Why Are Micro Bullies So Costly? American Bulldog

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What is a “Pocket American Bully” Or Micro Bullies? What is the difference between a Micro American Bully, Pocket American Bully, Standard American Bully, and XL American Bully. What is an Exotic Bully, you ask?

It can be difficult to find an American Bully puppy, especially if you are unfamiliar with the breed. There are so many terms and types that are used to describe one breed. There are so many options and choices. Where should you start?

Venomline Pocket American Bully Puppies

It is important to choose the right type of American bully or Exotic bully for you. Too often, buyers make rash decisions and don’t have all the facts. Later they regret it.

First-time buyers often rush to make a purchase and end up spending thousands of dollars on food & supplements throughout their dog’s lifetime to get the desired build. It could have been spent upfront on quality stock.

Micro Bullies

Micro Bullies 4

However, it is possible to choose the best type of American Bully for you if you do your research and take the time to learn about the terms and types used to describe them.



This article will cover the 4 American Bully classes according to the founding registry of the American Bully breed — the ABKC. We’ll also discuss some of the terms used to describe “other” American Bully types and Exotic Bully’s. The latest fad, “Merle”, includes terms like Nano, Micro and Teacup bullies.


Let’s look at the classes in the American Bully breed for those who are new to it and those who are still learning. This is the American Bully Kennel Club. Also known as the ABKC Registry, the United Kennel Club or the UKC.

ABKC Breed Standards (Original).


It is important that you note that the ABKC eliminated the extreme class — originally a handicap in the early stages of American Bully’s development.

Micro Bullies 2

This was due to the large number of these dogs in the breed’s genetic pool and the strong bloodline within the breed, which was one the founding bloodlines. These were larger, heavier dogs and required more time to develop into the ideal conformation.

The “handicaps”, which were meant to be eliminated as time went on, were eventually replaced by the Standard.


Grand Champion Reliance’s Chumper

In the early days of ABKC, “Extreme”, a class that allowed dogs to show, compete, and earn Champion Titles, was a category. The ABKC announced a few years ago that the Extreme Class was being discontinued.

Many people misunderstood the action, assuming that it was because the ABKC didn’t want “Extreme” dogs. The truth was quite the opposite.

The American Bully, a relatively new breed, is still in development. The first step in registering a new breed is to establish a criteria for eligibility to register it as the broodstock.

The “Extreme”, or standard variety, was identical to the original but had more mass. Some of the “handicaps”, which are a leniency to some traits, were initially allowed for this variety.

Micro Bullies 3

Because larger dogs required more time to develop into the conformation they desire, the reason for the leniency was that heavier dogs needed longer periods of development.

The “handicaps”, which were meant to be eliminated as they developed, were eventually replaced by the standard.


The American Bully breed currently has 4 classes/varieties based on adult height. The “Extreme”, which was originally allowed as a “handicap”, is no longer an officially recognized Variety or class in American Bully breed. It should be easy to distinguish from other breeds and easily identifiable as an American Bully.

The American Bully should be distinguished from other Bulldog breeds, such as the Staffordshire Terrior, American Pit Bull Terrier and others.

Standard and Pocket dogs with more mass are not penalized. As long as they are balanced and correct,

POCKET Micro Bullies

This amendment is to the basic standard that a Pocket Bully’s adult height determines.

Males below 17 years old and not less than 14 years at the withers. Females below 16 years old and not less than 13 years at the withers.

Micro Bullies 1

STANDARD Micro Bullies

The American Bully should seem strong for its size. The American Bully is a small, medium-sized dog that can be adapted to any size. It has a strong body with a large head and a muscular build. American Bullys should be large-boned and have a bulky appearance.

Males are 17 inches tall — 20 inches (43cm — 51cm) at their withers. Females 16 inches — 19 inches (40cm — 48cm) at the withers.

CLASSIC Micro Bullies

This is an addition to the standard. The body structure and built of a Classic Bully determines what it is. These sex dogs have lighter bodies and more mass but exhibit “bully” traits.

