35 Pomeranian Mixes – Find the Most Adorable Pom Mix

By Alberto Roy

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Pomeranians might be tiny in terms of size however they’re brimming with character and aplomb. Although they were once bigger pullers of sleds in the arctic, Pomeranians we’re re-developed (Pomeranian Mixes) and reduced in size (twice!) to become the best lap dogs.

Today’s Pomeranian can be such a wonderful pet for families that they’re listed as one of the most sought-after breeds of dogs across the United States. Because of their popularity, it’s also been an extremely sought-after candidates for mixed breeds across the world.

Pomeranian mixes are more frequent than you imagine. Our family was blessed with one Pomeranian however, we have always suspected that she was mixed with Chow Chow. The possibilities are infinite Here are our top choices of our favorite Pomeranian mixes.

Best Pomeranian Mixes

Prepare yourself for a plethora of cuteness and you’ll explode with all the squeals! Look through our list of the 30 most adorable Pomeranian breeds – we challenge you not to be aww!

While the pomeranian’s face may appear small with his sleek, fox-like appearance and a poufy, tangerine-toned coat I can assure you that this pint-sized dog has a lots of personality in his 7 pounds of body… and an attitude to be sure.

This feisty dog, who calls his harp from Germany is part of the Spitz family, and hence is called”Samoyed,” or Alaskan Malamute distant relatives.

However, where they possess the size, strength and endurance The Pom is a confident dog with the determination, and self-importance that make him an individual breed. What does it mean when you combine this energetic dog alongside other breeds? Find out by reading this list of the 35 Pomeranian.

Why Mix with Pomeranian?

You may be thinking “Why do you mix two dog breeds or for instance, a Pomeranian or a dog, to start with?” The answer is pretty easy. The reason is that whatever you put together is fantastic.

However, there’s more to mixing breeds than Poms and a large part of that is because for centuries Poms were known for their feistiness and affectionate, and have even had some royalties. (Queen Victoria loved a Pomeranian in 1888 and was able to get the breed in the spotlight as a loving bug. )

Pomeranians are small and can survive for about 15 to 16 years. They stay in the majority of families throughout the duration of the life of the child. They are offered in a range of different coat colors for crossbreeding, and they have vibrant and outgoing personalities.

The dogs of HTML0 are highly intelligent, meaning that they can be taught easily and enjoy to spend time with other pets. Their puppies are active and, since they are so small they require only little exercise.

However, they seem to be very active and enjoy walks. So, be prepared, regardless of which breed you choose to mix with.

Top Pomeranian Mixes

Pomeranians are distinctive in appearance, similar to the majority of breeds of spitz. This is why a lot of the Pom mixes have the physical traits that have been in existence for hundreds of years.

1. Aussie Pom

Parent Breeds: Aussie x Pomeranian

australian shepherd pomeranian
via Instagram: @maggietheaussiepom

Aussie Poms are the ultimate designer dog breed that combines enthusiasm, dedication to work and an infectious energy. They’re a part Pomeranian as well as an Australian Shepherd, which surprisingly is able to balance each other very well.

Even with being tagged with the “designer dog” designation however, they’re significantly more prevalentthan you imagine! If you’ve got your sights at an Aussie Pom make sure to check with your local shelter before you go. Many of these Pomeranian breeds require a permanent home.
Both breeds of parents are well-known and popular dog breeds. However, their temperaments and appearance of the breed may differ greatly. Based on the parents they have They can wear the stunning merle coat however, with more frill. Whatever way they choose, they’ll have plenty of energy!

2. Paperanian

Parent Breeds: Papillon x Pomeranian

papillon pomeranian
via Instagram: @pirelliandshinko

A cross between two active dog breeds the Paperanian is exactly the identical. The Paperanian blends the ability and intellect of the Papillon along with the playful nature and sociability of the Pom.

Since both Papillon as well as the Pomeranian are excellent lap dogs, you can anticipate the Pom mixture to become a great family pet. They’re friendly, affectionate and enjoy spending time with people.

This mix is unfortunately not extremely widespread. There’s little information available on the personality and temperaments of the dogs. However, both breeds are known for having wonderful temperaments that are well-matched in every families.

