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Mini Aussiedoodles, also known as mini Aussiepoos, are a hybrid of a miniature Poodle and an Australian Shepherd. Standard Aussiedoodles are a cross between a standard Poodle and a standard-sized Aussie.

Standard Aussiedoodles as well as mini Aussiedoodles can be very intelligent, loyal, and loving. Aussiepoos also known as mini Aussiedoodles, standard Aussiedoodles and Aussiedoodles are often called Einstein dogs because of their intelligence and loyalty.

The mini Aussiedoodle’s coats are beautiful and have an outstanding texture, curl, thickness, and color.

Mini Aussiedoodle


What happens when two of the most intelligent dogs are combined? The result is a unique designer breed.

The Mini Aussiepoo, or Aussie Poodle, is a hybrid of a Mini Australian Shepherd (or Mini Poodle) and a Mini Poodle. They are cute, smart, fluffy, colorful, and adorable.

Aussiedoodles are a mix breed dog. They are a cross between Poodle and Australian Shepherd dog breeds. These pups are intelligent, playful, loyal and smart. They inherit some of the best traits from their parents.

Aussiedoodles are known by many names including Aussiepoo, Aussiepoodle and Aussiepoodle. These mixed breed dogs can be found in rescues and shelters despite their unfortunate status of being a designer breed.



  • These are the most common benefits, but they cannot be guaranteed for every doodle puppy. 
  • Australiandoodle hybrid genes make you healthier
  • Hypoallergenic (especially f1b Aussiedoodles, f1b Mini Aussiedoodles).
  • Aussiedoodles are loyal and affectionate
  • Highly intelligent (Poodles, Aussies and other AKC breeds are some of the smartest).
  • Many coat colors (mini Aussiedoodles and Aussiedoodles often have beautiful merle coats).

MINI AUSSIEDOODLE – A Puppy That You Will Forever Love

The Miniature Aussiedoodle, a designer dog breed, is the best! Mini Aussiedoodle is a mix of Miniature Australian Shepherd, Miniature Poodle and Miniature Poodle.

The Mini Aussiedoodle is loved by many for this reason. Both parents breeds are loved for their affection, loyalty, and intelligence , so much that they are sometimes called the “Einsteins of dogs”.

Mini Aussiedoodle 5

Mini Aussiedoodles have intelligence and are adorable. They can also be very energetic and cute. However, they are not the most suitable companions for all people. These dogs are intelligent and energetic so Netflix binges and quiet nights at home may not be enough for them.

If you are interested in bringing a Mini Aussiedoodle to your home, there are some things you need to know. The Mini Aussiedoodle breed is still relatively new, so it’s vital to understand what makes these cute little dogs tick.

Highlights from mini aussiedoodles

  • Aussiedoodles can be described as mixed breed dogs. They are not purebreds, unlike their Australian Shepherd and Poodle parents.
  • Many Aussiedoodle owners claim they are hypoallergenic dogs, which may make them more appealing to allergy sufferers. However, no dog is perfect.
  • Aussiedoodles can be smart dogs, and they need mental stimulation. They may become disoriented and act out in destructive ways if they get bored.
  • You will find a wide range of coat colors in Australian Shepherds. These include blue merle and red merle as well as black and red tri.
  • Some Aussiedoodles are more slender than others, while others have curlier hair like their Poodle parents. While shorter hair is better for allergy sufferers than Aussiedoodles, it is not always a guarantee.

Mini Intelligent Aussiedoodle

The active Aussiedoodle breed is often called an “Einstein” because of their intelligence. They thrive in homes that provide lots of exercise and attention.

Mini Aussiedoodle 2

As long as children are able to play safely with the Aussiedoodle, they make a great family dog. Because they can bond with a single person so quickly, they are great therapy dogs.

For all facts and traits about Aussiedoodles, see below!

Histories of Aussiedoodle

Mini Aussiedoodle, a designer breed of dog, was developed in the United States during a craze for designer breeds in the 1990s and 19080s.

Diverse breeders sought to create a dog breed that combined the intelligence, obedience and companionship of the Mini Australian Shepherd breed and the Mini Poodle breed. These pairings resulted in one of today’s most intelligent designer breeds.

Mini Aussiedoodle 1

The Mini Aussiedoodle is small but has a strong personality which helps it to remain at the top of the popular designer dog breeds. We are certain that you will fall in love with the Mini Aussiedoodle’s keen instincts, cuteness, and sweet personality.

Size of Aussiedoodle

The Mini Aussiedoodle lives up to its name. It is small in stature, regardless of gender. Male and female Mini Aussiedoodles may grow to 12-18 inches in height and 15-25 pounds.

