NexGard For Dogs Review: We Asked A Vet

Fleas! Pesky fleas! And of course ticks! No pawrent needs their pooch to endure so in the event that you discover proof of those parasitic riders you instantly reach for therapy…but the way to select?! We are discussing about NexGard for Dogs in our latest post.

Evidently, dogs of certain breeds will probably bring more Flea-related problems than the others, but then there are ways of preventing pooch from being assaulted in the first location.

Some approaches are more normal than others, however in this Situation, I believe you should really place the focus on the final result. Organic is great, but sometimes you want a straightforward repair, and There’s Nothing wrong with this

There is a vast array of tick and flea treatment and Preventative drugs, it may be overwhelming trying to pick the best one on the pet’s life.

Do not worry, We’ve got you covered, only Keep Reading through Our NexGard inspection to find out more and allow you to select whether NexGard may be perfect for your pooch.

What Makes Ticks & Fleas In Dogs?

The Main cause of tick and flea infestation in dogs is Their hot skin and cozy fur. Fleas are Called Ctenocephalides felis along with C. canis. The standard American tick is called Dermacentor variabilis, however there are many others that NexGard can be good in treating.

These horrible parasites wait — sometimes for months — to get a Appropriate host to pass , then they move to latch onfeast on its own bloodstream, and put many, several eggs, that maintain that cycle going ad nauseum.

Ticks and fleas likewise are attracted to heat and bloodstream and therefore are More common throughout the spring/summer weeks.

If our pets are outside, particularly in the tall grass, trees, and mountainous locations, there’s an opportunity that ticks and fleas will roll about and attach themselves into a own toenails, and very possibly to you also. Not enjoyable, to say the least.

NexGard: Key Takeaways

  •     NexGard is a tasty beef-flavored chew on prescription to deal with flea and tick infestation.
  •     Persisting on your pet’s entire body for 30-days following ingestion, NexGard comprises the active ingredient, afoxolaner.
  •     NexGard is more safe to use in dogs over 8 months old which weigh at 4lbs.

NexGard Prons And Cons

No product Is Ideal for every pet, also NexGard is No exception for this. Let us have a peek at NexGard’s attributes that will assist you choose whether it is the correct product for the fur-baby.


  •     NexGard is the only flea and tick control product authorized to stop Lymes disease in animals (1).
  •     Delicious steak flavor that pets love, more than similar brands like Simparica (two ) or even Bravecto (3).
  •     Moderate on the machine, NexGard is more safe to use on dogs as young as 2 months, as mild as 4lbs.


  •     NexGard has several negative reactions reported, many frequently nausea, itching, nausea and lack of appetite.
  •     NexGard’s active ingredient, afoxolaner, is a part of the isoxazoline medication course that has been implicated in seizures .
  •     The security of NexGard hasn’t yet been rated by breeding, pregnant or lactating dogs.

NexGard Before & After Outcomes For The Dog

This item works Enjoy a charm. I utilized FRONTLINE in my pets for several decades, and when my vet suggested that I change into NexGard, I happily agreed. I’d my doggy into regular vaccinations and picked up some antiparasitic therapy contemplating summer was quickly approaching.

I used to Administering drops and the change to oral dosing was easy. It made no difference for me personally or my own toenails. I place it in her food bowlwrapped in some yummy, and then she ate it up together with the remainder of her dinner that day.

There’s no actual “before and after” scenario here because she didn’t have ticks or fleas prior to that. However, Instead of this, I’ll Offer the exact conclusions of this analysis conducted by/for that the FDA on NexGard, at 2013:

This analysis Supported the 30-day potency of one daily dose of NEXGARD for treating mature C. felis issues on dogs 24 hours post-infestation. Since the analysis revealed 81.1% efficacy 12 hours post-infestation on Day 28, the research failed to confirm 30-day efficacy in 12 hours post-infestation.

The analysis also Verified for flea infestation, NEXGARD murdered adult fleas before they can lay eggs, thereby leading to the prevention of flea infestation. NEXGARD was 97% effective against adult D. variabilis, when measured 48 hours after invasion, for 30 days.

The Higher variety of dead ticks along with the decrease in live interviewers help the control and treatment sign for D. variabilis, respectively.

NexGard For Dogs Overview

The FDA is famous for Its high criteria, and that means that you may rest easy knowing that it can be a powerful and secure antiparasitic alternative

NexGard, by Merial Ltd. (currently a part of the Boehringer Ingelheim group, Germany), is now an parasitic remedy for dogs which is now popular across the world. The main use of the treatment is killing mature ticks and fleas until they lay their own eggs.

It’s a product made by the manufacturers of FRONTLINE, that includes Enjoyed a lengthy history of removing insects and ticks, also which makes dogs (and cats) a good deal fitter and fitter.

