9 Best Pet Friendly Drug Rehabs Centers

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Increasingly more drug and alcohol addiction rehabilitations are allowing people to bring their pets with them when receiving therapy and they are amongst best pet friendly drug rehabs. But, exactly what is a pet-friendly rehab and also what are the benefits of permitting pet dogs in a dependency therapy program?

And, what choices are readily available if you can not locate a rehabilitation center that permits you to bring your family pet with you? We address all of your pet friendly rehab related concerns below.

What is a Pet Friendly Drug Rehab?

A pet-friendly rehabilitation is an alcohol and drug inpatient treatment facility that permits individuals to bring their pet dogs with them to treatment.

This frequently means that the pet remains with the individual throughout of the household therapy program, which can last a number of weeks and even months.

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Throughout this moment, the individuals’ pets will stick with them in their household quarters and also be looked after by the owners.

Many rehabilitation facilities that permit pet dogs are considered to be luxury rehab centers.

This indicates that these rehab programs will generally set you back more to attend than other types of rehabilitation and may not be totally covered by a patient’s insurance policy plan.

Nonetheless, lots of people locate that bringing along their family pet to therapy is well worth the extra prices.

What Kind of Pets are Allowed at Pet Friendly Rehab for Addicted Patients?

The most typical sort of family pet permitted at a pet-friendly addiction rehabilitation center is pet dogs.

Nonetheless, some treatment centers might likewise permit individuals to bring their cats. These are commonly the only 2 kinds of animals permitted at a rehabilitation program.

To be able to bring your pet or cat into a rehabilitation program, you should provide documents that show your animal has actually obtained their current shots and also other paperwork related to your pet dog’s health and wellness.

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Without this info, you will likely not be permitted to bring your pet on the rehabilitation properties.

Benefits of a Pet Friendly Drug Rehab That Let’s You Bring Your Pet

There are a number of advantages that bringing your pet with you to rehab can supply. Among one of the most essential advantages is the fact that family pets can supply emotional security for their proprietors as they undergo the addiction therapy process.

Getting treatment for a drug or alcoholism can be overwhelming and incredibly hard, specifically for people that have been addicted to substances for several years.

Having your pet with you can aid give emotional support and a 24-hour friend that likes you unconditionally throughout the entire rehab procedure.

Additional benefits of taking your pet dog to rehab with you include:

A sense of responsibility to take care of your animal throughout the therapy process, which can assist rebuild a commitment to being liable as well as taking pride in these responsibilities.

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  • A continuous feeling of love and assistance from your pet
  • A requirement to build a routine around taking care of your family pet in rehabilitation which can equate into assisting develop a regular for your own life in soberness
  • A healthy and balanced diversion from the troubles that typically include obtaining sober and also joining a rehabilitation program
  • A higher chance that you will certainly take part in good self-care habits in order to remain healthy as well as able to look after your family pet
  • Increased positivity and boosted mood
  • Lowered feelings of seclusion while in therapy as well as after

As you can see, taking your pet dog or feline with you to rehab can have numerous potential benefits that can assist you along your journey to recovery from addiction.

When deciding whether you will take your animal with you to a therapy program, it’s important to consider the advantages as well as drawbacks to guarantee you make one of the most proper choice to sustain your sobriety.

How Does Pet-Friendly Rehab Work?

A lot of rehab centers that allow pets need the people to look after their pet dogs by themselves. This suggests that your pet or cat is your total responsibility while you remain in a therapy center.

You should be ready to bring your animal’s food, alcohol consumption and also consuming bowls, toys, and also any other family pet materials you will certainly require throughout of your stay.

You will certainly also need to manage your animal’s behavior as well as ensure they are not disruptive to other patients attempting to recuperate from addiction.

Numerous pet-friendly medication rehabs will need patients who choose to bring their pets to stay in an exclusive room. This can often be much more pricey than staying in an area that is shown to one more patient.

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Many rehabs will not allow you to bring your animal to counseling sessions as well as other therapy activities.