3. Pom Kee Pomeranian Mixes

Parent Breeds: Keeshond x Pomeranian

keeshond pomeranian
via Instagram: @beau_honey_

It is Pom Kee is a hybrid which combines two charming breeds of dogs that are it is the Pomeranian along with the Keeshond. With regards to the roles and jobs in society they are quite different however they can be a good match when combined.

On the other hand, we can have the Keeshond one of which is an hard-core hunter that was bred to track and pursuing small game. Pomeranians were developed to pull sleds in addition to other duties on the snow. Yet, despite the different traits their parents are gentle and kind pooch.

Both breeds of Spitz dogs, which means they have a very similar appearance. If you crossbreed them you’re likely to make a hybrid that won’t seem to differ from the parent breeds. There are certain variations in the coat shades.

4. Pomerat Pomeranian Mixes

Parent Breeds: Rat Terrier x Pomeranian

rat terrier pomeranian
via Instagram: @thezoradomain

A truly unique crosses one of the most unusual crosses, one of the most unusual crosses, Pomerat is a design dog that blends with the Rat Terrier with the Pomeranian. It is possible to expect the hardness that comes from the dog’s aspect however, a lot more gentle and sweeter side in the Pom.

The crossbreed breed gives you a joyful, lively and affectionate small dog . These dogs are a great fit in households with children who are older. They are awestruck to be with their family members. In addition, they can play for many hours at an time.


Don’t be fooled by the Pomerat breed due to their tiny size. The Pomerat is an Pom mix with the large personality. They are brave breeds(thanks for the Rat Terrier part) and are determined to establish pack dominance from the beginning in the process.

5. Cockeranian Pomeranian Mixes

Parent Breeds: Cocker Spaniel x Pomeranian

cocker spaniel pomeranian
via Instagram: @maisieloupup

Cockeranians are dogs that have hybrid characteristics resulting from the crossbreeding between one breed, the Pomeranian and the Cocker Spaniel. Both breeds share similar characteristics which include the playfulness of their temperaments as well as the indefatigable loyalty.

It’s not difficult to understand the reason why that the Cockeranian is so well-known. With their amazing gorgeous appearance and adorable personality they know they’re fantastic Pom breeds. It’s impossible to ignore the adorable and exotic Cockeranian.

In terms of affection, there aren’t many breeds that are comparable. They are focused on dedication and will demonstrate it through their actions. Their looks may varybut it’s usually cute and adorable.

6. Pomasnauze Pomeranian Mixes

Parent Breeds: Schnauzer x Pomeranian

schanuzer pomeranian
via Instagram: @lupachupachalupa

The Pomasnauze is what gives this Pomeranian mix an vibrant and vivacious edge that isn’t seen when you look at purebred Poms. The dogs are fun and free-spirited. possess an fierce personality that is what makes their breed “small breeds with huge personalities.”

The majority of Pomasnauzes are crossed together with miniature Schnauzer. Although it isn’t common, it is possible for breeders to adopt the standard version. Because of this, the size of the mix can differ quite a bit.

In addition to the appearance the two breeds are very alike. Although both breeds are well-known in America however, the mix isn’t as popular in the dog breeder community.

7. Ewokian Pomeranian Mixes

Parent Breeds: Havanese x Pomeranian

havanese pomeranian
via Instagram: @obi_koa

With both Havanese as well as the Pomeranian being toy dogs that are popular, this hybrid was inevitable. So the two breeds’ parent breeds share similar characteristics which make Ewokian Ewokian ” consistent” in the sense that hybrid dogs are concerned.

As an example Both parents are extremely doggies who are social. They can’t be content being on their own for extended durations of time. The Ewokian is similar to the Ewokian. If you’ve got the time for these dogs, they’re one of the most loving companions that you’ll find.

You might be thinking what exactly the Pom mix isn’t named something like “Pomeranese” as well as the “Havaranian.” The Poms are known as the Ewokian due to their astonishing likeness in appearance to Ewoks of Star Wars. An enormous plus to Star Wars fans.

8. Chinaranian Pomeranian Mixes

Parent Breeds: Japanese Chin x Pomeranian

japanese chin pomeranian
via Instagram: @daisyzinhacury

The Chinaranian breed is the perfect match! Combining Japanese Chin together with the Pomeranian results in a beautiful and caring companion who has a keen determination to be loved by their human.

