Long Haired Rabbit : 14 Fabulous Varieties of Long Haired Bunny

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There are a variety of bunnies with long hair. Every dog has its individual temperament, which implies that there is an adorable bunny with long hair for every pet owner. Certain long haired rabbits are also lower maintenance than the other. However, they all require lots of dedication to grooming!

If you’re considering the idea of introducing a rabbit into family members, there are plenty of aspects to think about. Are you looking for a big rabbit or a smaller one? Do you prefer ears with lops or erects? Another of the crucial concerns is whether you’d like either a long or short furred rabbit.

Long Haired Rabbits

The long-haired rabbits are cuddly adorable, and gorgeous. They also require an overwhelming task dependent on your time and interests. There are many breeds of rabbits with longer coats to look into.

In this article, we’ll look at eight breeds of rabbits with long hair and provide details about their personalities traits, grooming, and characteristics. We’ll also show photographs because, well this is the most important thing you can think of, isn’t it?

Long Haired Bunny Variety

A fluffy bunny with a long hairstyle is a favorite among pet owners since we often imagine fluffy animals as cute and special.

They’re also not just nice looking. Prior to being used as pet animals, the rabbits were bred commercially to sell their fur. The fur of rabbits from angora was collected to be spun into soft, supple yarns with high insulation properties.

In the present, not only have anangora rabbits been selectively bred into a variety of distinct breeds as well as other breeds with long hair are also in the exhibit bench.

Long-haired rabbits are adorable and cuddly. They can be wonderful pets. There are a variety of options to take into consideration. Long-haired rabbit breeds vary in terms of size, color and how much maintenance they require.

If you’re looking to find the perfect furry companion you can have for the family members, consider whether you would prefer a small rabbit or a bigger Hare. Are you looking for one with soft ears or one with more upright ears? Most important what is the amount of time you need to devote to the care of your pet?

Bunniesgenerally cannot groom themselves in a complete way. This means that their long fur needs to be frequently combed, brushed and freed of knots. Also, they must be kept dry to prevent matting. They are in the medium-to-high maintenance category.

Here’s a bit more information on the most well-known seven long-haired rabbit breeds with some cute photos.

We discuss 14 kinds of long haired rabbits.

1. Cashmere Lop

Cashmere Lop rabbits weigh around 4 pounds. Their coats are as soft and luxurious as they sound.

The bunny with long hair has an undercoat that is short and dense as well as a thick, soft outer coat, that can be up to 2 inches in length.

Their fur is silky and soft to the touch. the breed standard is Cashmere Lop bunnies in a diverse range of stunning shades.

Although they may weigh up to 4 pounds however, the breed standard gives preference to rabbits that weigh about 2 pounds.

If you think that’s too large, you may be interested in their mini alternative.

2. Miniature Cashmere Lop

Mini Cashmere Lop bunnies weigh no more than 3.5 pounds, and feature the same long soft coat as the full-size Cashmere Lop.

In spite of their dimensions, a perfect Mini Cashmere Lop is quite big and bulky. However, this hairy bunny can be fragile which is why they must be handled with caution.

Unfortunately, many Mini Cashmere Lops (and their bigger counterparts) were deliberately bred with a flat and smooth face.

It’s been very popular since it allows them to look adorable and cute throughout for the rest of their lives.

It also increases the risk of developing dental ailments and respiratory disorders which can be very distressing and often expensive to treat.

3. Giant Angora

A guide to long-haired rabbits is complete without a glance at the anoras.

The Angora rabbit was originally created to make fiber to spin and turn into clothing. Many owners report the Angora animal’s fur growing to 8 inches!

They are well-known for being gentle and easy to manage. They’re adored by everyone.

The American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA) recognizes four varieties of angora rabbits.

What sets the Giant apart?

It is the Giant Angora bunny is the most massive of them all.

The long-haired bunny weighs at minimum 10 pounds. Their large frame is covered with three distinct kinds of hair. These are technically called wool.

A fine, soft and wavy undercoat.

A straight straight straight awn (outercoat).

A layers of fluffy awn, which is between them and lies between them in texture and length too.

They have a fur that is never white and doesn’t shed. Due to its extremely delicate texture, Angoras require regular grooming to avoid mats from developing.

