Neapolitan Mastiff Dog – Full Profile, History, and Care

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The Neapolitan Mastiff or even Mastino Napoletano has its Title out of Naples, the town in Italy that’s linked to the source of the strain. ‘Neapolitan’ signifies ‘of ‘ Naples’. Despite centuries of fame throughout Europe, this strain was nearly lost after World War II.

Neapolitan Mastiff

Following the war, Italian painter Piero Scanziani created a breeding kennel to flip the mastiff-type puppies of Italy into an official breed afterwards called the Neapolitan Mastiff.

The Neapolitan Mastiff dog breed was developed at Southern Italy as a family and guard dog. Now this gigantic breed is called a gentle giant.

Many enthusiasts of this strain simply call them both the Neo, and Other individuals understand them since Mastino. Even though these are dogs, you might still see them in shelters and shelters. Don’t Forget to embrace! Don’t store when this is the breed for you.

Neapolitan Mastiff Dog Breed

Neapolitan Mastiff 2

Even though their big size could be intimidating, even the Neapolitan Mastiff puppy breed is really a gentle giant which makes an superb family pet. All these Mastiff dogs love their own families but are cautious of strangers.

There’s not any doubt that these dogs will safeguard you from an intruder, so because their daring and protective mindset is guaranteed to frighten any undesirable people.

Generally, Neapolitan mastiffs are very low-maintenance, Exotic pets. Like most pets, these tremendous dogs have their own quirks.

Neapolitan Mastiffs might not be the best option for novice Pet parents or flat dwellers. Their large size means that they want space and training to flourish.

But if you’re able to manage their demands and a little drool, you are going to discover an affectionate, faithful companion that enjoys the entire family!

We advocate this large, spacious cage to offer your enormous Neapolitan Mastiff somewhere to rest and unwind. It’s also advisable to pick this up pet brush and massager to your short-haired puppy!

Introduction of Neapolitan Mastiff

Neapolitan Mastiff 3

The giant, lumbering Neapolitan Mastiff has inspired amazement throughout history. Do not let this gait fool you to mistaking this strain to get a slow, idle one; that is the confidence that they have in the ability of the stride.

Nevertheless, Neos do have just one small identity crisis: their loving nature frequently leads them to think they are enormous lap puppies.

To get a well Brought up Neo, no cable is little enough to flake out, no person miniature enough to cuddle around. Neos are a household’s unwavering safeguarding, together with stares more fearful of his or her own intentions. They’re fast to guard their loved ones, but are seldom fearsome with good motive.

History of Neapolitan Mastiff

Frequently Called ‘the dog of this small guy’, the Neapolitan Mastiff is a sizable item of history which appears to have only lumbered in the present. Their ancestry is considered to date back to 3000 BCE, the start of the Bronze Age.

Neapolitan Mastiff 4

Mastiff-type dogs have been around for millennia And the very first mastiffs are thought to have been created in Tibet approximately 5,000 years back.

The giant dogs have been bred to be utilized in conflict and as guardian dogs, both activities well suited for their faithful nature and natural guarding instincts.

The puppy we now know as the Neapolitan Mastiff was developed at Naples, Italy, where area the strain gets its title.

The huge size aided with intimidation, the loose folds of the skin shielded them from strikes as well as the pure loyalty of this strain was designed to increase their guarding instinct alongside their capacity to appreciate and protect their own families.

Piero Scanziani, the Italian painters, is credited with all the Neos’ present-day popularity. Following World War II, the Neo could have faded to oblivion but to get an opportunity see that Scanziani created to a puppy show in Naples at 1946.

In that Second, the painter recognized the strain for a remnant of the Roman Empire, maybe a descendant of this mastiffs of Epirus.

Scanziani took a direct interest in the strain and also worked to make it even more popular, beginning the very first kennel for Neos at Naples and writing the breed standard.

Particular Factors

Neapolitan Mastiff Dog Breed 1

Even the Neo’s most distinguishing characteristic is its many luscious Folds of skin. This might be challenging whilst grooming, however, adds to this shrewd, all-knowing feeling of the courageous dog.

When you have gotten on the Neo’s jacket, you may arrive in a puddle of saliva which is going to keep you busy for a whole lot of this Neo’s life.

Cleanliness freaks don’t apply to reside with a Neo. The profound Muzzle using the overhanging flesh creates a continuous supply of surplus saliva. Like quite a number of those giant breeds, the Neo doesn’t require a lot of exercise.

They’re slow moving dogs also undoubtedly need their daily walks, however This strain doesn’t prefer to operate for miles or perform unlimited games of draw. They make good guard dogs, even though they’re not fast to snack or harm strangers.