Chinaranians are fun dogs. Thanks to their Japanese Chin side They’re never afraid to be taught as well as “perform” routines in front of an audience. They are awestruck by getting to be the centre of attention..

However, Chinaranians require lots of affection and love to thrive in the home. However, they’re not a good choice for owners who have a lot of time to dedicate to their pets. They’re also best to be used with elderly children because of their fragile nature.

9. Pineranian Pomeranian Mixes

Parent Breeds: Mini Pinscher x Pomeranian

Mini pinscher pomeranian
via Instagram: @zo.khlo

The two parent breeds from the Pineranian are identically small. Therefore, you can you can expect the Pomeranian mix to weigh between 10 or 10 inches high. Although they may appear to be small However, their attitude is not.

The problem is that the Pineranians do not realize they’re tiny. Their charming personality makes them brave tiny dogs when faced with an even greater threat. This means that these dogs aren’t tolerant of rough play from children and will often snap back when they are slapped on the back.

However they’re exceptionally clever and intelligent dogs. Learning tricks and commands will be easy for them. Additionally, they could be unexpectedly good workout partners as well. Be careful not to over-work them!

10. Pomerke

Parent Breeds: Schipperke x Pomeranian

schipperke pomeranian
via Instagram: @roman_the_pomerke

Also known as the Schip-A-Pom The Pomerke can be described as the striking cross from The Schipperke along with the Pomeranian. Both dogs’ parents are companion breeds that have the desire to explore the world. However, this curiosity sometimes causes them to be in trouble.

A bit cheeky But extremely friendly The Pomerke is the perfect pet for everyone. They’re a good match for all and are almost impossible to not to become a friend of theirs. The only exception are the children who are known to play with these dogs.

Since both parents are known as having fluffy coats The Pomerke is likely to possess the same coat. It’s possible that they’ll inherit the stunning black colour of Schipperke. Schipperke side. Be sure to set aside time to groom them – they have to!

11. Pomimo

Parent Breeds: American Eskimo x Pomeranian

american eskimo pomeranian
via Instagram: @ziggyxwiggy

There aren’t many Pom breeds that are as as happy and joyful as the adorable Pomimo. This ultimate spitz mix combines with the american Eskimo breed with the Pomeranian and gives us some of the most amusing toys.

Despite their small size the Pomimo is small, the Pomimo is a impressive watch dog. They’re always vigilant and don’t hesitate to let loose several long barks at the sight or the sound of strangers. It’s important to know that they are doing this out of their affection for their family.

Although they enjoy lounging on your laps They also love out in the outdoors. They’re tiny, but they have an infinite quantity of enthusiasm which requires physical exercise to keep up. With proper socialization they are able to get along with everyone else, including animals and humans.

12. Pomston

Parent Breeds: Boston Terrier x Pomeranian

boston terrier pomeranian
via Instagram: @milothepomston

One of my most favorite Pomeranian breeds is the Pomston cross with the Boston Terrier with the Pomeranian. The result is an lively and smart dog with an funnyand humorous aspect to the breed.

The dogs of this breed are focused on having enjoyment. They’re extremely friendly and love being around people. They’re actually the most enjoyable versions of themselves , when it comes to entertaining their owners. So long as you are able to stay on top of them, they’re great toy dogs.

What is what makes the Pomston distinctive is their ability to adapt. Wherever you are or how you’re feeling All these dogs require is affection. They’re excellent in the apartment and will eventually learn to be great with everyone and pets.

13. Dameranian

Parent Breeds: Dachshund x Pomeranian

dachshund pomeranian mix 2.jpg
via Instagram: @rockyzroad

The Dameranian is a fascinating mix that combines the Wolf-like traits of the Pom together with the hotdog form from the Dachshund. Although the physical characteristics of the mix are different however, you will be sure to anticipate the shorter legs.

But when it is about coat the Dameranian differs a lot. The reason for this is mostly due to the Dachshund’s many coats. They have short-haired coats wire-haired, long-haired, or wire-haired coat. Also, depending on their parent it’s difficult to determine.

Dameranians are extremely welcoming and affectionate dogs. They can be great with companions and dogs however, they have a remarkable dedication to their family. With a bit of dedication and affection and devotion, the Dameranian is a great choice for many families.