When the FDA accepted NexGard chewable pills for use in September of 2013, NexGard has long become the go-to merchandise for many pet owners. Additionally, it is worth noting that the favorite pet medicine is also suggested by vets anyplace.

What Ingredients Can NexGard Work?

Afoxolaner is your Single active part of NexGard. In clinical trials conducted through 2014, printed in the journal Parasite, Afoxolaner has been discovered to be extremely successful, and moreover — with the exclusion of one episode of nausea — no negative effects were detected on some of the 16 puppies that engaged in the treatment group.

Why is NexGard Safe For Dogs?

To Put It differently, it Is a recognized safe material when administered in agreement with the weight category. But like many different kinds of drugs, improper use could cause harmful effects.

NexGard For Dogs Price & Where To Purchase

Like Every pet-related Service or product, costs vary based upon location, accessibility, and — in such a instance — dose. The Normal price label on NexGard (to get 4-10 pounds size puppy ) is:  These are approximate Amounts.

3 weeks — $72.20

6 weeks — $112.40

12 weeks — $204.88

These are just ordinary List costs, and you’ll be able to locate them for a ton cheaper on line and in certain shops. Be aware this can be prescription-only veterinary medicine, and that means you can not have the ability to obtain NexGard on line or in a random pet shop. Speak with your doggy physician about becoming and administering it.

Consulting Your Vet

NexGard is only accessible through your veterinary surgeon or On prescription. Before using any drugs, you need to seek the advice of your vet to make sure NexGard is the very best for your furry friend.

Your vet may counsel against NexGard in case your pooch Has had seizures or was diagnosed with some neurological illness including epilepsy.

NexGard Story & Background

Manufactured by the extended recognized Merial Animal Health (currently a part of Boehringer Ingelheim), NexGard had been accepted by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 2013 and at 2018 became the very first (and only) product accredited to avoid Borrelia burgdorferi (Lyme disease) diseases through murdering the Ixodes scapularis tick (popularly called black-legged or deer ticks) (1).

NexGard In-Depth Review

Now, let us have a deep dip into NexGard, so you can make an Informed choice regarding your pet’s flea and tick treatment.

What’s NexGard?

NexGard is A oral flea and tick control product comprising afoxolaner that was the very first medication from the isoxazoline type of parasiticides. These beef flavored contraceptive pills also have been demonstrated to avoid Lyme disease in puppies.

Just what Does It Kill?

NexGard’s active ingredient, afoxolaner kills insects plus also a Number of species. Ticks murdered include the Black-legged Infection, American Pet ticks, Lone star ticks and Brown Dog ticks.

Though just qualified for tick and flea control in the united states, NexGard was accepted to treat demodectic and sarcoptic mange infestations in Europe (4).

How Can NexGard Work?

NexGard chewable pills are awarded to pets because a yummy treat Where they’re absorbed through the lining of the intestine in your puppy’s blood flow where it’s then stored under the skin before a parasite snacks.

Afoxolaner, the most active ingredient in NexGard, kills mature fleas prior to They could lay eggs in your pet’s furcoat. Adult ticks are murdered when they hook to get a meal.

NexGard functions by binding to neural cells at the tick or flea, Maintaining their communication, inducing over-excitation of this insect’s nervous system that contributes to their own deaths.

NexGard Active Ingredients: What Is Inside?

Active Ingredient: Afoxolaner

Afoxolaner is the only active ingredient in NexGard and contains Equally acaricidal (tick-killing) and insecticidal (insect-killing) properties) It’s the very first member of this isoxazoline household to be found and can be a comparatively new molecule, just becoming available in 2013.

It’s Been demonstrated to Be 100% effective against insects in 24-hours of government and more than 90% successful over 72-hours against most of concentrated tick species (5).

Can Be NexGard Safe For The Dog?

Yes, NexGard is secure for Nearly All puppies , in Fact clinical safety studies found no substantial ill effects in dogs administered 5 times the recommended dose. Vomiting was observed throughout the analysis, though that was seen in prostate cancer patients.

A field analysis was carried out administering NexGard to Patients receiving different medications such as vaccines, anti-inflammatories, antibiotics and anesthetics. This analysis found no adverse effects in those patients.

Can Be NexGard Safe For puppies?

The security of NexGard has not been approved or evaluated for Use in elderly dogs.


Apart from the obvious advantage of flea and Tick infestations, NexGard can also be successful against demodectic and sarcoptic mange. Administered at a tasty beef-flavored, tender, chewable tablet, many pets easily down it, and you just have to provide it once per month. You’re able to give it independently or with a meal, even if your pooch is really a fussy-fido, then you may hide it into their favorite snacks.

Fleas Begin to expire in 4 hours of government and NexGard kills all pests which property in your pet over seven hours — that is pretty fast! In reality, fleas have been killed so quickly they do not lay eggs on your pet’s fur, so this breaking up the life cycle.

