20 Top Indian Dog Breeds You Should Check Out

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Indian Dog Breeds are located anywhere in the nation, in the village into the busiest roads of Indian towns, most common Indian puppy breed is called Pariah Dog, located around Continent.

Other known but famous dog breeds of India also comprises Pandikona, Kaikadi, Indian Spitz, Mahratta Greyhound, Vanjari Hound and Sinhala Hound.

Call it interesting, obsession or call it social supportive. The majority of the puppies we’ve selected to share with our distance must be quite a pedigree breed. Not only any Pedigree, however, the American and European breeds generally.

The majority of the pricey pet breeds we see now are affected by the press, like the Dalmatian, German Shepherd, Pug, and Saint Bernard. And the men and women who have these dogs often acknowledge they did not even know about these until they appeared on tv.

Indian Dog Breeds
Indian Dog Breeds

The only individuals who suffer at the struggle to be ‘fresh’ and ‘forward-thinking’ would be the bad Indian puppies. No, this guide isn’t in defense of those inadequate street dogs which were abandoned.

Indies since they’re famously known as have undergone a recent growth in adoption and attention.

Indian Dog Breeds

Nevertheless Indian puppy breeds are the actual sufferers and also our beloved protagonists. Breeds which were grown in India and originated within our nation but are largely ignored which are now quite numerically depleted.

The most Common Australian dog breed in India have been Labrador, German Shepherd, Bulldog, The Pugs, Palmolein, Boxer, Saint Bernard, Doberman, Dachshund, Mastiff, Fantastic Dane and Rottweiler.

Many of those Indian dog breeds, let alone noticed by the majority of people in India, are very unheard of. Our trend for Foriegn breeds in addition to over-breeding several western breeds has led to the extinction of all Indian puppy breeds.

Many individuals throughout the nation recognized this issue slowly and made a decision to revive several of these Indian puppy breeds.

List of Indian Dog breeds:

  • 1) Bakharwal Dog
  • 2) Bully Kutta Dog
  • 3) Chippiparai Dog
  • 4) Kombai Dog
  • 5) Gaddi Kutta Dog
  • 6) Gull Dong Dog
  • 7) Gull Terrier Dog
  • 8) Indian Spitz Dog
  • 9) Jonangi Dog
  • 10) Kaikadi Dog
  • 11) Kanni Dog
  • 12) Kumaon Mastiff Dog
  • 13) Mahratta Greyhound Dog
  • 14) Mudhol Hound Dog
  • 15) Pandikona Dog
  • 16) Indian Pariah Dog
  • 17) Rajapalayam Dog
  • 18) Rampur Greyhound Dog
  • 19) Vanjari Hound Dog
  • 20) Vikhan Sheepdog Dog

1) Bakharwal Dog

Bakharwal Dog
Bakharwal Indian Dog

The Bakharwal puppy is among those earliest working Indian puppy breeds located across India’s Pir Panjal Range, in which the Bakarwal and Gujjar nomadic tribes are increasing it for centuries as a livestock guardian dog and village shield.

Bakharwal puppy was used to catch miltants from the authorities throughout the nation.

Bakarwal is really a moderate to large, powerful, thick bone. It’s a athletic and vigorous breed, a normal mountain puppy using a fluffy jacket and plumy tail which gives it a royal look.

It appears like Tibetan Mastiff’s moderate variant. It is mainly black in the feet and chest with all white. The puppy has a vegetarian diet consisting chiefly of rice chaff, maize and berry rolls however some individuals also clain they are sometimes fed beef!

Common colours are black And brindle, red, fawn, pied, lavender, white, and brindle. Bakarwal is a breed that evolves gradually, with just 3-4 pups littering after annually.

Less furry fur and not as plumy tail have been observed at the Bakarwal breed of Ladakhi.

Characteristics of the Greatest Indian Pet Breed

Height : 24 to 30 inches

Weight – 30 to 42 Kgs

Lifespan – 8 to 11 Years

Group – N/A

2) Bully Kutta Dog

Bully Kutta Dog
Bully Kutta Indian Dog

The Bully Kutta, too Called the Indian Mastiff or Pakistani Mastiff is a breed of large working dog arising in the 16th century at Indian subcontinent.

