18 to 23 inches (commonplace)

WEIGHT: 10 to fifteen kilos (toy); 15 to 30 kilos (miniature); 30 to 55 kilos (commonplace)

PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS: Might be utterly hairless or have a brief, flat coat; muscular, rectangular physique; wrinkled brow

Peruvian Inca Orchid

Peruvian Inca Orchid Hairless Dog 1

Also called the Peruvian hairless, the Peruvian Inca Orchid originated in historical Peru, the place it was largely saved as a companion canine. These canines are typically very affectionate with and protecting of their households, and so they can develop separation nervousness when left alone.

In addition they are athletic little canines that want fairly a little bit of train to put on them out. Most Peruvian Inca Orchids are utterly hairless, although some can have quick patches of fur on their head, paws, and tip of the tail.

Breed Overview

HEIGHT: 9.75 to fifteen.75 inches (small); 15.75 to 19.75 inches (medium); 19.75 to 25.75 inches (giant)

WEIGHT: 8.5 to 17.5 kilos (small); 17.5 to 26.5 kilos (medium); 26.5 to 55 kilos (giant)

PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS: Lengthy, lean physique; pores and skin coloration varies however can embody black, brown, grey, pink, tan, and white; low tail; clean pores and skin

Argentine Pila Canine

Argentine Pila Hairless Canine 1

An in depth relative to the Peruvian Inca Orchid, the Argentine pila canine is a hairless breed prized for its delicate pores and skin. This uncommon breed is available in three dimension classes and is primarily present in its native Argentina.

Argentine pila canines are typically affectionate, playful, and adaptable to new environments. Whereas they’re largely hairless, some pila canines do have small tufts of fur on the highest of their heads and on their tails.

Breed Overview

HEIGHT: 10 to 14 inches (small); 14 to 18 inches (medium); 18 to 25 inches (giant)

WEIGHT: 9 to 18 kilos (small); 18 to 25 kilos (medium); 25 to 55 kilos (giant)

PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS: Tail curled ahead; comparatively quick physique; pointed ears; slender muzzle; almond eyes; pores and skin coloration varies and might embody noticed or piebald markings

Abyssinian Sand Terrier

If you happen to’re in search of a canine train buddy with a quiet and calm temperament, the Abyssinian sand terrier is the canine for you. This extraordinarily uncommon breed additionally goes by the identify African hairless canine.

Abyssinian Sand Terrier Hairless Dogs 1

It is a pretty small- to medium-sized canine with a protracted, smooth physique. Some canines throughout the breed are utterly hairless, whereas others have small tufts of hair on the highest of the pinnacle and tip of the tail.

Breed Overview

HEIGHT: 15.5 to twenty.5 inches

WEIGHT: 21 to 39 kilos

PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS: Colours embody black, grey, bronze, sand; pores and skin can have mottled markings; hairless aside from tufts of hair on head and tail; bat-like ears; lengthy muzzle; smooth physique

Hairless Khala

hairless khala dog breed 1

Hairless Khalas, also called Bolivian hairless canines, are a uncommon hairless canine breed originating in Bolivia. They give the impression of being fairly just like the Xoloitzcuintli and certain share ancestors.

These canines love their house owners and can fearlessly shield them, so coaching is a should to maintain them pleasant with these outdoors of your family. Like different hairless breeds, a few of these canines do have small tufts of hair, particularly on their heads.

Breed Overview

HEIGHT: 14 to 17 inches (medium); 17 to twenty inches (giant)

WEIGHT: 14 to 30 kilos (medium); 18 to twenty kilos (giant)

PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS: Some are short-legged whereas others have longer legs; darkish grey pores and skin; tufts of white hair on head

Jonangi Dog Breed

Jonangi canines are native to India, the place they have been bred as herding and searching canines. The breed is sort of uncommon at this time. Jonangis are typically cautious round strangers, however they’re exceptionally pleasant towards these they know, together with children and different pets within the dwelling.

hairless Jonangi dog 1

Furthermore, Jonangis have an identical disposition and muscularity to bull terriers, and so they have a particular yodel as an alternative of a bark. Many of those canines will not be hairless however as an alternative have a really quick, clean coat that’s almost invisible.

Breed Overview

HEIGHT: 17 to 21 inches

WEIGHT: 28 to 48 kilos

PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS: Colours differ however can embody fawn, black, white, and chocolate; can have piebald markings; pricked ears; curled tail; quick muzzle; fox-like options; wrinkled brow

Ecuadorian Hairless Canine

The Ecuadorian hairless canine is an historical canine breed from Ecuador and a possible relative of the Peruvian Inca Orchid. It’s extremely uncommon at this time. These canines sport little or no hair, which is often on the highest of their heads.

They are typically pretty energetic little canines and have a powerful prey drive, particularly to hunt small rodents. However in addition they love to twist up subsequent to their favourite individuals.

Breed Overview

HEIGHT: 15 to 18 inches

WEIGHT: 17 to 25 kilos

PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS: Virtually no hair on physique and head aside from a small quantity on prime of the pinnacle; lengthy legs; no premolar tooth

Hairless Chihuahua

Hairless Chihuahua 1

Hairless chihuahuas are the identical breed as coated chihuahuas — they simply have a uncommon genetic defect that causes them to be hairless. Thus, their temperament is rather like some other chihuahua.

They typically have massive personalities, bond very carefully with their favourite people, and are protecting of their territory.

However the hairless selection is susceptible to pores and skin points, so care and monitoring are important. Hairless chihuahuas can also get chilled fairly simply.

Breed Overview

HEIGHT: 6 to 9 inches

WEIGHT: 2 to six kilos

PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS: Petite body; massive eyes; giant upright ears; quick muzzle; slender legs

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