There is over 90% efficacy against Infection within 72 hours of management and NexGard was demonstrated to avoid infection with Lyme disease in dogs vulnerable to or deer or black-legged ticks.

NexGard is secure for all forms of puppy once they weigh Over 4lb. It may be given to dogs only 8 weeks old and older pooches. It has been shown safe to use together with different medicines such as antibiotics and anti-inflammatories.

Because NexGard is a oral preventative and therapy, you do not need to distinguish your pooch from various other members of their family after government.

Kinds Of NexGard

NexGard and NexGard Spectra will be the 2 products from the Array; the two products aim ticks and fleas. NexGard Spectra additionally comprises milbemycin oxime which shields against intestinal worms along with heartworm.

NexGard Spectra Isn’t now available in the United States, but Is offered in Europe.

NexGard Chewables For Dogs

NexGard Chewable tablets, including afoxolaner are yummy treatments for pets to treat and safeguard against tick and flea infestations. It is even occupied against demodectic and sarcoptic mange.


NexGard can be readily handled in a single oral dose to your puppy. Simply provide your pooch among those yummy beef-flavored chews and they will be guarded in 4 hours. If your puppy is actually fussy, you always have the option to conceal the texture in their preferred treat or within their own dinner.

How fast does NexGard chewables get the job done?

This flea and tick treatment begins to operate inside 30-minutes of government and fleas begin to expire within 4 hours with over 99% murdered within only 8 hours of management.

Black-legged/Deer American and ticks Pet ticks are murdered Over two days of infestation whether it requires only 72 hours to kill Lone Star ticks after infestation.

Just how long can it last for?

NexGard is successful for 4 to 6 months after administration. Some critters with kidney or liver ailments may have curative levels of this drug in their own system for more than that (6 months ).

Are the Ingredients from NexGard chewables for dogs delivered?

These tasty chewable tablets can easily be handled as a cure with a meal. After digestion has been started at the gut, the active component, afoxolaner is absorbed through the intestines to the blood where it’s then dispersed throughout the entire body.

What we like about it?

  •     Convenient to contribute to pets of all ages, such as dogs only 8 months old after they weigh over 4lbs.
  •     Begins to work in half an hour and fleas begin to expire within only 4 hours.
  •     NexGard is the only product known to prevent Lyme disease through murdering Black-legged/Deer ticks.
  •     Tasty chewable deal beef flavoring makes it very simple to secure your pet from ticks and fleas.

That which we do not enjoy about it?

  •     Afoxolaner is a part of the isoxazoline type of parasiticides that might cause seizures in certain critters.
  •     Has not been accepted to be used in breeding, pregnant or lactating dogs.

A Vet’s notice: NexGard is a fantastic preventative to guard your pooch against tick and flea infestation. Fast-acting, it begins to operate within only 30 minutes of management, also giving it to a puppy is actually simple since most pets adore the beef-flavoring.

Safe for many breeds, I have prescribed the product a range of occasions to pets of all ages and dimensions.

On account of how it is a part of the isoxazoline type of anti-parasitics, I have a tendency not to suggest its use in animals with epilepsy or who have experienced seizures before.

NexGard Spectra

While NexGard premiered in 2013, a comparable Item NexGard Spectra premiered in Europe at 2015 and Australia at 2017. NexGard Spectra joins afoxolaner using milbemycin oxime that’s an anti-helminth (anti-worm) medicine (4 ) ). Spectra provides nearly complete parasite protection to pets, however isn’t available in the united states.

What we like about it?

  •     Only 1 remedy safeguards your puppy against insects, ticks, heartworm and intestinal worms.
  •     Tasty treat-like think that pets love, therefore it’s simple to administer their own month drugs.
  •     Antiques of all ages may get NexGard Spectra when they’re at least eight weeks and consider 4lbs.
  •     Safe to deal with your pet promptly after government, along with your pet may swim and be vaccinated without interfering with the product’s efficiency.

That which we do not like about it?

  •     For a member of this isoxazoline anti-parasiticide household, afoxolaner was implicated in causing seizures in rare scenarios.
  •     Milbemycin oxime may interact with several drugs like the chemotherapeutic drug doxorubicin.

A Vet’s notice: NexGard Spectra is a readily Administered treatment that shields against both internal and external parasites, therefore that I frequently urge this (from the EU) to pets that are not easy to pill, have skin difficulties or to simply lessen the quantity of physical medicines a pet should get.

Dosage: How Much Will Your Dog Want?

Since NexGard Spectra Isn’t available in the United States, We’ll only Concentrate on NexGard chewables because of this. Remedies can be found in weight-band chewables, just weigh your puppy and pick the proper sized texture.

