8 Universal Qualities Of Norwegian Lundehund You'll Love To Know

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Ankit Singh

Ancient Origins

The Norwegian Lundehund, a rare breed, has ancient origins dating back centuries. Discover their remarkable history.

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Polydactyl Paws

Lundehunds are known for their polydactyl paws, often having six toes. This feature aids in climbing steep cliffs.

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"Flexible Neck"

One of the most astonishing traits is their flexible neck. Lundehunds can bend their head backward to touch their spine!"

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"Hunting Expertise

Lundehunds were bred to hunt puffins, nested in inaccessible cliffs. Their unique anatomical features make them expert climbers.

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Double-Jointed Shoulders

These dogs have double-jointed shoulders, allowing them to rotate their front legs outwards, ideal for scaling rocky terrains."

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Loyal and Energetic

Lundehunds are loyal and energetic companions. Their playful nature makes them wonderful family pets.

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Breeding Revival

After near extinction during World War II, dedicated efforts revived the Lundehund breed, preserving its distinct qualities."

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Curious Intelligence

Their curious intelligence is captivating. They thrive on mental challenges, making training sessions engaging and rewarding.

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