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The PetCareStores offers practical, real-life tips and training recommendation to assist you care for your pets. We help users each month by finding the information they need to provide the best possible life for their pets.

Our hundreds of articles cover a variety of topics and pet animals, from cats and dogs, to betta fish and pot bellied pigs as well. Our team of writers, including trainers, expert content writers and background field of pet’s treatment, construct and update informative articles full of priceless insights honed from years of hands-on experience. We are also entirely dedicated to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

PetCareStores is a pet related site and covering pet accessories, pet treatment and pet activities. PetCareStores brand is one of the prime pet lifestyle properties online. Our 5+ expert writers have wide-ranging backgrounds and expertise in their topics, including pet care, dog care, cat care, horse care, pet supplies, bird care and more.

Discover best piece of content, pet care, pet health, pet issues and suggested products and entertaining videos just for you.

Good pets. Good people.

Whether you need a dog walker for the day, dog boarding for a month, or a daily visit for your cat, there’s a guidance available on our website. The perfect match for you, your pets, and your lifestyle.

We are a pet parent’s other best friend — second only, of course, to your pets. With brilliant customer support and the nation’s proud community of pet care and dog care, We are the easiest way for pet parents to find and book loving and trustworthy neighborhood pet care.

Petl Cat Stores is a running website / blog by a small group of very passionate pet lovers, who were compelled to do something about the dismal lack of information about pet health and welfare.

We are working tough to progress the health and wellbeing of all pets everywhere, working towards a world where each pet’s life experience will be as first-class as it can be.

Our aim is to facilitate and motivate people to comprehend pets’ personal needs and outlook, and to act in the interests of each cat’s welfare. We do this by creating and sharing knowledge, insights, skills and present finest perform so people can believe confident in their aptitude to help pets and to challenge ignorance and misconceptions.

Our activities are rational and realistic, underpinned by substantiation and experience, always balancing what is tried and tested with an enthusiasm for new ideas.


“A world in which each cat’s life experience will be as good as it can be. This will be because people will better understand cats’ individual needs and perspective, and will feel confident to act in the best interests of each cat and its welfare.”


“To enable people to understand cats’ individual needs and perspective better, so that they can act in the best interests of each cat and its welfare.”

How we work

We provide high-level, relevant advice and support for cat owners and cat carers. This information has been put together by our feline veterinary and behaviour specialists and aims to provide a cat health resource which can be trusted by cat owners and those working with cats.

Our veterinary division the International Society of Feline Medicine works with veterinary professionals across the world to provide cutting-edge information on the veterinary care of cats and is recognised and respected for the standards it aspires to.

We work to provide solutions and advice to improve the welfare of feral, abandoned and unowned cats.