Revolution vs Revolution Plus – A Genuine Comparison

Revolution Plus is now available on the market. Most cat parents would consider switching to Revolution Plus.

However, before you make any such purchase, be sure to read Revolution vs Revolution Plus here. We will be comparing each product in detail and you don’t want to miss the detailed comparison.

Revolution vs Revolution Plus

It is a comparison between the products. As the subheading indicates, it is. As pet owners would expect, the second product would easily outperform the first one since it is an improved version. This is not true, and this blog has been created to change your mind.

Let’s compare Revolution and Revolution Plus to see which one is better.

It can be difficult for your pet to live comfortably in a world full parasites.

These pesky creatures could make pets scratch and itch all day. Pet parents must protect their pets against ticks, fleas, and other creatures that could cause damage to their health.

Parasite control has become a rapidly evolving field in medicine. Revolution Plus for cats and Revolution for cats are two of the most effective and versatile products.

The important thing is to be able to distinguish between the products so that you can choose the best product for your cat. For a deeper understanding, we have provided a comparison chart with both products.


Revolution and Revolution Plus: The Differences

Below are the major points of differences between both Revolution and Revolution Plus. Here, take a read.

It can be difficult for your pet to live comfortably in a world full parasites. These pesky creatures could make your pet scratch and itch all day. Pet parents must protect their pets against ticks, fleas, and other creatures that could cause damage to their health.

Parasite control is a rapidly evolving field of medicine.

The two most effective and multi-spectrum products Revolution Plus are however the best choices when choosing the right product revolution for cats.

The important thing is to be able to distinguish between the products so that you can choose the best product for your cat. For a deeper understanding, we have provided a comparison chart with both products.

Number of Parasites

Revolution can be used to kill five types of parasites. Revolution kills and protects cats against fleas, ear mites and biting lice. It also prevents heartworm disease by preventing intestinal worms (roundworms or hookworms).

Revolution Plus does the exact same thing, but with the added capability to remove ticks.

Active Ingredients

Revolution contains Selamectin as its active ingredient. Revolution Plus, on the other hand, has two active ingredients. The first is Selamectin (just as Revolution), and Sarolaner.


Revolution is waterproof and does not lose its effectiveness in water. Revolution Plus has yet to be approved for waterproofing.


Revolution treatment is available to dogs over 8 weeks of age. This treatment is safe for breeding, pregnant, and lactating dogs.

Revolution Plus can also be used safely in dogs older than 8 weeks, however, safety for pregnant, lactating and breeding dogs is not yet established.


Revolution Plus is the upgraded and more advanced version of Revolution. It costs slightly more than Revolution.


Revolution and Revolution Plus: The Similarities

Now that we have dealt with all the differences, it is time to focus on the similarities between Revolution and Revolution Plus, two top cat products.

Both products are topical treatments that treat many parasites. Revolution Plus protects against 6 parasites, while Revolution protects against 5 parasites.

Fleas, Flea Eggs, and Larvae

The products are effective in eliminating flea eggs, larvae, and flea larvae. They also protect against flea infestations for a whole month. These products can also be used to reduce allergic dermatitis (FAD)

Heartworm Disease

Revolution Plus and Revolution are both excellent in preventing heartworm disease. They last approximately four weeks.

Biting Lice and Ear Mites

Revolution Plus and Revolution Plus are both effective in controlling and healing cats suffering from ear mite and biting lice infestations.


If the brand name Revolution is identical, it is quite obvious that the manufacturer will also be the same. Zoetis, a well-respected animal pharmaceutical company, manufactures both products.

Minimum Age Requirement

The minimum age requirement for using these products for your cat or kitten is 8 weeks.

Treatment Pattern

Both products have a one-month treatment period. These products are also known monthly protection preventatives and treatments.

Mode of Administration

Revolution and Revolution Plus are spot-on treatments thus, they are administered topically.

VS Comparing Revolution and Revolution 1
VS Comparing table

Both products are topical treatments that treat many parasites. There is little to distinguish them. Revolution Plus protects indoor and outdoor cats and their kittens from 6 common parasites, while Revolution Plus covers 5 of them.

VS Revolution plus Pack

Revolution Plus for cats

Revolution Plus for cats can be a wonderful product. Revolution Plus is a great product that pet owners and cats love. Revolution Plus is superior because it does ticks and offers dual protection. Purchase Revolution Plus

What’s the difference between Revolution and Revolution Plus?

Revolution and Revoluion Plus for Cats differ in that Revolution for Cats only contains active Selamectin, which is part of the avermectin family of parasiticides.

Revolution Plus includes the actives Selamectin, and Sarolaner. Sarolaner belongs to the Isoxazoline parasiticide class. Selamectin as well as Sarolaner can kill lice, mites, and fleas.

Revolution Plus offers dual protection against these parasites. These parasites are not likely to survive. The Sarolaner also provides Revolution Plus tick killing power.

How fast can Revolution Plus work?

Fleas Revolution Plus kills fleas in 6 hours. The cat will be flea-free within 24 hours. Flea protection for the cat is provided for five weeks.

The fleas are no longer able to lay eggs because the product kills them so quickly. The Revolution Plus will kill any larvae or eggs that may be present in your environment, but they won’t be able hatch.