This suggests that your pet will have to stay in your space for the majority of the day while you go through the intensive treatment that belongs to an inpatient rehab program.

Some drug rehabilitations might enable you to bring your pet dog to specific treatment tasks.

Other Animal Options at Rehab: Animal-Assisted Therapy

If you are unable to locate a medicine rehab that allows you to bring your pet dog with you, an additional option to consider is participating in a rehab that uses animal-assisted therapy.

This sort of therapy is one that incorporates communication with solutions animals as a kind of addiction therapy.

Animal-assisted treatment is thought about an experiential kind of therapy and can have several advantages for people in therapy for drug or alcohol addiction.

The most typical types of animals used in animal-assisted treatment include equines and also pet dogs; however, there are several various other sorts of pets made use of in this treatment approach too.

It’s frequently simpler to locate a medication rehab that supplies animal-assisted treatment than one that enables you to bring your very own pet dog to treatment, so consider this choice when making a decision where you will certainly seek aid for dependency.

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If you wish to understand more ready to expect when you participate in a pet-friendly drug rehabilitation or for help discovering a pet-friendly rehab center near you, offer one of our professional therapy specialists a phone call today.

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If you’re dealing with alcohol or medicine dependency, every little thing in your life obtains turned upside-down one way or another, including your health, your relationships, your career, your financial security, as well as your general lifestyle.

It may reach a point where your pet or buddy pet is the one constant in your life, offering you genuine love as well as assistance while keeping you tethered to some measure of responsibility as well as regimen.

Your animal won’t judge you, they won’t make you feel concerning on your own, and also they will not leave you because you have actually made errors.

They will, however, provide you something to look forward to as well as to take care of also during the most turbulent times in your life.

Pet Friendly Drug Rehabs 2

A growing number of rehab centers are permitting you to bring your family pet to therapy, so you have the satisfaction of having your hairy buddy with you as you overcome dependency.

Pets And Mental Health: What’s The Connection?

We already know that being around our family pets and those others can offer us the “warm and also fuzees,” however we may not be totally sure why.

When we communicate with our dogs or cats, it can launch oxytocin, a hormonal agent that has been linked to positive emotional states, particularly from “bonding” with a moms and dad, youngster, better half or even your four-legged best friend.

Animal ownership has numerous various other mental wellness advantages, consisting of but not limited to:

  • Anxiety Relief
  • Depression Relief
  • Trauma Healing

In one research reported from Mental Wellness America, 74% of respondents reported psychological health and wellness renovation from pet possession.

That exact same percentage additionally said a buddy’s or relative’s psychological health and wellness has actually boosted due to the pets in their lives.

Find A Drug And Alcohol Rehab That Allows Pets

You shouldn’t have to worry about who is going to care for your pet when you make the courageous and admirable decision to get treatment for addiction.

Call us today so we can connect with you a drug and alcohol rehab facility that allows pets and you can get the help you need and deserve.

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9 Best Pet-Friendly Drug Rehab Centers

Pet-friendly rehab centers allow you to bring your small house pets with you to treatment. The presence of pets may provide many benefits in recovery, including companionship and emotional support.

Having a pet by your side can make addiction treatment easier to bear during the initial phase of treatment, when you may be most uncomfortable.

A pet’s presence can also make you more at ease throughout the treatment process, making you more receptive to healing and growth.

Pet-friendly rehab centers allow you to bring your pets, affording you the benefits of having your pet by your side as you achieve recovery goals.

Top 9 Pet-Friendly Rehab Centers In The U.S.

If you are looking to bring your pet with you to rehab, it’s a good idea to first research which rehab centers in the U.S. allow pets.

The following are 9 pet-friendly rehab centers in the U.S., chosen based on:

  • accreditations earned
  • degree of pet-friendliness
  • intensity of treatments offered
  • positive alumni reviews

1. Alta Mira, Sausalito, California

Alta Mira - Sausalito, California Drug Rehab Centers

Alta Mira is an inpatient, pet-friendly rehab center which provides luxury accommodations and both evidence-based and experiential therapies.