The Bully Kutta is a working dog used to search and patrol. The puppy breed is normal in India and Pakistan’s Punjab area, such as Haryana and Delhi.

Bully Kutta contrasts Literally to a profoundly wrinkled Dog. The term Bully derives from the main word of those Bohli languages Hindi-Urdu and Punjabi, meaning greatly wrinkled and Kutta signifies puppy.

The Bully Kutta Originated from the Indian subcontinent, possibly at the Sind area or at the Thanjavur and Tiruchi areas of Madras in undivided India.

The Bully Kutta turned into a favourite pet of judgment families in Thanjavur. The Mughal emperor Akbar possessed a Bully puppy he frequently utilized to search.

Characteristics of the dog breed:

Group: Working puppy

Height : 28 to 44 Inches

Weight : 60 to 89 Kg

Lifespan : 6 to 8 Years

3) Chippiparai Dog

Chippiparai Dog
Chippiparai Indian Dog

The Chippiparai is really a South west Indian sighthound breed of puppy. It’s a robust and single-colored version of Tamil Nadu’s native Hound puppy, now located in the region around Periyar Lake,” it’s also known as Kanni that comes in colors including black and tan, sand and black variations.

It’s largely employed for wild boar, deer and hare hunting. It’s also utilized to guard the home.

Bred by imperial households at Chippiparai, Tamil Nadu subject of Virudhunagar, it’s been preserved as a indication of charm and honour largely by the rulers of Tirunelveli and Madurai.

A fawn, black, red Brown, black haired coat, silver-gray, using quite little white markings or no white markings along with long curved tail is more normal colour. Other colours, particularly grey and fawn variants, also happen.

It’s has a very snug Brief fur; Overall, if the jacket is dressed, it’s a glow on it. There’s a good need to get a sleek, shell-like appearance. This fashion of jacket makes it ideal for warm climates.

This really is less likely to fleas and ticks, providing simple detection because of their short coat. This is only one of those Indian puppy breeds that appears somewhat similar to greyhound!

Characteristics of this puppy breed:

Group : Hound Dog

Height : 31 to 38 Inches

Weight : 15 to 20 Kg

Lifespan : 13 to 14 Years

4) Kombai Dog

Kombai Dog
Kombai Indian Dog

The Combai is just one of The Indian puppy breeds considered to have evolved from the mountains of South India’s western ghats. This Dog is famous for its durability and loyalty.

This breed has practically been pushed to the verge of extinction, also dog fans have revived them around Tamil Nadu country and played an essential role in bettering the breed in other Indian nations.

It’s regarded as a Native race that’s incredibly faithful, intelligent and strong. Because of its balanced squarish form, sharp moves, gait, trot, facial arrangement and tail grab, the puppy could be categorized as a terrier breed.

Kombai includes a double Coat onto the outer and gentle fawn coloured inner jacket with brick rough short hair which gives it a more distinctive design.

Black coloring is generally frequent about the muzzle, and it becomes brownish as the puppy gets old.

The arrangement of the muzzle is square and muscle. Kombai is infrequently overweight and there’s always a trend to get a balanced Kombai to maintain themselves fit. This breed sheds less owing to the short hairloss.

Kombai could be Regarded as a protective and positive creature, readily trained and profoundly devoted human companions.

Kombai is an extremely intelligent, and attempts are being forced to train those dogs to function to safeguard and monitor.

A wholesome Combai will endure for as many as two years and also being a eater makes it an perfect family pet.

Characteristics of the dog breed:

Group : Terrier

Height : 21 to 25 Inches

Weight : 25 to 30 kg

Lifespan : 12 to 15 Years

5) Gaddi Kutta Dog

Gaddi Kutta Dog
Gaddi Kutta Indian Dog

Gaddi Kutta is a Mastiff-type mountain puppy located in northern India, particularly in the western Caribbean area as well as the countries of Himachal Pradesh and also Uttarakhand.

They’re Also known as the Himalayan Sheepdog, Indian Panther Hound, in addition to Mahidant Mastiff and Bhutia, the former referring to the abilities of this breed and the latter for its own legacy.

