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Lagotto Romagnolo is “lake dogs from Romagna,” which is an appropriate name for this breed, given that these dogs helped hunt waterfowl across the marshlands that are wet Romagna within Italy.

They’re also referred to also as Italian Water Dogs and Romagna Water Dogs. In the present, with a lot of the marshlands in the region where the breed is bred being drained they have found an entirely new use in hunting truffles. Humans are able to quickly train them to use their exceptional noses to scent-based work.

The thick, warm coats of Lagottos can help them keep warm during the fall and winter months, while also shielding them from thorns and other debris as they traverse through the forest.

Lagotto Romagnolo 1

They’re the sole breed of dogs that has been that were specifically designed for the task of hunting truffles in contemporary times.

Their acute ability to smell as well as the natural ability to dig makes them an expert at their job. Lagotto Romagnolos can also be happy, active, and easygoing family pets that require little attention.

The hypoallergenic coats of their are great for those suffering from allergies, but these coats need a great amount of maintenance.

If you’re able to keep up with your grooming and want a dedicated easy-to-train dog or someone to help you find delicious truffles, then this dog could fit into your family.

Additionally, check out the following for a the complete listing of characteristics of dog breeds as well as information on Lagotto Romagnolos!

Lagotto Romagnolo

It is Lagotto Romagnolo is a medium-sized pet that is allergy-friendly and requires physical and mental stimulation. This dog’s intelligent nature makes an ideal pet for people who are prepared to devote time for training.

The Lagotto Romagnolo (say it with us: Luh-gotow Ro-maan-yolo) is an Italian breed of dog that is fairly scarce across the U.S.

Lagotto Romagnolo 2

The dog is becoming more popular however, especially as the word spreads about her renown as a keen hunter of truffles.

Denise Peters, director of the Lagotto Romagnolo Dog Rescue, says she was attracted to the breed due to their character.

The Lagotto is a dog that is friendly, agile with a keen interest in learning. This smart disposition means that the owners of the future should be prepared to invest their time in positive reinforcement-based training for their dog.

As a member of the dog breed known as the sporting, Lagotto Romagnoli need frequent activities to release their energy and mentally stimulating to make them occupied.

This is a very active and hardworking dog that sheds very little or hair and lives to up to 15 years or more.

1. Principal Characteristics of a lagotto Romagnolo

AKC Group: Sporting

Height 16 to 19 inches

Weight: 24-35 pounds

The Life Expectancy of 15-17 Years

It is the Lagotto Romagnolo is small to medium-sized powerful hunter of truffles and water who has curly locks and excellent attitude.

Lagotto Romagnolo 3

The triangular ears feature rounded tips, while the large round eyes are either dark brown or yellow according to the coat color.

This waterproof coat is long, curly hair that very little sheds. Some consider this species to be non-allergenic. The coat colors may include more than one color , such as brown or off white, such as roan or white.

2. Where did the Lagotto Romagnolo Came From

The dog breed of the past is mentioned in the literary world in texts dating back to 1591 and 1630. Also, certain literary references to the breed date back from the early 1400s. The place of origin for the breed was identified as Romagna, Italy, based on the evidence of 1600.

The breed was utilized as a water retriever for the marshes in Romagna. The marshes were dumped in the 1800s and the Lagotto was unable to perform its primary job.

The dogs were trained again to hunt for truffles and were famous for the task. The majority of truffle hunters utilized the breed to hunt truffles during World War I and World War II. The breed is believed to be the ancestral dog for all dogs that drink water as well as various other breeds.

The American Kennel Club (AKC) added the breed to its Foundation Stock Service in 2001 The Lagotto was later changed to the Sporting Group.

Lagotto Romagnolo 4

Lagotto Romagnolo Lagotto Romagnolo, These water retrieval dogs hunt truffles. Photos: Alberto Ziveri (Top: Zlatko Necevski)

The Lagotto was formerly an water retriever dog, and is now an truffle hunter in Italy. It is the sole purebred breed that is that is currently employed to hunt for the edible fungi found in Italy.

They make excellent companion animals and can be involved in rally, conformation, agility, and tracking. They can also be used as therapy dogs to help people who have disabilities or autism.

