Nebelung Cat Breed Information, Pictures And Characteristics

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The Nebelung Cat Breed is the longhaired selection of the Russian Blue. Their title is Italian and means “creature of the mist” or “monster of the freshwater,” a reference to your kitty’s glistening silvery-blue coat which appears to float above their physique.

Graceful, Bright, and affectionate, and these cats possess amazing traits which would suit just about any family. Their stunning looks, elegant motions, and slightly aloof character add to their charm and mystery, giving them an almost epic quality.

Nebulung Cat

The Nebelung Cat is really a brand new and comparatively rare breed. They Are near relatives of this Russian Blue. They’re famous to be tender and mild-mannered, but also lively and very caring for their family members.

While this is a relatively new and uncommon breed, you will be Able to come across these kitties in breed specific offenses or neighborhood shelters. Adopt in case you want to bring these cats to your property.

Nebulung Cat Breed Overview

WEIGHT: 7 to 15 pounds

LENGTH: Medium breed, with a long body

COAT: Medium-long soft double coat

COAT COLOR: Grey with silver tips

EYE COLOR: Green or Yellow-Green

LIFE EXPECTANCY: 13 to 16 years

Characteristics of the Nebelung Cat

Affection LevelHigh
Exercise NeedsMedium
Energy LevelHigh
Tendency to VocalizeMedium
Amount of SheddingMedium

History of this Nebelung Cat

Nebelung Cats

The Nebelung is a really fresh breed of cat, and also their title Means ‘monster of the mist’ in German, as a consequence of the beautiful, glistening silver-blue coat.

From the early 1980s, a woman Named Cora Cobb talented her Kid a black national short-hair kitty to your own son.

If this cat mated using a Russian Blue man, it caused 1 kitten in the litter with blue, long hair. Cora was shot with this particular cat, and she retained him called him Siegfried.

From the mid-eighties, her kid’s cat had a different mess, And now there was a female kitty with exactly the exact same sort of hair-loss. Cora also maintained her called her Brunhilde.

Cora began a breeding program using Siegfried and Brunhilde, And these cats were initially known as being fairly much enjoy the Russian Blue, but for the gap in coat type.

This did not go down well with a few Russian Blue Breeders, as well as the Nebelung has been given standing as a entirely new breed from The International Cat Association in 1987 and subsequently, afterwards, the American Cat Fanciers Association. It’s yet to be officially identified by the Cat Fanciers Federation or even the entire Cat Fanciers Association, however.

The Nebelung cat breed was developed by Cora Cobb of this Nebelheim Cattery. Cobb was motivated by a kitty called Siegfried, the sole longhaired blue kitty in a mess fathered with a longhaired black kitty and born into a black domestic shorthair named Elsa.

Nebelung Cat 1

A Second litter created a feminine longhaired blue kitty whom Cobb called Brunhilde. Siegfried and Brunhilde became the base of a new breeding program and also made their first litter in 1986.

Russian Whoever who transported the gene for long hair had been taken out of eastern Europe from the late 1980s and led to the growth of the breed.

The International Cat Association gave the cats New Breed standing in 1987 and complete fame in 1997. Nebelungs could be outcrossed to Russian Blues.

The Nebelung can also be known from the Cat Fanciers Federation along with the Traditional Cat Association.

Nebelung Care

The Nebelung, even once they get to understand you personally, makes powerful Bonds with their loved ones. They frequently create a specially close attachment to a single individual and will accompany them devotedly where in the home they move.

Though they are loyal and loving with those that they know, They are sometimes a bit reserved, and at times even aloof, together with strangers. It’s not strange for them to conceal when folks are seeing the home.

They’re known for being really gentle and undemanding, However they also have a lively side. You need to be certain that to have a lot of suitable toys and other sorts of enrichment round the home to keep them exercised and amused.

Though They love getting cuddles and affection once again You’re around, they’re not a specially needy cat, and they’re usually happy being abandoned as you proceed to do the job. They’re a breed that’s well-suited to apartment dwelling.

Nebelung Cat 3

Nebelungs are proven to thrive on regular, and Plenty of Changes can often cause them to feel stressed and nervous.

This facet of the character, along with their booked character around strangers, so means they gain from ancient and continuing youth to help decrease the odds of them getting a nervous kitty.

While they could live happily together silent and tender Kids, along with other dogs or cats, they’re not a kitty which needs or thrives in their business.

Frequently they’ll tolerate them than creating powerful bonds. Consequently they are much better suited to living in a home without young kids or excitable, high performance dogs.

Nebelungs Cat Care

Even the Nebelungs lengthy, double coat may take around 2 Decades To come in completely. They aren’t successful shedders, however, their coat will need routine weekly dressing to make sure it doesn’t become matted or tangled.

Their coat is quite distinctive. It’s soft, thick and Glistening, and a stunning blue colour. Occasionally it also contains silver hints, and this also gives it a much more glistening look. Men have a milder ruff around their throat also.

The Nebelung is really a medium-sized cat breed having a lengthy and graceful body. They’re extremely muscular, and agile cats.

Common Health Issues

Since They’re a new breed, Nebelungs haven’t had the Opportunity to produce a lot of inherited conditions. This means that they are regarded as a healthful general.

They’re also famous for their durability. It’s not Unusual for them to achieve eighteen decades old.

