Ori Pei (Pug and Shar-Pei Mix) Dog Breed Guide: Info, Pics, Facts

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Ori Pei is a breed of dog. Ori Pei is not a purebred dog. It is an interbreeding of two breeds: the Pug and Shar-Pei. The most effective way to judge the character of the mixed breed is to study all breeds of the cross and ensure that you will have any combination of the traits that are that are present in both breeds.

The majority of these hybrid dogs that are being bred are 50% purebred and 50 percent purebred. It is commonplace breeders to create multi-generational crosses.The Ori Pei was created in North America in the 1970s.

A breeder named from Aaron Silver loved the Chinese Shar-Pei dog, however, he did not appreciate the numerous health issues which were common to it, like skin issues, eye tacking as well as hip dysplasia.

Ori-Pei (Pug & Shar-Pei Mix)

He wanted an alternative to the Shar-Pei with none of the health issues. He combined the Shar-Pei as well as the Pug to develop Ori Pei. Ori Pei.

Shar Pei Pug Mix 5

An Ori-Pei is an interbreeding between the Shar-Pei breed and the Pug. They were first introduced to California during the 70s, through Aaron Silver, who was trying to breed smaller, healthier Shar-Peis. However, health issues persist, but Silver was able to create an adorable, playful loving, loyal and non-shedding pet.

Ori-Peis are shrewd, calm dogs that have strong bonds with their owners. If you’re in search of an animal shadow This is the breed you’re looking for. Learn everything you need to learn about the joys of owning and caring for the Ori-Pei.

Ori-Peis are smart, relaxed pet dogs who form solid bonds with their masters. If you’re looking for a pet darkness, this is the type for you.

Read on to learn all there is to know about owning and also enjoying an Ori-Pei.

ACA = American Canine Association Inc.
APRI = American Pet Registry, Inc.
ACHC = American Canine Hybrid Club
DDKC = Designer Dogs Kennel Club
DRA = Dog Registry of America, Inc.
IDCR = International Designer Canine Registry®
DBR = Designer Breed Registry

Beatrice the Ori Pei– her proprietor claims, “She just turned 4 years old, as well as she is fantastic with my family members. She has an extremely fantastic personality and also remarkable with the children.

We housebroke her in one and also a half weeks as well as she was extremely easy to educate. The Ori-Pei is a charming type, and I exceptionally take pleasure in having her as a part of my household. ^_^”

Ori-Pei Puppies – Before You Buy…

The Ori Pei is a is a canine with one Pug parent and one Ori Pei moms and dad.

These dogs are a Shar Pei Pug mix. They have the laid-back nature and also stocky figure of a Shar Pei however are usually little like the Pug.

This type is commonly social, creative, and also persistent.

Ori Pei have lots of high qualities that make them excellent family pets, however unfortunately they are likewise susceptible to numerous severe health and wellness problems.

Where Does the Ori Pei Originate From?

The Ori Pei is a crossbred puppy with Pug and Shar Pei blood. It came from North America in the 1970s and also is expanding in popularity alongside other crossbreeds.

Ori Peis aren’t purebred canines, as well as they aren’t identified by any of the major type computer registries.

Shar Pei Pug Mix 4

These dog’s parent types have a background of their very own. Pugs were royal pets in ancient China, cherished by Chinese Emperors. They were reproduced to be companions to royal family members.

Shar Peis additionally came from China yet were bred to safeguard building. They may have also been used for dog battling.

What’s the Rate of Ori-Pei Puppies?

Expect to pay anywhere from $450 to $1,200 to buy an Ori-Pei puppy from a dog breeder. If you go this course, make sure to research up on the dog breeder in advance, as well as to only collaborate with a breeder who has an excellent reputation.

Inquire about your prospective Ori-Pei’s clinical certifications, as well as fulfill both of their parents prior to you get one.

With six generations of Ori-Peis now running around, you’re additionally highly likely to locate this mix at one of your neighborhood shelters.

Consider examining those initial, since all you’ll need to pay is the fostering charge!

Once you have your Ori-Pei, you’ll likely pay $35 to $45 per month to feed it, plus what you’ll spend on beds, leashes, toys, and so on.

They’re additionally susceptible to clinical troubles, so veterinarian expenses will likely be your most significant bill.

3 Obscure Facts Concerning Ori-Pei

Shar Pei Pug Mix 3

1. It’s Not Clear Where The “Ori” Part of The Name Originates from

It’s possible that Aaron Silver chose it out at random. However, Ori is a dwarven personality from Norse mythology. Considered that Silver’s goal was to reduce the Shar-Pei down, it could have been his innovative method of calling it a Dwarf Shar-Pei.

2. Ori-Peis Are Just One Of America’s First Developer Breeds

Beginning in the 1970s, united state breeders started to mix purebred pets to create new breeds, now frequently called “developer pet dogs.”

