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The source of this Pixie bob cat would be that the stuff of legends. They were thought to stem from naturally-occurring matings involving the American bobcat and feral domestic cats or barn cats, even though there isn’t any verifiable evidence because DNA tests don’t back the claim up.

Pixie Bob Cat

Pixie-bob cats are Big and sturdy and seem a good deal like bobcats. Legally, they’re domestic cats and their possession isn’t limited like exotic crazy cats. They’re beautiful, lively, loyal, and also make excellent companions for virtually any kind of household.

A Pixie-Bob might seem crazy in appearance, which may be Since they are considered to have descended out of a barn kitty and a bobcat. Nonetheless, these times, they are anything but crazy.

Pixie-Bobs tend to be sweet, so adoring cats that love their Households –even children! Keep reading to discover more regarding this Pixie-Bob cat breed!

Pixie Bob Cat Breed Overview

Pixie Bob Kitten

WEIGHT: 8 to 17 pounds

LENGTH: 20 to 24 inches

COAT: Long and short

COAT COLOR: Spotted tabby in all shades of brown

EYE COLOR: Golden brown or green

LIFE EXPECTANCY: 13 to 15 years

Characteristics of the Pixie-Bob Cat

Affection LevelHigh
Exercise NeedsHigh
Energy LevelHigh
Tendency to VocalizeMedium
Amount of SheddingMedium

Background of Pixie Bob Cat

The Pixie-Bob strain is thought to have begun in the Unplanned jumble of a bobcat and a barn kitty at 1985. The cat belonged to Carol Ann Brewer, and that she called a female kitty Pixie.

Pixie became the base mother with this particular breed. Even though there’s absolutely not any hard evidence that Pixie’s dad was really a wildcat, it’s widely accepted and believed by breeders.

The International Cat Association (TICA) formally acknowledged The Pixie-Bob as a strain in 1994. It required the American Cat Fanciers Association (ACFA) up before 2005 to follow suit and also take that the Pixie-Bob as a famous breed.

Breeders are still trusting that the Cat Fanciers Association (CFA) will start accepting the Pixie-Bob as a strain too.

The Pixie bob cat breed has been accepted in the International Cat Association as an indigenous fresh breed in 1995 and also for championship status in 1997. The breed has been approved from the American Cat Fanciers Association in 2005.

Pixie Bob Cat Breed

Carol Ann Brewer, the strain founder, stated the first Specimen, Pixie, has been the consequence of the breeding of 2″legend” cats. A legend kitty is the end result of some naturally occurring breeding of a American bobcat using a domestic feline.

Even though the International Cat Association standard supposes the similarity to the bobcat, the ministry is determined that no captive American bobcats be utilized in any breeding program.

The International Cat Association designation of this Pixie-bob as a”indigenous fresh breed” means it is a new breed that’s been recognized as genetically identical people by a naturally occurring population indigenous to a specific geographical area.

Similar to bobcats, they’ve a muscle, rangy body using a wooly Coat standing up from your system. They’re adorned with a touch spotting pattern at a light tan into rufus coloring (reddish-brown or rusty).

They’ve a medium-wide, inverted pear-shaped confront and a few have lynx-tipped ears. Their tails, as its name suggests, are obviously bobbed. Their eye colour may be gold brownish or gooseberry green, according to the breed standard.

The Pixie-bob is among the few strains which Allows polydactyl feet in the breed standard, using no more than seven feet per paw.

Breed founder Brewer shaped the For the Love of Pixie Business, which demands certain criteria for breeders to combine, such as having a kitty with lineage directly into the initial Pixie.

Pixie-Bob Cat Care

Pixie Bob Cat 1

Pixie-bobs arrive in longhair and shorthair models. The Shorthair has a thick double coat, whereas the longhair’s jacket is moderate as many as two inches in length using a softer, silky texture. They need basic dressing with weekly cleaning or scrubbing.

Maintain your cat’s claws trimmed and offer a scratching pole. Help maintain good oral hygiene by brushing your pet’s teeth regularly.

While bred to have a crazy appearance, they’re pretty much Easy-going cats. Cats aren’t ordinarily known for using a passion of water, however, many Pixie-bobs do. Pixie-bob aficionados maintain water affinity as additional proof of the wild character.