Treatment programs here include:

  • 90-day inpatient program
  • 30-day drug rehab program
  • holistic therapies: music, massage, yoga, and acupuncture
  • experiential therapies: kayaking, ropes course, and ziplining
  • family programs
  • continuing care

This recovery center is backed by the following trusted features:

  • Joint Commission accreditation
  • 4-star Google reviews

Location and contact information:

125 Bulkley Ave.
Sausalito, CA 94965
(866) 922-1350

Find a pet-friendly treatment program today.

2. Capo By The Sea, San Juan Capistrano, California

Capo By The Sea - San Juan Capistrano, California Drug Rehab Centers

Capo by the Sea offers pet friendly, residential detox and inpatient addiction treatment programs at its beachside facility.

Capo by the Sea offers an array of recovery programs and services:

  • couples treatment
  • chemical dependency treatment
  • prescription opioid treatment
  • medication-assisted treatment with naltrexone (Vivitrol)
  • dual diagnosis treatment
  • executive drug rehab
  • luxury drug rehab

The drug and alcohol treatment facility is backed by:

  • Joint Commission accreditation
  • LegitScript certification
  • 4.4 stars on Google reviews

Location and contact information:

27130 Paseo Espada
Suite 521
San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675
(844) 505-4471

3. Cliffside Malibu, Malibu, California

Cliffside Malibu - Malibu, California Drug Rehab Centers

Dual diagnosis treatment in a dog-friendly environment can be found at Cliffside Malibu.

This rehab facility provides programs for co-occurring disorders:

  • drug and alcohol detox
  • inpatient treatment
  • intensive outpatient program (IOP)
  • aftercare
  • sober living

Alcohol and drug addiction treatment at this facility is backed by:

  • Joint Commission accreditation
  • Better Business Bureau (BBB) approval
  • a COVID Commitment to Clean safety standard
  • LegitScript certification

Location and contact information:

29610 Heathercliff Rd.
Suite 200
Malibu, CA 90265
(888) 948-1634

4. Dreamlife Recovery, Donegal, Pennsylvania

DreamLife Recovery - Donegal, Pennsylvania Drug Rehab Centers

Here you can find pet-friendly rehab that includes medication-assisted treatment (MAT), clinical detox, and residential treatment for drug and alcohol addiction.

Dual diagnosis care is also available, as well as individual and group therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, and other behavioral health services.

Trusted features of this addiction treatment center:

  • Joint Commission accreditation
  • LegitScript certification
  • membership with the National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers (NAATP)

Location and contact information:

212 Snyder Rd.
Donegal, PA 15628
(844) 402-3592

5. The Hills Treatment Center, Los Angeles, California

The Hills Treatment Center - Los Angeles, California Drug Rehab Centers

The Hills Treatment Center is an inpatient, pet-friendly rehab center that believes in the benefits of pet therapy to improve your chances at lasting recovery.

The Hills provides an array of treatment options, including:

  • dual diagnosis treatment
  • men’s program
  • women’s program
  • teen program
  • inpatient treatment
  • intensive outpatient treatment
  • partial hospitalization
  • family immersion treatment
  • outpatient programs
  • sober living programs

Treatments pet owners may find here include:

  • behavioral therapy
  • counseling
  • family therapy
  • medically supervised detox
  • aftercare
  • intervention support
  • relapse prevention planning

The treatment center is backed by CARF accreditation and 4.9 stars on Google.

Location and contact information:

8207 Mulholland Dr.
Los Angeles, CA 90046
(866) 322-7820

6. Seaside Palm Beach, Palm Beach Shores, Florida

Seaside Palm Beach - Palm Beach Shores, Florida Drug Rehab Centers

Both inpatient and outpatient programs are offered here for substance use disorders and co-occurring mental health conditions in a pet-friendly environment.

A number of specialized treatment services are also offered:

  • 12-step programs
  • LGBTQ-friendly treatment programs
  • holistic treatment
  • spiritual programs
  • family member services
  • sex addiction treatment

The treatment facility is backed by Joint Commission accreditation and a 5-star Google rating.