The Classic Bully is an American Bully breed with a lighter body frame (lighter bones) and a lower overall body mass (less substance).

The Classic Bully is the same as the Standard American Bully, except for this distinction.

XL Micro Bullies

This is an amendment of the standard. It’s adult height determines it. The XL Bully breed is just a bit taller than the Standard American Bully. The XL Bully dogs have the same breed type, build, and body type as the Standard American Bully.

Males over 20’’-23’’ at the withers. Females over 19’22” at the withers


micro bullies 5

The Exotic Bully, a designer breed of dog that is relatively new, began to separate itself from the American Bully in 2008. The Exotic Bully has been recognized as a distinct breed from its cousin, the American Bully. It is still controversial and requires breed standards.

Exotic Bullies are known for their exaggerated characteristics.

Many of today’s “exotic bully” breeds can be credited to the American Bully, which was bred with smaller bulldog breeds such as English Bulldogs, French Bulldogs and Shorty Bulls.

The Exotic bully, as a whole, is well-known for having health, heart, and joint problems, terrible conformation, and very short life spans.

Why are Micro bullies so expensive?

The American Bully Kennel Club (ABKC), recognizes Pocket Bullies as a legitimate breed of American Bully. Their excellent health and muscular physique are what make them so popular. They can be smaller than the Standard Bully.

Because it is difficult to breed healthy micro bullies capable of producing quality puppies, they are very expensive. A few puppies from a litter may have health problems, such as allergies and hip dysplasia, which can reduce their life expectancy.

Micro Bullies 4

A Micro Bully is a great choice if you don’t have the space for a large breed. In this article, I will discuss why they are so expensive and why people are willing spend a lot to get them.

Exotic Bully Dogs from Micro American are Expensive for These Reasons

The idea that bully breeds of bully dogs are dangerous and aggressive is becoming more commonplace in the world. They are a wonderful breed with a fantastic temperament and make a great addition to any family.

The American Bully is one bully breed that I highly recommend. The American Bully is expensive, but the Micro Bullies and the Pocket Bullies are much more affordable. Here are some reasons:

Health issues of Micro Bullies

Because it is difficult to find healthy, high-quality Micro Bullies, they can be quite expensive. The American Bully is a hybrid derived from the American Pit Bull Terrier and infused with characteristics from the American Bulldogge, English Bulldogge, and Olde English Bulldogge.

Sometimes, people try to mix different breeds.

One possibility is that a litter of puppies may inherit health problems from their parents, such as a congenital heart disease, skin diseases or bone problems. This is quite common in bully breeds.

Micro Bullies 2

My XL American Bully is allergic to some foods. However, he responds well to adequate care and support. He enjoys playing and walks just like any other family dog. I tried many different foods and found that my dog liked non-lamb-based and grain-free kibble.

Capacity to Reproduce Quality Puppys of Micro Bullies

It is quite amazing that Micro Bullies winners can command six-digit prices on the market. Their ability to breed quality puppies that are just like them is what makes this possible. They also sell their puppies at a high price, around four figures each.

Because of the clear measurements that are used to differentiate a Micro Bully and other American Bullies, stud services can be very expensive. The physical characteristics of Micro Bullies are similar to those of the standard American Bully, but they are smaller.

The ABKC stresses that a male bully adult must not be more than 17 inches (43.18cm) tall, but no less than 14 inches (35.6cm) at the withers. The female must be less than 16 inches (40.64cm) tall, but not less than 13 inches (33.2cm) at the withers.

Microbullies are known for their distinctive blocky heads, muscular bodies and unique microbullies. Although they have short legs, Micro Bullies love to run and take regular walks. They may not be considered to be of high quality if they have protruding eyes or long hair.

Pedigree Microbullies are healthy, high quality microbullies that have a long life expectancy and produce dogs with a consistent breed. They are expected to have the same puppies.

The purpose of getting a micro bully

The purpose is another important factor in determining the price of Micro Bullies. A bully that you intend to breed will cost you more. Although a bully can be cheaper, it is still more expensive to buy one for dog shows.