Niveau of Aussiedoodle

The Miniature Aussiedoodle, a Mini Poodle parent, is an energetic and playful dog. This is what we mean. Mini Aussiedoodles must spend at least 40-60 minutes per day exercising or playing to maintain their energy levels.

Aussiedoodle Dogs

A short walk is not enough to entertain this breed. To make Mini Aussiedoodles happy, they need to be walked, jogged, taken on dog park adventures and stimulated with games like fetch or scavenger hunting.

Your Mini Aussie puppy can be trained in obedience and agility. To prevent your Mini Aussie from running away, keep them on a leash. Mini Aussies inherit the tracking and hunting instincts of their Mini Australian Shepherd parents so it’s safer to be safe than sorry.

Temperament of Aussiedoodle

The Mini Aussiedoodle is a brave, loyal, intelligent, outgoing and gentle dog. Mini Aussiedoodles are very friendly and can get along well with children, guests, and other pets. To achieve this, make sure your Mini Aussie puppy is socialized early.

Mini Aussiedoodle 2

Mini Aussiedoodles are great guard dogs because of their friendly nature. They just love people too! They are extremely trainable due to their intelligence and desire to please. It will be a lot of fun to teach your Mini Aussiedoodle tricks and how to follow commands.

Their love for people and their sociability have a downside. They are not able to be left alone for extended periods of time. Mini Aussie puppies can become destructive and can cause damage to your home if left alone.

You should always have someone with you Mini Aussiedoodle at all times, preferably a member of your family who can play with them.

Grooming of Aussiedoodle

aussiedoodle dog colors

Miniature Aussiedoodles are a low-maintenance dog. Mini Aussiedoodles shed in the spring so you should groom them at least three times per week. Mini Aussies are hypoallergenic which makes them a great choice for people with allergies or breathing problems.

Regularly clean your Mini Aussie’s ears and take them to the vet for a dental check. This will help prevent them from getting ear or dental infections which can be harmful to their health.

Training of Aussiedoodle

Miniature Aussiedoodles are intelligent and loyal. They are incredibly loyal and intelligent. Their entire world revolves around them so they will likely follow your training. Mini Aussie puppies should be trained from the very beginning, even before they are brought home.

Mini Aussiedoodle 3

A Mini Aussiedoodle that isn’t properly trained can have bad behavior as an adult. Make sure you socialize your Mini Aussiedoodle with all guests, and everyone they meet outside of your home.

Miniature Aussiedoodles make the ideal dogs for any household that is willing to love and care for them. Mini Aussiedoodles, smart and active, are the perfect companion for you and your family.

As long as they are properly cared for, they are happy and healthy. They will give you lots of attention and love to be pampered. A Mini Aussiedoodle is a great friend to have around!

These dogs are perfect for active families with small children and they are gaining popularity. Continue reading to learn why.

How did the Mini Aussiedoodle get its name?

Mini Aussiedoodle

This hybrid can be credited to the Labradoodle. In the 1980s they became very popular. Breeders started using Poodles to create hypoallergenic breeds.

The Aussiedoodle and Mini Aussiedoodle were born. Mini Aussiedoodles were born in Australia.

Hypoallergenic Doodles may be possible, but it’s not guaranteed that they all have the same coat quality.. If they are bred after the parent Poodle, the Mini Aussiedoodle may be hypoallergenic.

Crosses inherit traits from both their parents so let’s see what they can inherit.

The curly, allergen-free curls of the Poodle’s curly coat are a hallmark of their breed

Poodles, as we have already mentioned, are among the most intelligent breeds. This dog was originally bred to be a retriever hunting companion.

Mini Aussiedoodle 6

Because of their curly hair, they are hypoallergenic. They don’t shed much and produce very little dander which can cause allergies.

They are available in three sizesThe Toy Poodle is smaller than 10 inches (25cm) and weighs in at 6-9 lbs (2.7-4.1 kg). The Medium measures 11-15 inches (28-38 cm) in length and weighs between 15.8 and 7.7 pounds (6.8 to 7.7kg).

The Standard is any length above 15 inches (38cm), between 45 and 80 lbs (20 or 36 kg).

They are great for designing dogs because of their allergy-friendly coats and the many sizes they come in.

Although they might be depicted as feminine or athletic canines in cartoons, they are actually very athletic. They can swim well.

This Doodle mix was spiced up with miniature Australian Shepherds

Mini Australian Shepherds are another breed that is known for their intelligence. They are also known as Miniature American Shepherds. They would likely pass this trait on to their offspring.

And unlike the Poodle. Hypoallergenic Aussies are not possible. They have lots of hair, so they will need a lot of grooming.

Australian Shepherds are standard-sized and weigh between 35 and 70 lbs (16–32 kg) and have a height of 18–23 inches (46–58 cm).