14. La Pom

Parent Breeds: Lhasa Apso x Pomeranian

lhasa apso pomeranian
via Instagram: @minhundkasper

It is believed that the La Pom is as exotic as it is. The unique fluffy hybrids result of a cross between the active Lhasa Apso with the lively Pomeranian. It is not surprising that the two breeds are balanced effectively.

Sometimes called “small in terms of size, but huge with a big heart,” La Pom is a breed that La Pom weighs just fifteen pounds. With their Lhasa Apso parent, they’re amazing guard dogs who will alert to you in the event of any intrusion. It was their original duty, after all.

The Pomeranian parent provides this mix with an eagerness to master and do tricks. They also have a great time in agility tests. What really makes these dogs special are their ability to adjustand befriend humans.

15. Jackaranian

Parent Breeds: Jack Russell x Pomeranian

jack russell terrier pomeranian
via Instagram: @buster.giles

The Jackaranian is the only combination made up of Jack Russell Terrier and the Pomeranian. And , as you’d expect it is it’s Pom combination is filled with energetic vitalityand excitement. There’s no boring moment when you’re the Jackaranian.

Although hybrids may differ in temperament The Jackaranian breed will typically possess the temperamental temperament and the determination that are characteristic of the terrier side. The positive attitude as well as the positive outlook associated with this breed of Pomeranian are also evident.

But it is true that this Pomeranian breed is not the ideal choice for dog owners who are new to the sport. Due to their determination and a solitary mindset they could be quite a difficult dog in training. In addition, they’re not the ideal companions for children who are small.

16. Bichonaranian

Parent Breeds: Bichon Frise x Pomeranian

bichon frise pomeranian
via Instagram: @alfiewoofs

Bichonaranian: Bichonaranian can be described as the gorgeous crossbetween the classy Bichon Frise as well as the lively Pomeranian. The Bichonaranian is somewhat unfamiliar to the field of fashionable dogs, however they have been gaining popularity over the past couple of years.

As with both of their parents and their dogs, the Bichonaranian is a an affectionate and an active dog with the delightful temperament. They are experts at being companions which shouldn’t be that surprising given the roles of their breed parents.

But based on which parent the dog is inherited most from Bichonaranians could be good with kids of all ages or fast with children younger than them. This is due to the fact that Pomeranians are known to enjoy rough play very well.

17. Pomeagle

Parent Breeds: Beagle x Pomeranian

The Pomeagle is the result of crossbreeding a Pomeranian and a Beagle.
via Instagram: @chris___hodgson

Beagles are among my favorite breeds of dogs. This Beagle Pomeranian hybrid is one I’d like to see someday. The result of this hybrid is equally amazing as you’d hope it to be.

Pomeagles are a breed with relaxed personality you’d expect from the Pom mix. Additionally, they’re reliable and welcoming pet owners. In addition, these mutts are likely to inherit the stunning noses and curiosity associated with the Beagle.

They’ll easily adapt to any situation in any setting, whether it’s on a farm , or in an urban apartment. However, obedience training can be difficult due to the Beagle’s determination can be seen. If you are planning to keep one in the outdoors ensure that your enclosure is secure!

18. Weeranian

Parent Breeds: Westie x Pomeranian

westie pomeranian
via Instagram: @suzie.westiepom

Weeranians are among the most calming Pom breeds we have. The designer dog cross two breeds: the West Highland White Terrier (Westie) with the Pomeranian to create a tiny fur-bundle full of happiness and happiness.

Pomeranians are notorious shedders, and Westies are among the dog breeds that are least allergenic. Therefore, the amount of shed can differ greatly according to this mix, based on the parent you dog has more of.

A truly small dog, Weeranians are just twelve inches tall and 15 pounds. They’re still as loved like any other breed of dog. They’re gentle and affectionate which makes them perfect companions for everyone.

19. Brusselranian

Parent Breeds: Brussels Griffon x Pomeranian

brussels griffon pomeranian
via Instagram: @chewyandsasha

The Brusselranian is a crossbreed of two stunning Toy Dog breeds which are that of the Pomeranian as well as the Brussels Griffon. Both breeds are very distinct physical traits that make this crossbreed that is more fascinating.

Brussels Griffons are known for their cute face like a monkey that are often passed down from the Brusselranian. But, this breed tends to have the fluffy as well as body shape from the Pomeranian. Think of them as cute dogs!