Although initially Developed for searching purposes, the Gaddi Kutta is popular by local shepherds, largely Gaddis ( In the Southern African tribe of the identical title ) and has been reputed to be powerful enough to repel snow leopard strikes and also to possess the wisdom to herd stray goats and sheep back to their own pens.

These arrive in powerful Tan and black colours, light white and beige colour sometimes red, blue and black. The puppies of functioning shepherds are lighter and shorter than those considered pets.

Characteristics of the dog breed:

Group : Working

Height : 25 to 32 Inches

Weight : 35 to 45 Kg

Lifespan : 8 – 15 Years

6) Gull Dong Dog

Gull Dong Dog
Gull Dong Indian Dog

The Gull Dong is your consequence of this cross breeding of a Gull Terrier having a Bully Kutta. These have begun to be spanned in southern India and the consequent Gull Dong is respected in India and Pakistan due to its durability and tenacity.

Throughout the British Raj Span in India,” Bull Terriers were introduced into the Northwest Indian subcontinent, currently featuring the modern republics of both India and also Pakistan.

In British India, the Bull Terrier breed burst in popularity, with all the Bull Terrier Club of India being headquartered in Calcutta. Bull Terriers were blended with local breeds to make the most Gull Terrier.

The Gull Terrier is an exotic dog using a brief, smooth coat much like that of this Bull Terrier Staffordshire.

Characteristics of the dog breed:

Group : Terrier

Height : 18 to 22 Inches

Weight : 20 to 39 kg

Lifespan : 10 to 14 Years

7) Gull Terrier

Gull Terrier Dog
Gull Terrier Indian Dog

The Gull Terrier is a Watchdog who will be skeptical of strangers. Their elevated aggression and extreme protective driveway makes these puppies great protectors, individuals’s & land guardians.

This is only one of those Indian dog breeds understood in regards to protecting their individual family to provide their lifestyles.

Though the Gull Terrier is going to be helpful with kids in his instantaneous human family, understood to become competitive with intruders and ferocious due to their blood sports background.

Such dogs shouldn’t be left with kids that are not the component of the relatives & non puppy pets.

The Gull Terr can be Famous for being really fast, very nimble and easy because of his feet.They are headstrong and badly suited for kids, including older kids.

Characteristics of the Dog breed:

Group : Terrier

Height: 18 to 22 Inches

Weight: 25 to 29 Kg

Lifespan : 10 to 14 Years

8) Indian Spitz

Indian Spitz Dog
Indian Spitz Dog

The Indian Spitz is really a Little dog with a gentle neck and also a moderate tail, pristine white double coat approximately 33 cm ( 13 inches ). Their eyes have really white, greenish or bluish irises.

This is only one reason they have such expressive faces which we’re able to rely on taking a look at the eyes of one another to show us in which we both seem and the way we feel about things.

The first Spitz and Pomeranian was consumed in chilly conditions for searching, which can be reflected in their own black coloring.

While not getting exactly the very same requirements in India, their coloring is more attractive and has stayed through time. Some could be white or brown. Broadly , they’re all white.

This really is one of those Indian puppy breeds that has fox such as ears which makes this breed exceptionally expressive.

Scrub hair protects the exterior of their ears and covers most of those interior. This may indicate that if it comes to grooming and treatment, they require more care.

A Indian Spitz’s tail Curls above their rear and can be quite fluffy. Their legs aren’t long, being only a bit shorter than their bodies, which makes their minds appear large and adorable.

Among the easiest dogs to reside might be Indian Spitzs. That is why one of Indian puppy breeds they’re arguably the very popular pet.

They’re readily Housebroken and trainable, so from a young age they’ll learn how to do their business out. It’s comparatively low care to exercise and groom, and puppies are exceptionally flexible.

This breed seems marginally like Pomeranian, Samoyed & German Spitz.

Characteristics of the Dog breed:

Group : Spitz

Height : 16 to 18 Inches

Weight : 6 to 20 kg

Lifespan : 10 to 14 Years

9) Jonangi Dog

Jonangi Dog
Jonangi Indian Dog

The Jonangi can be Called Jonangi Jagilam or even Kolleti Jagilam is a Indian Dog Breed, located mainly in different Andhra Pradesh country in addition to in certain areas of Karnataka and the east shore from West Bengal into Tamil Nadu.

