Top Online Stores for Pet Accessories

By Alberto Roy

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Taking care of your pets can be a complicated job. Just like children, it seems as if they are always in need of something. With so many errands to run every day, there is barely any time or headspace to go shopping for your little furry friend.

Thankfully you don’t have to run around doing things anymore because pet-keeping has also become very automated. With apps that help you manage your pet and savvy gadgets that care for them, everything has become quite easy and accessible.

Going out is quite a challenge sometimes. When it comes to the ever-evolving needs of your pets, you don’t have to run to the store every time. You can get everything you need online these days. You just need to look out for trustworthy online stores that offer quality and a steady internet connection.

Online shopping can go sideways very easily with a poor internet connection. This is because more often than not you end up adding the item to your cart multiple times or picking the wrong item. After all, the picture wouldn’t load. All of these things can happen due to connectivity issues.

Cox customer service ensures that if there are any issues in your connection, they solve it right away. This is only made possible due to their airtight, 24/7 service. You can shop worry-free and take care of your pet without a hassle.

Let’s look at some online stores that you can look into to buy pet accessories.


This website offers various items, competitive prices, and top-notch customer service. They have an active customer base of over 45 million. The number of products they advertise is more than 155,000. They are known for their speedy shipping and easy return policies.

You are sure to receive your supplies on schedule. They also have an auto-ship feature that saves the shopper a lot of hassle. Chewy has a revenue of 10.1 billion USD. They have a pretty great loyalty program. Their website interface is easy to use. One great personal touch is their hand-signed holiday cards.

2.      The Wildest

The best thing about The Wildest is their premium and eco-friendly products. They have a commitment to sustainability and quality that has garnered a huge customer base for them. This is a relatively new brand that has made its mark in the market with its specially curated selection.

This brand has exhibited great growth and expansion over the past two years though their annual sales projections are not public. The reviews highlight that their products are unique and locally sourced. Edible items are organic and toys are biodegradable. So if you are raising an ethical good boy or girl, The Wildest is for you.

3.      Wag N’ Wash

Wag N’ Wash is a full-scale in-store experience with a healthy online presence. Their unique selling proposition is the customer loyalty they have built over the years. They also do not have their sales figures widely available.

They have done immense growth while being one of the most seasoned businesses in the market. Their online experience is equally good. The reason why Wag N’ Wash is a good choice is because they are a trustworthy household name with a one-stop shop for all pet care needs.

4.      PetSmart

This is nothing short of a retail giant in the pet care industry. They have a revenue of 7 billion USD and a robust online presence. They offer an extensive product and affordable pricing. They also gave frequent promotions making it a go-to for pet owners. Their offerings are not limited to products, they also other services like grooming and veterinary care.

5.      PetCo

This is a company with some of the most diverse range of products. They also have a vibrant community where they host events like fundraisers and adoption events. The positive reviews on this website point out that they have a great loyalty program.

Over 4.3 Million furry friends have found new homes through their adoption. This shows a strong commitment to community service. They have an annual revenue of $6.15 Billion. Having been around in the market for 55 years, Petco can now be characterized as a household name.

With all of this information under your toolbelt about various top online stores and their popularity, you can now make an informed decision about where to shop for your fur baby.

One thing is for certain and that is no matter which one you pick, it is always going to be much easier than going to a physical store. Moreover, you will be able to enjoy this ease without having to compromise on the quality.

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