Mini Lop vs Holland Lop Rabbits : Which Lop Eared Bunny Is Best?

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The Mini Lop vs Holland Lop discussion is necessary for anyone that wants to bring home a brand-new lop eared rabbit. Which one is ideal? Both the Mini Lop and the Holland Lop are accepted by the ARBA.

Both have drooping ears that hang either side of their heads, and also both been available in a wide array of shades. The Mini Lop, in spite of its name, is often slightly larger than the Holland Lop. But, both have in a similar way capitivating characters as well as care needs.

Let’s take a closer take a look at the main differences and resemblances in between the Mini Lop vs Holland Lop to assist you determine which is right for you. Including their care demands, wellness, and also discovering a dog breeder.

Mini Lop vs Holland Lop Appearance

Mini Lop vs Holland Lop 7

” Lop” bunnies have ears that droop down past their faces rather than holding up above their heads. There are numerous Lop bunny species, but 2 typical residential ones are the Holland and also Mini Lops.

These charming, blurry animals are rated as several of one of the most preferred domestic bunnies, specifically amongst kids. The Mini as well as Holland Lop share plenty of qualities, yet certain functions set them apart.

The dimension distinction in between these two rabbits is one of the most substantial, and also it seems in reverse to most people: the Mini Lop is about twice the size of the Holland Lops.

We cover all the differences between them and also just how their care may vary, so you can make a much better choice regarding which one suits your residence.

At a glance, these two bunnies might look fairly comparable to one another. However, there are some refined distinctions in between the Mini Lop and Holland Lop that will aid you tell them apart.

Mini Lop or Holland Lop Rabbit ? Rabbit Types Series


Mini Lop or Holland Lop Rabbit? Biscotti is a lop but is she a Mini lop or Holland lop? Watch this edition of “Rabbit Types” to find out!

This video series attempts to identify different breeds of rabbits for house rabbit owners who would like to know!

One of these is their general shapes and size. Both may have comparable lop ears, but the Mini Lop tends to be a little larger than a Holland Lop when fully grown.

According to the ARBA Requirement of Perfection, Mini Lops must drop in between 4 as well as 6.5 pounds as grownups.

Whereas, Holland Lops will weigh in lower, not surpassing 4 pounds as a maximum. Certainly, bunnies bred as pets might fall outside of these limits.

In regards to physique, the Mini Lop is large and thick-set with wide shoulders as well as well-filled hips. Their body ought to be muscle and also small, regardless of this usually stocky appearance.

Holland Lop rabbits ought to be similarly well-muscled, with a brief, wide-set and well-proportioned body. Both types have short, thick and also straight legs.

Hair kind is one more comparable trait in these 2 bunnies. Both have rollback hair that is short to tool in length.

And also, both can be found in a massive series of shades. Although, solid and damaged shades are the just one accepted for show lops of both types.

The major difference in between these two types remains in their dimension. So, if you’re trying to find a tiny rabbit, a Holland Lop might be better. Yet, if you have the room for a somewhat larger bunny, a Mini Lop may be right for you!

Mini Lop vs Holland Lop Character

Look is essential to lots of, yet personality is usually a much better indicator of which breed will certainly match your family. Naturally, the temperament of specific bunnies will certainly differ also amongst the same breed.

So, unclear type outlines must be taken with a pinch of salt. Yet, below is what you may be able to usually expect from the Mini Lop and the Holland Lop types.

The Holland Lop is known to be a social type. They are calm, gentle, as well as well-mannered, making them terrific in houses where they will certainly be handled and investing a great deal of time with adults or practical, older youngsters.

However, these bunnies are intelligent as well as curious, so it is very important to ensure they can’t obtain themselves into any kind of danger around your house, or even escape!

They will require plenty of mental excitement every day, and also the opportunity to exercise.

The Mini Lop is frequently stated to be in a similar way laid back and social. Nevertheless, like the Holland Lop, they will need lots of possibilities for play as well as exercise.

As long as you are always gentle as well as calm, handling them from a young age will certainly assist to raise the level of depend on in between you.