Neos are proven to be quiet, stealthy dogs which are more capable of slipping up unbeknownst to an intruder than just barking a warning before emerging at all their gigantic glory.

Fun Trivia

Although Fang in the Harry Potter books is really a boarhound, From the film, he’s a Neapolitan Mastiff. Many Other films — such as Alan from Babe: Pig in the City,” American Gangster, Dragon Heart and Hotel for Dogs — additionally feature this strain.

Neapolitan Mastiff Dog Breed 2

Celebrity Neo Mastiff owners The Neo has a peculiar combination of famous owners, out of miniature Hollywood attractiveness, Gillian Anderson and Kate Hudson, to the army commander Hannibal and King Henry VIII.

Vital Data:

Dog Breed Group: Running Dogs

Height: 24-31 In.

Weight: 50-70 Kg

Life Span: 9 to 10 Years


  •         While they’re crucial, they are pleased to lurk around a yard or sprawl at the kitchen
  •         There stare is worse than their bark is worse than the bite! A sleeping Neo is a fantastic guard dog due to dimensions.
  •         Can easily be confused for big lap dogs.
  •         Love to squint and so are filled with affection.


  •         You are going to want a huge house in case a Neo’s must be drifting around. Small spaces may frustrate them.
  •         Grooming is going to soon be time consuming although Neos aren’t large shedders. Be Aware of all those folds of flesh!
  •         They are more likely to flaking, which could at times be deadly.

Neapolitan Mastiff Maintenance & Effort


Grooming your Neapolitan Mastiff will be Not a simple job. Their short coat retains the dressing into the minimum, however also the loose skin and wrinkles may trap a great deal of dirt and germs. All these need to be cleaned frequently to prevent ailments.

Neapolitan Mastiff Dog Breed

Aside from the jacket, the routine and Generous amounts of drool a Neo creates means that the region around the jowls and neck might need to be washed frequently, to avoid bacterial diseases.

Neapolitan Mastiff Hair & Hair Coat

Neapolitan Mastiff Health & Care

Common Health Issues

Neapolitan Mastiffs are more likely to Some hereditary health problems, most notable among these, hip dysplasia, a state where the thigh bone doesn’t fit properly to the hip joint.

Even though this is an hereditary issue, outside triggers such as overfeeding rather than exercising the Neo frequently can worsen the issue as time passes.

Likewise elbow dysplasia, Which happens due to differing expansion rates of both bones which constitute a dog’s mind, can be common one of Neos. It can result in painful lameness, but could frequently be fixed with surgery.

Due to Their droopy eyes and The folds of flesh , Neos can frequently arrange cherry eye, where the third eyebrow or even the nictitating membrane lumps from their eye, seeming like a cherry. Cherry eye requires immediate treatment and can readily be fixed through surgery.

Neapolitan Mastiff 1

Neos will also be more likely to cleft palate, a state where a Cleft runs unilaterally or bilaterally from the puppy’s palate, resulting in a cleft. This condition may also be fixed, if your vet believes the cleft is big enough to need to be closed.

Ultimately, Neos additionally suffer Out of Fold Dermatitis, a skin disease peculiar to creatures with loose and sterile coats, due to moisture trapped from the people of their epidermis. Redness, soreness along with a sickly sweet odour are symptoms of the status.

Mild cases Are generally treated with topical lotions or antibiotics, but acute Fold Dermatitis can necessitate surgical removal of these springs or amputation of the tail, even in the event the disease manifests itself onto the tail. Maintaining the Neos’ wrinkles moisture-free is also essential to their wellbeing.

Temperament of Neapolitan Mastiff

The Neapolitan Mastiff is a fantastic Puppy, protective and loyal, yet never fast to strike. But, training and socialisation is very important from a young age, in case the Neo has to be familiar with kids and other critters.

Neos aren’t great for first time families, so bringing them up could be tricky, when you have not done it previously.

Neos Are Extremely cautious of strangers, which Is Excellent If They’re to function as guard dogs, However, something of a struggle if yours is the type of household in which a selection of individuals and creatures visit frequently.

Due to their clumsy dimensions, Neos aren’t thought of as the ideal pet to get around very tiny children.

Mastiffs Are territorial creatures and this feeling of ownership can expand to a particular relative just, if it is not dealt with by puppyhood. Socialization is Essential for your Neo.

It’s crucial to make certain your Neo doesn’t become fearful or suspicious of individuals or even a new atmosphere. They don’t require much, but might slip upon a stranger with no warning.


Neapolitan Mastiffs are big dogs However they’re not a athletic breed. Even though this may make them appropriate for apartment living, they still require a good deal of space because of their absolute majority.

A youthful Neo will have lots of power and action, meaning a home with a lawn is the perfect spot to bring a home.