It was present Founded in and about West Godavari’s Kolleru Lake along with Andhra Pradesh’s Krishna Districts. This puppy has a sleek, really short hair.

This is only one of the Indian puppy breeds chiefly employed by men and women who possess this breed as searching and additionally as pet.

A one-man or One-family puppy, Jonangi is a extremely speedy puppy with short strides which may travel long distances. Jonangi’s are famous for digging and remaining inside .

Characteristics of the Dog breed:

Group : N/A

Height : 18 to 22 Inches

Weight : 25 to 39 Kg

Lifespan : 10 to 14 Years

10) Kaikadi Dog

Kaikadi Dog
Kaikadi Indian Dog

The Kaikadi belongs to That the terrier dog breed called after a warrior tribe in India, Maharashtra. As a consequence of the nomadic lifestyle they direct observing over herds.

Kaikadi is the ideal watchdog, they’re also proficient in searching hare in addition to vermin. The Kaikadi is acceptable for big spaces that are open, maybe not for residential houses.

It might be tan, black and white. The Kaikadi is little (roughly 40 centimeters or less) with slender long legs, however strong thighs and hocks and their tail is long and tapering, with a very long and slender head with prominent eyes and long ears standing erect when awake. The breed has short hair, requiring little maintenance.

Characteristics of the breed:

Group : Terrier

Height : 23 – 25 Inches

Weight : 16 to 18 kg

Lifespan : 10 to 14 Years

11) Kanni Dog

Kanni Dog
Kanni Indian Dog

The Kanni also understood Since the Maiden’s Beastmaster-is among those rare native South Indian sight-hound Indian puppy breeds located in the state of Tamil Nadu.

Kanni title is largely known as tan and black and sand and black variety, although Chippiparai is seen as one colored variety.

Kannis are puppies of Medium dimensions. Your body size is typical, the upper line directly, the stomach tucked up. They have got their thoughts straight. With powerful jaws and a dark nose, the eyes have been gold colour.

The ears are horizontal and moderate in size. Sort of ears vertical, drop, semi-drop. The tail is a bit curved.

The Kanni is generally Bashful, but when the need comes up, they can always defend their residence or master.

The Kanni puppies are really faithful and easy to train, but if on a search they’ll always consider independently. They’re great companions, family and loyal friendly.

Kanni excels in hunting deer hunting, hare and other insects. Kanni normally run quite quickly to catch their prey.

It outlines the hare from the odor of it. When searching, they’ll react immediately to her proprietor signs and moves to a working rabbit.

The secret to this Kanni’s capacity to journey as a puppy are discovered in its own mild but muscle building, big heart, dual paned suspension and exceptionally flexible backbone very similar to a cheetah.

These puppies are in a temperate climate. It is sufficient to have minimum veterinary attention. They need mindful room and land. This breed is therefore acceptable for the village also isn’t acceptable to the life span of this city.

Perhaps not only a finicky eater, With milk or curd and non-veg meals, Kanni also eats millet, corn, ragi, jowar and corn porridge.

Characteristics of the Breed:

Group : Hound

Height : 25 to 29 Inches

Weight : 16 to 22 kg

Lifespan : 14 to 16 Years

12) Kumaon Mastiff

Kumaon Mastiff is just one Of the most powerful Indian puppy breeds that is big whose bodies are rather thin, muscular and well-boned. They have got a large solid head and a solid neck.

They’ve a short, soft coating that constantly comes in brindle, in the colors of dark to colors of lighting. It’s possible they have white marks too. Their look is Said to be similar to that of the older Great Danes.

They’re competitive Dogs plus They must get trained. These puppies have a fantastic capability to safeguard and exhibit a protective urge against Intruders.

Characteristics of the Dog breed:

Group : Working

Height : 23 to 26 Inches

Weight : 67 to 81 kg

Lifespan : 10 to 12 Years

13) Mahratta Greyhound

Mahratta is one of those Rare Indian puppy breeds that can be best described as including the smooth-coated Saluki, unknown beyond his native state of Maharashtra, since it gives the impression of lasting rate combined with busy strength.

