How does an Invisible Electric Fence for your Dog Work?

By Alberto Roy

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Some kinds of technology look like a bit of magic. One of them is the idea of an invisible electric fence that can’t be ignored. Our dogs play a big part in our lives. They are more than our family members. What steps can you take to ensure the safety of your pet? What can you do for their ease?

An invisible animal fence can be the best option if you don’t have enough money or time to invest in a more conventional containment strategy like a physical fence.

It protects your property from strangers and other animals. Additionally, it is less expensive to install and more effective at preventing the pet from escaping into the neighbor’s yard. But how does this invisible electric fence work?

Understand the Fundamentals of using an Invisible Electric Fence.

With these things in mind, you’ll be able to choose between wired and wireless invisible dog fences. If you want to install a wired dog fence, you must dig an area and conceal the wire in a pattern specific to your requirements and your yard.

Invisible Electric Fence

This is a more durable solution than its wireless version and is suitable for pet owners with permanent residences. The underground wire is then attached to a transmitter, which should be placed in an easily accessible, well-ventilated area, such as a garage.

There are several specified layouts to choose from, but you can also use your creativity to design your own as long as you include a loop. It means that the cable that comes from the transmitter box must be wrapped completely around and then returned to its starting point.

The transmitter creates an undetectable barrier by transmitting a radio signal through the cables. This serves as prevention and interacts with your pet’s collar to keep it in place with a little electric shock.

This simple method offers greater freedom in designing the perimeter’s shape and size. It typically costs less.

But remember that the overall cost can be increased if you wish to use an installer. A wireless invisible dog barrier uses radio signals to create a circular boundary and a collar for your pet. The collar will tell your dog to avoid the circle’s edge.

Let’s Talk About Several Benefits

Wireless dog fences are convenient and portable. Wireless is easy to use for beginners. In comparison to in-ground solutions, they have no drawbacks. You can change the boundary zone width as per your needs.

The wireless system can reach up to 20 acres because many long-range products are on the market. Signal strength can reduce if your yard has many large obstacles.

The invisible electric fence works in all environments, while standard fences work only on flat or mildly sloping yards. Invisible walls cross hills, woods, and water. Electronic fences can span acres in any pattern to make large dog exercise areas.

These barriers enrich natural surroundings by not blocking views or green areas. No gates are needed to walk around the yard. Well, invisible barriers are just that—invisible. Dogs can move freely all over the yard without opening and closing gates.

Static Correction: What is it?

Your pet gets static correction through a collar it wears around the neck. Particularly, a harmless electric stimulation is sent from two contact places on the neck. Try to imagine it as a light tickling feeling, a sudden tap on the shoulder area, or anything else that would shock and stop your pet.

You can change the intensity level on some models to make the static simulation exactly match your pet’s behavior.

Most devices also offer a tone-only option. This mode warns before the static correction when the dog gets closer to the trigger zone. A trigger zone sets your pet’s distance from the borderline before it hears the beep. The width of the trigger zone can be changed depending on the product you buy.

Final Note

Now that you have a fundamental understanding of an invisible electric fence and its workings, it’s time to look at some products and compare their features. Buying a dog is simple, but training takes concentration, patience, and effort. These barrier systems are simply a tool for teaching your dog not to lose.

The decision regarding fencing needs study and careful thought, just like all decisions involving pets. However, your time will ultimately be justified for your dog’s safety and welfare.

help of an invisible electric fence

We can’t emphasize the significance of training your dog for at least an hour per day in the first week with the help of an invisible electric fence. It will be beneficial for you and your pet. And you will have enjoyable moments.

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