Ragamuffin Cat Breed Facts and Personality Traits

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A normally calm Kitty, that the Ragamuffin Cat is the perfect companion for individuals living in flats and the breed adapts well to changes in regular. The Ragamuffin is famous for his docile character. He likes to be held as a baby and can unwind into your own arms.

Not to be mistaken with the closely connected Ragdoll Cats , the Ragamuffin — frequently spelled RagaMuffin — is still a breed all its own. These big, weatherproof, and tender cats adore folks and have a character as oversize as their large, fluffy eyeglasses.

The Ragamuffin is a sizable, long-bodied kitty. She’s heavily Boned having a very long tail and a lavish coat. The Ragamuffin looks even larger than she is.

Ragamuffin Cat Breed

Ragamuffin Cat Breed 1

The Ragamuffin includes a medium-sized mind but her fur gets her. Face appear big. The ears can also be medium sized and are put on the faces of the mind to keep the triangular expression of the facearea.

The thighs are long and powerful. The eyebrow must be well improved and the oblong eyes ought to be gloomy.

The Ragamuffin comes in a variety of colours and layouts. Some of These colour patterns are just like the ones of their ragdoll. The Ragamuffin using a colour point pattern includes a light body colour with contrasting, darker, darker colour over the extremities, ears and mask.

The Bicolor Ragamuffin additionally displays dark things, however will reveal a barbell on the brow with the abdomen, all four arms and the ruff being whitened.

Ragamuffin Kitten

The Mitted Ragamuffin additionally reveals points, however in this colour Routine, the toes are white, as is your chin. Besides these timeless ragdoll color designs, the Ragamuffin has many different colours and layouts.

The coat on the Ragamuffin will differ in duration from semi-long To longterm. It’s soft, lush and slick.


Girls generally weigh 10 to 15 Pounds, and a Few men weigh Over 20 lbs.


The Ragamuffin is a placid cat but Doesn’t go awry If you take her. She’s even treated and gets along nicely with all household members. Changes in regular normally don’t upset . She’s an perfect companion for all those in flats.

Living Together:

Ragamuffin Cat Breed 5

The Ragamuffin will possess a fatty pad to the reduced abdomen. Though this is appropriate in the breed, it’s not a justification for allowing her to turn into obese or out of illness. The nourishment of the Ragamuffin ought to be controlled.

As a placid kitty, the Ragamuffin wants interactive exercise Along with playing area to be able to maintain her shape. If desire, she must have her parent devote a committed time period playing.

The coat over the Ragamuffin, although striking, is simpler to Care for it appears. The coat ought to be brushed every day but this ought to be all that’s required as a way to continue to keep knots and tangles from this coat.


To learn the background of this Ragamuffin, Start with this History of the Ragdoll. Regardless of the vibrant and totally hopeless legend of this Ragdoll’s source, that amazing cat is just one of the most well-known breeds.

What can be confirmed is the ragdoll was launched from the 1960s in California.

Ragamuffin Cat Breed 2

The Ragdoll may have been a combination of those Burmese, Birman, Along with the Persian, however, the kitty imputed as the first ragdoll is a white cat called Josephine. The Ragdolls are consequently considered Daughters of Josephine.

The founder of this Ragdoll, Ann Baker, believed that in Josephine she was a cat which has been so placid she went when she had been held, that’s the origin of this title.

Finally Ragdoll breeders depended on where they needed The breed to proceed. 1 group wanted to keep to outcross that the Ragdolls and desired other colours and designs to be taken within the breed.

This debate resulted in a brand new breed, one which could Look nearly like this ragdoll in colour and layout, or one which could look totally different.

This new breed was called the Ragamuffin, and They’re also Regarded as allies of Josephine.


Though the details are foggy, it is generally agreed that Ragamuffins were made by Ragdoll proprietors that spanned the breed along with other longhaired cats, such as Turkish Angoras, Himalayans, Persians, along with longhaired domestic cats.

In Doing This, they raised the Breed’s size and enlarged the colours and patterns related to these massive fur balls.

Ragamuffin Cat Breed 3

The source of this Ragamuffin goes back into a kitty named Josephine. And Josephine was not a Ragamuffin. She had been, in Actuality, that a Ragdoll.