The Labradoodle was the first, however Ori-Peis complied with close behind, and also are now on their sixth generation.

3. Chinese Shar-Peis Are So Old, We Don’t Know When They Were First Reproduced

Unlike lots of Eastern pet types like the Lhasa Apso as well as Shih-Tzu, the Shar-Pei was a peasant canine.

It was reproduced for searching and also dealing with farms, rather than sitting on the Emperor’s lap. The puppies they have with Pugs acquire a little bit a lot more power than your typical friend dog.

Personality & Intelligence of the Ori-Pei

The majority of designer pets have tempers that rely on which of their parents they take after one of the most.

Nonetheless, as they’ve been bred for longer, Ori-Peis have actually settled into more of a groove. As a rule, they’re mischievous and spirited, loving a chase and also a good game of tug-of-war.

Nevertheless, when the chips are down, these are ride-or-die pets. They’ll follow you on a walk, to the kitchen area, and also into the shower room, where they’ll stand guard while you shower. They’ll stay up all night to watch for intruders.

Shar Pei Pug Mix 1

They’re also very unwinded, and also love to curl up on the couch with you. When you go to train them, you’ll discover them eager to do the right point, and also starving for your praise.

Are These Canines Great For Households?

The best attribute of Ori-Peis is their sociability. They get along well with all participants of your house. A couple of pats and tail wags are the only distinction between a complete stranger as well as a new good friend.

With their easygoing personalities, they’re normally extremely forgiving of little ones, yet it’s still a great concept to socialize them with children as early as feasible.

Does This Type Get Along with Various Other Family pets?

Just like they do with human kids, Ori-Peis are a lot more tolerant of dogs and also pet cats they fulfill as pups. Bring them into your home as early as feasible, and they’ll all be cuddling with each other quickly.

Fun Truths About the Ori Pei

Ori Peis go by several other names also, including Pugpei, Sharpug, and also Pug-a-Pei, among others! The Ori Pei’s moms and dad types are incredibly prominent.

A lot of famous people very own pugs, including Paris Hilton, Chris Pratt, as well as Hugh Laurie.

Shar Peis will not kick back and let their human beings have all the limelight! They’ve starred in numerous tv duties, consisting of the TV show “Shed” as well as an animated duty on The Simpsons.

Ori Pei Look

Mixed breeds can take after both moms and dads in various methods. In a mixed breed litter, the young puppies’ appearances might vary quite dramatically.

Nevertheless, by looking at the parent types, we can safely anticipate some aspects of a mixed breed pup’s look.

Ori Peis are generally 10-14 inches tall and also evaluate 15-30 extra pounds.

These dogs have short-haired, wrinkled fur. They are born in different colors yet are normally tan or black. Generally, the hair around their noes is black.

Shar Pei Pug Mix 2

They have a tendency to have a stocky construct and also vast, short muzzles. Their tails curl over their backs, or they may have a screw tail like the Pug.

These attributes are quickly distinctive, and lovely in their means, but regrettably, they are additionally the origin of a lot of the Ori Pei’s health problems as we’ll see later on.

Ori Pei Character

When checking out the personality of mixed breeds, we initially need to recognize just how the parent breeds behave. The mixed breed will certainly combine these components in some form.

This makes their behavior a little unpredictable, but we can still obtain a suitable idea of exactly how they may act.

Pug Character – First off is the Pug. Pugs are lively pets, specifically in their young people. They’re unbelievably attached to their people and constantly wish to be at their side.

Because of this, you do not intend to leave Pugs alone for prolonged quantities of time. They’re exceptionally social pet dogs. Pugs are also smart, protective, as well as stubborn.

Shar Pei Character

Successive is the Shar Pei. These pet dogs are understood for being independent and also in some cases stubborn. Though they’ll enjoy their families, they’re anecdotally much less prone to splitting up anxiousness than Pugs.

They’re likewise quite hard guard dogs, with the durable framework to match!

When we integrate these attributes, we get a concept of the personality an Ori Pei will have. Ori Peis are understood for getting along, clever, and also occasionally stubborn.

Shar Pei Pug Mix 4

They aren’t commonly hostile and are excellent with households. Nonetheless, they do love to chase small animals. It may be difficult for felines or other smaller animals to cope with them therefore.

Like any canine, you will certainly want to supervise Ori Peis around youngsters. Ori Peis are understood for their pleasant disposition, but it’s still an excellent suggestion to see to it both canine as well as child are educated to act appropriately with each other.

Points to Know When Owning an Ori-Pei:

Food & Diet Plan Needs

Ori-Peis need a top notch kibble where actual meat as well as fat are the very first ingredients. They might be blurry potatoes, yet they’re still wolves in mind, as well as require the type of sustenance they ‘d have entered the wild (hint: there’s no such thing as a wild byproduct).