4. English Angora

It is the English Angora is the smallest of the angora breeds that is recognized by ARBA.

However, it’s an average-sized rabbit, which weighs 4.5 to 7.5 pounds.

In contrast to that of the Giant Angora, which is always white, the English Angolas are available in a variety of beautiful shades.

However, like the majority of Angora rabbits long haired bunny requires a lot of grooming.

Positively, they are known for having an extremely gentle temperament and so brushing them each day can be a relaxing bonding moment for both of you instead of an exercise.

5. French Anora

French Angora rabbits are large longhaired rabbits , roughly the same size as Giant Angora in fact.

They are breeds that has the highest degree of commonality with the angoras that were the first breed which is the common ancestor of all the breeds of modern angoras.

The French coat of the Angoras is more slender than other angora varieties.

Their face isn’t so much obscured by all the fluff and they’re less prone to maintenance.

This is why they are such popular pets. However, they do require brushing at least two times every week.

6. Satin Anora

Not to be left out last but not least, the Satin Angora has an exceptionally elegant coat with the sheen of their coat that sparkles when lit.

They were created within Canada around the year 1970 through crossing French Angoras and rabbits with the gene for satin coat.

Due to the more awn coat that is less dense, and smaller shaft diameters The Satin Angora is more susceptible to matting than counterparts in other angora species.

They require a daily brushing routine to stay on the lookout for knots and knots.

They are medium-sized rabbits that weigh between 4 to 6.5 pounds.

7. Holland Lop

The coat of Holland Lop is medium-length and not super long.

However, it has an ‘easy rollback’ texture, meaning that it slows return to its original its original position when you strike with it the wrong way instead of instantly bouncing back.

Feeling luxurious deepness.

Holland Lops are also highly valued as having a calm, welcoming attitude.

They are among the smallest lop-ear bunnies breeds that weighs just two to four pounds.

They are large, friendly and soft coats make them among the most loved pets in America.

They are consistently among the top five breeds of the ARBA with the highest number of registered dogs each year.

8. Jersey Wooly

The Jersey Wooly is considered to be the national bunny treasures of the United States.

It was developed in the 80s through the crossing of Netherland Dwarf rabbits with French Angora rabbits.

This is the result: a tiny bunny with a wooly, textured coat.

They are thought to be extremely friendly as well as their large size make them simple for the majority of people to care for.

Jersey Woolies weigh 2.5 to 3.5 pounds. Despite their small size they’re extremely active and require plenty of room for exercise.

9. Lionhead

Lionhead rabbits are distinguished by being a mixture with fur which is lengthy and fur that is short.

Because long fur needs lots of grooming and grooming, this means that it makes Lionheads an easier option for many bunny owners.

Their coats can be either white or tortoiseshell-colored. The long-haired bunny fur inside their coats is confined to their necks – giving them the hair that is the inspiration for their name. they have their flanks (known as skirts).

How prominent their mane dependent on the likelihood that they inherit two or more copies of the gene that causes mane.

Modern Lionhead are two-headed and have a luscious mane that lasts for the rest of their lives. However, some have only one copy. Their hair is thinner and could disappear completely as they grow older.

Lionhead rabbits are a popular pet and breeders focus on breeding to create the most friendly, human-centric, and sociable temperament.

10. Mini Lop

Mini Lops are a small rabbit breed that has an average length, shiny coat.

Short coats are not permitted in the breed standard that’s why Mini Lop breeders err towards creating bunnies with longer coats.

They rarely weigh more than 6 pounds when in good adult health.

They have a lot of fun personality into a tiny package. Like all rabbit breeds, they’re smart enough to be responsive to basic clicker instruction.

But, despite being tiny and adorable the bunny with long hair isn’t recommended for very young children. They are known for being nervous and shaky and could punch or bite children who handle poorly, or terrorizes the children with loud noises or fast moves.

Rare Kinds Of Long haired Rabbit

Long-haired rabbits have lots of attraction for rabbit-lovers.

In recent times the public is also becoming attracted to new hybrid rabbit breeds – that are created by mixing two breeds of purebred that have been previously successful.

This could be a ripple effect from the growing popularity of breeds with designer names like Labradoodles or Chiweenies.