However, given that the mystery which surrounds the early times of the Ragdoll breed, so it is not surprising that even Ragamuffin roots will also be fascinating.


Since it turns out, there was a rift from the Realm of Ragdoll aficionados that resulted in lots of stress between factions as well as a few fantastic ole fashion lawsuit.

The creator of Ragdoll cats and proprietor of Josephine, Ann Baker, held strict control within the breed and its own classifications.

This did not sit well with a few admirers and also caused a bunch of Ragdoll breeders to leave from Baker along with her rigorous principles. Following some hostile decades, the team ended up using all the Ragamuffin breed.

Everything sounds really stressful, but maybe worthwhile if the final result is this a superb kitty companion.

Ragamuffin Cat Breed 4

Fascinating Truth About Ragamuffin Cats


It is not just their own Distinctive origin narrative that makes Ragamuffins unique. They have some identifying characteristics — both physically and emotionally personality-wise — which differentiate this remarkable breed. A number of the very distinctive features contain:

Loveable purrsonalities — Ragamuffins are docile, friendly and possess a sweet character. Owners of this specific breed may even believe they have developed another shadow, since Ragamuffins really like to supply their people with a few severe companionship.

Their nice demeanor makes them great pets for houses with kids and other creatures.

Physical attributes — All these Massive lap cats are inclined toward the bigger aspect of catdom. Female Ragamuffins can weigh up between 10 and 15 lbs, whereas their male counterparts may tilt the scales in over 20 lbs.

All these big-boned kitties possess medium-length coats which come in many different shades and designs.

Behaviors — Provided their title, it ought to not be any surprise that Ragamuffins possess the propensity to stretch out and move limp in their proprietor arms such as, well, a winged.

Often known as “puppy-like,” those massive fur balls are all attention-seekers, that like playtime, walks on a leash, and may also learn a trick or 2.

Grooming and Maintenance

Ragamuffin Cat Breed 6

Ragamuffins have unbelievably soft coat, but fortunately for Fans of the breed, their coat is resistant. One weekly brushing using a stainless steel spout must suffice for all these kitties.

  • This may eliminate debris and lifeless hair when helping to retain these loveable felines appearing as lovely on the outside since they are about the interior.
  • In Regards to Ragamuffin upkeep, it’s also very important to:
  • Brush your kitty’s teeth per week to shield against bacterial disease, a frequent event in cats
  • Reduce their nails every couple weeks
  • Assess the corners of the eyes and then use a moist cloth to wipe off any dirt or release
  • Clean filthy ears using a cotton ball and a 50/50 mix of water and apple cider or white vinegar (no cotton swabs!)

Common Health Issues

  • A hearty breed, Ragamuffins Are Usually healthy, but may Be due to the subsequent hereditary dilemmas:
  • Cardiomyopathy — This frequent kind of heart disease in cats is brought on by a thickening of the heart
  • Polycystic kidney disease (PKD) — This illness created its way to Ragamuffins in their Persian cat critters and can result in renal failure.

Ragamuffin Cat Health

An large breed, Ragamuffins could have a Propensity to Overeat, making them more vulnerable to obesity. Owners of those king-sized companions ought to track their food intake only to be secure and also to be certain kitty is not heading back for seconds… or thirds.

Check with your vet for advice on appropriate portion sizes and foods. Need help locating a pet health care provider?

An ASPCA Pet Health Insurance plan might help pet parents pay for the price of regular and unexpected visits to your vet.

Interesting Fact

The breed had such a loony start that it is no wonder There is more than meets the eye in regards to Ragamuffins! Here are some interesting facts about these cuddle-crazed kitties:

Ragamuffin Cat Facts

  • Ragamuffin kittens are now born white and Produce a colour layout as they older
  • These gentle giants are among the largest cat breeds
  • Ragamuffins would be the 33rd hottest feline
  • The breed can be prone to a state Called heterochromia, meaning that they have two different coloured eyes
  • Ragamuffins will endure to the ripe old age of 18
  • It may take a long time for all these full-sized felines to achieve complete physical adulthood
  • Initially Known as the “Liebling” that is German for “darling,” the title was afterwards altered to cover homage to the Ragdoll breed

Ragamuffins are a Great Deal of kitty, but fortunately the Total coverage that is accessible with the ASPCA Pet Health Insurance program can help protect your complete kitty comrade

Popular Ragamuffin Names

These larger than cats Require a name which can do so Unique breed justice. Here are some favorite choices:

Some Names to think about for female Ragamuffins comprise:


Man Ragamuffin names to think about are:


Ragamuffins are a great deal of kitty, but fortunately the entire Coverage that is accessible with the ASPCA Pet Health Insurance program can help protect your complete kitty comrade.