The Mahratta is really a Compact, well-muscled, deep fried, and strong-backed sight-hound. This breed comes from the colour of blue and crimson. The jacket is short and also provides good protection against different parts of India.

Uncertainty prevails Across the lineage of the Mahratta. The vital question remains whether the Mahratta is really a descendant of the Saluki or some place of additional native Indian sighthounds.

The Small dimensions of the Mahratta, even in connection to the Rampur along with other Indian puppies, which makes the most probably developmental theory either Saluki a pure, historical source.

With higher pace and focused energy, at the state where he had been appointed, the Mahratta is efficiently employed as a coursing puppy for both small & medium sized matches.

Characteristics Of the dog breed:

Group : Hound

Height : 22 to 30 inches

Weight : 27 to 30 Kg

Lifespan : 1o into 14 Years

14) Mudhol Hound

This Indian puppy Breeds saying is a gaze which can be piercing. The neck is long, clean and muscular, and it fits nicely to the shoulders. The forelegs are long and straight.

The spine is long, wide, and muscle with profound and broad loins.This breed has well-sprung ribs, so the torso is powerful and deep.

This breed hastucked In gut using wide and well-muscled hind quarters.The tail is also reduced that is tapering & powerful at the bottom that contains a pure curve is very long.

Together with high-footed gait, each of four legs bend, should not be hackneyed. There are two kinds of coat around the legs, ears, and tail: One with an entirely smooth coating and another with glossy featherings.

The qualities of this Mudhol or Caravan hound are nicely defined. The head is narrow and long, with a tapering muzzle broad between the ears. The jaws are strong and extended, using a scissors bite.

The nose is big and black. Hanging close to the skull, then the ears are somewhat just like a pendulam. The eye color varies from black to beige and so are large and oblong in shape.

Characteristics of the Dog breed:

Group : Hound

Height : 22 to 30 inches

Weight : 22 to 28 Kg

Lifespan: 10 for 15 Years

15) Pandikona

The Pandikona is really a Primitive-type hunting puppy out of Andhra Pradesh India’s Pattikonda taluk-Kurnool district. “Pandikona” is really a U-shaped sight Conveniently appropriate to Kurnool district harsh climatic conditions.

This breed is interchangeable with that area’s shepherd families. This is only one of the Indian puppy breeds that necessitates from less to no maintenance.

This exceptionally competitive Breed is utilised to protect houses, livestock and property in addition to to pursue any sport available.

Their territorial temperament and eloquent temperament often result in struggle with neighboring dogs which split in their land.

Ever since Pandikona is a Little village having overlapping land boundaries and many houses have 2-3 dogs, it’s fairly natural for puppies to position and take part in occasional cross-border squabbles.

The majority of the battle ends up and a few of these constitutes and there isn’t any severe harm.

The Pandikona is Ideally suited to protecting and searching function, a strong protector that’s tolerates mischevious kids and young strays however together with adults they’re deadly serious.

The Pandikona will generally alert the attacker to keep off, however, the warning is short and the impending attack is fast and very powerful.

Characteristics of the Dog breed:

Group : Hound

Height : 19 to 26 Inches

Weight : 35 to 45 Kg

Lifespan : 10 to 15 Years

16) Indian Pariah Dog

It’s a square Medium-sized dog using a somewhat rectangular type along with short hair. The puppy’s fur is double sided, a rough upper coating, along with a soft undercoat.

The most often seen colours are brownish, with or without white markings, which range from dim to reddish-brown. Strong black color are rare, but they’re pied by a few dogs.

In pristine inhabitants, laminated coats, brindles, strong white and dalmatian-like seeing are not seen.

If you Find the above Color it might be the indication of blending with contemporary breeds, since they may simply be viewed in puppies in towns and other areas where non-native puppies have been introduced.

The mind is wedge-shaped, medium-sized. The muzzle is pointing and the span is equivalent or slightly bigger than the mind.

The neck is tight and vertical from the forequarters. The angle of the hindquarters will be minimum.

Its a breed with brief trot. The eyes are almond shape with dark brown eyes. The ears are kept vertical, pointing in the tips with a large foundation, positioned low on the mind, and when excited, the tail is curly and kept high.