Location and contact information:

106 Blossom Ln.
Palm Beach Shores, FL 33404
(561) 220-3908

7. Spring Gardens Recovery, Spring Hill, Florida

Spring Gardens Recovery - Spring Hill, Florida Drug Rehab Centers

Men and women can find medical detox, residential treatment, IOP, outpatient services, and aftercare at this pet-accepting rehab facility.

In addition to pet therapy, the facility provides rehab for veterans and executives, luxury rehab programs, and non-12-step programs.

Marks of quality here are:

  • Joint Commission accreditation
  • LegitScript certification
  • a 4.8-star rating on Google

Location and contact information:

8213 Cessna Dr.
Spring Hill, FL 34606
(866) 244-8013

8. Taylor Recovery, Houston, Texas

Taylor Recovery Center - Houston, Texas Alcohol And Drug Rehab Centers

Taylor Recovery is a cat-friendly and dog-friendly drug and alcohol treatment and dual diagnosis care facility.

Here you can find a full continuum of care, from inpatient treatment and detoxification to PHP and IOP, to sober housing and continuing care.

Trusted features of this alcohol and drug abuse treatment center:

  • Joint Commission accreditation
  • LegitScript certification
  • 4.4-star rating on Google

Location and contact information:

5711 Lavender St.
Houston, TX 77026
(713) 557-8573

9. 10-Acre Ranch, Riverside, California

10 Acre Ranch - Riverside, California Alcohol And Drug Rehab Centers

This substance abuse treatment facility for young adults accepts your pets during your rehabilitation and offers all levels of care.

Treatment options here include:

  • alcohol and drug detox
  • residential drug rehab
  • intensive outpatient treatment
  • partial hospitalization
  • dual diagnosis care for alcohol and drug addiction and mental health
  • aftercare
  • transitional housing

Marks of quality at this treatment facility include Joint Commission accreditation and LegitScript certification.

Location and contact information:

8605 Janet Ave.
Riverside, CA 92503
(866) 440-2898

Meeting Pet-Friendly Rehab Requirements

When looking for a pet-friendly rehab center, you should first find the best facility that meets their treatment needs, in addition to allowing your pet companion.

While pet-friendly rehab centers may allow you to bring pets to treatment, these facilities may have specific guidelines to meet for bringing pets.

Rehab requirements for bringing pets could include that the pet must:

  • be current on vaccinations
  • be treated for fleas and ticks
  • be leash-trained
  • remain in resident’s room when not being walked or taking bathroom breaks
  • not be aggressive in nature

What is Pet Friendly Rehab?

Although it can be stressing both mentally and physically rehabilitation can be among the most crucial actions you can take to change things around in your own life.

Because of the stress caused by alcohol and drug rehabilitation programs, or any other rehab you might undergo by a pet-friendly rehabilitation center can help ease the stress of your experience.

Pets are a trusted and affectionate companion who can bring people peace and happiness. A pet is more than a simple dog or cat that lays on your feet.

They’re usually present when you need the most, in particular during times of crisis. A pet that is loyal can be an enormous help in the battle against addiction.

Why choose a Pet Friendly Rehab?

A pet-friendly rehabilitation center provides the same high-quality medical attention you’d get from a top clinic. The major distinction is that you can bring your pet or any other pet along during your treatment.

It is not necessary to go through rehab on your own, with your dog. Having your animal with you can enhance your mental and physical condition.

Even though your pet will be on the road with you as you get well and clean you’ll continue to receive safe and loving treatment.

The rehabs that cater to pets offer the residential treatment program to provide all-hours assistance.

A residential rehabilitation center is the most effective way to increase your chances of gaining sobriety and remaining free of any traces.

Furthermore all the triggers external to life and stress of everyday life are diminished or absent from the residential program. Additionally taking your pet with you can make the process of regaining sobriety much simpler.

Benefits of Pet Friendly Rehab

The responsibility of caring for and owning the needs of a pet can help to enhance the rehabilitation experience. Being a pet owner to take care of and look after for is a major responsibility.