Feed your Ori-Pei 3/4 to 1 cup of dry food relying on its weight, at two normal feeding times daily.


Ori-Peis get a lots of power from their Shar-Pei moms and dads, and also require everyday walks to burn it off.

Take them on a walk for 45 minutes daily, and also supplement that with bring in the backyard or interior play with playthings.

Realize that Ori-Peis are really conscious both cold and hot weather condition. Take them on short, vigorous walks in the winter months, and also in the summer season, stroll them in the early morning or evening when it’s cooler.


Ori-Peis that aren’t correctly interacted socially can be hostile when threats (i.e., new individuals) appear in their family members’s house.

Educating them from birth is necessary in order to squash this reaction early– once it’s gone, they’re as cuddly as can be to every person.

Shar Pei Pug Mix 3

Fortunately, Ori-Peis like to be trained. As functioning dogs, Shar-Peis are very smart and pass that love of finding out down to their Ori-Pei pups.

Pugs are smart as well, however as companion pet dogs, tend to be a little more stubborn. You may find yourself needing to work around an independent touch.

When training, try to avoid screaming or scolding excessive. This won’t show your Ori-Pei not to behave badly; it’ll just learn to not obtain captured. Rather, penalize issue actions by proclaiming completion of playtime.

Reward good behaviors with treats, rubs, as well as lots of praise. In time, your Ori-Pei can discover all type of commands and tricks.


Ori-Peis have short, low-maintenance layers. They shouldn’t require to be cleaned more than when a week, as well as they hardly ever dropped.

The most significant resource of stink and also discomfort for your Ori-Pei will be the folds on its face. Dust as well as sweat will certainly collect in between the folds of skin, so see to it to regularly scrub them out.

Health and wellness as well as Conditions

Ori-Peis are vulnerable to a wide array of wellness problems, acquired from both parents. Not every Ori-Pei will certainly struggle with these, as well as many of them still live long, delighted lives. Nonetheless, it is necessary to be knowledgeable about the obstacles they’re likely to encounter.

Bloat: An uncommon but potentially fatal condition in which a deep-chested pet dog’s tummy spins over itself.

If your vet fears your dog might be prone to bloat, attempt feeding it utilizing a sluggish feeder, as consuming as well quick can trigger stomach torsion.

Breathing issues: Ori-Peis inherit squashed facial functions that make it challenging for them to take a breath.

Shar Pei Pug Mix 1

If hot weather causes them to pant also deeply, Ori-Peis have actually been understood to drop seriously sick or perhaps pass away.

Eye concerns: Ori-Peis with more Pug-shaped faces may have eyes that bulge out of their heads. This makes it harder for them to close their eyes, as well as subsequently, more susceptible to poor vision and eye abscess.

Spine issues: The Pug’s screw-shaped tail indicates a malformed spine, which can create leg pain and also bad bladder control.

Dysplasia: Joint and hip dysplasia are both typical ailments in Ori-Peis. Dogs that experience dysplasia have improperly shaped joints that increase their threat of joint inflammation over time.

Not every dog with a malformed hip will feel discomfort, yet it’s still a good concept to capture this very early.

Male vs Female

There’s very little difference between male and women pet dogs of the Ori-Pei type. Distinction in individuality will certainly simplify even more to traits of private pet dogs themselves and also those of their parents.

Educating Your Ori Pei

Ori Pei must be easy to educate, but they sometimes have an independent, stubborn streak that requires additional reserves of persistence.

With lots of appreciation and some benefits they can’t stand up to, you and also your puppy will certainly obtain the training down.

For more aid, see our training overviews. You can likewise have a look at our potty training and also crate training overviews!

Socializing Demands

Last but not least, you’ll wish to socialize your Ori Pei. This is essential for all breeds, but especially so for those with protecting tendencies.

Shar Pei Pug Mix 5

You’ll wish to present them to a selection of unfamiliar people and also various other pets, which will certainly show them not to be distrustful of new individuals or animals they satisfy.

If you do have small pets or even youngsters in the house, you’ll intend to instruct your Ori Pei at an early stage not to chase them.

Workout Requirements

When it concerns work out, these canines don’t require significant yards or lots of play.

They’re content inside a big section of the time, yet do make certain they obtain some workout in throughout the day. Strolls or jogs can be great for them, in addition to give you an opportunity for chain training.

When they are exercising, watch on them, because their brief muzzle may trigger breathing troubles or issues with getting too hot.

Ori Peis don’t manage severe temperatures well, so be mindful when taking them outside in the warm or cold.

Ori Pei Wellness

Both the Pug as well as the Shar Pei have a well-known danger of creating health problems as a result of their conformation (physique).