3. How Friendly is the Lagotto Romagnolo?

They are agile, adaptable , and smart, which makes them simple to train, even although they’re naturally loyal. Working dogs are inclined to track and enjoy diggingBeware of flower beds!

The dogs that are affectionate can be shy around strangers but are very close to their families. They could have separation anxiety when allowed to be alone for long enough.

Lagotto Romagnolos are fond of being with children. They are great with other animals and dogs when they are socialized properly.

Lagotto Romagnolos are lively and are a joy to play with. Photo: Bonzami Emmanuelle

4. Is this the best Dog For You?

Exercise Needs

High: This active and active breed is a joy to play, go for walks, in the outdoors, and even swim. Dogs thrive in active families, so they will remain active and stimulated.

Working dogs with high-energy motivation and the desire to be occupied with a task accomplish can be adamant or destructive when they don’t get enough exercise or when they are neglected.

They require a task to finish or some sort of stimulation for their brains. While they work they aren’t easily distracted.

Lagotto Romagnolo 5

“The Lagotto Romagnolo is becoming much more sought-after,” Peters says. “People like to own the Lagotto because they appear like an adorable teddy bear and they’re adorable. But , you need to remain on top of your game when it comes to training the dog.”


With a thick layer of curls reminiscent of a teddy bear it’s easy to be captivated by the Lagotto Romagnolo dog on first sight. And it’s not just their looks that attract you to these cute canines are also allergy-friendly.

Although there is no way to say that a dog is “hypoallergenic,” their double-coat of fluffy curls doesn’t shed, and they may be an ideal option for those who have a tendency to cough around dogs.

Lagotto Romagnolo Near Water

The Lagotto Romagnolo’s curly locks do more than just give her adorable, teddy bear-like appearance. It also repels water, which makes the breed a fervent swimmer.

As a medium-sized dog fully grown Lagotto Romagnolo usually reaches 19 inches tall and weighs between 24 and 35 pounds.

Their gorgeous curly coats be found in a variety of shades including brown, orange white, cream and brown. In reality, Lagotto Romagnoli are often confused with Labradoodles or goldendoodles because of their curly hair.


Although they’re marketed as the “teddy bear” dog however, the Lagotto isn’t your usual cuddly couch potato. Sandy Mignogna, founding president of the Lagotto Romagnolo Foundation and breeder behind Dolce Vita Lagotto Romegnolo describes the breed as being the “Type of” personality that is always eager to discover.

Lagotto Romagnolo 6

“The Lagotto needs stimulation and stimulation as well as interactions,” Mignogna tells. “I recommend to prospective puppy owners that If you’re looking for a dog who will play with on the couch in the evening, this is not the dog for you.

However, if you’re searching for a dog who is willing to go on a journey and eager to learn, this dog is for you.”

Four Lagotto Romagnolo puppies

Left: Lagotto Romagnoli were once used to retrieve waterfowl throughout Italian swamps. The breed of the family is a dog that is a work dog and is a fan of having work to complete, such as sniffing truffles!

Correct: Lagotto Romagnolo puppies can be a bit shy around strangers and new environments. Be sure to introduce your puppy to new people so that she can be confident when she is an adult.

Instead of laying around, Lagottos will want to be in motion. Being former waterfowl retrievers among their preferred hobbies is swimming.

Mignogna describes them to be enthusiastic to be a part of any swimming pool party, lake gathering or adventure on the ocean. A few Lagotto like to retrieve balls from the ocean while others just want to relax.

Lagotto Romagnolo puppies have a reputation of being shy if they’re not socialized well, which is why it’s crucial to expose them to other species of animals and people while they’re puppies.

They aren’t always quick to make friends with strangers However, they’re incredibly loved by those who have earned their love.

They’re excellent with children, and can also be a great addition to your Lagotto’s family as well, especially when introduced during the first year of puppyhood.

Lagotto Romagnolo 7

If the Lagotto isn’t well-trained it can become an aggressive boundary-pushing dog with her barking and digging up the yard and not listening to the owner.