The same applies to any flea treatment you begin. Fleas will be visible for a brief time until they are eliminated from the environment. Fleas can be annoying, but you can rest assured that your cat will be on Revolution plus flea control and all your other pets will be safe.

Ticks This is for many people the best thing about this product. It is vital to be able protect cats from the deadly paralysis ticks. Tick paralysis is often fatal for cats.

Revolution Plus works against ticks within 24 hourss. The protection will last for five weeks. This product is not guaranteed to be 100% effective. It is recommended that you check your cat daily for ticks. (All scientific data is fairly close.

Heartworm– Heartworm can be spread from cats to dogs by mosquitos. It doesn’t matter if your cat has had contact with other animals. This is the feared mosquito that transmits the microfilariae (babyworms) to your cat. Once they have infected it, the worms grow into large worms and live in your heart.

Revolution Plus must be administered monthly to prevent Heartworm in cats. Revolution Plus is safe to be given to cats with Heartworm. It will not kill mature heartworms.

If your cat is older than 6 months old and has not received heartworm prevention, it is a good practice to have a test done by the vet. Usually, heartworm disease is not diagnosed in cats until it is too late.

worms –Revolution Plus protects your cat from Roundworms and Hookworms. Roundworm can easily be transmitted to humans and can affect the liver, brain, and eyes. It is important to treat your cat.

Blindness can result if it reaches the eyes. While children are most at risk, anyone can get it. Revolution Plus does not do tapeworm. It is a good idea to treat your cat with tapeworm every three months. The Tapeworm tablets can be given quickly, easily and are inexpensive.

Ear Mites A single dose of Revolution Plus is all that’s needed to treat ear mites.

Lice Protection for your cat for one month

Revolution Plus has been proven safe with commonly used vererinary medications such as anti biotics (anti biotics), anti inflammatories (anti inflammatories), parasiticides, and vaccines. It is a good idea for your cat to be on Veterinary prescribed medication.

Revolution Plus hasn’t been tested for safety in pregnancy, lactation, or in animals used to breed.

Things to Remember

  • Apply only to dry hair. Apply to wet hair only
  • Don’t give kittens less than 8 weeks old or less than 1.25 kg.
  • Wash hands after handing
  • Don’t touch the areas it has been applied to, or allow children to play with the cat while it is drying.

[sc_fs_multi_faq headline-0=”h3″ question-0=”What is the difference between revolution and REVOLUTION PLUS?” answer-0=”The diversity among Revolution and Revoluion plus for cats is that Revolution for cats only contains the active Selamectin which is a member of the avermectin group of parasiticides. Revolution Plus includes the actives Selamectin and Sarolaner. Both Selamectin and Sarolaner will kill fleas, mites and lice.” image-0=”” headline-1=”h3″ question-1=”What does REVOLUTION PLUS do that revolution does not?” answer-1=”Well, there is not a lot to distinguish between the two products as both are topical treatments and both deal with numerous parasites. However, Revolution Plus expands the scope of pest protection to 6 widespread harmful parasites while Revolution protects from 5 parasites both to indoor and outdoor cats and kittens.” image-1=”” headline-2=”h3″ question-2=”What is REVOLUTION PLUS used for?” answer-2=”REVOLUTION PLUS kills adult fleas (Ctenocephalides felis) and is designated for the treatment and prevention of flea infestations, the treatment and control of tick infestations with Ixodes scapularis (black-legged tick), Amblyomma maculatum (Gulf Coast tick) and Dermacentor variabilis (American dog tick), the treatment of parasites.” image-2=”” headline-3=”h3″ question-3=”What is comparable to Revolution Plus for cats?” answer-3=”Advantage Multi Topical Solution for Cats. Advantage Multi uses imidacloprid and moxidectin to put off heartworm; kill fleas and treat and control roundworms, hookworms and ear mites. Distinct Revolution Plus Topical Solution, Advantage Multi does not kill ticks.” image-3=”” headline-4=”h3″ question-4=”Is REVOLUTION PLUS for dogs too?” answer-4=”REVOLUTION can treat puppies as young as 6 weeks, and is obtainable in sizes to treat dogs up to 130 lbs with one straightforward monthly dose.” image-4=”” headline-5=”h3″ question-5=”Which is better Frontline or Revolution Plus?” answer-5=”Two of the chief and the majority recognizable brand names in pet flea and tick control are Revolution and Frontline Plus. The primary distinction between the two treatments is that Revolution protects against heartworm, while Frontline protects against a broader spectrum of ticks, lice and mites.” image-5=”” headline-6=”h3″ question-6=”Does Revolution Plus need a prescription?” answer-6=”Revolution Plus is trouble-free to pertain and is a quick-drying solution for a mess-free administration. Revolution Plus requires a prescription from your veterinarian.” image-6=”” count=”7″ html=”true” css_class=””]

The Final Verdict

Both Revolution Plus and Revolution have their advantages and disadvantages, as you can see. Revolution Plus is clearly superior to Revolution, but that does not make Revolution a better product.

Revolution is an option for those who have a limited budget or pets with fleas, mites and/or ticks. Revolution Plus is the best option if your cat has ticks.

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