Integrating both types in the Ori Pei canine unfortunately doesn’t fix any of these problems.

Which suggests they’re likely to need mindful administration and possibly expensive vet care throughout an Ori Pei’s life. One of the most typical health issue that Ori Pei’s might inherit from their parents are:

Brachycephalic Conditions

Pugs are exceptionally brachycephalic (short-snouted). Shar Pei’s likewise have little, pinched noes.

This can make it tough to take a breath, or make use of panting to preserve a risk-free internal body temperature throughout heat or exercise.

Brachycephalic Air passage Syndrome is additionally linked to untimely end during heat.

And also this is why “careless” or “laid back” Ori Pei’s are usually being misinterpreted.

It’s not that they do not have the exact same dog reactions to run as well as play, they’re simply also handicapped by their form to participate.

If an Ori Pei likewise acquires the bulging eyes of a Pug, they could experience the consequences of Brachycephalic Eye Syndrome.

Spinal problems

Dogs with screw tails are much more susceptible to malformed vertebrae even more up the spine as well.

This can cause structural issues like curvature of the spine, as well as neurological problems such as urinary incontinence and also back leg weakness.

Other Health Worries

Ori Peis are also prone to the adhering to wellness conditions, which are commonly seen in Pugs and/or Shar Peis.

Yeast Infections– These infections happen due to all the folds the Ori Pei has. To decrease this danger, maintain them tidy and also dry.
Elbow Dysplasia– malformed arm joint socket
Hip Dysplasia– misshapen hip outlet
Legg-Calve-Perthes– a hip as well as joint problem, triggers limping
Patellar Luxation– dislocated kneecap
Nerve Degeneration– a disease impacting the spinal cord
Epilepsy– a seizure condition
Sensitivity to Vaccinations

Ori Pei Grooming as well as Daily Care

Ori Peis have brief coats and also therefore will not need much in the method of cleaning. Nevertheless, they will certainly require routine baths and also upkeep concerning the folds of their skin. You can look into our overview to caring for rough dogs to get more information!

You must feed your Ori Pei an ideal diet plan, divided into two or more meals daily. Healthy Ori Peis normally live 12-15 years.

Do Ori Peis Make Good Family Dogs?

Ori Peis are most likely to be friendly and also loving pet dogs that get on well with children and grown-up pets.

However sadly, the majority of Ori Pei’s are most likely to lead uncomfortable lives and establish serious illness as a result of their conformation.

We promote against reproducing pet dogs with such a hazardous body shape.

So, if you would love to bring an Ori Pei home, we suggest saving one from a shelter, rather than motivating more reproduction.

Rescuing an Ori Pei

Rescue is a great option when searching for a brand-new dog! It’s additionally the most responsible point to do in cases such as this, when the breed isn’t very healthy and balanced.

Sadly, a lot of very brachycephalic dog breeds are relinquished to shelters when the vet prices of taking care of them become way too much for their proprietors.

You can often locate mixed breeds in shelters or general saves, but you might have a better chance at a breed-specific rescue.

Rescues that specialize in Pugs or Shar Peis might likewise have Ori Peis up for fostering.

Ori Pei Shar Pei Pug Mix

Pros and Cons of Getting A Ori Pei

Ori Pei Cons

The most awful feature of Ori Pei’s is that they come with lots of, several illness.

They aren’t suited to very high or reduced temperature levels, as well as might be much better off inside on extremely hot or cold days.

They are likewise prone to splitting up anxiousness and also may be hard to educate.

Ori Pei Pros

Ori Peis are great with youngsters and matched to small houses consisting of houses.

Comparable Ori Peis and Breeds

Below are some mixed breeds similar to Ori Peis:

Cocker Spaniel Shar Pei mix
Shar Pei Bulldog mix
Shar Pei Lab mix
Pitbull Shar Pei mix
Pitbull Lab Mix

Or you may want to try the bear layer Shar Pei!

Ori Pei Rescues

Below is a listing of saves where you might locate an Ori Pei. If you understand of any other rescues, please let us know in the remarks!

Is An Ori Pei For Me?

Ori Peis are sociable pets. You will be likely to develop a good rapport with this dog, yet their health problems imply we don’t advise their breeding. We recommend that you do not buy from a breeder. If you are set on obtaining one, look to rescue an Ori Pei.

Last Thoughts

We’re not trying to frighten you off by discussing the health problems of the Ori-Pei. If you get an all-natural mix from a sanctuary, rather than a developer canine from a dog breeder, they have a completely likelihood of being healthy and balanced as well as comfy.

We would certainly hate for you to miss out on the opportunity to win the love of an Ori-Pei. They’re strong buddies, gleeful charlatans, master snugglers, and also excellent household pet dogs. We hope it’s not long before you fulfill the one that’ll become your life buddy!

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