Both breeds are prone to biting or nipping if they really feel hazardous, so you have to constantly be mild as well as person with your rabbit.

Children should constantly be supervised with either type, as they can accidentally injure a small bunny like these breeds.

Both often tend to do ideal in residences with older children that can recognize their treatment needs as well as susceptabilities. As well as, both are usually happiest in residences with a lot of business.

Behavior as well as Character: Mini Lop vs Holland Lop

Mini lop rabbits are one of one of the most fantastic bunnies on the planet. Their size and also floppy ears make them among the most desirable family pets.

They tend to be extremely friendly, playful, as well as simple to train. Mini Lops are very smart and call for a great deal of interaction and focus.

This breed would certainly additionally benefit from some wooden or straightforward toys for psychological stimulation, this could be something you carry hand like a vacant toilet roll, wood sphere, or wooden blocks. They are naturally inquisitive creatures who enjoy to take an interest in new things.

Like any type of animal, Mini Lops can be found in a variety of personalities yet they are usually relatively pleasant as well as exceptionally spirited.

Like all bunnies, they might be taught a selection of techniques and commands. The breed is very adaptable and agrees any other pet dogs you could have, specifically with pets.

Although these little snows are an appealing thing for little ones, it is very important to recognize that bunnies call for duties for years.

But, one thing is for certain, as soon as you bring Mini Lop bunny in your home, you will certainly soon locate the happiness of possessing among these extremely special creatures.

Holland lops are one of the only types that have actually been particularly bred for character, so they often tend to be relatively mellow and social.

They are a fairly active breed as well as need time and also space to burn some power, specifically outside of the cage. Hollands are really social animals that call for companionship.

Mini Lop vs Holland Lop Wellness as well as Care

There are a number of typical health issues that pose a danger to all bunnies, despite their breed. And also, as victim pets, rabbits are very good at hiding signs of wellness issues.

So, whether you choose a Mini Lop or Holland Lop, you must be aware of the following usual troubles and also their symptoms:

Mini Lops and also Holland Lops both need similar diet plans as well as treatment. They are both massive duties as well.

They need to be kept in a safe environment and let out at the very least once daily for a hr to run around and discover. They require to be either in a fenced-in room outdoors or inside your home.

Lop rabbits require pellet blends that provide them with a well balanced diet regimen. They ought to also be fed a lot of hay, a staple for any kind of type of rabbit.

It helps them absorb and gives them material for their nests in their rooms.

Oral illness
Skin troubles
Thick claws as well as nails
Thick teeth
Excessive weight
Breathing problems
Eye conditions


Mini Lops are suitable for residences with children since they are so pleasant and also take pleasure in hanging out snuggling and also playing.

They are much more accommodating than Holland Lops as well as will match a relatively organized and also tranquil home.

Studies have additionally revealed that lop eared rabbits are a lot more in jeopardy of ear infections as well as dental problems than erect-eared bunnies.

So, correct oral as well as ear treatment is crucial, whether you pick a Mini Lop or a Holland Lop. If you’re concerned concerning this higher standard of treatment required, it might be best to choose a rabbit with upright ears instead.

No matter breed, your bunny will additionally need lots of room as well as chances to exercise.

In addition to this, they require a health and wellness, well balanced diet regimen, as well as lots of fresh hay and turf to help them keep their teeth properly erode.

You will certainly require to cut their nails on a regular basis, so guarantee they are comfortable with dealing with from a young age.

If you ever before think your rabbit wellness has actually altered, take them for a vet appointment.

And also, ensure their high social demands are met. This is typically accomplished by keeping several rabbits, but if you only have one you will need to spend even more time playing as well as connecting with your rabbit yourself.

Mini Lop vs Holland Lop– Which is Right for Me?

Neither of these breeds is far better than the various other. However, one might be better for your way of life. If you have much less area, the smaller sized Holland Lop could be perfect.

However, both rabbits have high treatment requirements, no matter their size, specifically since their ear structure places them at a greater risk of ear infections and also oral troubles.