However, if you put time and effort into consistent positive reinforcement it’s difficult to imagine the best dog. They have a strong bond with their human they are active, engaged, and fast learners.

“People are drawn to Lagotto because they are adorable. Lagotto because they appear like a teddy bear and they’re just so adorable. However, you must keep up to date with the game in training your dog.”

Denise Peters, director of the Lagotto Romagnolo Dog Rescue

Lagotto Romagnolo head shot

Living Needs

No matter if you Lagotto Romagnolo is in an apartment or a mansion engaging is crucial to their health and well-being.

It’s the best when she’s being challenged. And should she be able to delight you by finishing the task, this kind of girl will be delighted. So long as she can keep the need for task-related tasks and exercise met and satisfied, she’ll be content wherever she goes.

They will be close with their family and friends and enjoy human interaction all day long.

Lagotto Romagnolo 8

The Lagotto is not to be left unattended for extended durations of time, or else she may decide to create herself a source of entertainment (as in, barking , or digging).

Lagotto Romagnolo standing by purple flowers

Lagotto Romagnoli is able to be housed in apartments in the event that they receive the stimulation and exercise they need. Take their regularly on hikes, swimming and walks.

Due to their keen noses (perfect to hunt truffles! ) Lagottos will enjoy engaging dog toys as well as scent-based games.

It is also possible to play games that require you to test her nose in the water, like showing her how to locate an item hidden in the cupboard in the kitchen, or even playing hide-and-seek.

“The great aspect of the breed of dog is that they can be found in any activity that owners would find interesting,” Mignogna says. “But they certainly excel in scent work. They are awestruck by it. The scent of a half-hour can exhaust their brains faster than a 2-mile stroll.”

Lagotto Romagnolo dog 1


Socialization at an early age is essential for Lagotto Romagnoli. They can be shy and unsure. However, once they’ve overcome their initial fears and become comfortable with you, they’ll stand by your side as curly-haired shadows. Owners who are interested in buying a Lagotto must be ready to provide the Lagotto everything she demands.

Lagotto Romagnolo on rock

The cute curls should be groomed every week. If you’re Lagotto is one who enjoys an excursion in the water, it’s suggested to cut the coat short so that they don’t get matting.

Adrienne Perry, former President of the Lagotto Romagnolo Club of America and breeding director behind Allegro Lagotto, says owners should devote their own time for positive reinforcement training.

Should they not do so, the extremely clever Lagotto will come up with ways to entertain herself, and you may not be happy with the result.

“If you’re not able to train your dog, then this is your dog,” Perry says. “They’re not a first-time owner’s dog.

They’re a great dog for anyone who is truly interested in dog sports. If you are a teacher who loves to instruct the dog you choose will be extremely enjoyable for you as they’re quick and easy to communicate with.”

The Lagotto’s curly coat has to be washed once per week, or more often if she’s spending time playing outdoors.

Perry suggests keeping your curls short when you plan to spend long periods of time in the water and you’ll end up always fighting mats.

Lagotto Romagnolo dog 2

In addition to grooming, it’s important to floss her teeth as well as keep her nails in check.


Lagotto Romagnoli typically are between the ages of 15 and 17 years old. Although Lagotto Romagnoli are generally fit, the breed may be affected by hip dysplasia, where the hip joints start to degrade and can cause extreme pain.

A joint supplement may help decrease inflammation and increase mobility, however owners must consult with their veterinarians prior to including any vitamins or supplements to their pet’s diet.

Lagotto Romagnolo standing in clover

An Lagotto Romagnolo’s nose has become world-renowned. They excel in games and scentwork where they are able to use their sniffer.

Owners who are considering buying a dog should inquire with Lagotto Romagnolo breeders about health tests suggested by the breed’s official club.

They recommend that the Lagotto Romagnolo Club of America is also recommending choosing breeders with experience that can provide a steady line of healthy dogs who are well-behaved.

Be aware of any health problems and make sure you take your Lagotto to the vet regularly.


Lagotto Romagnolo is famous for her smell and was originally used for water retrievers to Italian hunter.