As with their parents like their dogs, the Brusselranian was designed to provide an excellent relationship with their owners which is why you should be expecting anything less. They’re affectionate, loving and bright, yet surprisingly simple to train. Although they’re small dogs, they’re also able to carry plenty of energy that needs exercising.

20. Pom Coton

Parent Breeds: Coton de Tulear x Pomeranian

coton pomeranian
via Instagram: @koda_pom_coton

The newest addition to the dog-design world, Pom Cotons are becoming increasingly sought-after Pom mixes, and it’s not difficult to understand the reason. Few dogs are as loving or adorable like Pom Cotons. Pom Coton. They’re that very friendly.

With the ability to think quickly and an unwavering eagerness to delight they are a great choice for novice owners. It’s likely one of the reasons why they’ve gained a lot of popularity in America over the last few times.

Since they’re new breeds, their result could be different according to which side they’re inherited from. The only thing we know is that they’re excellent companions and would love everything more than snuggle to their pet owners, and cuddle.

21. Pom Shi

Parent Breeds: Shiba x Pomeranian

shiba pomeranian
via Instagram: @whosthatdog.itswes

Who would have believed to think that it was possible that the Shiba Inu Pomeranian mix was an actual thing? However, if you consider it the breeds’ parents are the top companion dogs across the globe. While it may seem odd however, Pom Shi is a definite choice. Pom Shi is a complete easy choice.

The breeds of the Pom Shi’s parent from Pom Shi Pom Shi are very different. On the other side one hand, it is the Shiba Inu is a highly-skilled hunter dog that has the fierce as well as an independently-minded nature. Pomeranians however, are happy and friendly canines.

The cross falls somewhere between which results in a good and stable balance between their parents. However, they’re extremely competent watchdogs as well as partners. It’s possible that the Shiba Inu side may provide some hint of determination however it shouldn’t be an issue.

22. Cava Pom

Parent Breeds: Cavalier King Charles x Pom

cavalier king charles pomeranian
via Instagram: @ollydog_cavapom

Cava Poms can be the perfect companion dogs which combine the friendly nature and affection of their breed with the affection of Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and the Pomeranian’s dedication. They don’t just have beautiful personalities, but are also stunning.

They’re somewhat newin the world of designer dogs however, we are aware that they’ve got distinct characteristics depending on the favoritism of the parents genes. The majority will sport their Pomeranian coat however, they also possess an elongated characteristic King Charles’ head shape. It’s all about the.

At family, Cava Poms thrive from human contact. They’re among the most affectionate Pom mix, yet they also require a lot of love that is reciprocated. However, with such a cute face it’s hard to resist an Cava Pom.

23. Pom Silk

Parent Breeds: Silky Terrier x Pomeranian

silky terrier pomeranian
via Instagram: @mooshisyourfriend

Pom Silk Pom Silk, a hybrid of the Silky Terrier and Pomeranian, is an playful and lively dog with an adorable and loving side. It was designed to be a true companion Pom Silk is a true companion Pom Silk will stick by your side just like a ” velcro dog.”

One of the unique physical characteristics characteristic of one of the most unique physical characteristics in Silky Terrier is the smooth coat, which is hypoallergenic. With the Pomeranian’s gene they’ll probably have an lengthy and softfluffy coat that may vary in extent of shed.

The tiny dogs require lots of coherence and determination when it comes to training. Although they’re tiny but they’ve massive personalities and might try setting up pack dominance at home. In other words, they’re a wonderful companion to any family.

24. Toy Pom Terrier

Parent Breeds: Toy Fox Terrier x Pom

toy fox terrier pomeranian
via Instagram: @avilarocky

Toy Pom Terrier Toy Pom Terrier is the most popular hybrid toys dogs. While they might appear to be cute toys, they definitely do not behave like that. Pom Terriers are big and vibrant personalitiesthat’ll make you smile during the afternoon.

As with the Chihuahua similar to the Chihuahua, as with the Chihuahua and the Pom Terrier “suffers” from small dog syndrome. That is they attempt to make up for their tiny size with a the brave and brave behavior. When you’ve got strangers in your life, they’ll make sure that they stand their ground.

The Pom Terrier is a pleasantly joyful and playful dog. With other dogs in the family they’ll be awestruck by regardless of whether it’s a pet, child or older. Pom Terriers make the ideal companion for almost any family!