Both the Holland Lop and Mini Lop breeds are friendly, gentle, as well as calm. Nevertheless, both may be best in residences with older youngsters, rather than more youthful kids.

If you do have very little ones, they should always be monitored with your bunny, and also educated the right ways to take care of a rabbit carefully.

Holland Lops are presently slightly extra prominent than Mini Lop rabbits. Nevertheless, the Mini Lop bunny is regularly expanding in popularity.

So, it shouldn’t be hard to locate either breed from a reliable dog breeder! Preferably, you must pick a reliable breeder over pet store bunnies, as a great dog breeder will work to reduce health risks in all of their bunnies.

Both types are extremely comparable in rate. Those planned for show will normally set you back greater than those bred as family pets.


Mini Lops have an instead odd suitable appearance. They must look as though they are a “basketball with a head.”

What it means is that a regular Mini Lop must have a significantly bigger body than head. It is just one of the physical attributes that they are evaluated on.

Mini Lops have lots of shades and patterns feasible due to the fact that they have actually been so preferred over the years.

Virtually any kind of shade or mix that you would certainly like in a bunny is possible on a Mini Lop.


Because Mini Lops are so intelligent, training them is not an obstacle. They appreciate the stimulation of training sessions and also can rapidly find out brand-new methods and commands. Since they are so lively, it helps to make the training session similar to a game.

Mini Lops additionally take pleasure in communicating with new things due to the fact that they are naturally interested animals.

They will take pleasure in having fun with something like a wooden sphere or an empty toilet roll. These rabbits can be trained to go through dexterity courses, spin as well as jump on cue, as well as even fetch.

Do These Rabbit Breeds Shed?

Really, there is no Holland Lop vs Mini Lop shedding comparison. Both breeds lost. There is not much you can do regarding it (As long as you do not discover some hairless areas or anything!).

Bear in mind that interior rabbits can lose all the time. While the outside may drop seasonally (usually every three months).

Genetics can also play a large component in dropping. Some rabbits are just genetically unable to keep their coats for any type of considerable period of time while others can go permanently in between layers.

When the bunny is dropping as well as shedding hair, you require to clean the bunny on a daily basis to prevent it from consuming way too much fur.

I use this grooming kit, You can inspect it on Amazon, It is relatively economical and functions WONDERS on eliminating the dead hair.

Do Mini Lops as well as Holland Lops Smell if Kept Indoors?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions. Most of individuals that are not rabbit proprietors believe that bunnies smell. That is why we like to cover this topic right here.

Lots of hesitate that if they bring an animal bunny to their residence they will have problems with the scent.

Absolutely nothing to bother with, because, the bunnies have no body smell, unlike pet dogs, for example. The only thing for a bunny that would make he/her smell would be their urine.

Nonetheless, this is simple to handle with the proper cage bedding as well as with cleaning commonly sufficient. Therefore, the short answer is NO, Holland Lops and also Mini Lops do not smell.

Which Breed Is Right for You?

Embracing a pet dog is a significant responsibility. You must locate one that fits your lifestyle or that of your family to assure a much easier fit.

Rabbits are best matched to people who are around the residence consistently. Both Holland as well as Mini Lops appreciate communicating with others since they are so social. If they are disregarded, they can end up being sad or sluggish, especially Hollands.

If you require a mellow rabbit, Mini Lops are most likely the very best choice for you. If you would like a much more lively and also energetic bunny that still approves handling, then a Holland Lop could be an exceptional choice.

Which is Your Fave?

Which rabbit wins the Mini Lop vs Holland Lop discussion for you? Do you currently have one of these rabbits in the house?

We would love to find out about your experiences with the Mini Lop and Holland Lop bunnies in the comments!


Bear in mind, there is no “right” or “incorrect” option– only the ideal choice for you! In between the Mini lop vs Holland lop, they both make terrific family members pet dogs.

Whatever reproduce you choose will certainly need a lot of time and also dedication. However, one thing is for sure, you will not regret it!

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