Lagotto Romagnolo dog 3

The breed’s water-resistant, thick coat kept dogs warm when they swam into the wetlands in search of birds. When the swamps of Italy were cleared, Lagotto Romagnolo transitioned to be truffle hunting dogs in the late 19th century.

In the present, the Lagotto Romagnolo is the only breed that is specifically designed to locate truffles in all kinds of terrain.

Despite its long background, Lagottos are a relative newcomer to the U.S. dog scene. The breed’s first organization was called”the Club Italiano Lagotto, was established around 1988, in Italy.

Lagotto Romagnolo Lagotto Romagnolo was recognized by the Italian Kennel Club in 1991 However, these dogs didn’t get American Kennel Club acknowledgement until the year 2015.

Since this time since, the Lagotto has grown into a racer on the national scene. The year 2020 saw a Romagnolo Lagotto called Orca was the winner of the Sportsing Group’s AKC National Championship.

Other Lagotto Romagnoli scents have also made impressive appearances in both amateur and professional scent competitions alike, such as The North American Truffle Dog Championship.

In the present, the Lagotto Romagnolo is the only breed specifically bred to hunt for truffles on all types of terrain.

1939 engraving from Lagotto Romegnolo hunting truffles.

Lagotto Romagnolo 8

Fun Facts

The Lagotto Romagnolo’s ability to hunt truffles is prominent on the film The Truffle Hunters, alongside other dogs who hunt truffles.

The largest white truffle in the world that weighed 4.16 pounds found in Italy by the name of Lagotto Romagnolo in 2014. The prized fungi went at auction for $61,250.

Australian comedy artist Hannah Gadsby named her Netflix project “Douglas” in honour of her personal Lagotto Romagnolo.

More Info About This Breed

When you first glance at Lagotto Romagnolos, it’s likely that you’ll take note of their lovely curly coats. The coats that were water resistant were designed to keep their Lagotto Romagnolo comfortable and secure during hunting waterfowl within the marshlands that were wet in Italy.

Their coats are more akin to human hair than fur and come in a range of shades that are either patches or solid with various color markings.

They don’t shed a lot this could be beneficial for those suffering from allergies, however they can mat quickly and may be large enough to cover dog’s eyes and ears. Because of this, their coats need a amount of care.

If you’re able to keep pace with the demands of grooming and you’ll get a beloved pet who can easily be trained to handle scent work as well as agility training, obedience training, and much more.

Lagotto Romagnolo isn’t an extremely demanding dog. They usually are content when they have plenty of exercise and love. They may even reside in apartments, provided their requirements are met.

However, they can be a bit irritable, bark and engage in other unwelcome behaviours if they’re locked in a confined space for too long with no stimulation for their minds and bodies.

They do well with pets and children if they have been socialized properly. While not widely used within the United States, the Lagotto Romagnolo is gaining popularity across the globe.

Even those who have a moderate to low degree of experience in dogs will likely discover the Lagotto Romagnolo an appropriate pet for the family They are also well-known for being affectionate committed, loyal, and eager to delight dogs who love their human.


It is believed that the Lagotto Romagnolo is currently the only breed specifically bred for hunting truffles, despite the fact that they were initially bred to be hunting companions.

Researchers have examined the genetics in Lagotto Romagnolos to gain a better understanding of the epilepsy of children. They have also applied their genetic research to studying epilepsy in humans.

Lagotto Romagnolos sport waterproof coats that helps them swim, but also keeps them warm while searching for truffles in the fall and early winter. It also protects them from thorns and other debris when they travel through fields and forests.

Although no breed is allergy-free, the Lagotto Romagnolo’s coat is believed to be hypoallergenic, and it rarely sheds. However, it does require some grooming.

Lagotto Romagnolos can be excellent watchdogs when they are trained to bark when appropriate to do such. Without proper training, they might be prone to barking excessively.

A truffle hunting dog Lagotto Romagnolo can be adept at scent work however, they are also inclined to dig. Certain owners provide these dogs with dig areas or sandboxes to prevent unwanted behavior within the home.

Lagotto Romagnolo Lagotto Romagnolo was accepted into the category of sporting dogs from the American Kennel Club in 2015.

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