You are responsible to the pet’s health and the responsibility to take care of your pet could aid in your recovery.

Pets can help increase self-esteem and help build a positive mental attitude. The other benefits of a rehabilitation center that is pet-friendly include:

  • Clients can decrease the loneliness they feel
  • Pets offer a familiar feeling and make the surroundings more comfortable
  • A reduction of stress levels during addiction treatment
  • Improve feelings of self-worth and build a positive mindset
  • Offer increased levels of exercise and promote physical and mental well-being

Finding help for addictions isn’t easy. It’s a major step and having a pet-friendly rehabilitation facility is a great way to help you decide to seek treatment much easier.

When making the choice to enroll in a rehabilitation program may be physically and mentally exhausting, attending the program with your most beloved companion and pet make it even more enjoyable.

Animals have always been a source of companionship, and are often employed as a part of medical facilities to help reduce depression, stress and anxiety.

Clients can receive a lot of the help they require to be clean and sober simply by having pets with them during rehabilitation.

Pet friendly rehab is a safe place to receive and caring assistance by top medical experts. The same care you’d receive in other places and with your favorite companion to accompany you.

9 Benefits Of Having Pets In Addiction Treatment

Recent research has shown that the animal-human bond can provide many benefits to a person’s health and well-being.

For those in addiction treatment, this means having a pet present throughout the recovery process can actually lend to a lasting recovery.

The following are 9 benefits of having pets in addiction treatment programs:

1. Pets Help Reduce Negative Emotions

During treatment, especially at first, you may experience many negative emotions, including anxiety, guilt, isolation, or loneliness.

Having pet companionship can help soothe such emotions and the behaviors that can result.

2. Pets Help Decrease Negative Feelings

In early recovery, you may also experience negative feelings, such as hostility or sadness. With time, feelings can result in negative actions or behaviors.

Time spent with our pets can help us overcome these feelings, especially when coupled with counseling and individual therapy during treatment.

3. Pets Help Produce Feel-Good Chemicals

Research shows playing and interacting with a pet can help naturally produce feel-good chemicals (like dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin) in the brain.

Stimulating your brain without the use of drugs or alcohol is a positive step forward in addiction recovery.

4. Pets Help Recovering Individuals Relax

When you relax, you’re more receptive to treatment and more open to healing. Pets help by eliminating negative feelings and promoting positive ones, aiding in relaxation.

5. Pets Promote Accountability

A large part of recovery from substance abuse is becoming responsible and holding yourself accountable.

Being responsible for a pet helps you regain your sense of responsibility and take back your self-esteem.

6. Pets Help Build Trust

Addiction often leads to self-blame, guilt, and self-loathing. Once you become and remain sober, your pet can help re-establish a sense of love and trust through their unconditional love.

7. Pets Provide Distraction

Withdrawal during recovery can be a great struggle as you fight cravings and other symptoms.

Your beloved pet can provide a welcome distraction during this and other phases of recovery.

8. Pets Reduce Stress

In producing positive brain chemicals and fostering relaxation, pets can help eliminate stress in their owners.

Lowering stress levels also leads to more positive treatment outcomes, since increased stress can lead to other health effects, such as blood pressure changes.

9. Pets Encourage A Healthy Routine

Bringing your four-legged best friend to rehab may also provide health benefits. A large component of recovery is increasing healthy, substance-free habits, including exercise.

Pets require certain habits, such as walking, being taken outside to relieve themselves, and playtime, all of which can promote a healthy lifestyle.

Finding A Pet-Friendly Rehab Center

With developing research on the benefits of pets to healing, more drug and alcohol rehab centers in the U.S. are offering pet-friendly rehab programs.

Keeping your furry friend close at hand can help you feel relaxed, less stressed, and more open to treatment principles.

For help in selecting a pet-friendly rehab facility for yourself or a loved one, speak with one of our treatment specialists today.

Choose a state below to find a pet-friendly rehab center near you:

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