For Extra Small Dogs:

Extra little pooches weighing between 4-10lbs should get One weigh comprising 11.3 milli grams of Afoxolaner per month.

For Smaller Dogs:

Dogs weighing between 10.1-24lbs need to get one 28.3mg chew each 30 days.

For Medium Dogs:

Puppers weighing 24.1-60lbs want one weigh comprising 68mg of Afoxolaner each 30 days.

For Big Dogs:

If your puppy weighs 60.1lbs-121lbsthen just 1 136mg chew A month is appropriate.

For Extra-Large Dogs:

Pets weighing 121lbs must get a suitable Combination of pet chewables.

NexGard Side Effects

Thus, what’s the drawback to the item? All goods can Have adverse results and NexGard is no exception for this. Fortunately, negative outcomes are rare, we have listed them here in decreasing order of frequency.

When Side effects do happen, they are inclined to be short lived and solve without intervention however in case your pet will not suffer from these impacts, you need to contact your vet for information.

Gastrointestinal signals: These include nausea, Nausea and loss of desire and affect around 4 percent of pets. Vomiting is perhaps the most frequently reported adverse impact to carrying NexGard.

Even if a pet Does not experience nausea, they might be a tiny inappetent if feeling nauseated. Most pets simply experience these signs following their very first dose rather than following doses.

Skin Replies: Some critters sometimes Experience extreme itchiness (pruritus), reddened skin and so develop a certain amount of psoriasis Allergic reactions are uncommon but normally look as swelling or sores in localized areas like round the face or muzzle.

Neurological Evidence: The deadliest negative Results (thankfully) are neurological signs such as seizures and tremors. Seizures are more likely to happen in dogs which have a history of epilepsy or other neurological analyses but also have been reported in animals with no such history.


Thus, does NexGard work? Simply speaking, yes. It is Critical To be aware that a lot of the research regarding its effectiveness have been conducted with link to producer.

At a 2014 analysis, oral afoxolaner revealed over 99.9% effectiveness Against adult fleas within one day of government and this lasted for 5 months (seven ). 1 study demonstrated that within only 4 hours of management, fleas begin to expire using over 99% murdered in 8 hours of eating NexGard.

Subsequent tests of flea eggs demonstrated that pets that obtained NexGard were Not able to lay eggs dogs, therefore breaking up the entire life span (8).

A 2014 investigation to the efficiency of afoxolaner contrary to Black-legged ticks found that NexGard needed a 98.4% efficiency within two days and persisted over 94% efficiency one month afterwards (9).

This implies a Single dose of NexGard can quickly eliminate an present tick infestation whilst supplying residual protection for a further month (9). Another study exploring Brown dog ticks discovered that NexGard caused around 98.8-100% departure of clot within 48 hours of management whilst security over 95.7% continuing over a further five months (10).

Can Be NexGard Safe For Dogs?

Broadly speaking, yes. Security studies financed by Merial Animal Health discovered that there were not any clinically-relevant consequences in dogs that obtained 5 times the highest recommended dose for 6 treatments. Even pets which were receiving concomitant drugs showed no signs of drug interaction or adverse consequences (8).

Despite all these studies, There Are Lots of sites online asserting This NexGard kills pet puppies, but up to now, no hyperlinks might be conclusively shown. The FDA says that NexGard “has been safe and effective for the vast majority of creatures”.

Adverse effects are the Ones That occur in near Management of a commodity (generally in a few hours); those may be associated but do not signify that the response is brought on by NexGard.

If your pet undergoes a response, you need to contact your vet for information, to analyze your fur-baby and document the potential response to the producer.

What Does Pet Owners Say Concerning NexGard for Dogs?

If you are on the fence regarding if NexGard for Dogs would be your Finest option for your furry friend, you might choose to contemplate what additional pet owners have stated about this item.

Just like any item, NexGard for Dogs testimonials provide a mixture of negative and positive encounters –but exactly what reviewers say about this particular flea and tick pill for puppies may offer invaluable insight to whether the treatment is safe, powerful, and best suited for your favourite canine.

Where to Purchase NexGard Online?

NexGard is offered to buy in an Assortment of online Stores, for example NexGard is a prescription only product that you’ll need from the vet to be able to buy online.

Whether an online shop does not require a prescription then they are illegitimate and also the product that you buy may be fake.

How Much Can NexGard Price?

While costs vary depending upon the shop, NexGard prices in The area of 20 a month


There are All Types of companies producing antiparasitic Goods for pets. NexGard is a new aimed especially at puppies, and it has the capital of the FDA, in addition to the reputation of its predecessor, FRONTLINE, that remains an extremely renowned and implicitly trustworthy brand.

My Expertise with NexGard was powerful, and I intend to keep on with it. At least, till they develop something innovative, easier, and more economical!