Why Purchase a High-Quality Flea Treatment for Dogs?

By Alberto Roy

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Your dog is an essential member of your family. And it’s a companion who, in difficult moments, could be the factor that allows you to continue your daily activities efficiently. Dogs are pets who love us with everything they have. And with proper care and top-notch accessories, they could provide companionship for many years.

But at the same time, like a good proportion of animals in Australia, dogs are vulnerable to pests that can be found in your backyards. And perhaps none are as verminous as fleas.

Investing in a high-quality flea treatment for canines could be essential for your fluffball to thrive and for you to enjoy its company stress-free. Although not as dangerous as ticks, fleas can be a nuisance to your dog and may cause itching, which can turn into a dangerous infection if he scratches too hard. Fleas are a growing problem for Australian pet owners. And a flea infestation left unchecked could turn into a household-wide issue.

Is your dog showing signs of anemia? Have you discovered fleas hidden in the seams of your furniture? In this case, the problem is severe and will require specialised help. And it won’t be cheap. Investing in a flea treatment for dogs may be necessary to prevent massive expenses down the road that will significantly impact your family’s finances.

No one wants to invest in flea treatments. But they are required to maintain the well-being of your four-legged friend. And the alternative, in most cases, is far costlier and significantly less effective.

What to Choose Between NexGard, Simparica Trio, and Bravecto? 

If you’re interested in purchasing high-quality flea treatments, the Australian market can offer many options at different price brackets. But if you’re interested in efficiency and top quality, you’ll probably choose between NexGard, Simparica Trio, and Bravecto. What is the difference between the three options? For one thing, the active ingredients work differently and are distinct for each product.

Bravecto uses Fluralaner, which is a systemic insecticide approved for veterinary use in Australia since 2015. Simparica Trio instead uses three separate ingredients for a broad spectrum of protection.

And these are Moxidectin, Pyrantel and Sarolaner. And NexGard uses Afoxolaner. All the active ingredients used in NexGard, Simparica Trio and Bravecto work effectively against parasites found in Australian yards and can be administered orally. But there are a few differences.

Bravecto offers flea and tick protection for up to twelve weeks and is ideal for people with busy lifestyles. Simparica Trio, on the other hand, provides a more diverse set of safeguards against fleas or ticks, as well as intestinal parasites and heartworms.

Finally, NexGard offers one month of protection against ticks or fleas, and Afoxolaner has a scientifically proven efficacy against Demodicosis. The right medicine for you may differ. But choosing at least one option is essential. As this is the only way your dog can be protected long-term.

It Can Save Your Household 

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Fleas are a severe problem for your pet. But simultaneously, if you let the situation escalate, then fleas could infect your furniture. And getting rid of them will require the professional intervention of experts who will charge an arm and a leg for their skills.

A flea can lay thousands of eggs in one sitting, quickly building a situation that cannot be controlled. By investing in a flea treatment for dogs, you can eliminate fleas before they can reproduce, saving significant amounts of money you could reinvest in your fluffball. And your furry pal deserves it.

Flea bites are not as dangerous as tick ones. But this does not mean they cannot escalate into difficult situations that require veterinary intervention. Flea bites can lead to dermatitis, an unpleasant condition for your dog that can become chronic.

And in severe cases, it can lead to scabs, fur loss, and infections caused by excessive scratching. In the case of a massive infestation, your dog may also suffer from anemia due to blood loss or, in rarer cases, even become a carrier of tapeworms.

How Can You Prevent Your Dog from Getting Bit by Fleas?

Firstly, the most effective method would be investing in a high-quality flea treatment for dogs, providing broad protection against many types of parasites. But beyond that, you can also take a few actions to prevent the risk of your fluffball becoming infested.

For one thing, you should wash your dog as often as possible and brush his fur regularly. Water and soap don’t necessarily kill fleas, but they can stop them from clinging to your pet’s hair. And regular brushing can help you spot signs of early dermatitis or allow you to notice fleas with the naked eye.

Fleas are picked up from the grass. So, it’s crucial to keep your backyard well-trimmed and prevent your dog from accessing areas where it can jump into leaves or moss. Flea treatments are ideal in the long run, but another measure you can take is to purchase a flea collar.

And if you suspect your dog has fleas, it’s vital to stop letting him sleep on your furniture and to take him to the vet regularly. Fleas can be an annoying problem, but there are solutions for them. And prevention, with the help of quality flea treatments, could be your biggest ally.

The Best Investment You Can Make 

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Your pup deserves the best. But unfortunately, flea bites can cause physical and mental discomfort, leading to the development of inappropriate behavioural traits over time. By purchasing a flea treatment for dogs, you can make sure that your fluffball is happy, that it develops healthily, and that your home will be free of unwanted parasites, like ticks and fleas. 

Flea bites can lead to the appearance of dermatitis, a distressing condition characterised by intense itching. And if your dog is scratching too hard, it could cause wounds, which might become infected and require the intervention of your vet.

A small flea bite could escalate to a dangerous situation that could endanger your pet’s life. And it could all be averted by using suitable prevention measures.

Buying flea treatments can be cost-effective, give you the peace of mind necessary for the success of your pet ownership process, and could be one of the most effective tools to prevent disease transfer from your pet to other family members.

A quality flea treatment for dogs could protect your home, be an accessory synonymous with your dog’s comfort, and serve as a tool to enjoy the company of your fluffball for many years to come.

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