The Neo Might Not Be the Perfect strain to bring up little kids around, because they are awkward and their big frame can knock a toddler down readily. This strain will work best with older kids and families.

They aren’t perfect dogs for outside living, particularly in areas with warmer climates. They can’t withstand intense heat and demand a great deal of color and cool areas out in sunlight for extended periods.

Coaching & Intelligence

The Neapolitan Mastiff is a rather Intelligent strain, but coaching isn’t just a breeze together. Do not be duped by these shrewd eyes; they’re slow learners. This doesn’t signify they aren’t trainable.

A company yet individual instruction routine with a Great Deal of favorable Reinforcement to promote desirable behavior is the very best method to some well-behaved Neo. Neos aren’t fond of too much action.

While they might not require a great deal of exercise, routine walks and outside time is essential, such as a multi-layer Neo.

Your Mastiff Doesn’t want to exercise but you Will Need to exercise them On a regular basis to be certain they are lean and healthful though you will find soft growing bones and joints also when there are more than stressed it may be broken so you need to see that although training is significant you ought to be aware of how much is demanded.

It’s important to interact Neos from the Start As they have been bred to become protective of the loved ones and do not naturally take to brand new people or creatures.

Neapolitan Mastiff Breeding

Litter Size :     6 to 9 dogs (roughly )

Complication in Breeding :     No


These non invasive giants Don’t Have Many complications concerning their breeding. They’re cute as dogs and develop to become friendly and fine puppy, when brought up nicely.

But, Their big minds can make C-sections an extremely frequent affair. Normal female and male Neapolitan Mastiffs reach sexual maturity anywhere between six to eight months old, even though they’re still too young to breed in this age.

A Neo takes about 18 months to achieve her or his whole height and construction. It’s sensible to groom your puppy following at least 2 years old. If you’re first-timer in breeding, subsequently choosing a vet’s view is a good idea.

Neapolitan Mastiff Puppies

Neo dogs can grow quickly and keep Their huge head dimensions even if they’re quite young. They like to chew over and explore new tastes and textures, and so make sure you keep protected toys and chew sticks .

It Is Essential to Begin training and socialisation through Puppyhood, to get a person who will be asked to be favorable with different individuals and creatures. If that is cared for, your pet is going to be a happy-go-lucky pup and a faithful, loving mature.

Neapolitan Mastiff Look

Wrinkles & Folds : Yes

Tail Type : Straight

Eyes Shape/Type : Round

Knife Sort : Folded

Bite : Scissor

Furry : AtheleticStuff Toy

Cute : HandsomeAwe

Neapolitan Mastiff Body

The Neapolitan Mastiff is famous for Its large framework and a coat having voluminous folds. The normal man is between 26 inches to 31 inches tall and weighs approximately 130 to 155 lbs (59 to 70kg), whereas the typical female is between 24 inches to 29 inches tall and weighs approximately 110 to 130 lbs (50 to 59kg).

The loose-fitting double jacket includes a Rough, straight and short outer coating and a short, dense undercoat.

Even the Neo’s skull has been two-thirds the magnitude of its muzzle. The skull is flat and parallel to the muzzle.

The muzzle is square and deep and the mind has loose skin. The nose is big with open uterus, and the lips are thick and searchable. The eyes are all clean and put forwards, and the rims are all tight.

The ears are modest compared to size of mind and therefore are triangular and drop level towards your lips.

The shoulders are long, slightly sloping and possess well-developed muscles. The hindquarters are wide in the loin and also have well-developed muscle together with arched toes. The claws are tough and dark colored.