25. Cairanian

Parent Breeds: Cairn Terrier x Pomeranian

cairn terrier pomeranian
via Instagram: @yuandme.pups

Cairanian Terriers can be sturdy and stylish dogs that mix the Cairn Terrier and Pom. It’s not uncommon for them to last up to 15 years old despite having a size of 10 inches in height and 11 pounds.

The dogs in this breed do not have the same popularity as other breeds. not as well-known as you’d imagine. This means that there’s very little information available on the temperaments and personalities of the Pom mix. But, you can anticipate the Pom’s fluffy , thick coat with the most popular Pomeranian shades.

It’s probable that Cairanians are extremely smart with the positive temperament. However, it’s vital to provide them with the socialization that allows them to get along with the other animals and children. However, considering how much the Cairn Terrier is a lover of children and children, this shouldn’t be an issue.

26. Yorkie Pom

Parent Breeds: Yorkie x Pomeranian

yorkie pomeranian
via Instagram: @goodboytedward

You’ll probably be able to guess by the title that this breed is a combination of two popular lap dogs, the Yorkie and the Pomeranian. Also known as the Yoranian The Yorkie Pom is undeniably a tiny dog with a height of just 10 inches.

While they’re tiny They’re actually robust dogs. However, this doesn’t mean that they’re able to withstand playing rough with young children. Children must be taught how to behave with respect for dogs before they can play.

If you’re looking to build an close connectionwith your dog’s companion The Yoranian is the dog for you. They’ll stay with you and might get a bit angry after you go. This is why we believe that they’re the most suitable dogs for senior citizens.

27. Shiranian

Parent Breeds: Shih Tzu x Pomeranian

shih tzu pomeranian
via Instagram: @_mr_bubbles_atx

It’s true that the Shiranian is a breed which doesn’t immediately come to your mind. Since Shih Tzus are among the most popular Chinese lap dog breeds and crossbreeding their breed with Pomeranian can make a lot of sense. However, the appearance of the dog is quite unique as Pom breeds go.

The physical traits may differ However, Shiranians are more likely to be a part of the famous Shih Tzu facial expression. In addition they’re more likely be a part of the elegance characteristic of the Pomeranian. In any case, they’re adorable and adorable toys.

Shiranians do not like being left to themselves. They’re social dogsthat are able to take their companionship to the highest level. If you’re a very busy person or don’t have the time to be a dog owner then you’re better off looking elsewhere to get the perfect Pomeranian mix.

28. Maltipom

Parent Breeds: Maltese x Pomeranian

maltese pomeranian
via Instagram: @benny.thepom

Two adorable dogs who are a perfect match can result in an adorable puppy. This is exactly what is the Maltese Pomeranian mix is. They bring together everything that is best about the traits of both breeds.

For example for instance, the superior adaptive and innate intelligence in the Maltese makes it a great lap dog who truly comprehends your needs and emotions. But the Pomeranian side emits an bright as well as positive vibe sure to bring joy to your life.

The Maltipom is, as you would expect, has been an popular choice with families in America. With the good temperament and a sexy appearance, they’ve got attractive looks that will make you smile with a glance. If you’re lucky enough to have to do so, Maltipom is a fantastic option.

29. Peek-A-Pom

Parent Breeds: Pekingese x Pomeranian

pekingese pomeranian
via Instagram: @peekapomhugo

The Peek-A-Pom is as adorable as the name suggests. Due to the unusual combination of the Pekingese and Pomeranian They’re stunning and appealing.

The greatest benefit of the Pomeranian mix is the fact that they’re most likely turn out to be hyperallergenic. This is an big advantage for pet owners with sensitive skin. In light of what frequency it is that the Pom sheds hair, Peek-A Pom is the ideal option for pet owners who don’t want to spend a lot of time grooming.

Due to the Pekingese aspect These mixes will not require an an excessive amount of physical exercise. They prefer to sit on your lap. But they’re not too connected and are among the most stable and comfortable lap dogs.

30. Pom-A-Pug

Parent Breeds: Pug x Pomeranian

pug pomeranian
via Instagram: @pompug_sisters

Another time this time, the Pomeranian is crossed to another well-known Chinese lap dog. This time, it’s the popular Chinese Pug. Be it your opinion, or not it’s hard to deny the bizarrely adorable looks that the pom-a-pug has.