The Pixie-bob Cat is explained as exceptionally intelligent, strongly Bonded to its loved ones, curious, and energetic, but not harmful.

They’re reported to be dog-like in character. Pixie-bobs could be leash-trained readily and like to take walks together with their people.

Provide lots of cat toys also spend some time playing with your furry friend to maintain it exercised and emotionally stimulated.

They’re known for getting together with both kids and other pets. This strain can be sturdy and laid-back sufficient to endure playing with children, although kids should remain old enough to deal with a pet in regard. Any cat will end up defensive should teased or abused.

Pixie Bob Cat seem happy to become a part of a household with cat-friendly dogs. You should track any cat round puppy rodents, birds, or fish because their natural hunting instincts may kick at any moment.

Their vocalization is generally confined to chirps and twitters, even though they will meow sometimes.

Health of Pixie Bob Cat

Pixie bob Cat 2

Pixie-Bobs as a strain are relatively wholesome and never likely To a lot of ailments. The strain is often out-crossed, which can help prevent potential health conditions that come up out of inbreeding.

You can find a couple of health Problems That still can arise Using a Pixie-Bob kitty. A small fraction of all Pixie-Bobs have trouble delivering litters and might suffer health effects.

All these Pixie-Bobs are taken from communicating in hopes of decreasing this situation.

A couple of instances of Cryptorchidism (overlooking testes or scrotum) are reported in Pixie-Bobs, however not sufficient to think about it a health danger for Pixie-Bobs throughout the board.

Pixie-Bobs are exceptional in the fact they are polydactyl. Polydactyl cats consume more than the typical number of specimens on its own paws.

Polydactyl cats are thought to be lucky, so in case you’ve got a Pixie-Bob, fortune might be in your side!

Common Health Issues

Pixie-bobs are out-crossed to supply genetic Diversity, and they don’t appear to have specific health conditions which may appear with inbreeding. They’re prone to the typical conditions and ailments that influence any cat.

The most frequent health condition seen in most cats would be hypertrophic cardiomyopathy or heart muscle threading.

Some states Which Have Been found in Pixie-bobs Contain:

  • Cryptorchidism or undescended testicles
  • Dystocia, a difficulting in providing litters
  • Cystic endometrial hyperplasia, a portion of a coating of the uterus

You need to Offer the recommended healthcare for the furry friend, Including immunizations, preventative flea remedies, and evaluations. Make your vet attentive to the strain of your furry friend if there are fresh epidemiological signs of ailments which could affect Pixie-bobs. Breeders need to have the ability to supply proof of health checks to their own cats.

Diet and Nutrition

Pixie-bobs don’t have any distinctive nutrient requirements. Whether you supply wet food, dry food, or even a mix is a private option.

Some cats do not drink sufficient water and require moist food to Provide fluids. Your kitty’s teeth may benefit from a crispy tender food. Obesity will cut the life span of any kitty, so make certain to observe your cat’s fat.

Pixie bobs may be bigger cats, but They Ought to be muscular, Not fat. Your kitty’s metabolism and general health will change during its lifetime.

Speak about your cat’s nutritional requirements with your vet at every trip to receive recommendations for feeding schedules, kinds of meals, and quantity to feed.

Care for Pixie Bob Cats

Pixie Bob Cats don’t have lots of health issues, however Standard maintenance is essential for all these big cats.

A problem that could arise using Pixie-Bobs is somewhat additional weight. Make certain to keep your own Pixie-Bob’s weight in a healthy stage and not confuse it simply being a massive cat.

Coat Colour And Grooming

Pixie-Bobs possess a thick double coat which needs to be Brushed frequently to prevent matting and excess shedding. The feel has been “wooly,” just like a bobcat, and may be short-haired or resilient.

Normally, Pixie Bob Cats possess a striped or carrot fur routine. Occasionally these stripes have been followed by rosettes, providing the Pixie-Bob that true bobcat look.

A Pixie-Bob’s jacket can be many different colours, but are largely tawny, pale gray, or red in appearance.

Kids And Other Pets

Considering that the Pixie-Bob’s dog-like standing, these cats create Fantastic companions for houses with different pets as well as kids.

The Pixie-Bob’s dedication to its Loved Ones and General dedication make them exceptional Companions for pretty much anybody!

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