It’s important to Make Sure That You Don’t overfeed your Nebelung. Obesity in cats is more very common, and it may cause a good deal of associated health ailments.

Nebelung are occasionally known to be fussy in their Food, however, as soon as they discover something that they enjoy, they can easily become obese if they’re spoilt.

If possible, you should also attempt to Enter a Great dental hygiene regimen. In case your Nebelung tolerates with their teeth brushed, this can help to lessen the probability of these developing celiac disease, which can be among the most frequently found disorders in cats.

Diet and Nutrition

All cats will need to be fed with a standard, low-fat diet. They are obligate carnivores and Shouldn’t be fed dog food. This may usually not possess a large enough protein material and may be lacking in adequate extra nutrients which cats need at high quantities, such as Taurine.

Size of Nebelung Cat

The Nebelung is really a medium-sized Kitty with a very long body.

They tend to consider in at seven To 15 lbs with females usually being smaller than men. Nevertheless, some Nebelungs might fall out of the range.

Character of Nebelung Cat

The Nebelung Cat includes a standing as a tender, silent kitty, slightly bashful, however do not get the incorrect idea.

This cat might have a reserved character, but they like to playbeing particularly fond of regaining –and love climbing or jumping to high places in which they could examine people and situations in their leisure before making their mind up about if they would like to get involved.

Nebelung Cat Attention

Guests won’t get this Cat’s instant attention and might never find them unless they pick that the people are worthy of the notice, however toward relatives, particularly their preferred individual, ” the Nebelung is loyal, following them throughout the home and riding on a shoulder.

The Nebelung Cat is really a sensitive feline who does not like to get disregarded and will probably be hurt if they do not obtain exactly the identical quantity of affection they provide. Deficiency of focus can make them become fearful or nervous.

While the Nebelung enjoys your Business, they are capable of amusing themselves throughout the day as you’re on the job.

Unlike a few busy, smart breeds, they are not harmful but proceed through the home together with the lithe grace of a Russian ballerina.

When You’re in your home, their Subtle sense of comedy and manual dexterity won’t ever don’t amuse. Just be certain you laugh together, not in them. They’ve a solid awareness of self-worth and do not enjoy being made fun of.

That is a cat that does best in a silent, secure atmosphere. They do not want change, and it is particularly significant to them that foods arrive punctually.

Rely on them for a loyal alarm clock in the afternoon –not so that you do not miss work, however they do not forget a meal.

Should you have the time to build up A connection using a Nebelung, your benefit is going to be a profound bond for this adoring cat.

Coat Color And Grooming

The Nebelung looks similar to That the elegant-yet-muscular Russian Blue, but using a thick, thick glistening, medium-length coat. Their overall appearance is that of a long, rugged, well-muscled kitty.

The International Cat Association breed standard to the Nebelung requires them to get a modified wedge-shaped head which is much more pointed than curved, though his long hair can provide the mind a curved appearance.

Massive ears are broad at the bottom with pointed tips, and wealthy, deep-green eyes possess a slightly oblong form and are set wide apart.

Kittens Might Have Yellowish-green eyesbut at the time they’re two years old that they should have grown into the vibrant green of adulthood. The nose pad is charcoal grey.

A long, slim neck occasionally Seems shorter than it really is due to this Nebelung’s compact fur.

The human body is what is called semi-foreign, meaning it’s moderate in contour, falling somewhere between the brief, streamlined figure of breeds such as Persians as well as the slick angles of Asian breeds / breeds like the Siamese. It’s athletic but not bulky, with a medium-boned figure that’s well proportioned.

Supporting your system are long, Medium-boned legs put on medium-size, well-rounded oval paws with ample tufting between the feet. The Nebelung seems as though they are walking around the balls of the feet.

Their tail is as long as their own entire body from shoulder blades to back end, covered in fur which is more than the human body .

The Nebelung stands outside for Their lavish coat and dramatic color. A medium-length double coat covers the entire body, increasing length from your shoulder into your tail.

Men have a different neck Ruff, however, females aren’t as well endowed. Underneath the ears can be feathering at a lighter shade of blueeyes.

Fur covering the rear of the top thighs provides the Nebelung the visual appeal of wearing pantaloons. The outer coat is fine and glossy, topping an undercoat that’s soft and downy.

The coat generally doesn’t develop completely before the cat is just two decades old. It’s thicker, thicker and longer in the winter.

On the uninformed, the Nebelung Might seem grey, however in kitty show conditions, they’re gloomy all the way into the origins.

It is perfect if the coat is silver-tipped, making the coat appear to glisten, however frequently silver tipping is evident just on the shoulders and head.

A few Nebelung kittens have been born Using “ghost stripes,” a glimpse of the tabby gene which all cats take, even if it is not expressed in their coat, but those normally disappear, leaving the kitty with the strong blue coat of adulthood.

Children And Other Pets

Nebelungs possess a tolerant Nature toward kids who treat them respectfully, but they are sometimes skeptical of younger kids who pet them independently. Always supervise young kids when they would like to pet your cat.

The Nebelung Cat is currently accepting of other animals, for example dogs, provided that they are not chased or menaced by them. Exotic pets gradually and in controlled conditions to Make Certain That they learn how to get along together.

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