A Micro Bully may be a good option if you are looking for a smaller bully but don’t mind minor health issues. Do not be discouraged by health problems.

Microbullies are great pets and can be treated with the same care as any other dog.

Micro Bullies cost a lot.

You should see the puppies before you buy. It is quite common for breeders to misrepresent their Standard American Bullies as Pocket Bullies in order to get a higher price.

Both are wonderful, but you may want to choose a smaller variety if possible.

The Popularity of Micro Bullies

Many people will still pay a lot for a Micro Bully despite the high cost. Although it may seem a bit strange to some, bully lovers will find the value in the high price. Let’s look at the many reasons this breed is so popular.

They are unique in appearance and size

Many people are attracted to the American Bully’s look. It’s muscular, solid and reliable. This is how you want your dog look if they are to be secure. Many people believe bully breeds of bully dogs are aggressive, even though it’s a common misconception.

However, many people feel discouraged from getting the Classic, Standard or XL versions because of their size. Because it has the exact same energy as the Classic, Standard and XL types, the Micro Bully is a great choice. They can be placed in small spaces very comfortably.

Their Intelligence and Warm Temperament

People are looking for bully breeds because of their energy and warm temperament. Many breeding methods have been used to eliminate aggression. Microbullies are gentle, loving dogs that are great for children.

Dog owners who have experience with XL American Bullies often refer to them as gentle giants. They are loyal and warm to their owners, as well as being very friendly. Their small size makes it easier for them to be cuddled and played with.

They are constantly looking for attention from their owners, which makes them one of the most adorable dog breeds. Because of this, they are easy to train.

Low maintenance of Micro Bullies

Although bully breed dogs can be great, I don’t recommend them for people who aren’t available most of the time.

Most dogs are very active, especially the Pit Bull and American Staffordshire Terrier. These dog breeds can be stressed if they don’t get enough playtime.

American Bullies, on the other hand are more relaxed and make great house pets. Although they need to be exercised and have playtime every day, they are highly trained and can adhere to a schedule.

You can walk your dog in the morning before you go to work, and then in the evening after work. This will give you both exercise and quality time with your dog.

They have a shorter coat, so they require less grooming than other long-haired dog species. They are not as susceptible to the heat as other dog breeds.

These Micro-Bully puppies will cost you a lot, but they are very luxurious and delicate.

The Micro-Bully puppy is quickly becoming the hottest new breed. But before you get too excited, one thing is clear: these miniature Pit Bulls are not cheap. Just ask Mino Kerouani, a breeder.

KeBully Kennels is located in Naples, Italy. Kerouani has been breeding Micro-Bullies since 12 years. He describes them as luxurious, delicate, and highly sought-after.

“I travel all over the globe. I have sold dogs all over the globe. You know, I take the dogs to the customers when I sell them. A few years back, people wanted pocket and standard Bullies. Now they only want micro’s.

What is it that makes this dog so expensive? Kerouani knows the answer, and it all comes down to his high standards.

“I only breed quality Bully. That’s why they’re so expensive. I was the first European to breed a Micro-Bully. I can’t keep track of the number of litters I have each year. I’ve got a lot”

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If you aren’t sure whether spending $10,000 on Kerounai is worth it, know that he has the trophies, awards, and accolades to prove his excellence. Kerounai has been praised from around the globe for his breeding methods.

Kerouani believes that customer service is what makes him stand out from other breeders. I build relationships with my customers so that if they have any questions or need assistance, I am there. I want to keep an eye on my customers and check how they are doing.

Kerouani is proud to have customers around the globe and has no plans of quitting micro-bullies breeding anytime soon. “Yeah, my work is very proud of me. I love my dogs. I strive to be the best breeder in the future. I want to be the greatest breeder in the entire world.

Last Thoughts

Because microbullies are popular and expensive, they can be more appealing to some people. It’s not a new trend to get a puppy or dog. It is a commitment.

Understanding the pros and cons of a specific breed is important. Also, consider whether the dog’s personality, size and care needs are suitable for your lifestyle. This will ensure that you and your puppy have a happy, healthy relationship.


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