Highlights of Neapolitan Mastiff

  1.         Neapolitan Mastiffs perform best in homes using a lawn they could patrol. They’re calm inside however and may do good in an apartment or condominium large enough to adapt their sprawl.
  2.         Neos are usually awkward dogs who have difficulty navigating over several stairs, especially dogs.
  3.         The Neapolitan Mastiff is an average shedder and needs weekly cleaning, and close focus on cleaning their skin folds and wrinkles.
  4.         They are an Superb deterrent to intruders, but seldom competitive without cause. Socialize them often so they know how to act around others and creatures.
  5.         Neapolitan Mastiffs may be idle and will become heavy if they do not have much exercise. Ensure that your dog keeps a healthy weight to prevent diseases that may significantly lower their entire life span.
  6.         The Neapolitan Mastiff Isn’t Suggested to get a shy or first-time proprietor. This breed requires a confident trainer who’s firm and consistent but also enjoying. The Neo is strong-willed and can examine whether you truly mean what you say.
  7.         Neapolitan Mastiffs possess a fearsome look along with also a deep bark, each of which are often more than sufficient to dissuade even the most foolhardy offenders.
  8.         Neapolitan Mastiffs have quite a few of what many consider banning customs: slobbering, drooling, wheezing, grunting, snorting, and flatulence.
  9.         This hot puppy isn’t mindful of the dimensions and will gladly cuddle your choice or on you personally. [Notice: We all know of a Neo whose household pops up the Christmas tree in Halloween and does not take it down till February because he likes to lie round the tree, plus they make the couch to themselves for a month or two.]
  10.         Neapolitan Mastiffs adore the outside, but they also adore being with their Loved Ones. They ought to live inside with their own people, not alone from the yard.
  11.         Youthful Neapolitan Mastiffs are rowdy, however it is significant because of their orthopedic growth to Avoid a Great Deal of leaping or stair climbing until they attain physical maturity.
  12.         Neapolitan Mastiffs could be destructive when bored. Give them frequent workout , social interaction, and coaching to help keep life interesting.
  13.         Neapolitan Mastiffs are great with older kids, but may be too big to get a toddler. They could knock over or measure on little kids without the need to damage them.
  14.         Never Purchase a Neapolitan Mastiff in the puppy mill, a pet shop, or even a breeder that does not supply health clearances or warranties. Start looking for a respectable breeder who checks her breeding dogs to be certain they are free of hereditary diseases they may pass on the dogs and that strains for sound temperaments.

Neapolitan Mastiff Care

Even though Neapolitan mastiffs may be couch potatoes, then you need to Nevertheless walk yours at least two every day. They don’t call for a good deal of exercise, however routine walks are essential for handling weight reduction and joint health.

As dogs , this enormous Breed is not the same story. Neapolitan mastiff dogs are usually lively and lively, but it’s all up to you to understand whether enough is not enough. Since their bones are so large, joints are easily damaged.

To prevent this, restrict your Puppy’s jumping and running activity and be certain they don’t grow stairs up too fast. Keep a watch on these, particularly in hot weather since they are vulnerable to overheating, and prevent play prior to your puppy becomes overly tired.

Coaching your Neapolitan mastiff should start when Possible, preferably throughout puppyhood. As they become older, people may get stubborn and hard to train, therefore it’s crucial to have along with things from an young age.

Since They’re cautious of strangers and obviously suspicious Of all outsiders, socialization coaching is essential.

Require your Neapolitan mastiff into public areas such as the playground or a local cafe on a regular basis, therefore they is able to discover the way to welcome visitors suitably and differentiate between friend and foe.

Neapolitan mastiffs are all not Connected to negative reinforcement or punishment. Rather, they react well to plenty of treats and love to reward some other fantastic behaviour during instruction. The exact same goes during dressing –handle them with love if they withstand tub time.

Tremendous, muscle, and wrinkly, the Neapolitan mastiff Appears like a struggle to stay clean. Weekly cleaning will create matters simpler by maintaining their fur clean and handling shedding.

With frequent cleaning, you are able to keep bathrooms in an as-needed foundation. Just be certain that you wash down their wrinkles –and wash them –on a daily basis to get rid of any grime or other debris that is unwanted.

Regular nail trimming, ear cleaning, and teeth cleaning is going to Additionally boost your Neapolitan mastiff’s in general health and wellness. And remember to maintain a slobber rag useful.

Common Health Issues

The Neopolitan mastiff is vulnerable to several disorders:

  •     Hip dysplasia
  •     Arthritis
  •     Bloat

Joint health is an issue for Neapolitan mastiffs because of Their size. With all their additional skin and large muscles, their joints have been taking a great deal of weight.

When analyzing your pet’s wellbeing, be certain that you ask your veterinarian for a stylish and squat examination.

Additionally, deep-chested puppies are prone to becoming a condition Called coriander, which occurs when they drink or eat too fast. Their gut can spin and match with gasoline, which could at times rupture their gut or cause harm to various organs.

Bloat can be avoided by simply feeding parts little and regular or utilizing a”slow feed” bowl.

Diet and Nutrition

The nourishment Needs of a Neapolitan mastiff aren’t Very different than many different pets. They ought to be fed with a high quality diet regime and supplied fresh water in any respect times.

To locate an excellent dog food, assess the very first ingredient. The most wholesome foods listing a protein supply, such as beef or poultry, first.

Avoid foods with A great deal of fillers such as creature by-products and pulp which lack vital nutrients. Organic, whole components are perfect for your pet’s digestive tract.

According Into the Kennel Club, seasoned Neapolitan mastiff breeders advocate Food that’s a bit high in fat and lower in protein, particularly for Younger dogs that grow quickly. Go over any nutrition and diet issues with Your vet.

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