This means that breeders are more likely to accept the latest breeds of longhaired rabbit that are designed to be gentle or for easier grooming.

Here are a few examples of the relatively new breeds of long-haired rabbits which are nevertheless quite rare.

11. Miniature Lion Lop

Lionhead rabbits typically have ears that are upright. However, their ears are floppy. Mini Lion Lop combines the mane and skirt of the Lionhead with Floppy Lop ears and packs everything onto a small rabbit frame.

The long-haired bunny has an adorable pair that has already attracted millions of followers across the United Kingdom since it was first introduced in the early 2000s.

They’re not yet acknowledged as such by American Rabbit Breeders Association however this means that they’re somewhat difficult to locate across the U.S. and breeders may have waiting lists for kits.

Mini Lion Lops weigh just 3.3 to 3.5 pounds once they’re fully mature. They are available in a vast assortment of colors, with regular additions in the standard breed.

12. Swiss Fox

It is the Swiss Fox rabbit is an unique breed of long haired rabbit that was first discovered in Switzerland in the 1920s.

They were bred from hybrids between Angora and Havana rabbits.

Like their names, the breed’s founders were trying to make bunnies that had the coat of a fox.

It’s hard to overlook their failure to succeed. did not succeed in full. Swiss Fox Bubbies are available in an array of shades, but none of them appear to be particularly chic.

However, they ended having a very soft fluffy, gentle bunny with a medium-length, fluffy coat that required less grooming than purebred angulas.

The new designs are slowly building the attention of a certain group of people.

13. Teddy Dwarf

Teddy Dwarf rabbits are a hybrid of Angoras as well as Lionhead rabbits.

They are covered with a dense medium-length coat that tends to spread outwards from their bodies creating the appearance of a lot of fluffy.

They’re a relatively recent breeding project that began in the beginning of 2000. While they’re quickly gaining recognition across Europe but they’re still a rarity across the United States.

Teddy Dwarves are extremely small in fact, some of them weigh less than 2 pounds.

This means that they are extremely delicate and are best suitable for parents with experience and families with sensible older children.

14. Teddy Lop

It was in 2009 that the Teddy Lop breed was founded in 2009.

It’s similar to the Teddy Dwarf, but a smaller size. The average weight of the animals is from 3-5 pounds.

The most notable difference is that The Teddy Lops sport floppy ears, while Teddy Dwarves have ears that are upright and are raised from the head.

Care for Long Haired Rabbit Breeds

We’ve got an in-depth article on caring for your rabbits as pets right here.

Here are some other aspects to think about before bringing home a haired rabbit

Long-haired rabbits require frequently assistance in grooming. It is best to gently brush them often than trying to pull out huge knots at least once a week. Make sure the bristles or comb get into their coat all the way to their skin, or else their coat may become stuck and cause pain onto their skin.

The rabbits with long hair are more likely to suffer from wool blockage, which is the result of shed fur clogging its digestive tract. To avoid the danger eliminating shed fur from their environment frequently and ensure they have an abundance of hay to move through their stomachs down.

Long haired breeds can cope with the cold winter conditions, but they are not able to withstand getting wet. If your rabbit that has long hair lives outdoors, make sure they are always able to access shelter from rain.

As they age the rabbits begin to develop joint pain and arthritis. This makes cleaning more difficult. And when it occurs, long haired breeds are usually the first to fight – since the task was much bigger in the first place! Therefore, keep your eye on their coats for signs of stains from urine and the feces.

Grooming Long-Haired Rabbits

The video also offers additional tips and tricks on grooming rabbits with long hair and includes a cute mini cashmere lop.


If you’re looking for a soft, cuddly pet with lots of energy, a rabbit with long hair may be the perfect pet for you. You should be aware however that the majority of rabbits with long fur require an extensive amount of grooming.

Additionally, a majority are also required to have an exclusive diet. If you’re up to the task it is impossible to beat the fun and cuteness they provide.

We hope that you’ve enjoyed reading about these fluffy friends. If you’re in search of rabbits with long ears Our guide on rabbits with lop ears is accessible to assist you select the best one!

If You Are A Long-Haired Bunny? What breed of dog are they? We’d love to hear what you think of them by leaving a comment box below!

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