Aussiedoodle Dog Breed

The Miniature Australian Shepherd is 13-18 inches long (33-46 cm) and can weigh anywhere from 20-40 lbs (9 to 18kg).

They are both large and small, regardless of their size.Energy-hungry breeds who know no limits >> Because shepherds must keep up with their flock.

They are friendly and can be aggressive, which is why they make a great sheepdog.

They are often used today as therapy dogs, search-and rescue, drug-detecting, and guide dogs for blind people.

Is the Mini Aussiedoodle a copy of the Australian Shepherd or the Poodle?

is like any crossbreed. has a 50/50 chance to inherit traits from either parent . However, it is unlikely that every pup will inherit the exact same genes.

Mini Aussiedoodle 4

You never know what you might get. It is possible to find multiple variations of the same litter.

Mini Aussiedoodles are available with Brown or blue eyes However, there is a greater chance of having blue eyes in the merle.

They are often called miniature despite the fact that they are small. Muscles And Cute  droopy ears.

They may have the soft curls of a Poodle or the waterproof coat that Australian Shepherds provide. It’s typically medium in length and average in density.

Their hair will often have a slight curl, but it is possible to keep their hair straight.

There are many color combinations and options. Merle is a dominant genetic, so it’s very common. You can also mix black, white and silver with red, blue, brown or gray.

What size are Mini Aussiedoodles?

Aussiedoodles are available in three sizes, just like the Poodle. Miniature Aussiedoodles can be found around 17-18 inches high(43-46 cm) They can weigh between 20 and 30 lbs.(9 to 14 kg).

The standard Aussiedoodle measures approximately 20 to 22 inches (51-56 cm) and is above 30 lbs (14kg), while the smallest variety is 15 inches tall with a weight of between 15 and 20 pounds (7 to 9 kg).

At 8 months, the Toy version typically stops growing. At 1 year, both the Mini and Standard reach adult sizes.

Mini Aussiedoodle 7

They are small and will fit in almost any environment. They can be kept in an apartment, condo, or house without a yard. Mini Aussie Poodles will be safe if you have a backyard.

Are Mini Aussiedoodles prone to shed their hair?

The Poodle’s hypoallergenic coat is mini and has mini-sized ears.Hypoallergenic aussiepoos are also possible. Crossbreeds are not guaranteed.

Breeders use generations to improve the quality of one parent. Miniature Aussiedoodles are a cross between a Mini Australian Shepherd and a Poodle. This is known as first generation (F1).

F1B is the next generation. This is when you cross Mini Aussiedoodles with another dog. Next, it’s F2 (or the second generation), where two Miniature Aussiepoos mix together and so on.

Mini Aussiedoodles are good family dogs

Mini Aussiepoos can be fun and exuberant.Great family companions and pets, Because they will follow you wherever you go. Because they love water, they will follow you swimming. They may also enjoy splashing in the puddles or water bowls.

These dogs can be very sensitive to the needs of their owners. They make great therapy dogs. They are able to anticipate your needs and will do everything they can to please you.

Aussiedoodle Dog 2

Also, this means that, They can experience separation anxiety. You can’t do it all.

Because they are able to get attention from everyone, they thrive in large families. They might be too dependent on one another for companionship.

They can become destructive and unhappy if left alone. This can be prevented by proper socialization, training, and other activities.

Social dogs are happy to be around other people. You won’t be surprised if they are found in your bed. They will likely be underfoot and clinging on to small children, partly due to herding instincts.

You don’t have to worry about them being around children because of their gentle nature and small stature.

Are Mini Aussiedoodles prone to barking?

They might bark if they aren’t getting enough stimulation. No matter what breed, “speak” or “be still” are useful commands. This will allow you to have some control over their behavior.

Here’s an example of Frodo, a Miniature Australian Shepherd Poodle Mix, barking and growling at ice cubes to give you some idea.

Aussiedoodle Dog

While it may be adorable while they are still pups, it can become annoying if they do it too often. Mini Aussiepoos can be very responsive to training but it is best to start early.

You might consider preventing your children from herding. It is okay for them to bump into them and guide them. If the child does not follow their instructions, they may resort to nipping. This can be corrected by giving them the command to stop.

They enjoy being part of the family, so make sure to include them in your household and give them a job. They can carry your groceries or fetch the newspaper. They want to be included and busy.

Before you start agility classes, give your bones the time to grow. This breed is susceptible to joint problems so it is important that they are trained properly by the age of one year.

Their energy is unstoppable, so get ready to romp for as long as you can!

You will need to make a commitment, Aim to exercise for at least one hour each day. To keep your dog happy. To burn their energy, you can take them on long walks, fetch, and agility training.