They’re sometimes silly like in Pugs however, at the very least they’re always fun. When you’re with a pom-a-pug you’ll find no boring moment in your life. They’re fun, loving and expressive, and they are aware of what it takes to enjoy themselves.

On the other hand these mix-ups are clever and flexible. Their personality traits are captivating. Place them in an environment with a lot of people and they’ll grab the people’s attention within a matter of minutes!

31. Pomsky

Parent Breeds: Husky x Pomeranian

husky pomeranian
via Instagram: @lukeskywalker_thepomsky

The Pomsky is among the least likely options to crossbreed. Yet, they’re also among the most well-known Pomeranian breeds we have in the dog world. Take a glimpse at these “miniature Huskies” and you will understand the reason.

They’re the ideal choice for those who appreciate the look of an Husky but do not want the hassle of raising a large dog. Pomskies can be a good fit to living in apartments even in the smallest urban areas.

The dogs are awestruck by love the attention. And if you decide to take one to the dog park you’ll see them getting lots of attention. They’re hilarious sometimes, but they can also be playful with their silly actions. Although they’re not big, Pomskies still need a plenty of exercising every day.

32. Poshies

Parent Breeds: Sheltie x Pomeranian

sheltie pomeranian
via Instagram: @ziggytheposhie

Poshies Poshies is a mix that combines and Herding-genius Shetland Sheepdog with the companion Pomeranian. This designer dog is renowned for its high-energy with a strong, independent mind as well as a cheerful disposition.

Despite the fact that they have a parent who herds their dog The dog in the picture is more inactive than you would imagine. They still require ample exercise however, they won’t like sitting on your lap occasionally. Actually, they’re fantastic cuddle dogs!

Poshies are easily trained. Due to the Sheltie aspect and their obedience, their intelligence are awe-inspiring. They enjoy learningand are willing to delight which makes them excellent selections for new owners and trainers.

33. Pomapoo

Parent Breeds: Toy Poodle x Pomeranian

poodle pomeranian
via Instagram: @pomapoo_hodu

As with every Poodle mix like every other mix, the Pomapoo has the beauty and elegance characteristic of the Poodle but retains the cheerful character that is characteristic of the Pomeranian. This mix has all the top characteristics you’d expect from both breeds of dogs.

Affectionately known for their intelligence, the Poodle has the capacity to learn commands easily. While they’re proud of their breed however, they aren’t so strong or stubborn like other breeds of dog with a high intelligence. Actually, they’re polite canines.

What’s offered is dedication and love which is evident from both parent. Pomapoos will always have you back, because they cherish you this so much. Engage them and create an comfortable atmosphere to allow them to truly flourish.

34. Pom Chi

Parent Breeds: Chihuahua x Pomeranian

chihuahua pomeranian
via Instagram: @itsmilothepomchi

Pom Chi Pom Chi combines two of the most well-knowncompanion toy dogs, which is that of the Pomeranian along with the Chihuahua. It is likely that these hybrids are equally popular within the realm of dog breeds that are designed.

Pom Chis are the best for people who live in apartments. Although the Pomeranian is tiny but it is a huge dog. Chi can be the the smallest purebred breed. They really don’t require lots of space to live in a healthy and happy life. However, that does not mean that they don’t have to exercise from time-to- the time.

They’re all spink and sass of the Chihuahua however they have the vibrant and cheery vibes from the Pomeranian. Additionally, there’s a great chance that they’ll inherit the facial traits that are characteristic of Chi and the distinctive smoothness from the Pom.

35. Smooth Pom Terrier

Parent Breeds: Smooth Fox Terrier x Pom

fox terrier pomeranian
via Instagram: @lola.the.pup_

Smooth Pom Terriers aren’t the kind of thing you see on a regular basis. While uncommon however, the Smooth Pom could be a treat if you have the appropriate surroundings and the right owner. The most significant issue for these dogs is the amount of the energy.

Based on Wag Walking, Smooth Poms require moderate amounts of exercise because of their alertness and unending energy levels. However, if you have lively children, they can be great friends for them. A huge win-win for parents!

In the majority of cases Smooth Pom Terriers can be easily trained and are easily biddable dogs with proper training. They’re very open to you, but be sure to exercise using the use of positive reinforcement and regularity.

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