Obtain a free quote to get a plan which provides them the policy their companionship deserves.

Health of Ragamuffins

Ragamuffin Cat Details

The two pedigreed cats And mixed-breed cats possess varying incidences of health issues which could possibly be hereditary in nature.

Ragamuffins are usually healthy, but make certain to request a breeder concerning the incidence of medical issues within her lines and also what testing was done for almost any which are hereditary in nature.

Additionally, it is smart to not allow this major cat overeat. He’s big, to be certain, but he should not be obese.

Maintenance of Ragamuffins

The Ragamuffin’s Soft coat is very long, but its feel is tangle-resistant. Weekly cleaning or cleaning is all that is required to remove dead hairs and keep it looking amazing.

Brush the teeth Stop periodontal disease. Daily dental hygiene is greatest, however weekly brushing is far better than nothing. Reduce the claws every few weeks. Scrub the corners of their eyes using a soft, moist cloth to remove any discharge.

Use Another area of the fabric for every eye so you don’t conduct The probability of spreading any disease.

Examine the ears per week. Should they seem dirty, wipe them out using a cotton ball or soft moist cloth using a 50-50 mix of apple cider vinegar and warm water. Prevent using cotton swabs, that may damage the inside of the earbuds.

Maintain the litter box spotlessly clean. Cats are extremely particular about toilet hygiene.

The Ragamuffin includes a Fearless character, therefore it is never a fantastic idea to let them move out . He’s got no idea which other individuals or creatures may mean that he harm and isn’t “street smart” at least.

Ragamuffins who move outside also run the danger of being Stolen by somebody who’d love to possess such a gorgeous kitty without paying it.

Coat Shade And Grooming

The Ragamuffin’s breed standard refers to him as a feline teddy bear. He’s characterized by his big size, big walnut-shaped eyes which may be any colour, sweet reflection, and wide variety of shades and designs.

Among the intriguing facts about the breed is that kittens have been born white, subsequently create their colour or routine as they grow.

A number of those Differences between the Ragamuffin along with also the Ragdoll are observed from the facial skin. As an example, the Ragamuffin has complete lips as well as the eyes have been walnut-shaped instead of oval.

The Ragamuffin includes a Wide, modified-wedge-shaped mind using a rounded look. It is encouraged by a brief, thick, powerful neck that’s particularly evident in men. Older men are known for their jowls, providing them some of the expression of a crusty old brigadier general.

Even the broad-chested body is heavy and muscular, frequently with a Pad of fat to the lower belly. A lengthy, completely furred tail seems as though it could make a fine, tender bottle-brush.

Moderate to Medium-long fur is bunny soft, glossy and dense. It is slightly more round your neck, on both sides and abdomen, and also on the back legs. The ears and nostrils are supplied with tufts of fur too. The coat comes in every colour and pattern.

That is a big cat, And they grow slowly, not realizing their entire size until they are old.

Children And Other Pets

The serene and Even-tempered Ragamuffin is the perfect family . He does not mind being kept or transported around by a kid or dressed up and pushed into a baby buggy.

He’s lively and clever, among these cats that loves playing fetch and studying hints, along with his power degree means that he will not wear out until the kid does.

Constantly teach kids how to maintain the cat correctly, supporting the hind end and front end, and also have small kids pet him while they’re sitting on the ground or on a couch in order.

They could be around precisely the exact same amount as the kitty without attempting to grip him. In the end, he might weigh more than they’re doing.

The Ragamuffin is Also favorable toward other animals, such as dogs, other cats, rodents, birds and lizards.

For this gentle giant, everyone knows his friend. Nevertheless, It’s always A fantastic idea to present pets gradually and in controlled conditions to guarantee They know to get along together.

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