These playful and goofy dogs love to chase and tug-of war. The breed also enjoys swimming.

You must ensure that your dog’s recall is exceptional if you are going to let them off the leash. Their curiosity can cause them to wander off and become lost.

Aussiedoodle Dog 1

They may need to take a supplement in addition to their regular diet

To prevent joint problems, you might consider supplementing them with chondroitin and glucosamine – especially if they’re overweight.

Overfeeding can be a problem for these dogs, so it is important to pay attention to what you are feeding them.

You can help them by limiting their food intake at set times. You can make sure they finish all their meals, but you should take their bowls out when it is done.

You should feed them high-protein kibble, which is appropriate for their size as well as their energy level. This means 2/3 to 2-cups when they are puppies, and gradually increasing to 1 3/4 or 3 1/2 depending upon their weight.

They can also stick their muzzles in their drinking bowls, which can cause a mess. To avoid this, you might consider buying a water dispenser.

Grooming: How low-maintenance is the Mini Aussiepoo?

Mini Aussiepoos don’t shed much so A quick brush once per week Should do the trick.Brush him at least twice a week if he is a follower of the Australian Shepherd..

Their fur can become very long and unruly. Send them to the salon for a haircut. You can maintain their hair length and keep them tidy by sending them for a haircut. They should be groomed every 8-12 weeks.

Aussiedoodle Dog 3

Because of their high activity, their nails naturally get filed down. However, you might still need the clippers to be used occasionally. You might need to check his nails at least once a month.

Ear infections are the most serious problem. You shouldn’t have any problems if you keep it clean and dry.

They can adapt to both extremes of temperature and are quite adaptable.

What is the Mini Aussiedoodle’s health?

Crossbreeds are considered to be more healthy because they have a smaller gene pool. They are less likely to contract genetic diseases. They are still exposed to the health problems of their parents.

Hip Dysplasia is something to be on the lookout. Proper nutrition can prevent this. So your dog doesn’t grow to fast. This can be caused by obesity and joint problems.

Cataracts, Progressive retinal atrophy, Retinal dysplasia and Cataracts can all be eye disorders. Sometimes, thyroid-based disorders like Hypothyroidism and Autoimmune Thyroiditis can also occur.

Epilepsy, Mitral Valve Dysplasia and Patellar Luxation are all possible conditions. Von Willebrand’s and drug sensitivity are also possible. This is a genetic disorder in which their blood doesn’t clot properly.

Aussiedoodle Dog 4

If your Mini Australian Shepherd Puppy mix is a double Merle, there will be more problems. Double Merles are Merle parents. They will be more likely to inherit genetic defects such as blindness or hearing loss.

This crossbreed is a good one if all goes well, Life expectancy of 12-15 years.

What is the cost of a Mini Aussiedoodle?

These puppies ‘Price range: $600 to $6500. It is possible! It all depends on the color and breeder of the animal. Rare or popular colors can often fetch higher prices.

There are many litter sizes, and 11 puppies was the highest recorded. On average, you will find 6 to 7 furballs.

Do I choose a Mini Aussiepoo male or female?

The most common question is whether males and females are better. It all depends on each individual. Males are more likely to protect their toys or food and have more energy.

Females may be more clingy and require more attention.. They also weigh between 2.3 and 4.5 kilograms (between 5 and 10 lbs)

Neutering before sexual maturity can help to combat behavioral traits like aggression, moodiness, territorial marking or moodiness in heat.

Personality is the key. Males can be more attached than females, while they may be more protective of their resources.

Mini Aussiedoodle breeders


While some breeders only want to make money, others are motivated to improve the breed. Keep this in mind when considering any deals that appear too good to be true.

If you find a puppy for less than a hundred dollars, it is possible that they have been neglected or raised by poor parents.

Always inspect the puppy in person. Do not buy a puppy online. Pick someone who is friendly and curious.

It’s better to rescue a Mini Aussiedoodle if you are okay with an older dog

Mini Aussiepoos are a relatively new breed. There aren’t many rescues that specialize in this breed. One might be available at your local shelter, or at parent breed shelters.

Although rescues often come with some training, it is worth your time to learn as much as possible about the pup’s history.

To better understand your pup, ask about his health history and past to find out if he is a good fit for you.

Who should get a Mini Aussiedoodle

aussiedoodle dog colors

The Mini Aussiedoodle will have energy levels that can be reached by children. Families with young children are ideal! They also shed less and produce less dander so they should not trigger allergies.

You might consider a different breed if you are unable to handle their energy levels. You don’t want to be surprised by the parents of your puppy.

We can’t deny that the Mini Aussiedoodle looks absolutely adorable! Are you convinced? Comment below if you own a Miniature Aussie Poo.

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