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It is peaceful to watch your chickens on your property. Are you more comfortable with one or all of the chickens? Certain chicken breeds are limited in their colors. Others have a wide range of colors. We have the ultimate list of black chicken breeds. These breeds are the best for black chickens.

The 11 Black Chicken Breeds

1.Australorp Black Chicken

Australorp Chicken
Image Credit: Jason, Flickr

Australorp chickens are available in many colors with black being the most popular. You will learn more about the Orpington breed later. Australorp is an Australian hybrid of the Orpington.

These birds, like their Orpington counterparts, are easy-going and great pets. However, they can be so docile they might hide. This breed can be trained to eat from your hands.

They are excellent egg-producers and can lay up to 250 eggs a year. This breed holds the record for most eggs laid in a single year. This breed can also be raised for meat.

2.Ayam Cemani Chickens

Ayam Cemani
Image Credit: Dolf van der Haven, Flickr

It’s a very interesting name, isn’t it? This chicken is from Indonesia and has an Indonesian name. This chicken is completely black, despite having an intriguing name. It has all black feathers, beaks, legs and even internal organs.

In Indonesian culture, this rare chicken breed is considered to be a lucky charm. It is rare and therefore very expensive.

A single mating pair can run up to $5,000 Additional tip: Do your research thoroughly before buying. Some breeders may pass off a hybrid that looks exactly like an Ayam Cemani purebred.

They are about 6 pounds in weight and spawn 80 eggs per year, making them an average egg and meat producer.

3.German Langshan Chicken

German Langshan
Image Credit: Ian Hazlehurst, Flickr

The German Langshan chicken breed is very popular in Germany but it is rare elsewhere in the world. There are many options, with black the most popular.

When viewed from the side, they have a wineglass shape with a U-shaped rear.

The chicken breed is usually bred for exhibition purposes and produces decent eggs. They average 150-200 eggs each year.

4.Jersey Giant Chicken

Jersey Giant
Image Credit: Valeryna, Pixabay

Jersey Giant is the right name for this breed of chicken, as it is the largest purebred chicken available in the United States.

Jersey Giants average more than 11 pounds. Jersey Giants are bred for their meat, but they can also be kept as pets.

They are great for layering and are excellent for meat. Jersey Giants can lay 150 eggs per year. They are great for cold weather, but not for hot.

5.Kadaknath Chicken

Image Credit: millfarm35, Flickr

The Kadaknath, an Indian black chicken, is shown here. It is also all black in its skin, beak, and feet. Black meat is very popular, and people will pay a lot to get it. Its meat is thought to be of medicinal value.

It is hard to find this bird, but it is a good choice for chicken. The bird does not produce many eggs, producing only 80-90 light brown eggs each year.

6.La Fleche Chickens

La Fleche
Image Credit: Lucy, Flickr

La Fleche chickens are French and serve two purposes: they provide meat and eggs. The chickens come in all-black colors with an unusual feature: the comb looks like two horns at its top. Its nickname is “The Devil’s Bird”.

These chickens can be used as meat but they grow slowly and don’t reach full-grown size until about 10 months old. The chicken can produce about 200 eggs per annum.

7.Orpington Chickens

Image Credit: damarkee, Flickr

The Orpington is an excellent choice for backyard chickens. They were originally imported from England. They are well-suited for cold climates because of their thick and soft feathers. Although they were originally a predominantly white breed, their color is now almost always black.

Orpington chickens are gentle and calm, making them an excellent choice for pets. This breed is easy to care for as they can forage their own food.

They are social and will assist in bringing all the hens together for the night. These chickens can be used to produce meat and eggs. An Orpington chicken can eat up to 300 eggs per year. This makes them a great egg producer.

8.Minorca Chicken

Image Credit: Mindaugo Ivanausko, Flickr

Minorca chickens are excellent for laying eggs. They lay the most large eggs of any chicken breed. This breed is black or white and was originally developed in Spain.

The Minorca’s most distinctive feature is its bizarre facial feature. It has white earlobes which reach all the way to the beak. This and other fleshy parts make it not suitable for cold climates. They are not very good for meat, despite their large size.

They will however produce large, white eggs at 26 weeks of age.

9.Silkie Chicken

Image Credit: Andy M., Pixabay

Silkie chickens are perhaps the most adorable chicken breed. Silkie chickens come in many colors, with one being black.

These chickens were originally called “black-boned chicken” in Chinese. All of their bones, skin, and meat are black or blackish-grey. They are a Chinese origin group, and have a long history. Records of Silkies date back to BC.

They should only be kept for their beauty and not for meat or eggs. They are best used for pet-keeping. Also, treat them as a pet. Their feathers can cause problems if they become too wet.

10.Sumatra Chickens

Image Credit: S!GNATURE, Flickr

Sumatra chickens, another ornamental bird, are indigenous to Sumatra Island in Indonesia. They can be found in other parts, however.

This breed of chicken, like many others, comes in a variety of colors. These chickens were once bred to fight birds. They can be very aggressive and won’t play well with small children or other chickens.

Although they are not good at laying and their meat can be tough, their long tails make them beautiful to look at.

11.Swedish Black Chicken

Swedish Black
Image Credit: Freyja Imsland, Wikimedia Commons

Svarthona is another name for the Swedish Black chicken. It’s very similar to the highly-sought-after Ayam Cimani in that it is completely black from the inside.

This breed is more tolerant of cold temperatures than its Indonesian counterpart.

This chicken breed is smaller than the Ayam Cemani at 5-7 lbs and has a more pleasant disposition. It can also lay eggs well. The Swedish Black is a great pet. It will lay 150 eggs each year of cream-colored eggs.

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You can now confidently search for the next black-colored breed of chicken. We hope this information helps you to find more chickens for your flock.

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