Indian Pariah Automobiles can also be thought of one of the most toughest and most secure Indian puppy breeds.

Characteristics of the Dog breed:

Group : N/A

Height : 23 to 25 inches

Weight : 15 to 30 Kg

Lifespan : 10 to 13 Years

17) Rajapalayam Dog

This breed ought to be kept in optimal working state as its hound puppy. It has a tendency to be heftier than many sight hounds, but it also stocks the torso thickness and fundamental structure of their human body.

The facial arrangement Differs greatly from that of a Caravan Hound, because it’s largely meant for wild boar hunting. There’s a slight bulge at the tail.

Milk white, using a Pink nose and a gold eye has become easily the most valuable colour. Before, colored claws were generally removed by the litters since the owners preferred the white pups. The jacket is thin and fine.

The Rajapalayam is still an Extremely lovely and graceful puppy, includes a gait like that of a thoroughbred horse. Like most white puppies, this breed has a higher probablity of deafness.

Born with blue or white eyes, the dogs are bleak. Most Rajapalayam dogs have been suffering from mange, even though this isn’t typically a severe matter.

Even Though the breed Dates back several generations, the breed’s most founders unwittingly ended up making an albino puppy with migraines lackness along with a pink nose.

Attributes of the Dog breed:

Group : Hound

Height : 25 to 30 Inches

Weight : 32 to 48 Kg

Lifespan : 10 to 12 Years

18) Rampur Greyhound

All these are all about the Same elevation as many other greyhounds, however they’re much larger and much more powerful, very much like the Rhodesian Ridgeback.

The Rampur’s mind is wider and more streamlined compared to the English Greyhound’s neck.

Like every other hound Indian puppy breeds,It’s a level skull and a sharp nose. Additionally, it has a roman bend that’s characteristic.

High-set in their minds, their ears have been held at a improved or pendant style. The foot of this Rampur is a sizable hare shaped that includes thick webbing.

Their feet are extremely Articulated and flexible, and they are even able to bend somewhat backward. They aren’t distinct from our hands.

This maneuverability will help to provide them a cat-like equilibrium, with the majority of dogs leaping on ledges and draining a 6 ft fencing quite readily.

This breed comes in colors including Mouse-gray, grizzle, brindle, particolor and, seldom, black.

Generally speaking, the grey And grizzle colours have the capability to combine particularly well with forest vegetation, making it hard for folks to find those puppies in broad daylight from a distance of as few as 10 feet.

Nevertheless Black is the color preferred by the majority of the fans. The color of the eyes changes from pink to brown-golden.

Characteristics of the Dog breed:

Group : Hound

Height : 12 to 28 Inches

Weight : 27 to 30 kg

Lifespan : 13 to 14 Years

19) Vanjari Hound

It is among those Indian Dog breeds located in India. It’s a puppy of this greyhound type utilized by Rajasthan’s nomadic Vanjari.

Especially as a searching sighthound. It was also utilized as a guard dog as well as a feral dog, however.

Presently, the breed is in danger of interbreeding with other puppy breeds and because of other reasons.This breed is also referred to as Aseel.

I traveled to Rajasthan after I learned This breed exists in Rajasthan with nomads at 2017 using A Rajput relative.

Vanjari’s body is Nearly hairless. They’re seen mainly in uniform color. The majority of them are gray or black mouse, fawn, etc.. In nature, they are very attentive.

Characteristics of the Dog breed:

Group : Hound

Height : 26 to 28 Inches

Weight : 25 to 29 Kg

Lifespan : 12 to 15 Years

20) Vikhan Sheepdog

There’s a fearless character and excellent intellect within this big, slender and muscular working breed. But this breed demands early socialization since these breeds are highly territorial and aggressive.

The wealthy fur comes in. Strong colors of black, white, brown, red and fawn, however in addition, there are rare multicolored and seen dogs.

Connected to additional Molossians from the area, the Vikhan is frequently called a “giant Rough Collie” due to its abundant coating employed in Pakistan because of yarn replacement.

Characteristics of the Dog breed:

Group : Working

Height: About 26 Inches

Weight : 25 to 40 Kg

Lifespan : 11 to 14 Years

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